Building The New Goonzquad Garage Part 2


  1. Mahesh Chaube

    Mahesh Chaube日 前

    Those crsi suspension plates are worth a fortune

  2. Micko Aniel Nañez

    Micko Aniel Nañez2 日 前

    Update on the new Property?


    PAKU84 ROBLOX3 日 前

    pls part 3 garage finish

  4. Rollem Swift

    Rollem Swift5 日 前

    Taking some cutting because that's a welding torch not a cutting torch. a burning torch would have cut it in seconds. cheers guy's.

  5. PJ Miller

    PJ Miller日 前

    It's a braising tip

  6. Imkrhn

    Imkrhn5 日 前

    Goonzquad drinking game - take a shot every time one of the guys does something that makes the OHSA twitch

  7. Steve Adams

    Steve Adams5 日 前

    Name the dog SALVAGE 😀

  8. Pedro Barbosa

    Pedro Barbosa6 日 前

    Guys, you rock and inspire. How decent job you are doing back there. Wish you tons of success.

  9. Eric Binney

    Eric Binney7 日 前

    I’m down for the 18 wheeler

  10. Eric Binney

    Eric Binney7 日 前

    Oxy acetylene cutting torch

  11. Eric Binney

    Eric Binney7 日 前

    Next time order a steel dump trailer the ones pulled by semi trucks

  12. Truthisstrangerthan Fiction

    Truthisstrangerthan Fiction8 日 前

    Obviously, your dog’s name should be...LEGIT. Hmm...I guess I’m about 3 weeks late....

  13. Larry Carroll

    Larry Carroll8 日 前

    Dude, you can’t cut big stuff with a brazing tip. You need a cutting head.

  14. Abram Arbizo

    Abram Arbizo8 日 前

    Hey guys a few channels you may want to check out for your power options on your new garage this guy does a lot of videos on DIY power options this one is a guide to get the best from solar and for solar panels this guy does reviews of solar panels and how they work hope this helps in your design and maybe save a buck or two on you new building

  15. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor8 日 前

    Property looks great, so happy for you guys. Looking forward to the future and what it holds💯💯👍👍💪👍😀

  16. Plastic Tauris

    Plastic Tauris8 日 前

    One mans trash is another mans treasure 11:54

  17. Collin Markkola

    Collin Markkola9 日 前

    Viper for a boy

  18. ger traba

    ger traba10 日 前


  19. Adrian Glazebrook-Lopez

    Adrian Glazebrook-Lopez10 日 前

    It’s weird how Billy has never said Simeon’s name in any video.

  20. Nathan Hillis

    Nathan Hillis12 日 前

    heck yeah, love the liger idea

  21. Eric Huff

    Eric Huff12 日 前

    DO NOT LAY ACETYLENE ON IT'S SIDE!!! THAT IS HOW YOU DIE. Also, that is a brazing tip.

  22. Eric Huff

    Eric Huff12 日 前

    I have a theory that you guys play dumb about things like the oxy-acetylene torch so people will comment and boost your videos.. If that's a thing, You're geniuses.

  23. Andrew Browner

    Andrew Browner12 日 前

    more money than brains...

  24. Ricky Henry

    Ricky Henry12 日 前

    How could you just set things on a car like that. I know it's yours and you can do what you want to, but there is no way I would be just things on a vehicle that expensive.

  25. Katiee Rhodes

    Katiee Rhodes13 日 前

    Octane or diesel for pupperz name!!!

  26. Adz Mack

    Adz Mack14 日 前

    you got a dog for views? really lmao thats saddd i was enjoying your videos until i gradually realised you lot are posers tryna grind them views

  27. Jake Randall

    Jake Randall12 日 前

    too late now...they get over 20m views a month and earn anywhere from 50-100k a month

  28. Ben Redneck

    Ben Redneck14 日 前

    Where's the other part of the video's?

  29. _.JoNnYBoi 504.z

    _.JoNnYBoi 504.z14 日 前

    Wht name is better then Butch especially for a auto shop pup

  30. Derek Peterson

    Derek Peterson14 日 前

    I'm looking for something like that lot you got there, what is that 1 acre or more?

  31. Kristic

    Kristic14 日 前

    Name it spyder

  32. Danny Bedford-Taylor

    Danny Bedford-Taylor15 日 前

    When you doing another vid ??

