Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From "The Lion King")


  1. naiara da silva santos

    naiara da silva santos5 分 前


  2. JaxNeNeS

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  3. psyche

    psyche29 分 前

    Donald Glover overrated as hell

  4. Selena Houston

    Selena Houston時間 前

    If u turn of da sound it just 2 lions playing with each other in da afternoon😂

  5. Delilah Reinke

    Delilah Reinke2 時間 前

    Hakuna matata!

  6. Sharp tooth the Lego tyrannosaurus

    Sharp tooth the Lego tyrannosaurus3 時間 前

    I don't understand why everyone hates this mabey it's because I had no idea who beyonce was till this movie but it doesn't bother me.

  7. Sharp tooth the Lego tyrannosaurus

    Sharp tooth the Lego tyrannosaurus時間 前

    @Carl Casper it's true one I did not watch the super bowl because I'm not a big fan of sports and two I do not listen to popular or new music as I prefer other things.

  8. Carl Casper

    Carl Casper2 時間 前

    Sharp tooth the Lego tyrannosaurus That’s just unbelievable. She is the most famous female artist of all time. She sang at the Super Bowl halftime show. There’s no way you could have avoided her I’m just not buying it.

  9. Carl Casper

    Carl Casper2 時間 前

    You didn’t know who Beyoncé was? I’m really curious how old you are and what country you’re from if you don’t mind?

  10. UnicornPrince5s

    UnicornPrince5s4 時間 前

    Nala Is truly a beautiful lioness, to be honest.

  11. terraxa Ocampo

    terraxa Ocampo4 時間 前

    In spanish is This night is for love I think in spanish and english are good

  12. manu úwú

    manu úwú4 時間 前


  13. tolucafreak

    tolucafreak8 時間 前

    Beyonce completely ruins this song. Awful

  14. MrPajamaShark

    MrPajamaShark8 時間 前

    Holy shit this is bad

  15. Afnan Acchan

    Afnan Acchan8 時間 前

    Timon Pumbaa should cry at the end.

  16. daftvalkyrie

    daftvalkyrie9 時間 前

    No Nala giving Simba the "fuck me" eyes? I'm out.

  17. Freikugel

    Freikugel10 時間 前

    This sounds like shit

  18. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา10 時間 前


  19. No Name

    No Name11 時間 前

    "Can we fuck in broad daylight..."

  20. M050208

    M05020815 時間 前

    Y’all act like Beyoncé made this choice to have the more powerful voice, if the producers had a problem, they would’ve redid the singing part.... just chill

  21. Carl Casper

    Carl Casper2 時間 前

    I guess you can blame whoever you want, but a bad song is a bad song and you’re naturally going to blame the singer you didn’t like in it. It didn’t encapsulate anything close to what the original movie had and you can pin that on Beyoncé and the producers. I thought most aspects of the movie were poor to be honest.

  22. JJ Bird

    JJ Bird19 時間 前

    Anyone else looking in the comments to see everyone bashing Beyoncé?

  23. Lorrane Oliveira

    Lorrane Oliveira22 時間 前

    Honestly, I prefer original animation over live action

  24. Tiana Roberge

    Tiana Roberge22 時間 前


  25. Elena L

    Elena L日 前

    Its just animals moving their mouth, there is no emotion no expressions in this movie. Its like a documentary with talking animals basically. Classic is always the best, why bother remaking exactly same story line?

  26. Bella Kruchten

    Bella Kruchten日 前

    Rainbow dash as nala Pinkie pie as timon Applejack as pumba Twilight sparkle as simba

  27. Case Closed

    Case Closed日 前

    can someone make the original song from 1994 but with 2019 video? that would be awesome. dont like this version

  28. Xintro

    Xintro日 前

    I honestly love this remake, it doesn't deserve all of that hate it gets imo

  29. Xintro

    Xintro10 時間 前

    @Benito91 Kumbirai I still like it

  30. Benito91 Kumbirai

    Benito91 Kumbirai10 時間 前

    I watched it for the first time last night, sorry to say buy you are wrong mate. The writing felt super lazy & the graphics whilst stunning were also emotionless. The cartoon was not believable to look at (for obvious reasons) but the story was clearly a believable interaction of beings with emotion. This movie was believable to look at but the story was Crap. For example, Remember in the cartoon when Nala meets Simba for the first time as adult lions, They fight and when he recognizes her he says "Nala", and she asks "Who are you?" In this movie, she pins him he say "Nala" and immediately she responds with "Simba" 99% of lion cubs aged 3 months do not look the same as fully grown males. This theme was carried throughout the entire move.

  31. yustinus bp

    yustinus bp日 前

    I Love the new Lion King movie but I dont like soundtracks.

  32. 公孙乌龙

    公孙乌龙日 前

    Can you see the love tonight? FBI warning

  33. Alya Qrisya

    Alya Qrisya日 前

    Lion king will always be my favorite movie😭😭 its so sad but i love it i prefer the 1994 one tho

  34. anthony fortin

    anthony fortin日 前

    well, the song wasn't that bad but the first movie will always be the greatest.

