Celine Dion Vs. Whitney Houston Vs. Mariah Carey - Studio Vs. Live


  1. Luiz Felipe Neves

    Luiz Felipe Neves3 時間 前

    Whitney Houston ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Sergio Cruz Garces

    Sergio Cruz Garces4 時間 前

    Just Celine and whitney the best

  3. Carina Tojal

    Carina Tojal6 時間 前

    Whitney is the best and no one can deny 😛✌🏻

  4. Jaycee Joromat

    Jaycee Joromat12 時間 前

    Honestly...they are all so good but I put Whitney first... Next is Celine and last will be Mariah....

  5. Good Iook

    Good Iook日 前

    1 Celine 2 M 3 W

  6. Amah Mamman

    Amah Mamman日 前

    We all know who the voice is

  7. Jeremi Isaac Eguia Anonuevo

    Jeremi Isaac Eguia Anonuevo日 前

    Mariah at his age of now he's singing lip sync cause she cannot do what does she do back back way she was good

  8. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel Mendoza日 前

    Best three singers ever, obviously mariah is the Queen, no other singer can match this trinity

  9. Milagros Niño

    Milagros Niño2 日 前

    First Whitney Houston queen Céline Dion Is diosas Mariah carey her voice Is the angel

  10. wenderson luz

    wenderson luz2 日 前

    Whitney é maior voz de todos os tempos....

  11. wenderson luz

    wenderson luz2 日 前

    Três DIVAS!

  12. Cassio Santana

    Cassio Santana2 日 前

    Whitney Houston The Voice ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Sharkie Alami

    Sharkie Alami2 日 前

    I cant choose

  14. Dhel Sorveto

    Dhel Sorveto3 日 前

    There's no fifference at all...

  15. Objective Person

    Objective Person3 日 前

    Mariah Carey buttery tone and so much. sexy !

  16. Jimmy Langer

    Jimmy Langer3 日 前

    New vocal trinity: Sia, adele, ariana grande

  17. farel pranata

    farel pranata4 日 前

    Vocal trinity

  18. Κυριακη Νικολαδου

    Κυριακη Νικολαδου4 日 前

    Εδώ μιλάμε για το απολϋτο φωνητικά τρίδυμο....ποτέ δε θα ξαναυπαρξει....thanks girls....

  19. Frédérique MICHELIN

    Frédérique MICHELIN4 日 前

    J'M Celine and whitney ans Mary


    JAFET SOTO4 日 前

    1. WHITNEY THE VOICE HOUSTON 2. Mariah Carey 3. Celine

  21. Analytical Vocal coach

    Analytical Vocal coach4 日 前

    Mariah is the greatest vocalist of all time she has the best technique among any singer in pop music history. Her supported range is C3-G#5-D6. Higher than any other singer. Celine and Whitney both strained above D5 and are awful live singers

  22. Analytical Vocal coach

    Analytical Vocal coach4 日 前

    Celine shouldn’t be here she can’t sing live, she always lipsyncs I saw her in Vegas and she always lipsyncs her high notes she the queen of lipsync. Mariah is the greatest vocalist of all time

  23. hendro hendro

    hendro hendro5 日 前


  24. Frank Birch

    Frank Birch5 日 前

    This video, which is very good, has led heaps of pseudo voice experts/fandom to generate vast quantities of steaming bullshit on the "Vocal Trinity". I think each of the three singers is better than the others on a particular performance and particular day. However, The VT is a concept that is useless except to marketeers. Also, it is only relevant to a quite short period between the late 1980's and late 1990's. Switch the period to 2010 -2020. Could you really include any of these singers as part of a "Vocal Trinity"?

  25. Nick C.A.

    Nick C.A.5 日 前

    These are three of the greatest singers of all time. Based on the belting ability and soul, I think Mariah is best.

