Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #17


  1. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi2 時間 前

    Me at the end of every episode of hidden in plain sight: this has to be the last episode Vat19: comes out with hidden in plain sight 18 Thumbnail: remember me?

  2. Lil'Trap

    Lil'Trap2 時間 前

    You posted it on my birthdayyyyy. x)

  3. Vanya Singh

    Vanya Singh3 時間 前

    I think I found him first

  4. Joseph McKusky

    Joseph McKusky3 時間 前

    Why do I like adults playing hide and seek love it

  5. Watermelon Weirdo

    Watermelon Weirdo10 時間 前

    i saw danny in the video at the beginning when joey was picking up the bottle there was a guy waving and i think that was danny

  6. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi2 時間 前


  7. Lucas Nevitt

    Lucas Nevitt11 時間 前

    I knew as soon as I saw the old man that was waving in the video still at the lake

  8. landin shancez

    landin shancez13 時間 前

    Danny was the man in the background at 7:17

  9. Abigail Hubbard

    Abigail Hubbard16 時間 前

    This is the one video where I knew from the start because it was just so obvious 🤣

  10. YourTeamate36

    YourTeamate3616 時間 前


  11. Lynnae Macias

    Lynnae Macias18 時間 前

    lol lexi

  12. Lynnae Macias

    Lynnae Macias18 時間 前

    lol i love whatching these XD

  13. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy20 時間 前

    Hidden in plain sight ep 1258 Danny: so there is this place called THE SUN

  14. DarrylM

    DarrylM20 時間 前

    I instantly knew where he was once I saw the old man and the ad.

  15. RainJ The Rainbow DJ

    RainJ The Rainbow DJ21 時間 前


  16. Antalya Zentz

    Antalya Zentz22 時間 前

    Maybe it’s if you see it from the roof

  17. Kian Goth

    Kian Goth22 時間 前

    I saw Danny right away in the video. I knew there would be something in the background

  18. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy20 時間 前


  19. fqves

    fqves23 時間 前

    We need new uploads

  20. Lottie Faith

    Lottie Faith日 前

    But *why* does Jamie look so good with long hair? 😂

  21. AG DIY!

    AG DIY!日 前


  22. Brandon Harris

    Brandon Harris日 前

    How mini X was Danny in the background shot 2 in the beginning I said that's Danny cuz I saw the old man looking at the camera Eddie when you waved I said that's Danny and then I looked in the background of when Jamie was there when the old man was dead with the metal detector boom I said they go right there and turn around idiot turn around

  23. Crayteur

    Crayteur日 前

    From the first clue and when he went to the lake i think i already saw danny

  24. An Noob

    An Noob日 前

    8:26 i remember that stock footage boat

  25. Ebany 22

    Ebany 22日 前

    0:59 Does Danny mean the X on the Lemonade sign?

  26. Kaden Mcmurtry

    Kaden Mcmurtry日 前

    It was the guy with the metal detector please mind I have not watched the full video I’m just guessing before I figure out. Edited this is me after I was right I saw him in the ad.

  27. Hmmm Idk

    Hmmm Idk日 前


  28. iben reitz

    iben reitz日 前

    Am I the only one who saw the sign in the back at 1.07🤔 It spells out lemonade but there is a X on it, so it is just lemon. And in the video they said something about a slice of lemon. I really thought I had it this time😂 I just got bamboozled😂🍋

  29. Chaos On 30 FPS

    Chaos On 30 FPS日 前

    I called it when he watched the video I saw a guy in the back and I new when they can that’s Danny

  30. Joshua Coppoth

    Joshua Coppoth日 前

    Jamie: Nah... Gotta be a red harring

  31. sparkle ramjewan

    sparkle ramjewan日 前

    Please dont tell me that no one knows that danny is on the beach using the detector. It was obvious. Also sorry for ruining it for everyone.

