Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer


  1. Ququshwuhe Hahdjwujd

    Ququshwuhe Hahdjwujd2 時間 前

    Iya ya Allah

  2. Walter Horne

    Walter Horne11 時間 前

    CrossPlay sux bigtime.

  3. Steven Gasanov

    Steven Gasanov20 時間 前

    The trailer got 146k likes😂😂😂😂

  4. Steven Gasanov

    Steven Gasanov20 時間 前


  5. Rotem Salvatori

    Rotem Salvatori日 前

    F**** this g**** game. Every f**** time server disconnect 😒

  6. Rotem Salvatori

    Rotem Salvatori日 前

    Waste of 100gb..



    This is going to be awesome.

  8. james lowman

    james lowman日 前

    Lerch what useless character

  9. Jonesie Boy

    Jonesie Boy2 日 前

    check out my first solo win on my channel!!!

  10. Udoye Vincent

    Udoye Vincent2 日 前

    I don't die in this battle royals but hard drive needs to be rebooted every update

  11. Dalton Smith

    Dalton Smith2 日 前

    Am I the only person who thinks the female planting the bomb at the beginning sounds like Salter from Infinite Warfare?

  12. DJPlayz

    DJPlayz日 前

    It is it’s the same voice actor

  13. PLANET X

    PLANET X3 日 前

    me : the game is so big ! call of duty : understandable have a nice day

  14. PLANET X

    PLANET X3 日 前

    call of duty : is using the stronger engine my little sister : that means they are using alot of fule right? me : yes they are using all the power of ps4 and the .... loading .... and the loading is so slow my sister: so do you gona install it? me : maybe i will .... loading ...

  15. jorge blast

    jorge blast3 日 前

    Rumble mode is awesome

  16. CHEETS 39

    CHEETS 393 日 前

    Is you ready- Migos (Mile 22 remix)

  17. Mario De Feo

    Mario De Feo3 日 前

    This game is bad, I ask to fix the servers in veteran mode, in the game shoot and cross, it seems to me more like classic mode. and then there are many who use cheats in the game...

  18. Aaryan Tokekar

    Aaryan Tokekar4 日 前

    Bruh no cap this trailer is actual fire 🔥🔥

  19. yeah yeah look guys He disconnected

    yeah yeah look guys He disconnected5 日 前

    are you weady

  20. Лев Акулов

    Лев Акулов6 日 前


  21. Smangaliso Zondi

    Smangaliso Zondi6 日 前

    When is split screen coming?

  22. TudorTurret

    TudorTurret7 日 前

    I prefer cod ww2

  23. Towshif Alam

    Towshif Alam7 日 前

    Can we get Warzone lite? I only have 4GB ram.

  24. Wortixx

    Wortixx7 日 前

    Tactical nuke incoming ☢️

  25. Jesus Martinez

    Jesus Martinez8 日 前

    Season 6 new pets lion 🦁 tiger 🐅 puma 🐆 Explosión fish move

  26. Kakarot

    Kakarot8 日 前

    How many seasons will MW have

  27. An Lê

    An Lê9 日 前

    Does some one knows the song of this trailer and the remix version of it ? Please let me know! I would be very appreciated that.

  28. Daniel villalobos delgado

    Daniel villalobos delgado9 日 前

    Quiten esa porquería de saqueo!!!!!

  29. Lol Jesse

    Lol Jesse9 日 前

    Fortnite: adds cars Warzone: adds TRAIN

  30. Raid Falcon

    Raid Falcon9 日 前

    0:42 New Execution move?

  31. Jonesie Boy

    Jonesie Boy9 日 前

    Stadium buzz is wearing off now. Bring in a night mode!!

  32. Tommie Tee

    Tommie Tee10 日 前

    Going hard...

  33. ZAgamer 10

    ZAgamer 1010 日 前

    The person singing us ksi

  34. InklingExploiter

    InklingExploiter10 日 前

    In 1 month after this games release I bet, The game will be pirated

  35. Mooesha Jutliah

    Mooesha Jutliah11 日 前

    a lot

  36. Furkan Karabaş

    Furkan Karabaş11 日 前

    Please bring us Soap for season 6. Please

  37. Oscar Salas

    Oscar Salas11 日 前

    When the Season 6 coming soon dont get off my skins that I have the Battle Pass season 5

  38. Imambux Al

    Imambux Al12 日 前

    hes boring game

  39. Javier Villanueva

    Javier Villanueva12 日 前

    Call of duty is better than fortnite



    Name song ??

