Catfishing HOMBRES GONE WRONG!! | Louie's Life


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    Louie's Lifeヶ月 前

    Me muero when I’m with these two 💀😂

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  3. Keily Herrera

    Keily Herrera6 日 前

    Louie's Life fr

  4. Karelia Martz

    Karelia Martz7 日 前

    Ya te sigo dame un corazón please loui :)

  5. Ariel Alvarado

    Ariel Alvarado10 日 前

    Joshua Zecua agreed Louie is funny

  6. Makayla Euley

    Makayla Euley3 時間 前

    you already know i got my pepinos and my maruchan 🤪

  7. Gaby Gossip

    Gaby Gossip5 時間 前

    Wtf Yami is pretty AF!

  8. Alison Jaen

    Alison Jaen17 時間 前

    You guys make my day!!😂

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    Ther all preety just better than Louie

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  11. Anni3 Bananni3

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    I want a friend like all three of them! They are .... even tho they don’t know😂 love you Louie!

  12. Cristina Castaneda

    Cristina Castaneda22 時間 前

    When he said CRISTINA q estas asiéndo aki am like wtf . Lol I thought he was talking to me 😅

  13. Purrxox

    Purrxox日 前

    Hahhaha who’s hotter. The one with the black hair 😂😂❤️ Ohhh meeeee hahaha

  14. BTS_RobloxPotatoe Squad

    BTS_RobloxPotatoe Squad日 前

    Heheh I do not know if you guys noticed but there was a greña on Louie’s foot hehe 7:48. Hehhe

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    😂 12:22

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    What he said at 10:31 can my see u chile

  19. Ayanna Figueroa

    Ayanna Figueroa日 前

    Once I clicked on this video I was so sleepy but fuck it was so funny that I stayed awake

  20. Kassies fabulous world castro

    Kassies fabulous world castro日 前

    This shit was hilarious omgggg

  21. Maggie Arredondo

    Maggie Arredondo日 前

    Taking your spirit” 🤣

  22. aliayh beranza

    aliayh beranza日 前

    Do you watch Larray

  23. veronica ari

    veronica ari日 前

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂billy Ray cyrus

  24. Victor Pichardo

    Victor Pichardo2 日 前

    Why can't i do my makeup bomb af like louie

  25. Cynthia

    Cynthia2 日 前

    I’m dead 😂😂😂

  26. Anaysa Garza

    Anaysa Garza2 日 前

    Bitchhhhh I love this channel 😩🌙🔥

  27. Alondraa Garciaa

    Alondraa Garciaa2 日 前

    Part 2🙏

  28. Esme Rodriguez

    Esme Rodriguez2 日 前

    10:03 Louie knows how to blush a muchacho uuuuuuuh me encanto como el mucho was blushing 😂☺️

  29. Ashley Ann Martinez

    Ashley Ann Martinez2 日 前

    Part 2😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Alondra Higareda

    Alondra Higareda2 日 前

    Party line 😂🤣

  31. Mayra Gutierrez

    Mayra Gutierrez2 日 前

    This was soooo funny!!! You need to do another one!! And this time have props lol

  32. Karla Sanchez

    Karla Sanchez2 日 前

    So funny I can’t 😂😂😭😭

  33. alexandra chavez

    alexandra chavez2 日 前

    Lmfao called the girl in the pink she was a drag queen

  34. sabrina cuevas

    sabrina cuevas2 日 前

    oh GaWd im dead

  35. Joce S.

    Joce S.2 日 前

    Part two pleaseeeee😭😭

  36. Ferni Castellanos

    Ferni Castellanos2 日 前

    Guy: that's a man in the middle Yotzi: no it's not Louie: your mom's is a hooker Me:XD

  37. Fabiola Guillen

    Fabiola Guillen2 日 前

    Should make another video lol part 2

  38. Julissa Silva

    Julissa Silva3 日 前

    I’m fucking dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Akira - Chan

    Akira - Chan3 日 前

    I love you Louie and Yoatzy and ur sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Deaesha Ranae

    Deaesha Ranae3 日 前

    I literally just got dumped and this made me laugh so hard. So thank you so much Louie❤️ I love y’all

  41. Baby Girl

    Baby Girl3 日 前

    poor Louie getting compared to James Charles ain’t no one as bad as Louie periodt

  42. Dane Nieto

    Dane Nieto3 日 前

    I loveet video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. TokyoParis

    TokyoParis3 日 前

    9:45 i just wanna grab him by the cheekss )^o^(

  44. Yuritzi Yazmin

    Yuritzi Yazmin3 日 前

    Part 2!!!!!!! I hadn’t laughed so much that I re watched it 😂😂😂♥️

  45. Celeste Loera

    Celeste Loera3 日 前

    This is the funniest shit ever omg LMFAO !!!! My parents have work early and I can't stop watching! they already came in twice to tell me to STFU !😂💀😭🤷

  46. Julisa Maldonado

    Julisa Maldonado3 日 前

    omg you need to make more videos like these!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  47. Esme Ocampo

    Esme Ocampo3 日 前

    this video will NEVER get old😂😭😭

  48. amy y jaque

    amy y jaque4 日 前

    12:32 JAJAJA

  49. rosa ramos

    rosa ramos4 日 前

    Louie your the best youtuber. And the funniest one. Dont let ANYONE bring you down.

  50. Wendy Ibarra

    Wendy Ibarra4 日 前

    Do a part 2

  51. Julia Flores

    Julia Flores4 日 前

    One what? One syllable

  52. Mari Sedina

    Mari Sedina4 日 前

    Haven't laughed this hard all year Please do a part two 😂♥️♥️♥️

  53. Melissa coviello

    Melissa coviello4 日 前

    Honestly that was so scary how many kids were on there. Also it was hilarious how many people thought you were James. It’s the boy in makeup and the only name random people know is James Charles.

  54. Jorge Aguilar

    Jorge Aguilar4 日 前

    Do a part 2 with them two

  55. Darlene Flores

    Darlene Flores4 日 前

    it's so hard for me to laugh but bruhhhhh lmaoaoaoaoaoaoaooooo I was crackalinnnnn this entire video... props

  56. ykwtfgd

    ykwtfgd5 日 前

    10:06 the little smile 🥺

  57. Brooklynn Corkill

    Brooklynn Corkill5 日 前

    Dose eny one think there leaveing yammy out

  58. Rasa Valukonyte

    Rasa Valukonyte5 日 前

    Ur such a knockoff of james charles

  59. Brizzy Babbyy

    Brizzy Babbyy5 日 前

    I’m FUCKIN 💀 LMAO😂😂 I fuckin love you Louie 😘😘😘😫

  60. Kai Gutierrez

    Kai Gutierrez5 日 前

    Do more ! 😩

  61. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano6 日 前

    Im dyinggg!!! Lmfaoooooo “lets do the same thing hurry” lmfaooo

  62. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano6 日 前

    Lmao sike nah

  63. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano6 日 前

    Imagine a ghost

  64. Claudia Quijano

    Claudia Quijano6 日 前

    That girl said “all four of you”... but its three...