Bullied: YouTuber Moretoki's Story (Motoki Maxted)


  1. The Music Shed

    The Music Shed2 時間 前

    There's a perk to this, which is you can understand an anime wether it's English or Japanese dubbed.

  2. otaku yuwin

    otaku yuwin2 日 前

    I keep seeing daphene the one whith le braces ughh she's evryeere!

  3. Abdur Rafay

    Abdur Rafay2 日 前

    This channel is making their stories too litaraly

  4. Silversinger

    Silversinger3 日 前

    Why is the chanting so catchy

  5. LIXXツ

    LIXXツ3 日 前

    Well OK Charlie Brown

  6. シᴇᴍɪɴʏᴀʜ

    シᴇᴍɪɴʏᴀʜ4 日 前

    Remember,when a girl bullies you, She has a crush crush on you. UvU

  7. Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals

    Bean / Heidi Lavender Animals4 日 前

    I'm pale but that's just because I don't tan

  8. *Lucifer Chan*

    *Lucifer Chan*5 日 前

    Woah 3 years ago

  9. musu :D

    musu :D5 日 前


  10. Phuc Dao

    Phuc Dao5 日 前

    OoooOOOoO UR Japanese? Well, I'm VEITNAM and my legs r kinda skinny

  11. Phuc Dao

    Phuc Dao5 日 前

    So UR not the only one

  12. Tara Bondad

    Tara Bondad6 日 前

    *J E R K*

  13. Firesir Forever

    Firesir Forever6 日 前


  14. Obviously Ferrets

    Obviously Ferrets6 日 前


  15. Team Fortress 2

    Team Fortress 26 日 前

    2016:evrybody in japan is normal 2020:Coronavirus

  16. Cola king Master

    Cola king Master6 日 前

    There is no everyone else,every one is different

  17. Making Friends oof

    Making Friends oof6 日 前

    What is even wrong with being call skinny like I don't get it

  18. F.B.I

    F.B.I6 日 前

    Good moral treat cops better they ain't racist only some instead of f* the police love the police

  19. mheannethony

    mheannethony6 日 前

    Shurely when they see this they will regret it

  20. Don Alejandro Pedrigal

    Don Alejandro Pedrigal6 日 前

    Karutanashiwato shino

  21. Don Alejandro Pedrigal

    Don Alejandro Pedrigal6 日 前

    Anatano namaywa desuka

  22. Gackslime S

    Gackslime S7 日 前

    Gaijin is a kind racist word that stands for half Japanese half something

  23. Sydney Baptiste

    Sydney Baptiste7 日 前


  24. Jordywag

    Jordywag7 日 前

    Watch some anime in Japan then start makin power moves 😂

  25. Peridot

    Peridot7 日 前


  26. MixItUpWithZak

    MixItUpWithZak7 日 前

    I love that this art style is in a Charlie Brown style

  27. Sweet lemmxnade

    Sweet lemmxnade8 日 前

    Doesn’t it just sound like “yase pochino gaigo gaching?”

  28. I'm dumb but

    I'm dumb but4 日 前


  29. Amy Horner

    Amy Horner9 日 前

    So why was everyone in Japan Black for some reason in this video

  30. Silver Plays

    Silver Plays9 日 前

    It’s corona time right now

  31. Boba flower

    Boba flower9 日 前

    When I’m a Asian ppl say I have the corona virus °-°

  32. Winter Chase

    Winter Chase9 日 前

    DAPHNE 2:42

  33. non chany

    non chany9 日 前

    I can really relate to this guy. He is almost same as me. People in japan get really impressed when I can talk English XD

  34. Gacha Monster

    Gacha Monster10 日 前

    I half German and live in Sweden and get called Nazi :)

  35. Ozer Heroyumi

    Ozer Heroyumi10 日 前

    so she became kind when he grown up

  36. Phoenix _ Animation

    Phoenix _ Animation11 日 前

    Why does this video kinda similar to Karate Kid? The one with Jaden Smith

  37. Tori verse

    Tori verse11 日 前

    When he gets picked on, he should just start coughing, that should do it

  38. Sasha Midorya

    Sasha Midorya12 日 前


  39. arzu pekmez

    arzu pekmez13 日 前

    I moved to a different country when I was 4

  40. TheOriganal Savannah

    TheOriganal Savannah13 日 前

    I’m also made fun of for being extremely skinny too, but guys or girls, I can kick yo ass.

  41. ▲ Quendra ▲

    ▲ Quendra ▲13 日 前

    C o r o n a v i r u s pls no hate I’m not racist ;-;

  42. Ana bakač

    Ana bakač13 日 前

    First i saw this when i was 7 and did not know english couse im croatia but 2 years later im 9 and re watched and know what your saying and i laughed when you said that you think she is a demon

  43. † тнαт вσяιηց ցιяl вαтяιѕуια †

    † тнαт вσяιηց ցιяl вαтяιѕуια †13 日 前

    2:51 *clicking sounds* _omg we totally jumped of the cliff and had to swim all the way to the shore because the dog chased us all the way to the edge-_ Im dying lmao

  44. Otter Daffy

    Otter Daffy14 日 前

    That girl had the grinch smile

  45. *•.Imoutochu.•*

    *•.Imoutochu.•*14 日 前

    You: It's very scary to move to a new place Me: no it's not I asked to move to another place XD

  46. Lonely Nuggetz

    Lonely Nuggetz14 日 前

    This bully is a firkin egg head

  47. Gray Angel *

    Gray Angel *14 日 前

    Who’s Asian I am!!

  48. Moisescra1 coool

    Moisescra1 coool15 日 前


  49. Sunset Safari plays

    Sunset Safari plays16 日 前


  50. Blue Legend

    Blue Legend16 日 前

    That Japanese song is really annoying lol

  51. Tammy Johnson

    Tammy Johnson18 日 前

    No he was NOT throun into school He was YEETED into school

  52. Silversinger

    Silversinger19 日 前

    0:49 is it me or that song is catchy

  53. Exclimission

    Exclimission20 日 前

    I heard the chant say Cat eat some pito kite caco ching

  54. Oscar Iron golem

    Oscar Iron golem21 日 前

    u remember that OG smosh SHUT UP sound? 1 like = 1 smosh shut up sound played at full volume ⬇️

  55. mister lithium

    mister lithium21 日 前

    *why does he remind me of tim from brainpop*

  56. I am anonymous however you say it Hi

    I am anonymous however you say it Hi22 日 前

    Ah. Racists. I love it.

  57. yolanda banner

    yolanda banner22 日 前

    Who knew Dora was a Japanese kid and a bully

  58. Fan girl-chan :b

    Fan girl-chan :b22 日 前

    1:02 pretty catchy tho..

  59. Med Redgacha2020

    Med Redgacha202022 日 前

    2016 white kids:makes fun of Asian people 2020 white kids:Please don’t kill me I don’t want to get a virus imsorry

  60. violet blue

    violet blue22 日 前

    I do treat everyone like how I wanna be treated but they treat me the complete opposite that's how I got depression I have a different personality just so I can have freinds it does work but I'm not me that way so I can't do anything about it 😔😟this is the first time I say this to anyone

  61. violet blue

    violet blue22 日 前

    But at least I finnaly spoke out

  62. WindowsXP Gamer

    WindowsXP Gamer23 日 前

    スキニー外国人 Happy now?

  63. Eevee Girl

    Eevee Girl23 日 前

    The song of the girl. Saund kind of good