Can You Find Him in This Video? • Hidden in Plain Sight #11


  1. sikkdawgg

    sikkdawgg時間 前

    The beginning sounds like a girlfriend and boyfriend situation

  2. Shelby Anderson

    Shelby Anderson時間 前

    I love these videos so much XD

  3. Bob Jeff

    Bob Jeff7 時間 前

    0:47 I checked my texts to see if anyone texted me lol

  4. isabelle lopez

    isabelle lopez10 時間 前

    am i the only one cheering for jamie not danny

  5. Sammi Hui

    Sammi Hui17 時間 前

    What’s the point of saying one of my employees when the only one that hides is Danny?

  6. Ayden Rubio

    Ayden Rubio21 時間 前

    The door on 5:38 moved

  7. Alex Mulhern

    Alex Mulhern日 前

    This man spent more time looking for his chair then danny 😂😂

  8. Slaymyface135

    Slaymyface135日 前

    Guy is a millionair and still dresses like a 30 year olf chad....atta boy

  9. Taylor Nicole

    Taylor Nicole日 前

    He started to say his chair so much that the word chair started to sound Weird

  10. Patricia Asberry

    Patricia Asberry日 前

    Jamie: where is my chair . ( He says chair ) 34 times

  11. OG Cookie

    OG Cookie日 前

    Who just skips the video to where danny explains his hiding spot

  12. Lady Hawk99

    Lady Hawk99日 前

    How he wasn't even mad at the end though 😂 that's amazing

  13. Chad matthew vlog

    Chad matthew vlog日 前

    Episode: 100 Danny: im going to hide in mars Jamie: looks in the moon

  14. ian moon

    ian moon日 前

    It's actually funny at this point danny has it down pat cause he does one or two things that keep him side track in this case the chair and it usually works

  15. Jazlyn Romero

    Jazlyn Romero日 前

    i started dying at 5:47💀💀💀

  16. Bensther John Magcawas - Limpiada

    Bensther John Magcawas - Limpiada日 前


  17. Lillie Smith

    Lillie Smith2 日 前

    I can solve Rubik’s cubes I saw one

  18. Helene Cardenas

    Helene Cardenas2 日 前

    That sound when he was stepping on the snow, I literally layed down, closed my eyes, and smiled it was that soothing

  19. L.Fetuu Star

    L.Fetuu Star2 日 前

    I need Jamie to win more 😂😂 I feel bad cos the guy looking like he starting to get Grey hairs

  20. Jason Black

    Jason Black2 日 前

    What if Danny literally just did work for once.

  21. Addison Carlson

    Addison Carlson2 日 前


  22. •davina •

    •davina •2 日 前

    I realy hate this snow sound REEEEE

  23. Tina Donald

    Tina Donald2 日 前

    These videos are Awesome!!

  24. Milky Gamer101

    Milky Gamer1012 日 前

    Danny is actually working since he is still making content

  25. Masterclickbait 2

    Masterclickbait 22 日 前

    I wonder who has more people rooting for them

  26. Karson Miller

    Karson Miller2 日 前

    Pls respond

  27. Aidan Land BcB

    Aidan Land BcB2 日 前

    i found that snowball stressball thing at a grocery store and it broke in a couple days, its the thing that vat19 sells

  28. Aidan Land BcB

    Aidan Land BcB2 日 前

    jamie says that the company is so unproductive but in reality this has 4m views in a month and is making them crazy money

  29. Aidan Land BcB

    Aidan Land BcB2 日 前

    jamie's hair is driving me insane

  30. Typhoon

    Typhoon2 日 前

    i think jamie is losing his mind

  31. EpicGamer

    EpicGamer3 日 前

    Episode 1000 Jamie: I found my poking stick Also Jamie:*pulls out AK47*

  32. W Dinger

    W Dinger3 日 前

    episode 13 Jamie pulls out a literal red herring *This is a good poking stick*

  33. W Dinger

    W Dinger3 日 前

    With the cotton balls ether way you're weird

  34. Joanne Northam

    Joanne Northam3 日 前

    (: We are sorry to inform you that after this episode Danny caught pneumonia and died. (Pls do not take seriously. It didn't actually happen.)

  35. Nicholas Auerbach

    Nicholas Auerbach3 日 前

    Lookin like a blueberry

  36. Daniel Eret

    Daniel Eret3 日 前

    Wait how is it that there were no danny's footprints in the snow ?

  37. Suhana Patel

    Suhana Patel3 日 前

    He is also wearing that shirt in hidden in plain sight #4

  38. random video's

    random video's3 日 前

    Episode 100: Jamie puls out poking stick: Also jamie:this flamethrower is a good poking stick

  39. ak47shay

    ak47shay3 日 前

    The thumbnail gave me nightmares not even joking lmao

  40. FlipsyFlop

    FlipsyFlop3 日 前

    “The workers are doing work to help the company get money” - Jamie But hiding from his boss gives the company views

  41. Rayne Coleman

    Rayne Coleman3 日 前

    For Danny only: dress as the camera man and just follow Jamie around

  42. Bobjoerules

    Bobjoerules3 日 前

    use dark mode

  43. Himiko_ Toga

    Himiko_ Toga3 日 前

    I’m waiting for the day that Danny is in the cereal box. And when it gets hit with the poking stick all we here is “ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

  44. Ice Gaming

    Ice Gaming4 日 前

    When is he actually gonna hide in the cereal box

  45. Watermelon the Apple

    Watermelon the Apple4 日 前

    not the latest episode but a few good red herrings is everyone dressing as danny with danny masks and or pictures of danny tapped everywhere, especially his office

  46. Anna Pedersen

    Anna Pedersen4 日 前

    Chair doesn't even seems like a word anymore

  47. Shane Milligan

    Shane Milligan4 日 前

    The more he says chair the more it doesn’t sound like a word.

  48. Sophie Leen

    Sophie Leen4 日 前

    Plot twist:he was disguised as the camera man

  49. ree family

    ree family4 日 前

    Why can't Jamie be there early so he can beat danny

  50. TST Best story's

    TST Best story's4 日 前

    He is helping you get money from this channel and you get 0.30 cents per view and you got 4.2M views

  51. The What is Normal show

    The What is Normal show4 日 前

    Am i the only one who hears john breathing the whole time

  52. Milla St Charles

    Milla St Charles4 日 前

    No one Literally no one still Jamie thump’s Jamie: *sighs* idiot Go’s outside *i wonder what foot size he has? Me: I wouldn’t* 🤣

  53. PrimalRenegade17

    PrimalRenegade174 日 前

    I want to see Danny's reaction to his chair being taped lol

  54. C Squad 98RC

    C Squad 98RC5 日 前

    A chair hidden in plain sight. New series!!!

  55. Max Tangen

    Max Tangen5 日 前

    Episode 54 Jamie: "Oh, I found a poking stick!" *Pulls out Walther P22*

  56. Karolina Perez

    Karolina Perez5 日 前

    More of these episodes please!!!

  57. Yacht Areti

    Yacht Areti5 日 前


  58. Gamer DS

    Gamer DS5 日 前

    I love how he’s just looking for his chair Jamie: where is my freaking CHAIR?!?! Danny: Where is he at this point? Final chair count: 69

  59. Brian Shortridge

    Brian Shortridge5 日 前

    Hid Den and chi did

  60. ema bunjevac

    ema bunjevac5 日 前

    He is loking for is chair not for Danny!😮