Cheap vs Expensive Car Stereos - TESTED


  1. Mark Wolf

    Mark Wolf2 時間 前

    weighs nothing because you don't need CD player in the year 2020. USB and Bluetooth is all you need. I have the 50 dollar radio. Its not a bad unit for its price. Just as Cell phones are getting smaller and skinnier. So to do automotive radios. At the end of the day they are all made in Asia somewhere by some sweatshop. Whoever sold you the $150 Pioneer for 300 you got ripped off.

  2. ixiunidotixi

    ixiunidotixi4 時間 前

    But does Pioneer still use a pico fuse? Those tend to cause a lot of issues in their head units.

  3. Kosty Bota

    Kosty Bota12 時間 前

    I know it from start. Pioneer is the best always.

  4. Zygy __

    Zygy __12 時間 前

    And now I just sit in silence

  5. Jesse Cruz

    Jesse Cruz15 時間 前

    I kinda cringed when he compared volume. Did he check the headunit amps?

  6. nealynealster

    nealynealster16 時間 前

    It's so cool that you can make an older car more modern than a brand new one for 300 dollars

  7. Boktorinator

    Boktorinator16 時間 前

    honestly i would just put in better speakers maybe and a raspberry pi or smth or a tablet

  8. Junaid Buksh

    Junaid Buksh18 時間 前

    3.45am..... watching something which i wont install....😂😂😂😂

  9. MrQb3rry

    MrQb3rry19 時間 前

    People still do this?

  10. MrQb3rry

    MrQb3rry11 時間 前

    @Charlie I guess I was thinking newer cars have pretty good tech. Where I live all the radio shops have shutdown.

  11. Charlie

    Charlie16 時間 前

    They stopped doing this somewhere?

  12. JCG Ray

    JCG Ray日 前

    Donut Meida Records?

  13. Craft

    Craft日 前

    I literally thought this was smosh

  14. toxic top hat

    toxic top hat日 前

    I've installed all before watching this Personally the $50 Amazon unit I. Our work truck is tons better than a Walmart radio I've installed both dual and pioneer But best buy is my go to best quality headunit for a reasonable price especially when compared to our local audio shop that honestly charges to much because they don't have much competition

  15. toxic top hat

    toxic top hat日 前

    Ok after watching he's not wrong pioneer has a great user layout but jvc and kenwood are way more adjustable if you just run through settings even the cheapest jvc headunit can do more than the mid grade pioneer but for anyone who doesn't know what there doing might be a nightmare 😂😂😂

  16. fernando

    fernando日 前

    Your supposed to connect the cheapest one to a equalizer and separate amps with epicenter and a takuache cuh



    K isn’t the primary use of a car stereo to play music? U didn’t mention anything about the sound. The formats they let you play they do video too. Nothing about how many bands the EQ has,outputs, sound quality,do any of them have built in crossovers? The mid to higher end pioneers do and also have time alignment,subwoofer control, how many watts they provide to each channel,if they accept usb or sd cards? All the video basically does is tell me there’s a wide range of cost and how making a phone call with these specific units sounds to the person I call and honestly. Most people DONT buy car stereos just to make phone calls. The primary use is to play music in the car. I wanted to know more about that cause honestly while I drive I listen to the music way more than talk to people. I even get annoyed when people do call me while I’m listening to music lol

  18. Łïł Męxïçø

    Łïł Męxïçø日 前

    Yeah I have the pioneer one myself and it works pretty well

  19. Nick M

    Nick M日 前

    My cheap car I bought had that same trashy radio in it

  20. Steve Doe

    Steve Doe日 前

    FM Tuner reception quality? HD radio feature? Also important features in a “radio” unit. Missed opportunities.

  21. Finesse Kid

    Finesse Kid日 前

    This guys music taste is trash lol

  22. mONEy

    mONEy日 前

    Im kinda confused. Not really a car or electrical guy but how would changing the head unit change the way your already installed speakers sound besides a minor EQ difference.

  23. Cameron Walker

    Cameron Walker日 前

    Go grab that Alpine ilx-W650

  24. aaradorn

    aaradorn日 前

    Hell yeah, got that Mp5 audio, Sounds sick dude. /s Don't actually buy something that cheap lol

  25. Heath Macdonald

    Heath Macdonald2 日 前

    Alpine is my preference

  26. Spoops

    Spoops2 日 前

    ay yo anybody hear the mystery box sound at 1:07

  27. 502 [C.H]

    502 [C.H]2 日 前

    If that pioneer was actually 300 and that kenwood 700 someone got COMPLETELY ripped off and fucked good!

