Building The New Goonzquad Garage!!!


  1. Brenden Cox

    Brenden Cox6 時間 前

    I watch all your videos man. Let me work for you I don’t live near you but I can make it work. I’m 19

  2. Jaroslav Krpata

    Jaroslav Krpata2 日 前

    this guy would be perfect to build the shop for you, he is quit big on youtube

  3. Jaroslav Krpata

    Jaroslav Krpata2 日 前

  4. Slayer 137

    Slayer 1372 日 前

    Hey goonzsquad you can try to convert them to a garage just saying haha

  5. hamdi torki

    hamdi torki2 日 前

    The trees man.....

  6. Dj king jeff

    Dj king jeff3 日 前

    when next videos new goonzquad garage

  7. Danny Spears

    Danny Spears4 日 前

    So proud of you two keeping your channel clean and youth friendly. Can’t wait to see the progress.

  8. Stanley Jean

    Stanley Jean5 日 前

    Awesome site clearing work who's your architect?

  9. jude telesz

    jude telesz7 日 前

    Donatw the tires to a racetrack

  10. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz7 日 前

    I'm assuming dad paid for this as well

  11. steven sparkz

    steven sparkz6 日 前

    @Jake Randall ok I understand that once the views continue to come the more merch you sell the more money you get.. 60-00k a month I doubt i don't know how that exactly adds up.. but looks at the place.. they built a nice big garage which isn't cheap and those lifts are around 30 k each those were there before they got started how does that happen.. do you know?2 guys who said a year ago were jobless

  12. Jake Randall

    Jake Randall7 日 前

    No, the dad works a factory job in the area and lives in that house they always work at. The family just works hard and the kids happen to have built a successful JPreporter channel that draws 20 million monthly views. They also have sponsor deals and sell merchandise. If you knew anything about how JPreporter works you'd know they are making anywhere from 60-100k a month before taxes. Other smaller automotive channels have disclosed earning 20-35k on a fraction of the views these kids get.

  13. Eric Binney

    Eric Binney7 日 前

    Has Lamborghini reached out to you guys about your rebuild lol 😂

  14. Russell Stewart

    Russell Stewart8 日 前

    Can't believe they didn't shampoo the lot first.

  15. Aaron Banga

    Aaron Banga8 日 前

    Holy you guys need someone to teach you how to chain down equipment, to avoid the hefty fine.

  16. Aaron Banga

    Aaron Banga8 日 前

    The chains on the front of your skid steer should be crossed over the bucket. It’s the law in case somehow it disconnects.

  17. ISO MY USA

    ISO MY USA10 日 前

    I’ve been around from the early days..... I’m so stoked you guys are looking towards a prosperous future. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Stay safe, expect the unexpected, anticipate what’s next and protect your hard work from anyone/thing that brings harm. #GS4LIFE

  18. Pavel Sweedsky

    Pavel Sweedsky10 日 前

    Name the pup "Legit"

  19. John Diaz

    John Diaz10 日 前

    When did Copart start auctioning off wrecked real estate?

  20. Jax Welle

    Jax Welle11 日 前

    Farming Simulator 2021

  21. Julio y Thalia Monserrate

    Julio y Thalia Monserrate13 日 前

    Are u guys from tenneesse

  22. World’s Okayest Marine Grunt

    World’s Okayest Marine Grunt16 日 前

    Where are y’all from? I’ll come work with fixing cars for free lol. Love your channel. Hopefully I can fix and build my dream car one day.

  23. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith17 日 前

    got a question for the GOONZqUAD GARAGE did they have any pontoon boats were you got that nice skii boat give me the link please if you did see some. thanks love your work .

  24. FunXe5 Hehe

    FunXe5 Hehe17 日 前

    Can I design your shop?

  25. FunXe5 Hehe

    FunXe5 Hehe17 日 前

    I’ll do it for free

  26. jonathan santelli

    jonathan santelli17 日 前

    wow, last video i watched had 1.1 m

  27. John Peek

    John Peek18 日 前

    why don't you use your dads semi truck to move those trailers

  28. Jason Abrego

    Jason Abrego18 日 前

    Congratulations Guys

  29. Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit19 日 前

    You guys are wild. Definitely need practice with the mini X, but at least you didn't break anything.

  30. Landy 5000

    Landy 500019 日 前

    on the new building y'all should have a goonzquad car museum.

  31. patrick geheim

    patrick geheim20 日 前

    Freedom on the blue container must be America 😂

  32. Dan Strausbaugh

    Dan Strausbaugh21 日 前

    So are you boys friends, brothers, cousins, what you got is a special chemistry and it works ... I am impressed with you guys ...what’s your background... do a video about it for us newcomers... your skills and work ethic are of the highest caliber ... and I believe your parents should be proud...

