Buying The 6 Strangest Things From Wish Ads


  1. Lyall Lunice C-137

    Lyall Lunice C-137ヶ月 前

    "The next item was very Phil: Useless Box" same Phil, same

  2. Korekiyo Shinguji

    Korekiyo Shinguji15 日 前

    i *AM* a useless box

  3. Amina Krupalija

    Amina Krupalija19 日 前


  4. Hayhay 3814

    Hayhay 3814ヶ月 前

    I’d sit there until the battery goes flat then I’d just find more battery’s and I’d do that on loop until there are no more batteries s the box gives up on me

  5. Moon Walker

    Moon Walkerヶ月 前

    Jared Kleinman JARED?! JARED CAN I BE EVAN

  6. Lyall Lunice C-137

    Lyall Lunice C-137ヶ月 前

    @Hi You know it ;;;)

  7. Janel Culver

    Janel Culver2 時間 前

    I I bought the Nic Cage pants Proud of me mom?

  8. altean

    altean10 時間 前

    why is no one talking about the teeth. Nightmares

  9. daisy panssino

    daisy panssino18 時間 前

    I love key want that "useless" box and high key want those Nick cage pants

  10. Marie Lune

    Marie Lune21 時間 前

    please do more of these react videos soo funny!

  11. Fiona Mousfield

    Fiona Mousfield23 時間 前

    DANS ALIVE 8:07 (im sorry i was very worried about him lol)

  12. Guang Lina

    Guang Lina日 前

    Daniel is alive?

  13. Edgy Enby

    Edgy Enby日 前

    Knew a kid in middle school who _always_ and I mean _always_ wore one of those squid hats in green. I saw his face maybe twice in the three years I knew him. I don’t remember his name either. Everyone called him Cthulhu. I’m half convinced he was a visual illusion sent by satan directly to me.

  14. Лиза Блю Герл

    Лиза Блю Герл日 前

    So cool pants. I need it!!!

  15. Kitkat 2204

    Kitkat 2204日 前

    Does anyone else remember that episode of Sam and cat where cat gets the useless box and has the same reaction as Phil

  16. wan ac

    wan ac3 日 前

    I want the incense burner...!!

  17. Lina Johnson

    Lina Johnson3 日 前

    I see Red hair.... how long have I been gone? Or have I gone back in time. Little Philly... is that you?

  18. Miles Morales

    Miles Morales3 日 前

    *phill accidentally joins the Cthulhu cult* Phil: I love squids!

  19. penguin girl

    penguin girl5 日 前


  20. Monologo de Jess

    Monologo de Jess5 日 前


  21. danielle ford

    danielle ford7 日 前

    i miss dan

  22. 00Geeky00 00Goggles00

    00Geeky00 00Goggles007 日 前

    "I'm sad that I own this." -Phil Lester, 2020

  23. 00Geeky00 00Goggles00

    00Geeky00 00Goggles007 日 前

    Dawwwww the introverts have merged. XD

  24. PS3GamingScotland

    PS3GamingScotland7 日 前

    Where's Dan gone?

  25. Pastel Black

    Pastel Black7 日 前

    Phil: *steals dan’s sweater* Nobody: Phil: iT’s bECaUse It’S cOMfY

  26. The Goddess

    The Goddess8 日 前

    Ginger roots ginger roots ginger roots ginger roots ginger roots 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  27. alt_f4 _me

    alt_f4 _me8 日 前

    *WHEEZE* **keels over**

  28. Sophie Rivett

    Sophie Rivett9 日 前

    If anyone knows where to get a useless box like the one in Fargo with the green light and the hand, please tell me!

  29. Maya Taylor (Student)

    Maya Taylor (Student)9 日 前

    He's wearing Dan's sweaterrr

  30. Emma Friend

    Emma Friend10 日 前

    wow that face mask is very... ood

  31. Alli Blair

    Alli Blair12 日 前

    aw phil you look so lovely like that i love your hair

  32. Ms 04

    Ms 0412 日 前

    Omfg Dan is alive!

