Carmen Twillie, Lebo M. - Circle Of Life (Official Video from "The Lion King")



    VIRUS PH3 時間 前

    I wonder how many cats were lifted because of this

  2. Amber Duran

    Amber Duran5 時間 前

    My ex husband played this the night our daughter was born. Of course it scared her when he lifted her in the air like that...



    90s kids stand up for your anthem

  4. Madman Mario

    Madman Mario8 時間 前

    Timon fast forwards to Hakuna Matata

  5. bramwel owili

    bramwel owili9 時間 前

    we love you simba

  6. Lucifer & Dajal

    Lucifer & Dajal9 時間 前


  7. Sarah Lamothe

    Sarah Lamothe12 時間 前

    my toy is in the sun and i am playing this music

  8. black chickzy

    black chickzy12 時間 前

    ik hou vAN frozen

  9. black chickzy

    black chickzy12 時間 前

    heel erg gek

  10. black chickzy

    black chickzy12 時間 前

    i dont like dis vidio

  11. Domínguez Alvarez Andrea Esther

    Domínguez Alvarez Andrea Esther20 時間 前

    La a sigueñaaaaaa bababi chi mama.......... la aaaaa sigueñaaaaaa ba a bajar de aquiiiiiiii con mamoooooo o minuto 0:01

  12. Lucifer & Dajal

    Lucifer & Dajal9 時間 前


  13. Domínguez Alvarez Andrea Esther

    Domínguez Alvarez Andrea Esther20 時間 前

    C mamo digo xd

  14. Stella Vogelbacher

    Stella Vogelbacher日 前

    there were so many stunt doubles who lost their lives because Rafiki messed up....

  15. Simian Kleurde

    Simian Kleurde日 前

    I want to see The Lion King with the same art and animation style but with humans.

  16. Maria da Penha

    Maria da Penha日 前

    Algum BR?

  17. rjc0234

    rjc0234日 前

    So sad we will never get another Disney movie like this. RIP 2D animation. 3D can be incredible (like Toy story was) but to fully replace 2D it is a real shame.

  18. Moonlight Gunvolt

    Moonlight Gunvolt日 前

    The time that started it all...

  19. Ashley Evorall

    Ashley Evorall日 前

    Like the animation. Cool animation interested in animation lion king realety

  20. Ana Sanchez

    Ana Sanchez日 前

    Me produce tanta paz😍

  21. Pro100 Майн - Иван Клюшев

    Pro100 Майн - Иван Клюшев日 前

    Ах, ностальгия, аж слезу пустил))))

  22. Loreta Atanasova

    Loreta Atanasova日 前

    You mathematics

  23. Loreta Atanasova

    Loreta Atanasova日 前


  24. Loreta Atanasova

    Loreta Atanasova日 前

    The Baby Lion 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁 It's Very Sweet

  25. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl日 前

    I.... never watched the full movie. I know the song of course, but that's about it. I had watched some scenes of it as a kid when it was on TV (like, the second half of it), but I certainly can't remember much of it. So I have basically no nostalgia whatsoever, no childhood memories with this movie. Yet I'm crying because this is such an amazing opening scene. The colours, the detailed animation, the song. This is beautiful. I can understand why so many people still love this movie. I'll check it out sooner rather than later in it's full length. This scene alone must have taken so much work to craft, it's astonishing. I think the only thing from a Disney movie that is on this level (regarding effort/minute) is Prince Ali from Aladdin.




  27. Damien Millett

    Damien Millett日 前

    Obama was born in Keeeeeenya !!!!!!

  28. ツflipflip2378562ツ

    ツflipflip2378562ツ日 前

    everyone has their own way of singing this

  29. SallyWind

    SallyWind日 前

    Wow. 0:31 and after. Such beautiful animation. Let’s appreciate the art as well :)

  30. J 1

    J 12 日 前

    Eat us your majesty

  31. James Roy

    James Roy2 日 前

    Simba be like..... drop me and my parents will eat your ass

  32. MEGA MOB

    MEGA MOB2 日 前

    I hoped he would drop simba

  33. Robert Robby Gray

    Robert Robby Gray2 日 前

    Tears up everytime. 😢❤️

  34. Rain

    Rain2 日 前

    When you discover the fact that humans come from Africa:

