1. Carmen and Corey

    Carmen and Corey6 ヶ月 前

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  2. its_Queen_Leoo

    its_Queen_Leoo日 前


  3. Noel BELTRAN

    Noel BELTRAN3 日 前


  4. TheRealLifeOfDwayne

    TheRealLifeOfDwayne16 時間 前

    Now I know damn well michaela seen them sitting in the middle of the big ass room she came down the whole flight of steps to then realize them sitting on the couch 😂

  5. Estella McCoy

    Estella McCoy17 時間 前

    Bianca😂😂 ok every body just come down stairs that girl just a pillow pray from them

  6. davonta montgomery

    davonta montgomery20 時間 前

    Bianca don't sit ha biracial ass down somewhere

  7. ThatGirlSkyy

    ThatGirlSkyy日 前

    Nate’s gf is such an instigator she’s annoying

  8. Justice Tàylór

    Justice Tàylór日 前

    Y’all when carmen slapped Corey glasses off his face at 10:44 I said the same before the meme came up I’m weak😂😂😂💀

  9. s.a 2 Tone

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  10. Damia's World

    Damia's World日 前

    Am I the only one that is watching this after they argument trying to see if I missed any signs?

  11. Yisharin Rosario

    Yisharin Rosario日 前

    DAMMMMMMM 10:50 got me dieing😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. its_Queen_Leoo

    its_Queen_Leoo日 前

    If I saw Damon in real life I would slap him for having a fresh trim

  13. Briana Bananas

    Briana Bananas日 前

    Look at damians creepy stair at carmen at 6:02... yeah, he wants her

  14. Tiffany Williams

    Tiffany Williams日 前

    Team Carmen you a beast when you grabbed him and kissed him SAVAGE

  15. kate khalifa

    kate khalifa2 日 前

    She killltttt me talking about aak your mann ask your man . period sis so ask your man tf

  16. K & Ć ŠQÜÃD !!

    K & Ć ŠQÜÃD !!2 日 前

    Mikalya be betting babyfied to much tryna act innocent I will smack ha

  17. Stephanie Arriola

    Stephanie Arriola2 日 前

    heyy carman and corey

  18. Jennifer Lattaker

    Jennifer Lattaker3 日 前

    Did anyone else catch Bianca reaction

  19. Beatrice Steele

    Beatrice Steele3 日 前


  20. Sharon Saiju

    Sharon Saiju3 日 前

    I put captions on while they were screaming and it said “music” 😂

  21. Ritya Limza

    Ritya Limza3 日 前

    Damien was living out his fantasies with this prank lol 😂 😂

  22. LaAcesa Harvey

    LaAcesa Harvey3 日 前

    7:12 ***Corey's mind*** **Oh shıt I dropped my chip** ***kisses it to God and eats it** ***My Mind*** **this nıgga literally ate a fuckın chip off the ground** 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  23. shay b

    shay b3 日 前

    Corey be so chill lmao frfr

  24. Tylah Saucer

    Tylah Saucer4 日 前

    Bro she throw a pillow

  25. The Bryant Fam

    The Bryant Fam4 日 前

    These two 🐸☕️🤔🤔🤔🤔

  26. Polo

    Polo4 日 前

    To be honest this is how many people don’t like the prince family 👇🏾

  27. Funny R

    Funny R4 日 前

    Tbh Damian been trying to fuck Carmen

  28. Hennessy's Vlogs

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  29. Hennessy's Vlogs

    Hennessy's Vlogs4 日 前

    12:22 - 12:39 Bianca is giving no damn😂💀

  30. oriana scott

    oriana scott4 日 前

    Damie do not like her so she needs to stop lieing she is pushing her luck so she stop talking bicameral sit down she do not like him why would she like him they literally I don’t play about damie love you damie

  31. Destiny Ashley

    Destiny Ashley4 日 前

    Corey is always eaten lol

  32. Leairra Hunt

    Leairra Hunt4 日 前

    He didn't care or scared to make out

  33. Dana Danah

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  34. Dana Danah

    Dana Danah3 日 前

    Tell me what you think about it

  35. daliana baret

    daliana baret4 日 前

    im doneee corey and michaela just dipped

  36. King Drip

    King Drip4 日 前

    So this is where Damiens hunt for Carmen began ?

