CallMeKevin's Draw My Life


  1. Brian Doyle

    Brian Doyle2 時間 前

    I used to go to your CeX store

  2. Dave Monster

    Dave Monster7 時間 前

    You got a loan at 19!!!!!

  3. the spirit syren

    the spirit syren8 時間 前

    Hi Kevin I just wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me. I'm 19 currently and trying to open my own cafe and so many people keep telling me I'm not old enough or don't have enough experience to do it. But you putting out this video showing you did it is my primary way of showing them it's possible, so thank you so much for giving me the courage to keep trying.

  4. Laurie Gardner

    Laurie Gardner11 時間 前

    Hey Kevin i want to make a request on a video, could you please continue to make more animal crossing videos? I enjoyed the first one a lot 👌🏻👍🏻 and I also enjoyed the Harry Potter RP videos so I would much appreciate more animal crossing videos thanks Kevin love your videos 😄

  5. Mate 2017

    Mate 201712 時間 前

    2:23 or you WHERE the burglar. Edit: also at 5:18 you had the exact same problem as my brother did.

  6. SirGuinea351

    SirGuinea351日 前

    *gets serious stomach pain* *gets hit by car* Robo-Tuber

  7. Esneiik

    Esneiik2 日 前

    YOU probably dont know...but there's ONE PERSON FROM ECUADOR who whatches your videos, Good luck and KEEP IT UP!! 🔥

  8. Celeste _1910

    Celeste _19102 日 前

    NORMAL JPreporterRS- *crippling depression* KEVIN- *tummy ache*

  9. Mr. Vodka

    Mr. Vodka3 日 前


  10. Irongolm239 1

    Irongolm239 13 日 前


  11. Kieran Walsh

    Kieran Walsh3 日 前

    Sorry Kevin but Clare’s better

  12. Jacobzombie 2006

    Jacobzombie 20063 日 前

    Kevin I lived in the countryside Me country road take me home to the place I belong

  13. KingKevin139

    KingKevin1393 日 前

    I literally smell the marker

  14. o of

    o of3 日 前

    Out of everything that happened to you you stayed so lovely and kind and cheerful and I really respect/admire it. You’re awesome Kevin!!!!!!!!

  15. sean woods

    sean woods3 日 前

    The stumuck story something similar to me and I’m 14 in second year from ireland to

  16. Anne Black

    Anne Black3 日 前

    Am I the only on reacting to the photo of Jim Pickens photo shown on the 66,666 thing?

  17. ShovelFighter12

    ShovelFighter124 日 前

    Heh, I didn't get to finish school either, Kevo.

  18. Lil Krill

    Lil Krill5 日 前

    A *A*

  19. Lil Krill

    Lil Krill5 日 前

    gay niggas *incorporated*

  20. tragicglamour

    tragicglamour5 日 前

    I found you through RT and the don’t starve streams and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  21. Picket Pants

    Picket Pants5 日 前

    Wait Kevin was in a Cex shop.

  22. Khalisah Khairina

    Khalisah Khairina5 日 前

    im so lucky i discovered kevin's channel (better late than never), i genuinely enjoy watching his videos and cant stop binging it!! 💓

  23. HerrDelirium

    HerrDelirium6 日 前

    I just realized that Kevin and I are quite similar.

  24. Evil Donut

    Evil Donut7 日 前

    Will you marry me if I send you a potato every day?

  25. PositivelyNice

    PositivelyNice7 日 前

    I am here for Jim Peckins.

  26. Siobahn H

    Siobahn H8 日 前


  27. mustafa chey

    mustafa chey9 日 前

    Was the guy who hit you with his car named jim pickens?

  28. Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    Brownskikuca Garlic Bread10 日 前

    4:36 no, they are not caused by stress, that is a lie, as i remember i think it is some bacteria

  29. Plaid PVCPipe

    Plaid PVCPipe11 日 前

    CallMeKevin's Draw My Medical History

  30. LDCNexus

    LDCNexus12 日 前

    16:27 man that 30 a day would almost double my count in 1 day

  31. Chatulhu

    Chatulhu12 日 前

    0:25 *Irelano*

  32. TheUltraKid

    TheUltraKid12 日 前

    "I'm not a doctor ok" me looking at his surgeon simulator videos: "I know."