  41. Marco Girolami

    Marco Girolami12 日 前


  42. Guillermo Calisto

    Guillermo Calisto13 日 前

    El mejor trailer

  43. R!0T ReFuZR

    R!0T ReFuZR13 日 前

    When is the ghost holiday

  44. jeux online

    jeux online13 日 前

  45. Ideal_Laborer

    Ideal_Laborer14 日 前

    Still hyped even tho I watched this for more than 50 times

  46. lisa hesty

    lisa hesty14 日 前

    yang dislike anak ep ep yang iri

  47. Rafael Christian

    Rafael Christian14 日 前

    Call od duty season 6 is coming Nigt fall guys

  48. Smile

    Smile15 日 前

    “Guess who’s back”

  49. Khalifah Al

    Khalifah Al13 日 前


  50. Don’t Do It

    Don’t Do It15 日 前

    RIP to my storage

  51. Don’t Do It

    Don’t Do It15 日 前

    Now who’s ready to wait for the 70GB update

  52. Don’t Do It

    Don’t Do It15 日 前

    Now this is gonna take a long time to update

  53. Acul 2002

    Acul 200215 日 前

    I do appreciate all the new additions that you constantly implement in the game. It's an awesome job! But...isn't it time to add an FOV slider on console?🤔

  54. سمو الأمير

    سمو الأمير15 日 前

    is it music or gaming!!! choose one

  55. Tanja Grobler

    Tanja Grobler16 日 前

    Hi can you pls make a SA server

  56. Timarlin McFadden

    Timarlin McFadden16 日 前


  57. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith17 日 前

    " is you ready ? " Very poor English.

  58. Lil Ski Ski

    Lil Ski Ski17 日 前

    In warzone u dont tier up but on modern warfare u do

  59. Wandershardow

    Wandershardow18 日 前

    Song ?

  60. budapesteBR2012

    budapesteBR201218 日 前

    Just go in the club of the game, and see the quantity of the comments, or the review of the game, or datapackdlc1. What everyone tells Activision. And they dont do anything. Like a huge part of the players in Latin America is experiencyng this error. And in the official site of the game it says they know of these problens. But they didnt fixed yet. And is broken, Dont connect or update. In my case i cant connect by far 9 months. Yes its a digital midia, i have a fast internet plugged by cable in the xbox. tried by wifi, all my others games work fine and multuplayer. Reinstalled the COD like 200 times, did a hard reset in my xbox. And even after that , nothing changed.

  61. Arena Local Gamer

    Arena Local Gamer18 日 前


  62. Arena Local Gamer

    Arena Local Gamer18 日 前

    Callno Duty Mobile trash trash trash



    There have onliy problems with the server 30 - 08 - 2020

  64. Jenson Byse

    Jenson Byse19 日 前

    Gemini man

  65. Tommy Doe

    Tommy Doe19 日 前

    Watching it now the Ground War airport map is a complete lie, you can’t even get the the runway

  66. epykness

    epykness19 日 前

    rod wave in the heli straight blasting

  67. Victor Murillo

    Victor Murillo19 日 前

    Urzikstan warzone ?

  68. Capta1nJayv3n

    Capta1nJayv3n20 日 前

    Lerch in mw kinda looks like ruin in bo4

  69. Bapheradaemur

    Bapheradaemur20 日 前

    Lol 200+ gig. What are your thoughts?


    TEE SEVEN20 日 前

    Are you ready?

  71. QuickRevive935

    QuickRevive93520 日 前

    Add split screen

  72. Ghost S.A.S

    Ghost S.A.S21 日 前

    There’s me :)

  73. Arena Local Gamer

    Arena Local Gamer21 日 前

    Call of Duty Mobile virou jogo de corno e almejado nesta temporada.