  35. bamboothehamster person

    bamboothehamster person日 前

    Can you feel the love _tonight_ They made it daytime.......

  36. JenovaDoll

    JenovaDoll2 日 前

    The vibrato is awful

  37. Henry Scott Sorrell

    Henry Scott Sorrell2 日 前

    Beautiful Song!

  38. Eva Luna

    Eva Luna2 日 前

    1:05 simba is a big copycat

  39. Vicki Neale

    Vicki Neale2 日 前

    Yeah the original is epic but I love this one too it's my favourite song in the lion king

  40. Danny S. Cream

    Danny S. Cream2 日 前

    I've loved this movie so far but I just can't get over the fact that they made both "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" in BROAD DAYLIGHT! 😠

  41. Anime no sekai

    Anime no sekai2 日 前

    great moooovie... see the full video here. :)

  42. Libra Chhuana

    Libra Chhuana2 日 前

    This version is horrible

  43. Stahl karsten

    Stahl karsten2 日 前

    Its shitty shit...pls god no

  44. Antik Caris

    Antik Caris2 日 前


  45. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา2 日 前

    เเมวปีศาจร้าย ❤️

  46. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา2 日 前

    สิงโต vs เเมวปีศาจ สิงโตเป็นคนเเพ้ให้นาง (เจ้าป่ายอมเเพ้) ❤️

  47. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา2 日 前 ไม่ใช่ใครจะเอาใครอยากได้เเล้วไปยิงมา มันมีความหมายมากกว่านั้น 20 ล้าน บางคนเค้าไม่ยอมขายน่ะ ❤️

  48. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา2 日 前


  49. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา2 日 前

    ใครคนคิดมิวสิควิดีโอว่ะ ???

  50. คํามี ทีล่ะคํา

    คํามี ทีล่ะคํา2 日 前


  51. Toshiro Snow

    Toshiro Snow2 日 前

    People are wondering why Beyoncé sang the shit of this Song? She's a freaking vocalist. You all should be happy hearing some nice vocals with support, range and technique. IT's Beyoncé not Taylor Swift lmao

  52. The Killer Vehicles & Gaming

    The Killer Vehicles & Gaming2 日 前

    This reboot was crap!

  53. graham kehoe

    graham kehoe2 日 前

    Beyoncé is annoying AF no wonder jayz cheats on her

  54. Raven of the night

    Raven of the night2 日 前

    Guys the movie wasn't all that good. Just admit it

  55. Fang Yu Koh

    Fang Yu Koh2 日 前

    0:49 I feel like Simba actually looks cute, like a rel life cat or something

  56. Ashley Steele

    Ashley Steele2 日 前

    this cute song good job

  57. Roblox_ Rules

    Roblox_ Rules3 日 前

    i did

  58. Meerkat

    Meerkat3 日 前

    Beyoncé is trying too hard to be fancy with her voice, sort of ruins it imo..

  59. Joseph Leon

    Joseph Leon3 日 前

    1:43 awwwwwww she lick him 💚💙💜❤💛💜🖤

  60. Truffle Dino

    Truffle Dino3 日 前

    *when everyone critically judges and analyzes a kid's movie*

  61. Baie Rogers

    Baie Rogers2 日 前

    @Truffle Dino Sorry :) I didn't mean to sound pretentious!

  62. Truffle Dino

    Truffle Dino2 日 前

    @Baie Rogers r/wooosh. I don't have a problem with people doing it. I find it funny. There was no need for that long paragraph but do your thing

  63. Baie Rogers

    Baie Rogers2 日 前

    Why not? Kid's films have proven to be masterful pieces of cinema that hold similar, if not more emotional depth/complexity than live-action films - examples include Spirited Away, the Toy Story series, How to Train Your Dragon, Into the Spiderverse, and the majority of the Disney Renaissance films. They are not immune to criticism simply because they are animated and are aimed towards younger audiences :)

  64. zhaquiri

    zhaquiri3 日 前

    I hate the unnecessary, cringe-worthy vocal acrobatics that seem to be in ALL of these remade songs. Happened in Beauty and the Beast, happened in A Whole New World, now it's in Can You Feel the Love Tonight, or should I say, "...tew-nahahahahayyyyytt."

  65. Kash Ismail

    Kash Ismail3 日 前

    Way to slaughter a timeless song. They should have just used the original

  66. FluffyMaloe

    FluffyMaloe3 日 前

    Even lions are better than us... They sing like angels.. And I’m standing here, singing like a chicken... They even have couples... And I’m standing here, eating chips and still *single* af

  67. FluffyMaloe

    FluffyMaloe52 分 前

    MrPajamaShark nope ;-;

  68. MrPajamaShark

    MrPajamaShark8 時間 前

    ...are you okay?

  69. Lin Dee

    Lin Dee3 日 前

    Beyonce's voice sounds so good but she overdid it..

  70. 이건무

    이건무3 日 前

    It is the most famous song in my standard in the movie " Lion King" . It is refreshing to hear this song again with a live-action film.

  71. Womble901

    Womble9013 日 前

    Audio is really poorly balanced. How unfortunate...