Cash vs Flight 1v1 Basketball! Shave Beard or Burn Shoes Wager!


  1. ballerz ringerz

    ballerz ringerz2 時間 前


  2. Junior Esquivel

    Junior Esquivel9 時間 前

    Shit and I thought I was bad 😂

  3. Mr Speedy

    Mr Speedy15 時間 前

    Honestly i can beat flight and i dont even play basketball

  4. Lukas Alatovic

    Lukas Alatovic16 時間 前

    Me who always wanted to have Kyrie 4s Them: Lets fcking burn them Ouch

  5. Captain Tidy

    Captain Tidy日 前

    I played basketball at the YMCA once and I’m still like 90% sure I can beat flight

  6. Tiger24MTB Ball Life

    Tiger24MTB Ball Life日 前

    Flight is straight 💩💩💩. Cash could use his size and post up all day and get the easy win he really didn't have to shoot. Flight form is 🗑️.

  7. Sir Rizal

    Sir Rizal日 前

    A couple of black guys who can’t play basketball, now that’s really something! 😅

  8. JakeDaSnake

    JakeDaSnake日 前

    Flight: *Calls foul cause he gets the shit blocked out of him. Cash’s brain: Da hell

  9. Keron Phillips

    Keron Phillips2 日 前

    this is why I play soccer

  10. Joshua Tindall

    Joshua Tindall2 日 前

    Y’all both are bad 😂

  11. Ollie Beekhuizen

    Ollie Beekhuizen2 日 前

    Does anybody know what shoes cash is wearing called

  12. AF1_Bandit

    AF1_Bandit2 日 前

    No am not a hooper hooper am a hooper

  13. Alisa White

    Alisa White2 日 前

    That sounds like one of my friends always making up excuses 😂😂😂

  14. OnTheRunTips

    OnTheRunTips2 日 前

    Cash was hand checking Flight when he drove to the basket.

  15. FBI CIA

    FBI CIA2 日 前

    Flight doo doo

  16. TayThe Goat219

    TayThe Goat2193 日 前

    Cash is a practice player lmao game time he looks nothing like he did running drills

  17. Kyle Lindblom

    Kyle Lindblom3 日 前

    Too many 3 attempts. Bring it inside. Flight can't guard you!

  18. Duane Liggins Jr

    Duane Liggins Jr4 日 前

    both of yall need to practice

  19. Jace Kunze

    Jace Kunze4 日 前

    Cash: you haven’t ever beat anyone in those shoes. Flight: I have but I didn’t have the cameras on.

  20. Rouge

    Rouge4 日 前

    Why does flight have opal quick draw

  21. Jesiah Holmes

    Jesiah Holmes4 日 前

    What type of shots flight be taking

  22. Justa _Ethan

    Justa _Ethan4 日 前

    Off brand james harden

  23. Jamal ToCrispy

    Jamal ToCrispy4 日 前

    R.I.P the tank top

  24. motosofter

    motosofter4 日 前

    That flight dude with the yellow shoes kinda sucks tbh

  25. Adrian D

    Adrian D4 日 前

    What dat sweater called I'm looking for one of those

  26. ידידיה סבן

    ידידיה סבן5 日 前

    this is what you here for 24:22

  27. Derp dop

    Derp dop5 日 前

    Kind of cool that cash gives flight some replays

  28. xKing_Gamer_500x

    xKing_Gamer_500x5 日 前

    16:50 HIS RELEASE THO 😂😂

  29. Julian G. Campos

    Julian G. Campos5 日 前

    Yo anyone thought that there was a giant mirror in back of the hoop

  30. TBF CaPP

    TBF CaPP5 日 前

    Cash Got Way Better

  31. Luka Sardelin

    Luka Sardelin6 日 前

    did anyone see flight going left for a layup even once?

  32. TTVPLAYER360_YT _

    TTVPLAYER360_YT _6 日 前

    I haven’t well I just didn’t have the cameras on I swear I could have won a couple 🤦🏼‍♂️😂🤣

  33. wrthur54

    wrthur546 日 前

    My man kenny Beecham would smoke any of y’all any day 🚫🧢

  34. carter Shifty

    carter Shifty6 日 前

    Turn ur feet 11 o clock tuck ur elbow extend ur arm then put ur hand over the rim

  35. King Tut

    King Tut6 日 前

    That game winner was clean af

  36. Montre jordan

    Montre jordan7 日 前

    I clicked the video just knowing flight was gone have to burn shoes 🤣🤣💀

  37. Misterpoudel

    Misterpoudel7 日 前

    Bro why do u play roblox

  38. H30 RyxnK

    H30 RyxnK7 日 前

    Flight talk to fast

  39. alphaNZ x

    alphaNZ x7 日 前

    What was he shooting

  40. Dezmond Krause

    Dezmond Krause7 日 前

    Those shoes looked fire "no pun intended " right when he set em on fire

  41. King Cee

    King Cee7 日 前

    Flight shoot knowing he gone miss 🤣🤣

  42. Salvador Zetina

    Salvador Zetina7 日 前

    This nigga flight is bunns😭😂

  43. Trezzy On one SYM

    Trezzy On one SYM8 日 前

    Flight have defense but offense he have no form and no finishing skills

  44. Jaylin Willis

    Jaylin Willis8 日 前

    Aye cash that Chris Paul move you tried to do would’ve worked if you would’ve gotten lower💯💯💯

  45. Jaylin Willis

    Jaylin Willis8 日 前

    I bet cash nasty won’t reply to my comments

  46. Jaylin Willis

    Jaylin Willis8 日 前

    Flight ur throwing up wild shots Nd your dribbling moves are to slow Nd sloppy u need to work on everything all around

  47. iamomaru

    iamomaru8 日 前

    Who has Flight beat?

  48. iamomaru

    iamomaru8 日 前

    Is it hating if I say Flight is garbage?

  49. vTxpv

    vTxpv8 日 前

    I remember when cash used to have that deformed Lamarcus Aldridge jumpshot

  50. Sickwitit Johnson

    Sickwitit Johnson9 日 前

    Flight is Str8 azzzzz lol gahhdamm 😂😂😂

  51. Hitmarker

    Hitmarker10 日 前

    Flights worst then a 60 overall

  52. Corey McCrum

    Corey McCrum10 日 前

    Wanna 1v1 on god I t think I'm better but if you win just know I support you

  53. ixiTRENTixi

    ixiTRENTixi10 日 前

    You fucking washed that man with some Irish spring green

  54. ツSensfrexify

    ツSensfrexify11 日 前

    Cash vs Ddg

  55. ScrillaLife100

    ScrillaLife10011 日 前

    I bet for a fact that I can beat flight✈️ and cashnasty💵 in a 1v1

  56. Quinton Rogers

    Quinton Rogers11 日 前

    All that talk about Hooper Hooper......🤦‍♂️

  57. Ivan Hernandez

    Ivan Hernandez11 日 前

    This shit was hilarious

  58. HeyOzzy!

    HeyOzzy!11 日 前

    Cash is looking more like James Harden every time his beard gets longer

  59. Ryft

    Ryft11 日 前

    Cash nasty looks like James harden a lil This ain’t real ryft for the people

  60. Mr J Wilson

    Mr J Wilson11 日 前

    Dem first 4 points 💧🌊 flight need defense.