Can This Pill Take The Sugar Out Of Sweet Food?


  1. Brian Bakker

    Brian Bakker8 ヶ月 前

    finally I can get even fatter, without all the enjoyment

  2. Elisabeth Carson

    Elisabeth Carson4 日 前

    Brian Bakker 😒

  3. dewd im an idiot

    dewd im an idiot9 日 前

    Kaleb Johnston you said well said then said shut up? You talkin to yourself?

  4. AustBob The Cuber

    AustBob The Cuber10 日 前

    Thomas Ford sugar isn’t really bad tho? There’s the processed sugar from the stores and natural sugars. Natural sugars are def better than processed sugars

  5. IDRKlarry

    IDRKlarry15 日 前

    8 months later he is a mountain man

  6. That sum wack Cheese?

    That sum wack Cheese?23 日 前

    This just made my day

  7. –••{NADIA}••–

    –••{NADIA}••–11 時間 前

    you guys always make my day :)

  8. Isobel Lovelock

    Isobel Lovelock日 前

    I have been watching since 2003 and you have changed so much!!!

  9. Zuperman

    Zuperman日 前

    ahhh a time when rhett didnt look like a viking

  10. ItsYaBoiNachan

    ItsYaBoiNachan日 前

    Today Link trips on MDMA... let’s talk about that

  11. Sky m

    Sky m5 日 前

    Link yelling is the funniest thing to me. 😂❤️

  12. Saesario Lisenty

    Saesario Lisenty5 日 前

    I remember the anti capsaicin when i saw the title

  13. Tami Graskey

    Tami Graskey6 日 前

    you guys are very smart

  14. Tami Graskey

    Tami Graskey6 日 前

    i love enjoyment with my sweets UwU

  15. Tami Graskey

    Tami Graskey6 日 前

    i can not do that i love sweets

  16. Nathan R.

    Nathan R.7 日 前

    10:29 Link: "You're not supposed to drink Lysol!" Me in 2020: ... about that ...

  17. C Rao

    C Rao8 日 前

    i like this video

  18. Dracon Darks

    Dracon Darks10 日 前

    Is no one gunna talk about rhetts hair?

  19. Dan Palmer

    Dan Palmer11 日 前

    These were the episodes where Rhett's hair went through the weird teenage stage.

  20. micro 11

    micro 1112 日 前

    this is the eemy of m berry i wondr if that wit m berry will still be sweet ... hmmmmm

  21. Brady Van winkle

    Brady Van winkle13 日 前

    I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Violet Holiday

    Violet Holiday14 日 前

    This is how cats taste everything...

  23. Caz R

    Caz R14 日 前

    Stevia has a metallic taste. That’s what the strong metallic taste was.

  24. yoshi wells

    yoshi wells16 日 前

    Why do people take those pills lol kinda useless

  25. Ethan Zhang

    Ethan Zhang16 日 前

    1:31-1:48 Rhett thinking deeply about his life choices and what he's doing for a living.

  26. Aarondhesi

    Aarondhesi17 日 前

    6:30 😂

  27. Bran

    Bran18 日 前

    You’re not supposed to drink Lysol . According to our president we are 😂



    "If you're like me and still popping king sized kit kats like tic tacs." -Rhett 2019 Because that sentence makes sense

  29. Tram Nguyen

    Tram Nguyen18 日 前

    And then in Vietnam, there is a fruit that makes everything you eat after it becomes sweet. XD

  30. Mike Mardell

    Mike Mardell19 日 前

    You’ve still never told us the outcome of your experiment

  31. Rayelle J

    Rayelle J20 日 前

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 at the liver

  32. Raechel B

    Raechel B20 日 前

    I am crying laughing at their turmoil. “I don’t want them!”

  33. Pizza Time

    Pizza Time21 日 前

    Take this and a miracle berry at the same time

  34. Jordan Houle

    Jordan Houle21 日 前

    Did they ever let us know what the like experiment concluded?