  35. Rain

    Rain13 時間 前

    @Relly BoneZzz It's a meme bruh

  36. Relly BoneZzz

    Relly BoneZzz22 時間 前

    Rain literally everyone knew that

  37. Dylan Sandoval

    Dylan Sandoval2 日 前

    The kingdom 🙏🙏

  38. Takataka Loo

    Takataka Loo3 日 前

    Let's be honest, everyone here who has been allowed to hold a cat has probably lifted them up and sung this song

  39. Snail Peep

    Snail Peep3 日 前

    Rafiki: *lifts Simba up* Simba: *pees*

  40. Jaliiya Love

    Jaliiya Love3 日 前

    Best opening


    H E L L O PENGUIN3 日 前

    *Y E E T*

  42. Basket Of Kisses

    Basket Of Kisses3 日 前

    I love how the animals are running to the ceremony. Mufasa was so powerful and respected. I love him much more than Simba.

  43. Lello D

    Lello D3 日 前

    Lyrics from Genius: [Intro] Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama Nants ingonyama bagithi baba Sithi uhhmm ingonyama Ingonyama Siyo Nqoba Ingonyama Ingonyama nengw' enamabala From the day we arrive on the planet And blinking, step into the sun There is more to see than can ever be seen More to do than can ever be done There is far too much to take in here More to find than can ever be found But the sun rolling high Through the sapphire sky Keeps great and small on the endless round [x2] It's the Circle of Life And it moves us all Through despair and hope Through faith and love 'Til we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle The Circle of Life

  44. tea Sis

    tea Sis3 日 前

    When simba turned around I went 😳🥺

  45. Tritra Trullala

    Tritra Trullala3 日 前

    Gänsehaut im Gesicht

  46. Mohamed Skander

    Mohamed Skander3 日 前

    So many memories

  47. Ida Spann

    Ida Spann3 日 前

    I always loved ❤️the lion King it will always Be my favorite movie

  48. Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari

    Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari3 日 前

    Sht, did you you notice the appeal to authority throughout the whole final scene? Hahaha, at least a legitimate one, as all the animals seem to be willing to walk dozens of miles to reach their new predator.

  49. Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari

    Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari3 日 前

    2:16 LOL, that's a more realistic picture of their mating system.

  50. Michelle Pope

    Michelle Pope4 日 前

    Great song

  51. Corrado Orazi

    Corrado Orazi4 日 前

    Could the Lion King be the husband of the Sazze Quen ??? ...

  52. Gábor Horváth

    Gábor Horváth4 日 前

    You know, it's funny. As a kid, I never appreciated this scene, and the few times I watched the movie, I was always just waiting for it to be over so that the "real" movie would start. Looking at this opening now, not long after turning thirty, all I can say is... holy shit, that color palette! Holy shit, that art design! Holy shit, that animation! Holy shit, that syncing and "camerawork"! Holy shit, that song! Holy shit, that everything! This whole scene is just dripping with master craftsmanship by every single individual involved. It's absolutely marvelous.

  53. chris king

    chris king4 日 前

    Omg I love this movie ♥️♥️♥️😁😭

  54. Ümit Bilgi

    Ümit Bilgi4 日 前

    I come from time to time to visit you later. Weltall ist kalt.

  55. Ümit Bilgi

    Ümit Bilgi4 日 前


  56. Ümit Bilgi

    Ümit Bilgi4 日 前

    Marvin Holldorf.

  57. Михаил Сотников

    Михаил Сотников4 日 前

    Ели да, то ДА ;)

  58. Locked Hertz

    Locked Hertz4 日 前


  59. Geeta Dhumane

    Geeta Dhumane4 日 前

    This song is a masterpiece which still gives me chills. And it has such a deep meaning

  60. Sierra's Chanel

    Sierra's Chanel4 日 前

    I hope Reggie is enjoying playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on his Nintendo 3ds

  61. Kerry S

    Kerry S4 日 前

    N word

  62. Jada The Futurama MarriedWithChildren Fan 2020

    Jada The Futurama MarriedWithChildren Fan 20204 日 前

    3:10 my favorite part!

  63. lostmangos

    lostmangos5 日 前

    No disney film before or after can hold a torch to this film, the entire thing was stunning.

  64. Ju Lia

    Ju Lia5 日 前

    Sawicki to leszcz

  65. Jakub Sawicki

    Jakub Sawicki5 日 前

    Chuj prawda