  28. FlightOfficial

    FlightOfficial2 日 前


  29. Wendy S

    Wendy S2 日 前

    Go with the Pioneer, dude. I have an SX-580 stereo receiver that I bought in 1979; it works beautiful still :)

  30. Hannibal's Ghost

    Hannibal's Ghost2 日 前

    I believe the brown wire on the head unit is for mute buttons in vehicles it is usually useless. Also not surprised Kenwood is just the father of JVC and honestly id just go with a cheaper JVC if you like Kenwood brand but Pioneer has always been killing it when it comes to car stereos.

  31. HululusLabs

    HululusLabs3 日 前

    I actually really like the modern Mazda system, though what I would really like to do is build my own using a Raspberry Pi

  32. Sam Shanks

    Sam Shanks3 日 前

    1:08 is that the COD Mystery box sound?

  33. AHarice

    AHarice3 日 前

    cheapest bluetooth one you can get

  34. David Ortiz

    David Ortiz3 日 前

    Pioneer is the best in the market.

  35. John Amadeus

    John Amadeus3 日 前

    Regardless of which one I buy my car will get broken into. Can have shit in SD

  36. Doogie Rush

    Doogie Rush3 日 前

    Pioneer used to be pretty good back in the day then they fell of the face of the Earth. I believe now they are making a comeback. Last two head units I got were Pioneer and had no complaints and was very impressed. Kenwood was my home theater stereo choice in the 90's but now not so much. Overall I think for the money Pioneer is the way to go.

  37. Tererai Makwiramiti

    Tererai Makwiramiti3 日 前

    Dude, I was with you till you started hating on COMIC SANS !!

  38. Ahmed Asif

    Ahmed Asif3 日 前

    Oh man the first one is found in suzuki alto

  39. Kody LaGreca

    Kody LaGreca3 日 前

    Not trying to be biased, but the Kenwood does have settings for wind noise and volume in the voice call settings that may have helped. I'd also like to see a mid/high comparison between brands. The price point not have been the determining factor, but difference between Kenwood/Pioneer.

  40. Erik M.

    Erik M.3 日 前

    "there goes the stool..." lmao 🤣

  41. Erik M.

    Erik M.3 日 前

    the birds.... lol

  42. Richard Broughton

    Richard Broughton4 日 前

    Don't remove the film until the install is complete it helps prevent unwanted scratches

  43. Kamran the Dragon

    Kamran the Dragon4 日 前

    Pop up up and down Headlights!!!!!!!

  44. iruleyounow

    iruleyounow4 日 前

    Kenwood "updated" all of their units back in 2017/2018. I was a die-hard Kenwood fan but they suuuuuuck now. They changed the interface and the quality dropped drastically but they are still charging the same price. I have a BT-362U in my truck from 2017 and it is pretty damn amazing. Bought the updated version last year for my other vehicle and it is a night and day difference. The new one is terrible. BT takes 1 min to connect after turning on, the old one is instant. USB fails to connect on iPhone almost every time, the old one connects instantly and has never given me an issue. I will not buy another Kenwood. Pioneer and Sony are great alternatives. JVC and Kenwood are the same things. Hell even DUAL has decent units.

  45. Alem Basic

    Alem Basic4 日 前

    The first ones like the shitty kiosk at the chilis table

  46. Rannd

    Rannd4 日 前

    Pioneer makes junk now. Threw one I had in the garbage, would freeze and lag all the time. Kenwood has the best touch screen units now. If it takes a hour to connect bluetooth on any device, you don't know what you are doing.

  47. Harsh Jadhav

    Harsh Jadhav4 日 前

    Can we get pop up up and down headlights song? When can we get pop up up and down headlights song?

  48. DeadlyHuman75

    DeadlyHuman754 日 前

    I run a DEH-80PRS the best pioneer imo.

  49. Ruben Camarena

    Ruben Camarena4 日 前

    Was i the only one who started to head bang at the second stereo?

  50. oc_jo

    oc_jo4 日 前

    Im so lost why would a head unit make your speakers louder tf?

  51. Christian Vega

    Christian Vega4 日 前

    Pioneer no doubt 👌🏻

  52. Just A Greek Internet User

    Just A Greek Internet User5 日 前

    Nolan scroe ( in the cheap stereo) 14:53

  53. Anthony S

    Anthony S5 日 前

    Android Headunit vs Name brand head unit

  54. Chris Schoepp

    Chris Schoepp5 日 前

    If you're looking for a head unit in the 500+ range, the built in amp probably won't be as good because they're going to focus more on things like EQ and audio tuning. Most people spending that much are at least using 1 amplifier to run the speakers, which is what makes it sound good and also adds additional volume. The amps in a head unit might be 50w per channel, where other amps can be double that. If you simply want volume, you're better to install an amp and cheap deck over an expensive head unit.