  35. Kinda Ki

    Kinda Ki21 日 前

    Also know as toothpaste

  36. choobplaya

    choobplaya21 日 前

    what was the conclusion?

  37. pewdiepie lover sub to pewdiepie

    pewdiepie lover sub to pewdiepie21 日 前


  38. Satish Sharma

    Satish Sharma22 日 前

    I'm concerned you guys know how dirt tastes

  39. ItsPikachu

    ItsPikachu22 日 前

    4:54 It tastes like c*m. did no onw else catch that?

  40. Curiosity Pals

    Curiosity Pals23 日 前

    The best part of waking up is GMM with that said where is the GMM coffee lol

  41. Neeko Lopez

    Neeko Lopez23 日 前

    What did he say at 5:14?

  42. Martin Wiggall

    Martin Wiggall23 日 前

    They never told us what the results of their “experiment” were.

  43. Jason Melvin

    Jason Melvin24 日 前


  44. Sara Rankins

    Sara Rankins24 日 前

    4:16 CRUMB

  45. whizzer wins

    whizzer wins24 日 前

    LOL "crumb!"

  46. Señor Tequila Purr

    Señor Tequila Purr25 日 前

    I don't know why Stevie gave Link a point for the cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is clearly closer.

  47. Kieran Clounch

    Kieran Clounch10 日 前

    He said Cheerios

  48. KettleCorn Prod

    KettleCorn Prod25 日 前

    Lin is the greatest comedian. like it taste like clay... lol okay

  49. Reece Keyz

    Reece Keyz26 日 前

    Why would anyone buy this

  50. Jaclyn Barnett

    Jaclyn Barnett26 日 前

    4:10 😂 the confusion on Rhett’s face

  51. Jess

    Jess27 日 前

    did they ever explain the whole “like this video for an experiment” thing?

  52. Alien Antics

    Alien Antics28 日 前

    Question: Can you also not _smell_ the sweetness? Because a large part of taste is smell

  53. Brian Alvarez

    Brian Alvarezヶ月 前

    Let Gourmar have his show with Link

  54. .yva

    .yvaヶ月 前

    they couldve pranked libk and gave him like sand, dirt, clay, etc instead lol

  55. Peter Diabo

    Peter Diaboヶ月 前

    Oh. My. God. Ive been watching every video for like 6 years and just realized im not subbed....

  56. Avenue Ave.

    Avenue Ave.ヶ月 前

    Eat a smarty it finna disappear 👀

  57. EntitySteel

    EntitySteelヶ月 前

    What if you combined this pill with the pill that makes sour things sweet?

  58. Rowan Chisholm

    Rowan Chisholmヶ月 前

    As a brit that as recently moved back from the UK from the Us and been introduced to a plethora of American cereal I can't say that apple jack's tasted cinnimoney or appely.

  59. Jake Lawson

    Jake Lawsonヶ月 前

    4:15 “CRUMB” 6:35 “what are you tasting” “DRYNESS” 8:41 “this one doesn’t taste bad because you know I like dirt”

  60. Lacey Groover

    Lacey Grooverヶ月 前

    Link: NOT fUnNy, NOT SwEeT Me: nooooooo... really?

  61. mutantdogcat t

    mutantdogcat tヶ月 前

    Rhett: I think I almost tasted it with my throat... is that even possible Me *literally almost spits my cereal I’m eating everywhere*

  62. Whoknows.972

    Whoknows.972ヶ月 前

    i thought that was a prank on VIWERS *i still think it is tho*

  63. Maggie Gray

    Maggie Grayヶ月 前

    them in 2019: "We're not supposed to drink Lysol" me in 2020: well...

  64. ClappedCos Gaming

    ClappedCos Gamingヶ月 前

    Discord I'm joining

  65. Aiden Riley

    Aiden Rileyヶ月 前

    8:40 he likes dirt

  66. Nessy Parks

    Nessy Parksヶ月 前

    I'm sorry but Link yelling "NOT FUNNY" reminded me of John Mulaney lol