Camila Cabello on Struggling to Call Shawn Mendes "Baby" and Stealing from Prince William


  1. Sarah Taher

    Sarah Taher14 時間 前


  2. Chuntao Li

    Chuntao Li20 時間 前

    not even one stop in Asia?!

  3. LegitBoss_526

    LegitBoss_52620 時間 前

    So they are dating omg💞💞💞💞💞 I am sorry but I felt like they were together but I needed confirmation

  4. Bittu Dutta

    Bittu Dutta日 前

    cute Cam

  5. Wulan Destiani

    Wulan Destiani日 前

    Full of jelousy people lmao

  6. Fiorella Virili

    Fiorella Virili日 前

    She so cute

  7. Hufflepuff_Demigod

    Hufflepuff_Demigod2 日 前

    I don't understand how people can think Shawn & Camila are just dating for clout. They're both adorable and so sweet 🥺♥️

  8. Jade Beaut

    Jade Beaut2 日 前

    She tries to act cute when she’s not cute

  9. Miguel Miquelino

    Miguel Miquelino2 日 前

    Why people didn't like her? She's so cute and funny

  10. Im Easylifesniper

    Im Easylifesniper4 時間 前

    Miguel Miquelino LMAO may be because she’s a racist.

  11. Diamond Dia

    Diamond Dia3 日 前

    Hmm..I'm not sure if I can be honest here expressing my opinion without being attacked lol but her voice is very unique and I respect her for her enthusiasm etc ..but I don't like the way she look .She is nothing special to me , more of greysh looking one . Peace

  12. Jenny Herrera

    Jenny Herrera3 日 前

    We love you camela

  13. cristal hernandez

    cristal hernandez3 日 前

    My Oh my is my favorite song

  14. Fer M

    Fer M3 日 前

    Uhmmm....Sean Mendez is G A A A YYYYYYY

  15. Chif Shotky

    Chif Shotky4 日 前

    Go eat your excrements stupid cow

  16. Gabby Skybee

    Gabby Skybee4 日 前

    Omg, she talking about their relationship seems so fake.. Why she even want to tell us that.. Every relationship between people is private and intimate.. But, NOOO, she has to bring it up every time..

  17. Nadja Petrova

    Nadja Petrova4 日 前

    Damn I want to know her hair routine

  18. tostones

    tostones5 日 前

    “Debuted solo, with Shawn” doesn’t actually make sense does it

  19. sian davies

    sian davies6 日 前

    She's obviously off her tits!

  20. first name last name

    first name last name6 日 前

    she is cute

  21. Ansh chaturvedi

    Ansh chaturvedi6 日 前


  22. Lovely Foxy

    Lovely Foxy7 日 前

    Camila:swips pencil* Me: SwiPER nO swiPER

  23. Patrick Starr

    Patrick Starr7 日 前

    “theres so many different sounds on it” *thank you*

  24. Anisa B Martinez

    Anisa B Martinez7 日 前

    Holy shit I have 2row seats to see this woman

  25. yumira

    yumira8 日 前

    Ew. She is so fake .

  26. Aarontrakon

    Aarontrakon8 日 前

    Camila Cabello is truly very gorgeous, cute, sweet, and beautiful!

  27. Nova A

    Nova A8 日 前

    Camila: I'm an idiot Me :😍😍😍😍😍😍😍So cute

  28. Robert Bodoci

    Robert Bodoci8 日 前

    Camila and shawn are the best

  29. All About HallyuWave by Pilyang Sweet

    All About HallyuWave by Pilyang Sweet8 日 前

    Camila seems to be so sweet. I feel like she's so fun to be with. 😍

  30. Ricardo Bautista

    Ricardo Bautista9 日 前

    Camila - you’re the sweetest human being and you support me so hard and I just feel like I wanted to say that! Jimmy - don’t have to do that

  31. Luis Ortega

    Luis Ortega3 日 前

    Ricardo Bautista I was looking for this comment 🤣🤣

  32. Kalyani Bose

    Kalyani Bose9 日 前

    She's clearly an overacter. She's way too fake. She was a great girl. But after fame and shawn she was spoiled. She's no more Camila for her camila album. ROMANCE SPOILED HER

  33. Christina Bylsma

    Christina Bylsma10 日 前

    Camila is so real She ain’t like those fake celebs i ❤️ Camila

  34. Will Mautino

    Will Mautino11 日 前

    Shawn aint hittin it right. Bet

  35. LucidDreams

    LucidDreams11 日 前

    I love her music sm💗

  36. 36 Girl

    36 Girl11 日 前

    Bought just some tickets😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  37. Senpaii

    Senpaii12 日 前

    camila is one of the nicest human beings i love her so much

  38. Alexander Helms

    Alexander Helms12 日 前

    The Qeen have speaking to me ìn love Jimi the Rat

  39. Alexander Helms

    Alexander Helms12 日 前

    Good aftermoon love Camila Cabello in Love Jimi the Rat

  40. William Sanz

    William Sanz12 日 前

    I started to pay attention to her in the last weeks and i am falling in love with her for she is pretty and smart and has an amazing vocal range, wish her the best🙌🏻🎵💚

  41. Maribel Cervantes

    Maribel Cervantes12 日 前

    I still hope one day Nick Jonas & Camila Cabello become a couple one day !