  33. Jake Randall

    Jake Randall12 日 前

    they are brothers who graduated high school not long ago...they were not sure what they wanted to do and worked on remodeling homes and rebuilding old cars for a while...another brother works construction and declined to be a part of the channel... they improved their youtube videos and the channel took ad revenue, sponsors and merchandise profits provide them with a windfall of money every month...

  34. Cameron Weaver

    Cameron Weaver22 日 前

    When bulid it think go with 12 car garage

  35. Cameron Weaver

    Cameron Weaver22 日 前

    Interested in job .

  36. The Codycast

    The Codycast22 日 前

    Goonzquad you should get a 1978 Ford truck or an old truck

  37. TTV GalaxyGamer

    TTV GalaxyGamer23 日 前

    At first i thought you ran over the trees with the john deere

  38. Soso Mama

    Soso Mama23 日 前

    Congratulations guys! 😁

  39. Mike Parks

    Mike Parks25 日 前

    Campground & small pool

  40. green焯越

    green焯越25 日 前

    哎哟,厉害了我的哥,新车库就要来了,哥们,你们需要好好学习中文了。(* ̄︶ ̄)

  41. Preston G

    Preston G25 日 前

    Fyi when loading a Mini-X extend the arm over the trailer slowly go up and raise the arm when unloading do the same makes less chance of tipping 👌 and you can move the trailers with a bigger skid

  42. Jerry

    Jerry26 日 前

    in every vid you're talking about how hot it is. Maybe bc you Americans always drive around in these 6500 lbs dumb pick ups. lol

  43. R.G Car-Gee

    R.G Car-Gee26 日 前

    I mean you guys don't do things by half, love it!

  44. Robert Achmann

    Robert Achmann28 日 前

    All the shrubs and logs and trees they gathered up - are they not allowed a 'burn day' to just get rid of it with a controlled fire? Like get a license for a fire. Obviously no tires, but the organics?

  45. Pat B

    Pat B28 日 前

    Do you guys even have plates and insurance on that dirty max?

  46. Jude Frey

    Jude Frey29 日 前

    Might have to pay someone with a semi to move them in ther no locked up

  47. Jude Frey

    Jude Frey27 日 前

    @Marquise Thomas omg lol i forgot

  48. Marquise Thomas

    Marquise Thomas27 日 前

    Their dad has a semi

  49. Tyler Pickle

    Tyler Pickle29 日 前

    Do not haul equipment like that! That is dangerous for others on the road, you were relying on the hydraulics of that machine to stay in place. Fucking kids...

  50. David Williams

    David Williams29 日 前

    Excited for this new adventure boys

  51. Alex Dorofeyev

    Alex Dorofeyevヶ月 前

    having that tile in your shop would be nostalgic... maybe put a kitchen in there lmao

  52. ehrenburn

    ehrenburnヶ月 前

    Man I'd love to work for you guys

  53. John Quinton

    John Quintonヶ月 前

    Hey guys! I wanted to let you know I sent an email from to your on 8/11/19. It's likely stuck in your spam filter but I didn't want y'all to miss it in case you needed some architectural design assistance. Peace!

  54. Drizzyboy101

    Drizzyboy101ヶ月 前

    Use the semi truck back at ur house

  55. ultimatebeast 59

    ultimatebeast 59ヶ月 前

    Are yall brothers or just real good friends who are in buisness together

  56. Davinder Maan

    Davinder Maanヶ月 前

    Why not make a flatbed

  57. Pascal H

    Pascal Hヶ月 前

    "Now Hiring" Sheit! I thought searching for new staff 😂

  58. shad0fx

    shad0fxヶ月 前

    Ever think of using the tires for decorative flower pots? Paint them in goonzsquad colors.

  59. Doug Snider

    Doug Sniderヶ月 前


  60. Mr Scoob

    Mr Scoobヶ月 前

    Bruh I can't believe my eyes, every time I watch these guys. They just inspire me to do more and more in life.

  61. Steve O

    Steve Oヶ月 前

    "You look like a professional up there!" "I don't know what I'm doing!" YOOOOOOOO LOLOLOL!

  62. TwoDogsHumping

    TwoDogsHumpingヶ月 前

    Annoying dog again. Snatch that thing up.

  63. Noah Langrehr

    Noah Langrehrヶ月 前

    Use ur guys semi to move the trailers

  64. Tevin Johnson

    Tevin Johnsonヶ月 前

    I wanna see them rebuild a Bugatti !!!!! That will be epic !!!!

  65. robert keen

    robert keenヶ月 前

    Congress on the upgrades.

  66. robert keen

    robert keenヶ月 前

    A mulching machine would cut those tires up. Then lay it in the yard.