  26. Artful Dodger

    Artful Dodger5 日 前

    Seems it’s all about Whitney from the comments 👍🏼

  27. Russell Francis Alolino

    Russell Francis Alolino5 日 前

    I prefer by rank: 1. Celine Dion 2. Whitney Houston 3. Mariah Carey Then and now, whos still better even voice cannot change and that is Celine

  28. Chamila Waduge

    Chamila Waduge5 日 前

    Both Celine and Mariah are always worried about their look and outfit, but Whitney enjoys the moment as she steps on stage and makes a heavenly atmosphere... Its not only the voice but her beautiful personality makes her performance outstanding among the rest

  29. xxxTIN0xxx

    xxxTIN0xxx6 日 前

    They're three great vocalists with different aspects and elements that made them the masters in their own field but Celine takes the crown. Apart from the strength, resonance, unique tone and range Celine has also consistency and longevity as a vocalist. She's the only one out of the three that is still able to put on an out-standing vocal performance just like she used to, her stellar vocals are still there.

  30. Ryma Queen

    Ryma Queen6 日 前

    Mariah Carey has an incredible talent she's undoubtedly the best

  31. Zimba Hanwa

    Zimba Hanwa6 日 前

    1celine 2mariah 3whitney

  32. Jorel Lamour

    Jorel Lamour7 日 前

    Mariah is better

  33. Christine Fung

    Christine Fung7 日 前

    All 3 are legendary singers.

  34. Julia Buchner

    Julia Buchner8 日 前

    A voz da Mariah Carey é linda

  35. Ira Andreyeva

    Ira Andreyeva8 日 前

    Боже !!!!! Они божественные женщины !!!!!

  36. Shittu Zainab Omolola

    Shittu Zainab Omolola8 日 前

    Go celine

  37. Richard Bryan

    Richard Bryan8 日 前

    Mariah carey🏆

  38. Lalrin Fela

    Lalrin Fela8 日 前

    Celine Dion is the best ever

  39. Hartomo Toms

    Hartomo Toms8 日 前


  40. bobbi johnson

    bobbi johnson9 日 前

    Nobody will ever do what these ladies did they will never be touched Whitney is the 👑

  41. maria Cristina

    maria Cristina9 日 前

    Divas queridas para sempre no Mundo inteiro! 💕💕💕💕

  42. kraze fag

    kraze fag9 日 前

    What about Madonna?

  43. Sevigne Philip

    Sevigne Philip9 日 前

    I prefer Mariah Carey. There's just really something about the complex music she sings, writes and produces. Not to mention she's one of the greatest technical vocalists in the world. She can do soulful low notes, can produce REALLY RESONANT AND PIERCING belts, she can perform complicated riffs and runs, she can do seamless transitions from different vocal registers, and not to mention she's the queen of the whistle register. Basically, she has mastered everything in the aspect of being a true vocalist. She has everything a vocalist could ask for. She has longevity in her artistry and amazing vocals.

  44. Caroline Muthoni

    Caroline Muthoni9 日 前

    My goodness!!!! Whitney was a goddess Indeed this was the voice

  45. Nathan Haile

    Nathan Haile9 日 前

    Let’s be real Celine is at the bottom of the trinity

  46. Andy Lioe

    Andy Lioe9 日 前

    Whitney Houstan n Celine Dion 👍👍 Mariah Carey 👎

  47. Cris Fabrizzi

    Cris Fabrizzi9 日 前

    With all my respect to the others two... Mariah is surreal. Cant believe that shes human.

