Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From "The Lion King")


  1. Aleksi NDS

    Aleksi NDS3 時間 前


  2. Marl Martinez

    Marl Martinez4 時間 前

    The only problem in here is that *it's fckin afternoon*

  3. Tan Shi Yun

    Tan Shi Yun9 時間 前

    Yikes...the singing doesn't sound harmonious at all. Kinda breaks the immersion 😂

  4. Jasper G

    Jasper G15 時間 前

    Beyonce really trying to get her life long dream which is to win as oscar 🤭

  5. Chetana Chandra

    Chetana Chandra19 時間 前

    They forgot to turn the sun off

  6. Sadikul Islam

    Sadikul Islam19 時間 前

    Don't mind me, just watching a lion documentary with Disney music in background...

  7. Eileen Chen

    Eileen Chen日 前

    If you get the chance, I would greatly appreciate it if you could check out my cover on my channel. Thanks 😊

  8. dazzle

    dazzle日 前

    am i the only one who thinks that Beyoncé did a great job and is almost tearing up by this? oh okay

  9. Ishana

    Ishana日 前

    My sister sings this all the time cuz she watches this movie 10 timesa day and she can't sing ....... Help me. Like really. I have proof that she sucks

  10. Athan Burnett

    Athan Burnett日 前

    Am I the only one who really like Beyonce's singing here?

  11. Athan Burnett

    Athan Burnett日 前

    I don't think that's night😂🤷‍♂️

  12. Yankeezcap

    Yankeezcap日 前

    the director sucks. 3/10,... give it another shot buddy. singers, you are exempt from bad judgment. you guys rocked.

  13. Purple Plantain

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  14. MojoRisin

    MojoRisin日 前

    seth rogen sounds about right as a disgusting warthog.

  15. Lily Ovy

    Lily Ovy日 前

    what is this song for?

  16. Greg Barnett

    Greg Barnett日 前

    God it’s so cringy...just watch the original

  17. sonderheppo

    sonderheppo日 前

    Quite the nice nature Documentary, but I would have used a different music .. I mean it's not even night?!

  18. Angel Fiona

    Angel Fiona日 前

    Timon:] I can see what's happening (What?) And they don't have a clue (Who?) They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line Our trio's down to two. (Oh.) [In a sarcastic mock-French accent] Ze sweet caress of twilight [Back to normal, but still sarcastic] There's magic everywhere And with all this romantic atmosphere Disaster's in the air [FS:] Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings The world, for once, in perfect harmony With all its living things [Simba:] So many things to tell her But how to make her see The truth about my past? Impossible! She'd turn away from me [Nala:] He's holding back, he's hiding But what, I can't decide Why won't he be the king I know he is The king I see inside? [Chorus:] Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings The world, for once, in perfect harmony With all its living things Can you feel the love tonight? You needn't look too far Stealing through the night's uncertainties Love is where they are [Timon:] And if he falls in love tonight It can be assumed [Pumbaa:] His carefree days with us are history [Timon and Pumbaa:] In short, our pal is doomed

  19. Itz Kate

    Itz Kate日 前

    “Disaster’s in the air” Covid-19: I sure am😎 Okay this was made for jokes.

  20. Arpegius octavia

    Arpegius octavia日 前

    The problem with this is.... she sounds like Beyonce, not Nala.. whereas Donald does put effort to sound like Simba and therefore he actually sounds like Simba. It just sounds like Beyonce is dressed up as a lion because she wants to fuck a male lion.

  21. Awa Diallo

    Awa Diallo日 前

    cette film répugnen totalmen répugnen

  22. Nunhlui Chhangte

    Nunhlui Chhangte日 前

    who's watching this masterpiece during quarantine

  23. Vanessa Loperbz

    Vanessa Loperbz10 時間 前

    This is no master piece the singer's are great but just go watch the original

  24. Hannah Allen

    Hannah Allen日 前

    i am

  25. Marcelo Radomski

    Marcelo Radomski日 前

    Los invito a escuchar mi propia versión en Español de ¨Can You Feel The Love Tonight¨: @9rVw Gracias por comapartir!!

  26. Chetana Chandra

    Chetana Chandra2 日 前

    Is it perfect harmony or imperfect harmony ??