  42. VickiE 3122

    VickiE 312212 日 前

    Her voice sounds different

  43. rovers141

    rovers14112 日 前

    Only people with a 7th sense could see...I think you meant 6th sense there chica...

  44. Nidhi Gahlyan

    Nidhi Gahlyan12 日 前


  45. Joie Huang

    Joie Huang13 日 前

    I love both of their personalities

  46. Swashbuckling Adventures

    Swashbuckling Adventures13 日 前

    Just because you're visiting ANY place, least of all a palace, doesn't change your character because you joke about it. You took something that wasn't yours. Period! THAT in itself shows your character. A bad one at that. Congratulations! Now the world knows you're a thief.

  47. Dad Pop

    Dad Pop13 日 前

    Feet kiss .. I am under her feet ,, Mrs I lovve yooou 💪💋😊

  48. AYN

    AYN13 日 前

    Camila Mendes is such a great name.

  49. byron herrera

    byron herrera13 日 前

    man I want to smell her feet

  50. your son's juicebox

    your son's juicebox12 日 前

    Dad Pop bro you’re so weird just stop talking

  51. Dad Pop

    Dad Pop13 日 前

    @your son's juicebox Nothing, my friend .. But I love the legs of girls ... and everyone is free in his opinion and what he loves...!

  52. your son's juicebox

    your son's juicebox13 日 前

    Dad Pop what the fuck is wrong with you

  53. Dad Pop

    Dad Pop13 日 前

    I'd also like to smell her feet ... great lady, I wish I was a bodyguard for her .. Every day I slept on her feet 👣💋❤

  54. Dad Pop

    Dad Pop13 日 前

    Me too 👑❤💋💋

  55. Paia Bdd

    Paia Bdd13 日 前

    She's so beautiful 😍😍😍

  56. Evo C

    Evo C13 日 前

    What happen to her group??? Lmao

  57. Kham Valle

    Kham Valle13 日 前

    Camila was low-key so cute and bubbly, and no one really cared

  58. Chaywatchesvideos

    Chaywatchesvideos13 日 前

    He interrupts every statement or story she says. It’s so annoying,

  59. Pastel_Bright

    Pastel_Bright11 日 前

    Jacob O. Yes!

  60. Jacob O.

    Jacob O.11 日 前


  61. Pastel_Bright

    Pastel_Bright12 日 前

    Chaywatchesvideos it’s his show -.-

  62. Lmao Salsa

    Lmao Salsa13 日 前

    Someone wants to be jlo

  63. Syra Coker

    Syra Coker13 日 前

    Jimmy’s laugh is faker that camila’s relationship with Shawn.

  64. Beauty @ any age

    Beauty @ any age13 日 前

    Oh M GEE! I love her and Shawn - most adorable couple - gorgeous people and talented !!!

  65. ray rodero

    ray rodero14 日 前

    Camila of Vengerberg

  66. copycatbellyache

    copycatbellyache14 日 前

    0:11 oop she didnt do it back

  67. Ade S

    Ade S14 日 前

    God she’s ANNOYING!!! How doesn’t she realize that she’s so ridiculous and dumb?

  68. Zera The illusion

    Zera The illusion2 日 前

    My oh my :O

  69. Ade S

    Ade S13 日 前

    G A M I’ll shut up when Camila shuts up :)

  70. G A M

    G A M13 日 前

    Ade S shut up

  71. Manuela Lewis

    Manuela Lewis14 日 前

    I’m like her whenever I’d get in trouble I would cry cuz like ion rlly get in trouble and I would get scared

  72. Mar Mar

    Mar Mar14 日 前

    The audience’s were very weak during her interview.. she was interesting 🧐

  73. Sydney Cannell

    Sydney Cannell14 日 前

    Hope they brought up her racist tumblr. Why is everyone sweeping what she did under the rug. Please leave , you don't deserve the fame. She was like I was teenager and I didnt know what I was saying. We learn what she said isnt okay at a very very young age. She said things like she didnt like working with 5 th harmony' memebers calling the african american group memebers slanderous names. She is full of excuses . She isnt what she seems. She should take responsibility for what she said and work on her self. Not pretend nothing was or that it was said it without knowing better.