Building The New Goonzquad Garage!!!


  1. francisco mayorga

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  2. Barret Smith

    Barret Smith4 日 前

    Hey boys fly me n and I’ll install all that tile at your new shop love channel and would love to help y’all save money Instagram me outlawedhooligan2133

  3. Angel Reyes

    Angel Reyes5 日 前

    That is dope! You guys deserve it always working hard!

  4. Elite Apex

    Elite Apex5 日 前

    “There’s not too many rodents here, animal howls.” Lol

  5. Edison Warbah

    Edison Warbah5 日 前

    Upgrade new videos bearing your garage...

  6. BoredAtWork2000

    BoredAtWork20006 日 前

    Do you guys have a video on how you all got started? It would be cool to hear that story.

  7. pasquale D'antuono

    pasquale D'antuono6 日 前

    shease brothers ?

  8. Jared Thibodeau

    Jared Thibodeau10 日 前

    Build suggestion: buy a wreck tractor trailer and fix it up for the trailers And by the way I love your gmc denally

  9. Alex Martinez

    Alex Martinez10 日 前

    Any updates on the new property?

  10. Sumit Grover Vlog

    Sumit Grover Vlog12 日 前

    Congratulations guys 👍

  11. Anthony Gadus

    Anthony Gadus13 日 前

    Sweatshirts need to come back guys

  12. JozzieProductions

    JozzieProductions14 日 前

    100%. You gotta have a wall with them Tiles... Like a history recondition wall, that's sick. A lil history goes forward with the new shop.

  13. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

    ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ14 日 前

    That's a ton of expensive tile. Definitely use it, and sell what you don't need.

  14. ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

    ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ14 日 前

    You guys should build a loft office space on top of the garage out of one of those aluminum tractor trailers, one that overlooks the work area below, with floor to ceiling windows facing the mountain on the other side. I know you already have the plans drawn up, but would it set you guys back that much to add something like that on to the building? :D

  15. trobery86

    trobery8615 日 前

    You guys make me laugh man. Running that excavator. Oh man you guys look like you were having a blast! Fucking awesome excited for you guys. Good luck

  16. Arlene Beiruska Hernández Ventura

    Arlene Beiruska Hernández Ventura15 日 前

    Guys what's going on with the video quality

  17. Shane Ahern

    Shane Ahern15 日 前

    Why would you burn anything you’ve got to think about the environment these days you have to recycle as much as you can remember that guys

  18. Shane Ahern

    Shane Ahern15 日 前

    You should just get rid of all the trash and the old trailers as well and start from new you could build a spare new brand-new shed for storage instead of using the old scrap trailers get rid of the lot for a start they look rusty and knackered new start new land new adventure new everything

  19. Brian Paddey

    Brian Paddey16 日 前

    Really glad I discovered this channel...these youngsters have an awesome work ethic! Well done guys.

  20. Kevin Oscarson

    Kevin Oscarson18 日 前

    To move the trailers back off the brakes at the slack adjusters, smack the drums, and drag them on the landing gear.

  21. Pinky

    Pinky18 日 前

    GMC is awesome as long as you don't take them out of the driveway.

  22. Doug Decuir

    Doug Decuir18 日 前

    its bullshit to have to pay 2 bucks a tire to get rid of tiers... when you buy the tire you have to pay the disposal fee for it at the time of purchase so the tire disposal fee is already paid for all the tires...

  23. Doug Decuir

    Doug Decuir18 日 前

    that mechanical thumb is junk compared to a hydraulic thumb... makes all the difference in the world...

  24. KarasCyborg

    KarasCyborg20 日 前

    @4:30, look for a gear dolly about $500-$800 depending on the tires. Get a pintle hook for your truck and hitch up the gear dolly/converter dolly. You can also get an electric to hydraulic box so that you can operate the brakes on the trailers from your brake controller and figure out how to cage the brakes so that they roll freely. Without air pressure the brakes automatically lock up making it hard to drag. Will be easier to move the trailers if they are unloaded. I have a Bobcat T650 skid steer and I welded up a special bucket with 1/2" mounting plate and 4" round 1/4" thick steel pipe to move an 8,000 lb empty trailer. It was about all she could move on relatively flat ground. You might try to find someone who shreds tires for playgrounds/recycled material to come out and grab the tires. Mosquito hazard. You could convert that steel trailer into a flat deck and use it to haul equipment/cars. Used semis especially the military 6x6 go for around 10k. Find someone who has one and might be able to move it for you. You could always get a big fork lift like an 8k plus telehandler to come and move the box somewhere else. Put it up on 2-3 inches of gravel and take the wheels off so you can walk into it easily. Sell the axles/wheels on craigslist or make a tow-concrete mixer out of it.