  27. Dora boss btch

    Dora boss btch2 日 前

    Honestly 😕you guys not their fault 😂 but the song does need a redo

  28. Dora boss btch

    Dora boss btch2 日 前

    The song did not capture the moment 😑b was strong and he was soft maybe they should have listened to it

  29. M TL

    M TL2 日 前

    Simba and Nala's running only matches Beyonce's runs on the notes... LOL

  30. corrupted foox

    corrupted foox2 日 前

    The only life action movie I liked

  31. dragon thewhite

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  32. milkandhoney

    milkandhoney2 日 前

    If the directors didn’t stop her then they didn’t mind it

  33. paula lopez garcia

    paula lopez garcia2 日 前

    Beyonce is a good❤❤ voice❤❤ my queen👸👑 of Disney

  34. Karl Matrix

    Karl Matrix2 日 前

    Who the hell thought that it would be a Good idea to sing this song in an afternoon setting?

  35. Star Butterfly

    Star Butterfly2 日 前

    I Love The Lion King! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  36. TSRexy

    TSRexy2 日 前

    Am I the only one who hate this version and like the original? I don't like timon's and pumbaa's voices



    For anyone searching the singer's name of original version her name is Kristle Edwards aka Kristle Murden (JPreporter name)

  38. Jonathan Chanutomo

    Jonathan Chanutomo3 日 前

    its... weird but beautiful... why they make live action this way insrtead of comical 3d things?

  39. Samuel Anderson

    Samuel Anderson3 日 前

    Lowkey Beyonce, (I love u sis) but... Let Donald shine a teensy bit, ya know? 😅

  40. michelle Nour jasmien

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  41. Mitsuzz Music

    Mitsuzz Music3 日 前

    Oh saya kana niyan yieee❤ Love you all❤🔥

  42. Kaya Restaurant

    Kaya Restaurant3 日 前

    Although Beyoncé was a bit to much AAAA It’s still a nice one So let’s not hate on Beyoncé Please

  43. Sara Bonetto

    Sara Bonetto3 日 前

    This is soooo lame compared to the original. Why did they even bother?

  44. Judd C

    Judd C3 日 前

    I prefer the old version of the song. It had more passion.

  45. Happy Accident

    Happy Accident3 日 前

    oml yall gotta chill its just a movie lmao

  46. Regan Williams

    Regan Williams4 日 前

    I kinda feel like beyonce doin too much, we kno u there B u don't gotta come off so strong. U throwin off the harmony.

  47. Issy B

    Issy B4 日 前

    can you feel the love this afternoon?

  48. ElectroPanda X_X

    ElectroPanda X_X4 日 前

    They made it day because it would be pitch black and you wouldn't see a thing. Y'all over here bullying a kids movie🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  49. UwU 1207

    UwU 12074 日 前

    Can you feel the love tonight The sun: am I a joke to you

  50. Dallas Onew Era

    Dallas Onew Era4 日 前

    I think I am the only one who loves beyonce in this song.

  51. Ếch PePe

    Ếch PePe5 日 前

    Simba more like simpba

  52. FeelGood Within

    FeelGood Within5 日 前

    Aww so sweet 😍 ❤️

  53. UwU 1207

    UwU 12075 日 前

    Isn’t this in the afternoon TvT

  54. Alina Derla

    Alina Derla5 日 前

    Nobody: Nala and Simba : Can You feel the love tonight The sun : Im still here 😐😑😑

  55. laura leigh-ann

    laura leigh-ann5 日 前

    Alright. I'm gonna say it... Beyonce ruins every movie shes in. Literally every single movie. This was my all time fav Disney movie . I memorized it. And when it came out in 94, six year old me was thrilled to see her first movie in a movie theater. Beyonce ruined this. She will undoubtedly ruin the role of Storm as well. Seriously she needs to give up acting. Shes so bad at.

  56. icoaguerre

    icoaguerre5 日 前

    After listening to Xtinas version... This just comes second, she was sitting on her couch, effortless.