  37. Faith Mack

    Faith Mack4 日 前

    You don't have to take it this far yeah Bianca it's just a prank yeah why you getting all dramatic just because it's a prank and you don't need to be hitting anybody just because you know you're pregnant you're pregnant Bianca you should not be hitting them you need to just wait until the baby comes out and see what happens okay bye Bianca I love you love you Bianca yeah

  38. Jamyia Pace

    Jamyia Pace4 日 前

    Bianca is you ok yes are no

  39. Ayana Baker

    Ayana Baker4 日 前

    When Carmen smacked Corey glasses off I died😂😂😂

  40. VictoriaAnn Vlogs 🌸

    VictoriaAnn Vlogs 🌸4 日 前

    11:16 daaamm carmen a mf savage she gives NO FUCK! 😱😂

  41. Risi James

    Risi James4 日 前

    Paused it at 11:16 💀💀💀 Their reactions had me dying 😂😂😂

  42. Biggjue

    Biggjue4 日 前

    Prank or not why is she attacking the girl more and not her man but forget that why you pregnant and fighting?

  43. Purple Rain

    Purple Rain2 日 前

    Biggjue I swear she’s an entire JOKE.

  44. Sha D’Amoura

    Sha D’Amoura5 日 前

    And this is where C&C and B&D nation went left!, because of this prank and in other videos it do kinda seem like Carmen an Damien are low key flirting and Bianca be peeped it. Also I think Bianca is low key jealous or maybe feel like Damien is attracted to Carmen cause she takes stuff really serious in this video and in other videos when it’s just suppose to be a pranks, jokes or content for JPreporter right!??! Like when she grabbed Carmen hair in the other video, seems like she been itching to do that.. ijs periodtt Show a new JPreporterr sum ❣️ if you have time.. I’ll definitely show ♥️ back. 💋 Good Vibes ✨Peace Love Happiness Blessings🙏🏽 I might just be your favorite singer oneday💯😝

  45. Sheila Jones

    Sheila Jones5 日 前

    I love you 💕😘❤️ morning voice

  46. Qvinn

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  47. Sarah Ramirez

    Sarah Ramirez5 日 前

    8:30 the way Damien just sat down known his ass in trouble lol

  48. JessElle

    JessElle5 日 前

    I'm sorry but saying f you and calling somebody fat is not flirting.

  49. DaDollTariana

    DaDollTariana5 日 前

    i’m still busting shit prank or not idgaf

  50. DaDollTariana

    DaDollTariana5 日 前

    just looking back at all this ....... is gross

  51. Sade unique

    Sade unique5 日 前

    Bianca so jelly lord girl!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 she got mad too quick she never liked carmen my opinion

  52. Sheri Butler

    Sheri Butler5 日 前


  53. Tyanesha Smith

    Tyanesha Smith5 日 前

    Corey really ate the chip off the floor🤣🤣

  54. Chloe Thomas Kirabo

    Chloe Thomas Kirabo6 日 前

    JPreporterr in China😍,go subscribe 💃🏽

  55. Phase Blaize

    Phase Blaize6 日 前

    Corey is such a pussy😂

  56. Trill CJ

    Trill CJ6 日 前

    How is throwing a pillow flirting?

  57. Laylay

    Laylay6 日 前

    I love your videos 😁😁😁

  58. Lala TheGem

    Lala TheGem6 日 前

    Carmen gives Damien butterflies 🦋 he been feeling her lol

  59. Emely production

    Emely production6 日 前

    Biannca looks ridiculos with her leggins that can barely cover her under wear

  60. Abdul Amin

    Abdul Amin6 日 前

    Damian really wanted that kiss

  61. Mia Mia

    Mia Mia6 日 前

    yo this is soooo entertaining 😩




  63. XJay LovelaceX

    XJay LovelaceX6 日 前

    Lol everybody on Carmen, but not Damien🤔

  64. martina guerra

    martina guerra7 日 前

    Baby ass Makayla just getting hit w pillows left and right ahahhaga