  32. Xavier Manzo

    Xavier Manzo日 前


  33. Mah-e- Talat

    Mah-e- Talat日 前

    I love Jamie the best he is so awsome..make alive video hidden in plain sight

  34. The Assassin

    The Assassin日 前

    I saw him in the treasure x commercial!

  35. Chronic Wolf

    Chronic Wolf2 日 前

    Old man

  36. Chng Beng Kiong

    Chng Beng Kiong2 日 前

    Who already spotted Danny in the video of him waving

  37. mrbro kingepic

    mrbro kingepic2 日 前

    In the video

  38. mrbro kingepic

    mrbro kingepic2 日 前

    I saw him waiver

  39. ct me

    ct me2 日 前

    I knew it.hahahaha if only I'm in

  40. XxPumpkin_ Head

    XxPumpkin_ Head2 日 前

    0:00 Doesn't the buzzer-like sound sound like a kazoo?

  41. Chlo :D

    Chlo :D2 日 前

    Please make more of these videos!

  42. Cyrus Scott

    Cyrus Scott2 日 前

    Did he pick up the glass?

  43. ROACHO 1130

    ROACHO 11302 日 前

    Hidden in plain sight ep 1258 Danny: so there is this place called *THE SUN*

  44. Melissa King

    Melissa King2 日 前

    did anyone see the man waving think it was danny

  45. Caitlin Coyle

    Caitlin Coyle2 日 前

    I haven’t watched the whole video but when he said x marks the spot I saw lemonade sign and there was an x

  46. MaggieTheRavenclaw 316

    MaggieTheRavenclaw 3162 日 前

    I saw it 3:29 there’s this old person the waves to the camera and the same thing happens at 7:16 this might be the first time I found it before he did.

  47. KingJake2511

    KingJake25112 日 前

    This didn’t pop up in my recommeded for 2 WEEKS!!!!!!

  48. The Click master

    The Click master2 日 前

    Who else saw Danny emediately

  49. Addisyn Hruby

    Addisyn Hruby2 日 前

    i knew it had to do something with the old man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  50. Poyo Studios

    Poyo Studios2 日 前

    I found it out first four minutes.

  51. Addisyn Hruby

    Addisyn Hruby2 日 前


  52. Stephanie Gail

    Stephanie Gail2 日 前

    I caught the clues the first time :)

  53. john wick

    john wick2 日 前

    I hope in the next episode danny and Jamie switched paces so jamie hides and danny finds jamie

  54. Madeline Limbaugh

    Madeline Limbaugh2 日 前

    Leaves of three let it be!

  55. Mayar Kalantan

    Mayar Kalantan3 日 前

    I knew it right when I watched the video

  56. Floshy MC

    Floshy MC3 日 前

    i found danny when jaime watched the video and you could see that old man waving

  57. Haröld

    Haröld3 日 前

    Can they just stop making these

  58. bright_side

    bright_side3 日 前

    wait is that him with the metal detector????

  59. XxOmega TwT

    XxOmega TwT3 日 前


  60. XxOmega TwT

    XxOmega TwT3 日 前

    As you can see I am lying I have absolutely no idea where he is and I wrote this at the start of the video

  61. Jazzy’s World

    Jazzy’s World3 日 前

    Me finding him before he does let me explain when he first walked in and found the box alarm one lemon ❌ade then the video lemon water and the old man waving and when he went to the beach the same old man this is me in the middle of the video when they didn’t find him

  62. Critizon

    Critizon2 日 前

    So basically at 7:17 is where Danny is and 3:25 is the biggest clue leaked in the video

  63. Just A Random A.R.M.Y

    Just A Random A.R.M.Y3 日 前

    if he hates doing this why dose he still bother doing it?

  64. Spark :3

    Spark :33 日 前

    The more episode s come out the more it becomes just hide and seek

  65. caroline Engel

    caroline Engel3 日 前

    So are they saying Danny has no job? And sorry if I wrote Danny wrong