Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone - Official Season Five Trailer


  1. Craig Weathers

    Craig Weathers10 時間 前

    Take off blm and focus on anti-cheat and downloads that arent 1,000gb thats all we want frfr.

  2. TheMeletti

    TheMeletti10 時間 前

    Needs more multiplayer maps, Warzone is so dead. Needs the og maps back give us terminal and high rise

  3. ppp ppp

    ppp ppp10 時間 前


  4. Chowdz zz

    Chowdz zz10 時間 前

    Try all you want cod you will never defeat my 1TB hardrive

  5. 1k Subs 1 Vid Challenge

    1k Subs 1 Vid Challenge10 時間 前

    Let’s be real we’ve all been waiting for this

  6. 1k Subs 1 Vid Challenge

    1k Subs 1 Vid Challenge10 時間 前

    Games possibly better then bo2 can’t wait for more games cod are gonna release

  7. TNerdy

    TNerdy10 時間 前


  8. 12412303 12344

    12412303 1234410 時間 前

    Can't wait to play as mboze

  9. pvreAgx15

    pvreAgx1510 時間 前

    Me: Lets go the new season is out Also me: check updates and sees nothing

  10. Cody Lee

    Cody Lee10 時間 前


  11. Cody Lee

    Cody Lee10 時間 前

    Does the game finally work yet or you creating more content for a broken game?

  12. Will

    Will10 時間 前

    Stadium open. More places to camp

  13. OscarmoBCD

    OscarmoBCD10 時間 前

    If only people moved around like in the trailer...

  14. سلمان

    سلمان10 時間 前

    للحين يحدث ان شالله نجلدكم رايح جاي 🌚🖤

  15. monty mayhem

    monty mayhem10 時間 前

    The moment it comes out ima play dis

  16. Moskom

    Moskom10 時間 前

    الي من سلطنه يضيفني في كود 👇 Moskom

  17. naomi fazio

    naomi fazio10 時間 前

    Me encantaría poder jugar wooow que increíble va estar ahora ya quiero que sea mañana 😍🔥

  18. Freddie Lara

    Freddie Lara10 時間 前

    Nothing game changing except my ps4 is going to be even louder

  19. Brock Green

    Brock Green10 時間 前

    If you use a bruen you're absolute garbage it needs the biggest nerf in COD history

  20. iAngeL

    iAngeL10 時間 前

    COD; are you ready! Ready! Are you ready???? Hard drive; left the chat 😂🤣

  21. Zeirão Gameplays

    Zeirão Gameplays10 時間 前

    Ai sim!!

  22. Shlock

    Shlock10 時間 前

    I don’t understand why they didn’t replace downtown for a COD classic. Downtown is just a hotspot for roof top campers and is not well designed at all...

  23. Lennex Louis

    Lennex Louis11 時間 前

    I see that Midas from Fortnite left his own game to join Call of Duty.

  24. Chris B

    Chris B11 時間 前

    Goodbye stadium campers

  25. TheOnlyEn

    TheOnlyEn11 時間 前

    0:54 What operator is that?

  26. Tom Schmidt

    Tom Schmidt11 時間 前

    Thanks for 6 days Bann for Absolutly nothing(ps4)

  27. Onlygekz

    Onlygekz11 時間 前

    If this comment gets 1k likes I’ll go bald.

  28. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ11 時間 前

    0:54 Snitch9ine is a new operator

  29. MomoAlex

    MomoAlex11 時間 前

    Can’t wait for 10 hours of downloading

  30. احمد الشهري

    احمد الشهري11 時間 前

    شكل اللعبه رائعه👍🏻👌😍

  31. U L0vejay

    U L0vejay11 時間 前

    So we just going to act like one C4 open stadium

  32. sempre que você ler os comentarios eu estarei lá

    sempre que você ler os comentarios eu estarei lá11 時間 前


  33. Frederic

    Frederic11 時間 前

    Nice trailer :) Question; what is the song?

  34. Frederic

    Frederic11 時間 前

    edit, found it: Is You Ready... Whole Squad Ready! - Migos

  35. FraticsFN

    FraticsFN11 時間 前

    We all gangsta till we get the 200gb+ update

  36. Sean7

    Sean711 時間 前

    Everyone: worries about their storage Me: sitting back relaxed with that 1TB

  37. Zac Thomas

    Zac Thomas11 時間 前

    As someone goes straight to the tower to hold it out. Im excited for the rappelling rope that goes straight to the top.

  38. Who Dares wins

    Who Dares wins11 時間 前

    Activision my internet is garbage can you just give me the update now

  39. hockeyboys61

    hockeyboys6111 時間 前

    Someone help, my PlayStation is flying

  40. Itachi uchiha

    Itachi uchiha11 時間 前


  41. Ömer Öztürk

    Ömer Öztürk11 時間 前

    Give me my points back, 1600 points are got taken from my acc I dont know why!?

  42. I love billieeilish So much Bill

    I love billieeilish So much Bill11 時間 前

    Okey 1 c4 blows on roof of stadium me with 1 c4 top of stadium nothing

  43. Avir Kishan

    Avir Kishan11 時間 前

    If they taking the roof off stadium the update should be -50 gb

  44. Sharon Butler

    Sharon Butler11 時間 前

    Me:Lets check out this new statium Rest of lobby:Need company? MUMBLEJUMBLE MUMBLEJUMBLE MUMBLEJUMBLE

  45. غاااده ممم

    غاااده ممم11 時間 前

    This singer has a different voice♥️👏🏻. @azoz7245 ||@d3m_azoz

  46. Casey Buckingham

    Casey Buckingham11 時間 前

    Cant wait to smash my controller this season gonna be so cool

  47. Its EFord

    Its EFord11 時間 前

    Just had 10 games where 4 were aim bottling

  48. TedE10

    TedE1011 時間 前

    Last person to like is the coolest. - TedE10

  49. Brock Green

    Brock Green11 時間 前

    Treyach>Infinity cheaters

  50. l_samvando_l

    l_samvando_l11 時間 前

    Sa vas être chaud la saison 5

  51. Toxic Icy

    Toxic Icy11 時間 前

    what time tomorrow?

  52. Kylo Ren

    Kylo Ren11 時間 前


  53. Julez Stacho

    Julez Stacho11 時間 前

    MW2r Multiplayer !!!!!!!

  54. Promethean Knight

    Promethean Knight11 時間 前

    Can't believe all we had to do to open up the Stadium was to plant C4 using operator Roze Activision always making us buy bundles.

  55. RitSchiE1905

    RitSchiE190511 時間 前

    56gb on pc

  56. Brock Green

    Brock Green11 時間 前

    All this cool stuff we can do while getting killed by cheaters. Ive never seen an online game with this bad pf a cheater issue. Stop making games free

  57. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump11 時間 前

    Video games cause violence

  58. now And then

    now And then11 時間 前

    Me: let’s goooo PS4: I don’t think you have the facilities for that big man

  59. ELpucha

    ELpucha11 時間 前

    spas 12 : 0:31

  60. Gaming Stew-Dog

    Gaming Stew-Dog11 時間 前

    My ps4 gonna sound like the plane you jump out off during this update

  61. Jacob Ward

    Jacob Ward11 時間 前

    Dave bautista really said lemme drive the boat