  25. BoomerGer007

    BoomerGer00721 日 前

    How old are you guys? What knowledge do you possess? Did you go to any automotive trade school or pick all of it up at an early age within the family? These and more questions will come to mind if I am satisfied with your answers.

  26. Joshep Fergerzon

    Joshep Fergerzon21 日 前

    Yeap the next big thing get in contact with discovery chanal or Richard roalins in he's show garage rehab go big or go home

  27. Philip BadAwesome

    Philip BadAwesome22 日 前

    Boys are working!

  28. joshua mccartney

    joshua mccartney22 日 前

    Lol you guys had that excavator chained down illegal as hell and all wrong. But was fun to watch.

  29. Ian Davis

    Ian Davis29 日 前

    You guy's are very talented , and skill full with those machines , Congrats on your expanding .

  30. headq100

    headq10029 日 前

    you look like a professional......i don't know what I'm doin... lol

  31. Lee Scanlon

    Lee Scanlon29 日 前

    Did you guys work a showroom into those plans!? Need a display case for that Viper!

  32. Samuel Atherton

    Samuel Athertonヶ月 前

    "that boi teeterin'..."

  33. jerry henderson

    jerry hendersonヶ月 前

    Funny , cleaning up new property video gets more likes than rebuilding Lamborghini videos .

  34. Frank Casatelli

    Frank Casatelliヶ月 前

    Are you guys brothers?

  35. Matthew Hinson

    Matthew Hinsonヶ月 前

    9:56 "You've got thumb attachments" Hey man, this is a great channel. You guys keep at it!

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  37. KevTech Exceed Your Limits

    KevTech Exceed Your Limitsヶ月 前

    They should do a small series and build a home behind the property using the theTrailer Making it into a Tiny Home.

  38. coty cundiff

    coty cundiffヶ月 前

    Next time y'all should see about renting a skid steer with grapple attachment

  39. Phil Thomas

    Phil Thomasヶ月 前

    Just a heads up when you move excavators curl the bucket and run your chain behind the bucket. And when you unload spin around put the bucket on the ground and let it slide on the ground as you come down the ramps. Figure I'd give you some tips because I move equipment for a living. But you have a cool channel here, keep it up.

  40. Anonymous 1

    Anonymous 1ヶ月 前

    Should allow me pour the concrete.. I could place a bad ass floor! Would love the start-up attention!

  41. ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindful

    ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindfulヶ月 前

    Ask your dad to move the trailers cage the brakes and move them where you want em

  42. Righteous Freedom USA 1776

    Righteous Freedom USA 1776ヶ月 前

    Goonzquad 2030: Rebuilding a wrecked WWII Era aircraft carrier

  43. Harley Kindelay

    Harley Kindelayヶ月 前

    I'd love to work with yall ! Very inspiring

  44. Kings man

    Kings manヶ月 前

    2025 rebuilding an old bucket wheel excavator🤣😂

  45. Brandon Konicki

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    Denali will pull the trailers out

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    Why would anyone want to spend that much time setting up cameras on a big scam ruse u can’t afford unless u didn’t use clickbait ......bait payed by how Long we watch scammers scavenging nice bunch of kids ....?

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    Almuch is the tires

  48. The Book Of Bus

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    Update on property?

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    Say abc if your a big fan

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    dog barks in video, dog in my bed runs to the door barking

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    show is the shop update

  52. Alex Chesser

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    Where’s all this money coming from ???

  53. Kyle Wayne

    Kyle Wayne2 ヶ月 前

    I'd work for you I have experience in automotive repair

  54. Sun Studio

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    20 min video can be done in 10 mins if they stop repeating the same thing 10 times, don't you bros get tried repeating the same thing over and over again and again, what losers they are #GOONSQUADLOSERS #FAKEGOONZQUAD

  55. Mall

    Mall2 ヶ月 前

    I still think that the rust trailer could have stayed for storage too.

  56. henrycwcw

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    Really love your content guys!

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    wasp stint NOT BITE

  58. Captain Ellfin

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    Who was in the back of your truck

  59. suvodeep

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    Make circular road through out the boundary.. it will help you to testing cars initially... Love from India

  60. Josiah70

    Josiah702 ヶ月 前

    You have enough room for a body shop mechanics shop and a paint booth ... You guys could be the leading shop in the state