Building A Lamborghini Huracan In 10 Minutes


  1. Marees Waran

    Marees Waran日 前

    Good job👌👍👏

  2. Yesuah Desabayla

    Yesuah Desabayla3 日 前

    It reminds me of that game car machanic simulator but in but in real life just like your channel

  3. Ed Gasket

    Ed Gasket6 日 前

    Now I see why the insurance company totals these things. Wow. Incredible work. Someone hand me a wrench, quick!

  4. Magicbjørn

    Magicbjørn7 日 前

    If only they'd use other music... The soundtrack under this video is soooooo repetative. And they even used it multiple times back to back XD. Other than the music, the video looks nice :)

  5. Tiang Kemong

    Tiang Kemong9 日 前

    Nice jobs guys👍👍👍

  6. Debargha Roy

    Debargha Roy10 日 前

    Hey I love your work .And from India make more videos like this

  7. Naim Trafder

    Naim Trafder10 日 前

    Where is you garage bro??? I want to modify my supercar kind me tell plzz

  8. Hayden Hayden

    Hayden Hayden12 日 前

    Wish i had seen this 12 minute video before i watched out the series, but its all good, all dat good stuff is just legit, that lady must be in tears seeing this car getting a second chance.

  9. Simon Blunden

    Simon Blunden13 日 前

    I watched the entire series. Incredible to see the amount of work put into this rebuild summarized in just over 10 minutes. 👍🏻

  10. Infernal

    Infernal13 日 前


  11. John wick

    John wick13 日 前

    U can rebuild it in

  12. The Punjabi Gabru

    The Punjabi Gabru13 日 前

    This sound 🔥

  13. Brouser Brian

    Brouser Brian14 日 前

    you shold buy for us a lambo veneno

  14. Cymon Evo

    Cymon Evo15 日 前

    Hey, did you sell all of these rebuild car or just use them as your cars? Pretty sure that you guys will earn LOTS of money but those money is nothing compared with the feel when you drive your own reincarnate SUPER cars!!!

  15. Hananiah Cacayan

    Hananiah Cacayan15 日 前

    That's my dream car lambo

  16. Ms Le Vlog

    Ms Le Vlog15 日 前

    Khúc cuối chạy thử miếu luôn 0-100km

  17. Aron alb

    Aron alb16 日 前

    damn it guys good job you deserved that lambo for sure

  18. lestplayagame

    lestplayagame16 日 前

    So they own this lambo now?

  19. cyrus aquino

    cyrus aquino17 日 前

    Amazing sir, I've been watch this all 17 episodes to rebuild this lambo. Amazing

  20. Grunt 337

    Grunt 33718 日 前

    I want 2

  21. dodo dodo

    dodo dodo19 日 前

    amazing job guysss

  22. vidhan shringare

    vidhan shringare19 日 前

    where did you learn all this ?

  23. Assaad Al Assaad

    Assaad Al Assaad19 日 前

    Just Imagine they crash it again after all this work🤔

  24. K Krazy

    K Krazy20 日 前

    Awesome....something I'd like to do nice work

  25. Johnny Galolo

    Johnny Galolo21 日 前

    Wow,can i have that car?

  26. MuDdAtHiR HoSsEnBaCcUs

    MuDdAtHiR HoSsEnBaCcUs22 日 前

    No no no the video is 12min and you are telling 10 like who is agree

  27. Ray Dingo

    Ray Dingo22 日 前

    Hands down billy is seriously one of the best mechanics on JPreporter .

  28. Figgle Wiggle

    Figgle Wiggle23 日 前

    Me here trying to solve a 10 piece puzzle

  29. Charly Rockdríguez

    Charly Rockdríguez23 日 前

    What a great job, amazing!