  57. Monica Lovell

    Monica Lovell5 日 前

    Love this part

  58. Angelo Dela Cruzz

    Angelo Dela Cruzz6 日 前

    Hot take: Beyonce actually sang this song great. Donald Glover's a great singer, but they should've casted someone with a stronger and better voice

  59. Siren Head

    Siren Head6 日 前

    I hate the remake, I like the original way better

  60. Rebeca Lincango

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  61. Kidifresh 16

    Kidifresh 166 日 前

    Just invited my girl to my home, let's watch this romantic movie, with a bag of chips, drinks and burger

  62. Selah Vee Cephas

    Selah Vee Cephas6 日 前

    I grew up with Disney... and I still prefer the animation 😭💖

  63. Selah Vee Cephas

    Selah Vee Cephas6 日 前

    I grew up with Disney... and I still prefer the animation 😭💖

  64. Missing Pieces

    Missing Pieces6 日 前

    Beyonce's voice is full with emotions while Donald Glover is calm, perfect combination (for me)!

  65. ꧁ LunaTheRainWing ꧂

    ꧁ LunaTheRainWing ꧂6 日 前

    i remember all the words to this song and I cant help Singing Along

  66. KidFuryplays Official

    KidFuryplays Official6 日 前

    when will we get a donald and beyonce live?

  67. Nicholas

    Nicholas6 日 前

    Beyonce ruined the entire movie for me. :}

  68. B r i i OwO

    B r i i OwO日 前

    Don’t be mean to Beyoncé she tried her best

  69. Nicholas

    Nicholas2 日 前

    @Belle .N They tried to make it so that all the characters of this movie resembled the characters of the old movie, but then Beyonce sounded nothing like Nala. This especially ruined this song in particular for me, which was one of my favourites. On top of all of that, Beyonce is just a bad voice actor in general. When she said the line "Lions attack!" it was extremely cringe. Further, some of her singing moments were extremely ostentatious. Why is she singing like she is in an opera in this song in particular? Nala sounded nothing like that in the original, and that style doesn't go well with this particular song. Why? It was to show off her mediocre vocals obviously. Another example of this is how they just threw in that song Beyonce made - which was garbage by the way - into some random part of the movie. It made no sense at all (it added nothing to the context it was in), and it was bad, and the only purpose it served was feeding Beyonce's gigantic ego. By the way, did you know Beyonce's gigantic ego is the only non-synthetic thing about her? :)

  70. Belle .N

    Belle .N2 日 前


  71. BB95

    BB957 日 前

    Can you feel the love TODAY! Can you feel the love THIS AFTERNOON! This is not Night!

  72. I Am So Bored So What

    I Am So Bored So What7 日 前

    I love it, don’t get me wrong. But I could feel the charm, the realism, and just plainly the emotions of the animals behind in the cartoon version.

  73. Nala Lion King

    Nala Lion King8 日 前

    I Love you my Simba 💖

  74. DarkHawkRBLX

    DarkHawkRBLX8 日 前

    Its just a wonderful song. Just enjoy it instead of spreading hate rumors to Beyonce or Donald Glover. No offense but take it simple yes im 9 I saw it and I enjoyed it.

  75. Vaibhav Gupta

    Vaibhav Gupta8 日 前

    Ugh so bad!

  76. quentin the potato

    quentin the potato8 日 前

    Y’all don’t realize that 1:41 is intended to be “The Face”

  77. Kathi ohne Nachname

    Kathi ohne Nachname8 日 前

    Too much of everything.

  78. Wally aka Chiyangwa Ronald

    Wally aka Chiyangwa Ronald8 日 前

    I'm sorry its not sync . Something is missing. Please watch the original and copy compare the chemistry

  79. KenSanityy

    KenSanityy8 日 前

    animal planet at it's finest.



    I hope there more lion king movie😭😭😢

  81. Evoleta Lathicya Ayudi

    Evoleta Lathicya Ayudi8 日 前


  82. Pug Tato

    Pug Tato8 日 前

    They banged right

  83. GamerDag

    GamerDag8 日 前

    I like( though I do enjoy the original) the remake of the song and I don't feel like it deserves all the hate. I know Beyonce went a little over the top but, sometimes you just get lost in a song, you know?

  84. Menacing

    Menacing9 日 前


  85. Idongesit Usen

    Idongesit Usen9 日 前

    So. Many. Problems. 1; this “realistic” take has robbed the emotion: all I see r bland lions blandly walking. 2: Beyoncé overpowers Glover, making the rythm uneven 3: No scene change. The Title is a Lie. Verdict: This is a Cash Grab unfit for even a scavenger.

  86. Maria Quevedo

    Maria Quevedo9 日 前

    In the beginning when Timon was singing it was a little too fast and out of sync with the music and not like the original song it just bothers me