  33. ZABOO

    ZABOO13 日 前

    I'm so happy i've found Kevin's channel. Even if i'm having a bad day his videos bring a smile to my face. Thanks Kevin, love ya!

  34. Lauren E

    Lauren E13 日 前

    Legitimately didn't know you were the 'how to annoy' guy... Wow.. Small world

  35. ttttttttttttttttttttt

    ttttttttttttttttttttt14 日 前

    Found you from how to annoy back in the day. Good to see your channel bigger than ever

  36. Haaam The Psycho

    Haaam The Psycho14 日 前

    The "love you nikki" got me

  37. Cosmic Swordsman

    Cosmic Swordsman14 日 前

    I remember my brother showing me your “Fallout 4: but mods ruin my immersion” video and I almost died laughing so I started watching you more and more and now I hardly watch any other JPreporter oh god

  38. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan15 日 前

    CEX don't say it out loud and with an s sound

  39. Luke Francis

    Luke Francis15 日 前

    I sometimes go cex but in the uk 😂

  40. Galdrad

    Galdrad15 日 前

    You're a good fecker Kevin. Love from Italy.

  41. Rookie Phantom

    Rookie Phantom15 日 前

    I LOVE you Kevin

  42. Shock

    Shock16 日 前

    wait a second HOW TO ANNOY was made by you? o.O i loved that series

  43. captain_awesome 21

    captain_awesome 2116 日 前

    Who else played the spinning game with their sibling?

  44. MR OSOS

    MR OSOS17 日 前

    Kevin should have said in his videos . "Do you know how I got this scar?"

  45. Carrie

    Carrie18 日 前

    Hi Kevin :3 New subscriber here! I found your videos during a time when I was pretty down(also in pain and dealing with my own stomach issues) and your rp videos made me laugh SO much. Also very much enjoy the Irish accent. ;) Anyways just dropping by to let you know how much I appreciate your videos and humor! Except for the part where I’ve had ring of fire stuck in my head for an entire week, thanks for that lol.

  46. Vaultboygamer Game plays

    Vaultboygamer Game plays19 日 前

    Aw Kevin I did not know your life was so sad

  47. I_am Awesome

    I_am Awesome19 日 前

    I thought rt was called daniel...

  48. Speedy Gaming

    Speedy Gaming19 日 前

    It’s so weird seeing wholesome comments on one of Kevin’s videos.

  49. Draconian57

    Draconian5720 日 前

    The man who hit Kevin with his car literally did *end this man's whole career*

  50. Shelby

    Shelby20 日 前

    i ate oreos watching this adn hearing about his stomach problems gave me a stomach ache keVIN i have a guess a similar problem with my knee as in if i bend it too far or straighten it it will start to hurt real bad and sometimes when i get up it twists and it hurts real bad and othertimes it buckles when i walk curse you hereditary knee hurting gene

  51. Dead Hacker78

    Dead Hacker7820 日 前

    I know you just have adhd

  52. chermia97

    chermia9720 日 前


  53. send help

    send help22 日 前

    *And, naturally, I had to beat my sister*

  54. Ripple on xbox

    Ripple on xbox22 日 前

    I remember when you made the one where where it was you and then like three other guys around a toilet and I can't exactly remember the rest but it was super funny

  55. Luca Stenson

    Luca Stenson22 日 前

    "So I was in hospital a lot and almost died hahaha"

  56. Emma Pearson

    Emma Pearson22 日 前

    Kevin makes shop black market opens

  57. Nate The Great DBZ

    Nate The Great DBZ23 日 前

    First video I watched was Fallout New Vegas and I was sold. I just had to subscribe to this evil fecker

  58. Twonkie

    Twonkie24 日 前

    Awwww this made my night a whole lot better. ...Bye for now.

  59. Max Papaioannides

    Max Papaioannides24 日 前

    Cool story

  60. kloppi

    kloppi24 日 前

    >I'm a really good person Don't lie Kevin.Don't do it.