  30. I love traps, but I'm not gay

    I love traps, but I'm not gay23 日 前

    The only deserving Lambo owner

  31. RORI RIAWAN 25

    RORI RIAWAN 2524 日 前

    That Is Lamborhini Huracan Spyder

  32. Sebi H

    Sebi H25 日 前

    Good job 😉

  33. carloko08

    carloko0825 日 前

    hahhahah im pride of you two, dammed kids, so young and so blessed with skills and patience, while another young people are in troubles with absurds, with dramas, with fear, with drugs or in fucking gangs you two teaching us lessons of hard work and dreams , congrats for you two, and congrats for your parents that make and excellent work with you two, well done ;) i suscribe, directly ;)

  34. Kavisudhan ks

    Kavisudhan ks26 日 前

    Dude pls built mustang GTR

  35. Itz_Aaron

    Itz_Aaron26 日 前

    Build or repair !?!?!

  36. YEP

    YEP26 日 前

    What a waste of time should’ve taken it to LSC

  37. Furry Wolf

    Furry Wolf27 日 前

    The huracan is my dreams car!!

  38. _ GamerZ _

    _ GamerZ _28 日 前

    3:15 from behind is one gtr

  39. toys network

    toys network29 日 前

    You : making lamborghini just 10 minutes!! Me : waiting for 100 years to buy lamborghini

  40. Miss Buddha

    Miss Buddhaヶ月 前

    Wow beautiful car! Great job on fixing it up! But wrong color Black would have been much better.

  41. C Rock

    C Rockヶ月 前


  42. hamdadou cherif mourad

    hamdadou cherif mouradヶ月 前

    I am wondering when the camera is off, do you really the ones that make this work or somebody else? I know this kind of stuff, and it's not as funny or simple as you want people to think of it, it's tuff, so I am not buying this shit, you must have the real man do the job for you boys.........

  43. sachin singh

    sachin singhヶ月 前

    You guys are the best. Just a quality channel with quality work by great guys

  44. inspironner everyday

    inspironner everydayヶ月 前

    The lady who crashed this car Are you watching!!!




  46. James

    Jamesヶ月 前

    How much money did you put into the rebuild?

  47. SeVzbudteHolomci

    SeVzbudteHolomciヶ月 前

    Really cool, but are you sure it is safety in the case of high performace car like that? (no hate, you're work is impressive, I'm holding you fingers.:)

  48. Rittichai Marapat

    Rittichai Marapatヶ月 前

    I like you

  49. just little things

    just little thingsヶ月 前

    Is this a replica??

  50. Alexis Gutierrez

    Alexis Gutierrezヶ月 前

    They should have done a black on the roof

  51. Potla 1247

    Potla 1247ヶ月 前

    Hey guys, you forgot to apply the rear logo of Lamborghini on your BEAST🔥

  52. Kicks,Cars and Things

    Kicks,Cars and Thingsヶ月 前

    so what was the total for the build??

  53. Bad Boy

    Bad Boyヶ月 前

    Sick! Trump 2020

  54. Chron0ClocK

    Chron0ClocKヶ月 前


  55. Andy Smith

    Andy Smithヶ月 前

    guys I want to congratulate you on a great rebuild loved the videos. both of you really have a passion for restoring vehicles. it just goes to show you what you can do when you put your minds to a project. keep up the excellent work and I c as not wait to see future builds and the day you a tier 1 exotic car rebuilder. Great video

  56. Roberts Complete Auto Detailing RCAD

    Roberts Complete Auto Detailing RCADヶ月 前

    How much is a lambo with a salvage title?

  57. SK Nayon

    SK Nayonヶ月 前

    How much money and time did it cost???

  58. Brad Parker

    Brad Parkerヶ月 前

    How much did it cost to buy the smashed up lambo?

  59. Waqar Ali Jamali

    Waqar Ali Jamaliヶ月 前

    Nice this is cool

  60. Affinity

    Affinityヶ月 前

    That was amazing to watch. Wish you guys all the success

  61. BenderTheOffender Bending

    BenderTheOffender Bendingヶ月 前

    your faces at 11:53 hahahahaha loved this video!!! the most remakable moments for me were the paint job and the windshield... great work !! oh and I almost forgot about Thomas when got pimped with his Ferrari scratcher and a nice condo!!!

  62. Primo Kriepa

    Primo Kriepaヶ月 前

    I would do this if I had the chance to 😃