  48. Espiriflautica Flores Del Campo

    Espiriflautica Flores Del Campo10 日 前

    Hermosas voces!!..son pocas las que de verdad cantan tan bien e incluso mejor en vivo jajajaja Recomiendo a Ailee tbn canta hermoso!!! 😍

  49. sotero campos

    sotero campos10 日 前

    first Whitner Second Celin and Mariah

  50. Sabine Toara

    Sabine Toara10 日 前

    I love them all but je suis là pour celine 😘😘

  51. Sana and Jisoos Slave

    Sana and Jisoos Slave10 日 前

    Celine the one and only queen 👠💕

  52. Thebad Sheep

    Thebad Sheep12 日 前

    Mariah Carey wins

  53. Amalia Macario

    Amalia Macario12 日 前

    😍😍😍😍😍😍son voces!!! 💓💓💓💓

  54. Reymond Pillos

    Reymond Pillos12 日 前

    Me team Celine Dion

  55. Mi Amor

    Mi Amor12 日 前

    Celine is still alive: can prove she still can sing at her age, Doesnt have scandals Whitney: was the best performer, easily best vocals during her prime, Had controversies even to her death, may she rest in eternal peace. Mariah, I used to believe she can sing But hell, she has always been a fake singer who can only sing in studio, Fakest singer of all time if you ask me. Lol Lost her dignity forever, and she deserves it

  56. Mi Amor

    Mi Amor9 日 前

    @abcd 0515 Hahaha million of lambs still love her? Hahahahaha yeah sure. Blind, lame followers of a fake singer. Lol

  57. abcd 0515

    abcd 05159 日 前

    You can say Mariah being FAKE and lip-sync all the time after her prime, but you can’t admit she is flawless and never lip-sync during her peak from 1990-1996 ..Mariah still has her standard there even now though her tone had changed and degenerated, but at least her pitches are perfectly and acceptable..However , Whitney Houston 2012 performance before her death , the performance was terrible AF ..Out of pitches and tones were much terrible than Mariahs worst performance .And what is that “ lost her dignity “ forever stands for ? Millions of lambs still love her and she don’t know those haters either ..

  58. Mi Amor

    Mi Amor12 日 前

    Why is Mariah even in this list of legends? Imean, she should be with a list where Britney belongs. I mean. They both lip sync a lot. Lol It's an insult for Celine and Whitney

  59. HilariusMC Marba

    HilariusMC Marba2 日 前

    @Mi Amor Damn........ Really........ I didn't know that........ I must've read the wrong article or something...... Thank you for that information.......... I appreciate it buddy...... No wonder my life was not always happy...... You are so intelligent...... Thats why when you idolise someone so deep that they become your life,...... its easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside...... Hahaha who just wrote them words above.?.......NOBODY, thats right ,nobody because they're wrong I think the fact that you hate mariah so much is probably because you have another girl named Mariah ( I'm not talking about the Songbird Supreme Mariah Carey ) and she hates you but you mistakenly thought that your girl was MARIAH CAREY ,who she never will be , So you want to ruin her I'm sorry but i think you have to thoroughly correct your dumb mistake

  60. Mi Amor

    Mi Amor2 日 前

    @HilariusMC Marba oh dear, Sorry to break this, But you've been living a lie your entire life. 1st, Mariah has always been lipsyncing from the start of her singing career. 2nd, She has never written a song, This is a FACT, She only buys her songs from professional lyricist and song writers. Dont be naive. Now you know, You're welcome.

  61. Mi Amor

    Mi Amor2 日 前

    @HilariusMC Marba m.jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-1om5qPMihY8.html

  62. HilariusMC Marba

    HilariusMC Marba2 日 前

    @Mi Amor well i idiolise Mariah for a reason, ok I love her because she really sings her heart out and the reason is that she writes them all unlike any other aritsts who just sing have their best songs handed to them And i dont like Britney at all Actually Mariah never lip synced during her prime years but because she have nodules , which you might not know, she suffered You're not wrong about her doing lip sync now But to say she is a fake singer,come on man have you even listened to some of her songs She is actually the BEST, i think And some of the singers , i'm not saying all of them, that you said did a lot of lip sync too, like Katy P etc not just 10%