  55. Jordy Worley

    Jordy Worley5 日 前

    I spent 16$ on my Bluetooth radio for my beater and it works great after 1 year. Very surprised that it’s lasted this long

  56. iLOLZU

    iLOLZU5 日 前

    Should've got a tech reviewer collab for this... Ace

  57. Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams5 日 前

    All of these units are garbage and have no functionality., Android for the win.

  58. Doomsday

    Doomsday5 日 前

    Imagine having a stereo system. Real OGs have a boom box duct taped to the side of the door

  59. kyle g

    kyle g5 日 前

    its 2002, why wasnt an android head unit on the list?

  60. vominator

    vominator5 日 前

    The $50 single DIN sony I got had a microphone...

  61. Jared Sinclair

    Jared Sinclair5 日 前

    Kenwood head units have been "MEH" for about 10 years now, not a shock the pioneer was the "best performer" here.

  62. deadwolf king

    deadwolf king5 日 前

    What u didn’t mention was if u put a usb cable to iPhone lightening into that head unit you get Apple car play my boys got exactly the same one so cool!

  63. Command Buster

    Command Buster6 日 前

    0:46 Meida!?!

  64. z belly

    z belly6 日 前

    Kenwood has in-call audio adjustments for the microphone would probably help with the convertible

  65. John Lord

    John Lord6 日 前

    i feel your pain about the typos in that $50 system. I trashed a deck because they spelled the 8th month of the year "Augest". I couldn't change the date format, and literally the first time i had someone in the car she said "they spelled august wrong". I ended up getting a Pioneer deck that looks similar to that one but with all the features (even hdmi input and Android Auto). Cost me almost as much as the car did. You don't have to go to Kenwood to get all those features. He could have spent $700 for the next higher model Pioneer. Mine has a blu-ray player in it.

  66. Splitzz

    Splitzz6 日 前


  67. toney Clayton

    toney Clayton6 日 前

    On the Kenwood, there are additional settings for calling that correct the issue you were experiencing.

  68. Dakota Kelly

    Dakota Kelly6 日 前

    okay now please buy a kit

  69. Brian Feutz

    Brian Feutz6 日 前

    Does anyone know if I can just add the screen? I'd rather find somewhere to mount it rather than replace the radio. Don't need the issues that come with replacing the radio unit

  70. Loko Gang Loak

    Loko Gang Loak6 日 前

    I’d say go with one that has wireless car play and the best wattage when looking for a new head unit

  71. I love Mopars-Kyle

    I love Mopars-Kyle6 日 前

    The main problem with this is that there all double din radios

  72. Darius Varno

    Darius Varno6 日 前

    As my experience tells, it's better to buy chepter, old but high tear 1 din radio, than new smart multimedia which will play shittier, because you spend most of the money for a tablet , I'd better hook up my phone through aux if i need to play music from it

  73. Jono SSD

    Jono SSD6 日 前

    I got those annyoing loud birds next to my house too, I know the feel.

  74. Adam oo

    Adam oo6 日 前

    the brown cable is for AUX - it is ground cable

  75. Toni Ivanov

    Toni Ivanov6 日 前

    A friend of mine has an '07 Touran in which he replaced the original stereo with a chinese unit off of AliExpress for about 160 euro. It deffinitely cant go as high in terms of volume compared to the original one, but it runs android (8 i think) and works fast. Has USB, SD card reader (two actually, one comes with a preinstalled card for maps), bluetooth, wi-fi and 4G! IMO its pretty much perfect.

  76. Miguel Magaña

    Miguel Magaña7 日 前

    I’ve stuck with Pioneer since my first car 6 years ago

  77. Alex Wise

    Alex Wise7 日 前

    Pm the kenwood 🥺😂 please

  78. Jarrad James

    Jarrad James7 日 前

    gonna break the motor for those headlights lol

  79. itsmesomeguy

    itsmesomeguy7 日 前

    I've always liked pioneer over Kenwood, especially where I live; at the entry level

  80. Steel City Show

    Steel City Show8 日 前

    My son came in the room when I was watching this and and said are you watching Mr.Beast LOL

  81. NOOB Gaming

    NOOB Gaming8 日 前

    am i the only one who is amused by the long chain of gopro connectors

  82. theLMGN

    theLMGN8 日 前

    8:55 > Now Playing: Waters of Nazereth I do not expect the speakers to last long after that.

  83. Christian Roche

    Christian Roche8 日 前

    This dude needs new e brake cables