Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From "The Lion King")


  1. mikael boudrias

    mikael boudrias41 分 前

    It’s a great song witch was well sang by Beyonce but better by Elton John

  2. C. M.

    C. M.時間 前

    who ever thought beyonce and donald were a good idea for the movie needs to be fired.

  3. Tyron Warren

    Tyron Warren6 時間 前

    Sorry beyonce but you failed. The original scene is wayy better Especially with the african support in the background

  4. stillwatersrundeep

    stillwatersrundeep6 時間 前

    On top of everything else, they somehow forgot that this song was sung by THREE main singers, not 2. It makes no sense for Simba and Nala to sing "love is where they are" _about themselves_

  5. stillwatersrundeep

    stillwatersrundeep6 時間 前

    Honestly, my opinion is that Beyonce ruined this version.

  6. SP

    SP8 時間 前

    I much prefer Elton John’s version

  7. Jasmine N

    Jasmine N12 時間 前

    Omg why does everyone just hating on the remake. Yes some people perfer the orginal but it doesnt mean you have to just hate on every little thing

  8. Patrick Runkle

    Patrick Runkle13 時間 前


  9. Northern Critter

    Northern Critter16 時間 前

    -the songs got no energy to it -beyonce voice ruined it -feels empty The Animation is no excuse to why, I've seen a lot of realistic cgi having more emotions than this, even real animals. This isn't how you make a remake, it's supposed to hit you with alot nostalgia, but the only one I'm getting is from seeing the title "lion king". This movie isn't worth watching unless you just want to watch lion king and not to be embraced by nostalgia. This movie is a disappointment, a cashgrab.

  10. small_little_world

    small_little_world17 時間 前

    Beyoncé literally snatched my weave through the screen with this song.

  11. Dont mind

    Dont mind22 時間 前

    If you think this is bad go ahead and listen to the German version of this. Beyonces voice is a blessing compared to the German chick trying her best to copycat her.

  12. TRIZZY Spams L2

    TRIZZY Spams L2日 前

    Bro the new lion king was amazing highly recommend watching it❤️

  13. BonusFocus

    BonusFocus日 前

    You can't beat the original.

  14. ツSnivyFugi Death

    ツSnivyFugi Death日 前

    your free

  15. AS

    AS日 前

    Donald: Okay, let's sing a great song, like the one in the original Lion King! Beyonce: Go ahead! Donald: Can you feel the love tonight? Beyonce: CAAAAAN YOOOUUU FIIIEEEL THE LOOOVEEE TONIHIHIHIGHT (DON'T STEAL MY SHOW DONALD! GO!) It was like she was fighting for the microphone while Donald just wanted to realise what he thought would be a good version. It's so annoying how she is shouting and what the hell did she do to "inside"? Can't you just sing this song?! Why do you need to make a show of this? It could be so much better of they were just singing in harmony...

  16. brianna veno

    brianna veno日 前

    he has no balls hes neutered

  17. The_Starter_Potato

    The_Starter_Potato日 前

    2013 Donald: Girl why is you lyin? Why you Mufasa? 2019 Donald: LITERALLY IN THE FUCKING LION KING

  18. Hyunjae Oh

    Hyunjae Oh日 前

    Man they ruined it so much

  19. D

    D日 前

    Many online is bashing the remake, which I believe was an incredible movie. Saw it twice in theaters. The negative comments are ridiculous, and shows the nature of people being followers. It's just the fad thing to bash this movie. I don't mind criticism, but make sense, rather than mindlessly bashing the movie. For example, some have said its day time and their singing 'Can you feel the love tonight'. Smh if you watch the original, the sky didn't turn dark till the end of the song, and then it was still blue. I've read another comment, 'They didn't ball their eyes out like the original'. Smh again..... are you serious, in a live action remake, you want to see a meer cat and a wart hog with tears flying out of their eyes like the cartoon.... I'd bet my bottom dollar that 97% of those bashing this movie has seen it in theaters, and or own the dvd or blu ray. Disney is making live action remakes, but you guys wanted them to dumb down the visual to the level of Shrek or detective Pikachu, so they can have more human emotion. Then it wouldn't have the look of a live action remake and the same people bashing the film would've also bashed it because of that. The Lion King remake had a Catch 22. Damned if they did, damned if they didn't.

  20. some dud who likes 2 watch

    some dud who likes 2 watch日 前

    "it beats the evening breeze" No one: Background music:"hame hame hame wave"

  21. Sceleton 404

    Sceleton 4042 日 前

    Wow it looks like Natural Geographic...Not cool

  22. Lacey Roberts

    Lacey Roberts2 日 前

    Beautiful singing

  23. Ana Farcas

    Ana Farcas2 日 前

    I'm sorry but they didn't show the emotions... not in the expresions not in the song....

  24. Giulio Personeni

    Giulio Personeni2 日 前

    Can you feel... the smell of lion?

  25. Tee

    Tee2 日 前

    Beyoncé’s voice went: 📈📉📈📉📈

  26. Shakira Harding

    Shakira Harding2 日 前

    No other disney film I love more than Lion King. Amazing 👑

  27. Cecília J. Daood

    Cecília J. Daood2 日 前

    I hope nobody would hate me, but this new version of the song is real shit. The original is so much better

  28. Lindsay Mibach

    Lindsay Mibach3 日 前

    What A very Beautiful song Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From “The Lion King”) is also one of my favorite Song

  29. ツSnivyFugi Death

    ツSnivyFugi Death3 日 前

    I enjoy the beginning

  30. Srividhya Jayaraman

    Srividhya Jayaraman3 日 前



    INDIE GIRL3 日 前

    What did they with my childhood...

  32. sue-ellen van niekerk

    sue-ellen van niekerk3 日 前

    I love this song and the movie

  33. prettii Star

    prettii Star3 日 前

    Wait why is everyone saying this was bad, I think it was worth it

  34. Pandamania DIY

    Pandamania DIY4 日 前

    Beyonce sings TOO well like i cant picture a lion singing those runs! the cartoon was much more natural

  35. sarina76667

    sarina766674 日 前

    I gotta say they certainly got lion behavior and body language decently accurate. Just need some “lublublubblublub!!!!!” whiny lion song to make it complete. The voice over work is nice too though lol

  36. Ana Falcão

    Ana Falcão4 日 前

    Simba devia ter uma voz mais poderosa

  37. Erdenedari Bat-Erdene

    Erdenedari Bat-Erdene4 日 前

    I love the movie Loin King its one of my fave movies :3 Btw Simba and Nalla are so cute together and their cub is adorable :D

  38. McFly

    McFly4 日 前

    Fun trivia fact: lions do not have mental abilities to discern day from night.

  39. DancingRook

    DancingRook4 日 前

    Its a good performance but not as good as the original, probably nostalgia but oh well its the truth, very good very quality but still just doesn't beat the OG

  40. Gamer Ar

    Gamer Ar4 日 前