  74. TECH

    TECH22 日 前

    Activision: know your history. Also Activision: Tianamen square never happened

  75. Chuck Boss

    Chuck Boss22 日 前

    They need to add a real RAID Like imagine a building with 10 levels and the higher you go the better gear you get. No continues. So if you make it to 6 and die the gear you got from 6 will allow you to move through 1 - 5 before it gets tough again. And the gear shows in game but doesn't effect multiplayer combat or main story. Also add a base so people can see your character while selecting battle royale multiplayer or raid. Similar to Destiny

  76. DownSoutheat l

    DownSoutheat l22 日 前

    Is there gonna be Season 6

  77. TLKthunder

    TLKthunder22 日 前

    Who noticed the song ready from Migos 👇🏻👇🏻

  78. Billy Kujo

    Billy Kujo22 日 前

    Cool, wish I could download it

  79. Mom Kicker

    Mom Kicker22 日 前

    how about fixing the hacking problem first ?

  80. MW Sensitivity

    MW Sensitivity22 日 前

    Awesome content buddy, keep it up! If anybody is bored, check out mine and tell me how I can improve or just check in and say hi!:)

  81. Shiv Bassi

    Shiv Bassi22 日 前

    Cod in Sara free pleas

  82. Moone

    Moone22 日 前

    Who would like to see a map that takes place in North America?

  83. 8-BIT

    8-BIT23 日 前

    Song Is You Ready (From "Mile 22")

  84. Brad Lindsay1975

    Brad Lindsay197523 日 前

    new update and still cant access online with ps4

  85. Bearded Elder

    Bearded Elder23 日 前

    It's important that you added several "pride" flags and virtue signal all the way. Pathetic.

  86. Pure Legend

    Pure Legend24 日 前

    Activision adds new location in warzone , i smell death in the corner

  87. Diane Gutierrez

    Diane Gutierrez24 日 前


  88. Captain Price

    Captain Price24 日 前

    Even this new season's vedio is not running smoothly on my pc

  89. LEO

    LEO24 日 前

    Cant wait for the new ghost skin 1:08 1:11

  90. LEO

    LEO9 日 前

    @Definetly G yeah your right

  91. Definetly G

    Definetly G9 日 前

    LEO feels bad man

  92. LEO

    LEO9 日 前

    @Definetly G yeah

  93. Definetly G

    Definetly G9 日 前

    Still waiting

  94. Luisa Thomás Oliveira

    Luisa Thomás Oliveira24 日 前

    faz total sentido gente

  95. Awesomeness with Charlie

    Awesomeness with Charlie24 日 前

    Just got it

  96. Arena Local Gamer

    Arena Local Gamer24 日 前

    Alguém demite o programador do Call of duty Mobile está uma bosta.

  97. Deadly Sniper

    Deadly Sniper24 日 前

    WHen will we get gilly suit ghost

  98. Kofal 45

    Kofal 4524 日 前


  99. S T

    S T25 日 前

    The skill based matchmaking is broken. I'm constantly in lobbies with people that spend more time sliding and jumping than walking, then they shoot me through a wall. and I'm terrible.

  100. Shannen Nicole Tolentino

    Shannen Nicole Tolentino25 日 前

    My harddrive after updating to season 5: i’m never gonna spatially recover from this

  101. Dalton Lynn

    Dalton Lynn25 日 前

    MC5 in Call Of Duty type

  102. BE LIKE

    BE LIKE25 日 前


  103. Murk

    Murk26 日 前

    Remove PC from cross play they cheat too much

  104. Kunal Mazumdar

    Kunal Mazumdar26 日 前

    Call of duty is not game anymore, it is life style.

  105. Phillip Kruse

    Phillip Kruse27 日 前


  106. Reverse4k

    Reverse4k27 日 前

    People fortnite trailers are insane. ME:OH HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED WARZONE

  107. Pabitra Hazra v10.0

    Pabitra Hazra v10.027 日 前

    Call of duty and call of duty mobile ♥️

  108. Mason Ortiz

    Mason Ortiz27 日 前

    I hate war zone

  109. i don't get the joke

    i don't get the joke25 日 前

    @Yussif Alanezi are you a cod fan or fortnite trash fan?

  110. Yussif Alanezi

    Yussif Alanezi25 日 前

    Reverse4k the new cod is going to destroy warzone get prepared to cry

  111. Yussif Alanezi

    Yussif Alanezi25 日 前

    Reverse4k warzone kid???

  112. Reverse4k

    Reverse4k26 日 前

    @Mason Ortiz lol fortnite kid shut up

  113. Mason Ortiz

    Mason Ortiz26 日 前

    Because it's funny