  33. Karen Wade

    Karen Wade15 日 前

    You Should Name Your Garage One-Stop Auto Shop

  34. specwar64

    specwar6415 日 前

    Pro tip: As a retired pipefitter,i can see right away that you need to get a cutting torch. A cutting torch would make fast work of cutting through those u-bolts.

  35. Jamie Driscoll

    Jamie Driscoll16 日 前

    Im going to guess $350. OK back to the video...

  36. ayser deleon

    ayser deleon16 日 前

    Plant tree to lessen the heat in your working area

  37. Robert Lowe

    Robert Lowe17 日 前

    17:50 Name the pup: J. Edgar Woofer. Named after the first US Director of the FBI: J. Edgar Hoover. You'll have Thomas the supervisor and J. Edgar Woofer sniffin around the property as Goonzquad's head of investigation.

  38. Ches Cabler

    Ches Cabler17 日 前

    You had a brazing tip on your torch body. When what was needed was a cutting torch head for your torch body.

  39. Plexi Glass

    Plexi Glass18 日 前

    What about calling him "Gooney"

  40. matthew gibson

    matthew gibson18 日 前

    Contact me for steel building I sell and build

  41. matthew gibson

    matthew gibson18 日 前

    We have several in the area

  42. El Plutto

    El Plutto18 日 前

    Name the pup Turbo.

  43. cartmelb1383

    cartmelb138319 日 前

    That is a brazing head for the torchs. There is a cutting head that bliws extra oxygen. It would have taken less than half the time if not more than half with the cutter head.

  44. deadsilencer11

    deadsilencer1119 日 前

    guys just so you know your now supposed to lay acetylene down sideways i can't remember why but thats what i was told in my welding days

  45. Cameron Madeiros

    Cameron Madeiros19 日 前

    Need to strap that torch down bottles can shoot three cab and kill ya

  46. Landy 5000

    Landy 500019 日 前

    on the new building y'all should have a goonzquad car museum.

  47. Stuart Moser

    Stuart Moser20 日 前

    Should have dug out that tree stump with your rented excavator. It’s easy to pop out those stumps with that machine. Maybe when you dig the footers for the new shop.

  48. Willow

    Willow20 日 前

    that torch tip is not for cutting metal, that tip is meant for brazing. Get a cutting torch for your oxy acetylene setup.

  49. Steven Pizza

    Steven Pizza21 日 前

    What is y'alls jobs like dang

  50. Jake

    Jake22 日 前

    Hello Goon Squad can you please make your building high and double floors

  51. Kapitan Suman

    Kapitan Suman22 日 前

    im a filipino a big fan of you guys, hope one day i will meet you.

  52. 박성민

    박성민22 日 前

    Hi Volvo fh tacrk

  53. Dominic Vukobratovich

    Dominic Vukobratovich22 日 前

    The name should be Goonz

  54. Ego adiuvabo te

    Ego adiuvabo te23 日 前

    you used the wrong torch buddy, thats a welding torch! and you should use the cutting torch witch consumes way more oxygen but cuts its way faster. tip for the next time :)

  55. Snap Mobile Detailing

    Snap Mobile Detailing23 日 前

    What is the goal, 100 million!!!!!!!

  56. Chris Lucero

    Chris Lucero23 日 前

    “GOONZIE” dog name 😃👍🏼

  57. leeserjon

    leeserjon24 日 前

    Just some friendly advice about Oxy-Acetylene cutting. Use the proper torch head. The torch head that you used is not used for proper torch cutting, and is used for brazing. This is why it took you so long to cut those U bolts. Love what you guys do though.

  58. pk

    pk24 日 前

    you talk too much

  59. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams25 日 前

    Who cares how much your scrap is worth? That little torch is useless. It is acetylene for the torch. Learn what you are usiing. You two ever think about having some girls around? Talk about babes in the woods! Kids with money which is cool but hey, get some dirt on ya.

  60. Oscar mike

    Oscar mike25 日 前

    name the puppy goonie

  61. XxJoelTheGodxX Gameplays Boii

    XxJoelTheGodxX Gameplays Boii25 日 前

    Name me Tyson

  62. Chad Chadwick

    Chad Chadwick26 日 前

    Im the VP at C&C Oxygen Company in Chattanooga. Whenever you need your bottles refilled for cutting or any welding supplies or gasses come to us for it on Rossville Blvd. Also, Justin at Integrity Chevrolet is my brother in law.

  63. J D

    J D26 日 前

    Lol not a plasma it’s a portable oxyfuel