  33. sad TM

    sad TM12 日 前

    my heart physically CANNOT handle the ginger hair

  34. Leanne Walsh

    Leanne Walsh13 日 前

    Omg you popped into my head and I’ve never been happier to binge anyone

  35. Kai Wildsmith

    Kai Wildsmith13 日 前

    we wont comment on the rip off of imalexx's merch then.

  36. luis miranda

    luis miranda13 日 前


  37. Marnie Roberts

    Marnie Roberts13 日 前

    Oh my gods HE IS A FUCKIN GINGER!!!!!!

  38. Julia Prada

    Julia Prada14 日 前

    You could use the TEETH to make a Kaneki from TOKYO GHOUL MASK

  39. magsimags

    magsimags14 日 前

    that octopus hat actually makes you look kinda like an ood

  40. naturegeek33

    naturegeek3314 日 前

    Anyone going to talk about how he stole the jumper from dan?

  41. Ginncide

    Ginncide15 日 前

    0:26 why... why is trapper here

  42. Spray Fection

    Spray Fection15 日 前

    Bruh y’all remember Doctor Who season 4? the Ood

  43. Ragamuffin

    Ragamuffin16 日 前

    Phil's hair suits him well

  44. Mystic Manor

    Mystic Manor16 日 前

    Lol this was funny. Please do it again. Does the incense burner still work?

  45. Angelo Maestroni

    Angelo Maestroni17 日 前


  46. Analea

    Analea14 日 前

    Lol he dyed it

  47. undergroundalcoholsi

    undergroundalcoholsi17 日 前

    fun fact the reason they post such weird ads is because people go "WTF...*click*

  48. Becca Singleton

    Becca Singleton17 日 前

    the mask/hat thing looks like zoidberg from Futurama 😳

  49. FuchsiaMac :3

    FuchsiaMac :318 日 前

    phil in dan's sweater makes me grin like an idiot without fail

  50. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

    Johnny The Homicidal Maniac18 日 前

    Dan's voice: *cameos* Me: *cries*

  51. Makelah Eng

    Makelah Eng19 日 前

    *Drops the tooth* There you going Tooth Fairy. -Phill 2019

  52. Billiejean Staggs

    Billiejean Staggs20 日 前

    Can you please find a way to lower you're shipping costs? I would love something and I always wanted to order from you're shop but its so hard because I will have to save just for the shipping.

  53. Annica wack

    Annica wack20 日 前

    Wow Phil that.. that was funny. Inkredible! Wow that’s very funny. It has big funny energy. Good job 👍

  54. Gaby V

    Gaby V20 日 前

    Where’ve you BEAN

  55. Galaxy Kit Kat

    Galaxy Kit Kat20 日 前

    the mask is chuthlu

  56. R Creesman

    R Creesman21 日 前

    No one: Phil: oh it smells very chemically in there

  57. Anna Bjorklund

    Anna Bjorklund21 日 前

    I think the teeth are for SFX makeup artists and/or serial killers

  58. Daniel Boughal

    Daniel Boughal21 日 前

    His hair looks super brown in this video!

  59. caitlin marie

    caitlin marie22 日 前

    is no one gonna tell him they’re resin teeth? not real ones?

  60. half blood princess

    half blood princess23 日 前


  61. V C

    V C23 日 前

    I work at a dental office and my boss uses the teeth to fix broken dentures. For example if a teeth broke of he picks one out that fits the best and replaces the broken one

  62. Cool Marie

    Cool Marie23 日 前

    Phil looks good with the gingeriness of his hair

  63. local gay

    local gay23 日 前

    he seemed so happy by the useless box i cried

  64. Giada Labate

    Giada Labate23 日 前

    His hair color vibechecked me and resurrected me at the same time.

  65. Constant Chaos

    Constant Chaos23 日 前

    Someone get the teeth for thursday

  66. Taylor Gros

    Taylor Gros24 日 前

    I have the mask 😂😂😂 bought it years ago. It’s hot af but I love it