  63. Mi Amor

    Mi Amor3 日 前

    @HilariusMC Marba nope. I respect some of her skills Like studio singing. But I will never idolise a person who cheats LIVE singing. I have utmost respect for artists like Taylor Swift, LADY GAGA, KATY PERRY, Bruno Mars, Adele, Xtina Aguilera and many more legends such as Whitney, Celine, etc Because these artist DONT lip sync more than 10% of all the time they perform on stage But I will never respect Mariah or Britney as a singers, They lip sync almost all the time, Mariah especially, is a FAKE SINGER Who is nothing but Good-at-studio-singing only, They RUINED live singing forever and they don't deserve fame at all. Sorry, You can call me a hater, But I hate for a valid reason

  64. roger johnson

    roger johnson12 日 前

    All 3 ladies are puppets of Satan. What is it to gain the whole world and to lose your soul?

  65. Trang M.U.N

    Trang M.U.N12 日 前

    best vocal live performances in my heart ^o^

  66. Miguel Rodriguez

    Miguel Rodriguez13 日 前

    Whitney houston for ever🥰

  67. T Montgomery

    T Montgomery13 日 前

    These three gives me life.

  68. jruszt cabdulbal

    jruszt cabdulbal13 日 前

    Love all vocal trinity Queens, but mariah was the definition of. perfection.

  69. John Ulumani Naseri

    John Ulumani Naseri13 日 前

    I think Celine wins this one for me. Her technique is out of this world.

  70. david vargas

    david vargas13 日 前

    3 good but w .h. Ofhhhh my g....................

  71. david vargas

    david vargas14 日 前

    W . h.

  72. Christ doukson

    Christ doukson15 日 前

    For me this Whitney 💖✨

  73. Craig Furlow

    Craig Furlow15 日 前

    While Whitney is my girl, I can still say that these 3 ladies stand apart from the rest. They will always be the VOCAL TRINITY of our time.

  74. Artur Nowaczyński

    Artur Nowaczyński15 日 前

    Celine Dion sweeps both ladies. She is still number one❤⚘😍💋🥀🥰

  75. Matheus Rocha

    Matheus Rocha15 日 前

    Mariah ♥️

  76. E'POOL 23

    E'POOL 2316 日 前

    whitney song is more difficult to sing..celine voice is still good until now..but for me mariah is the best ever..cause she can do high note and low notes just likes nothing happens at her prime..

  77. remon a

    remon a16 日 前

    All of them have no differences at both environments, excellently beautiful

  78. Graham Simpson

    Graham Simpson17 日 前

    Mariah's voice in my opinion is dreadful yuck.celine leaves me cold .soulless.just because a singer can reach high notes does not make them a great singer.overated.give me the voice of dinah Washington Saragh Vaughn.ella and aretha .now that's singing.

  79. Robert Pasaribu74

    Robert Pasaribu7417 日 前

    Mariah carey 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  80. Evans Ogeki

    Evans Ogeki17 日 前

    Whitney Houston forever

  81. clark aaron

    clark aaron18 日 前


  82. Bastian Viveros

    Bastian Viveros18 日 前

    Wow Celine

  83. RedWhite

    RedWhite19 日 前

    Whitney + Celine + Mariah = Charice.. Oh how I miss the old Charice!

  84. Carlos Hernando Hurtado Cardona

    Carlos Hernando Hurtado Cardona19 日 前

    Very unfair vídeo. You always showed Mariah's Best performances, in her prime and big high notes... Celine, not Big powerful live notes, not in her prime.. Whitney, some of clips in her prime but not many showing her real power... I can tell You really like Maríah...

  85. Abcdefghij Abcdefghij

    Abcdefghij Abcdefghij19 日 前

    WHITNEY HOUSTON The Power Voice..packed at one..incomparable! ❤❤❤ Her live performances was better than STUDIO..👊👊👊

  86. charllaque

    charllaque21 日 前

    Can someone show me any performance of WHITNEY lip syncing, EXACTLY, she's the real queen!!!

  87. charllaque

    charllaque21 日 前

    No one can outshine Whitney!!! Periodt!!!!