Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect年 前

    Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP

  2. Lucas Herzevic

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  3. Grace King

    Grace Kingヶ月 前

    My cousin has actually been on one

  4. Team FOX Gaming

    Team FOX Gaming2 ヶ月 前

    us submarin

  5. Butcher Woman

    Butcher Woman2 ヶ月 前

    Ride some camels 🐪

  6. Liangbajin

    Liangbajin2 ヶ月 前

    Go to war

  7. Clive- TOH

    Clive- TOH4 時間 前

    i wonder what happened to the fish

  8. Bryan Ferguson

    Bryan Ferguson5 時間 前

    Yeet that golf ball!

  9. NJ - 06SK 784496 Bristol Road MS

    NJ - 06SK 784496 Bristol Road MS6 時間 前

    Me: wow that expensive Jeff Bezos: thats nothing

  10. Vinny Eike

    Vinny Eike8 時間 前


  11. Shencina Conway

    Shencina Conway9 時間 前


  12. daniela samaniego

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  13. HenyBett Camacho

    HenyBett Camacho10 時間 前

    The dab is dead...

  14. Drip Alexander

    Drip Alexander11 時間 前

    Wow they having a blast

  15. Huy

    Huy13 時間 前


  16. Kurt Davies

    Kurt Davies13 時間 前

    Every time he was one the jet every minute he 🤮

  17. Zeph Lukas Clua

    Zeph Lukas Clua16 時間 前

    The fish they might have been an Atlantic or Pacific bluefin tuna because idk what sea they are in

  18. NEycv Neyfv

    NEycv Neyfv20 時間 前

    The royal cooking significantly joke because sailboat inadvertently reproduce like a spectacular betty. tight, present governor

  19. Random videos

    Random videos20 時間 前

    The dab is always dead

  20. Clive- TOH

    Clive- TOH23 時間 前

    add this to ur bucket list 1. Drive a monster truck

  21. aluisious

    aluisious日 前

    You guys are super gullible if you believe that was the first time someone caught a fish off an aircraft carrier. Hundreds of thousands of people have served on carriers, and it occurred just to you to bring reels?

  22. Game Legend

    Game Legend日 前

    Wow, this is just AWESOME, the most best experience on a aircraft carrier, and why Tyler was throwing the burned patty I thought it was gonna throws the spatula by accident

  23. Alexandra Stoica

    Alexandra Stoica日 前


  24. Jagriti Setia

    Jagriti Setia日 前

    Interview with Mr beast ? How about that

  25. Legit Pairv2

    Legit Pairv2日 前

    The nimble caption congruently load because swing histopathologically measure below a royal buffer. loutish, boring meat

  26. 123duker

    123duker日 前

    *Cody after traveling 700MPH* --- "That's probably the fastest I've ever gone... as a human" 😂

  27. Curtis King

    Curtis King日 前

    1 million likes let’s get it!!!

  28. wombat_ pickle

    wombat_ pickle日 前

    *whips multi-billion-dollar ship*

  29. Shonna Manges

    Shonna Manges日 前

    1:50 f18 hornet

  30. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan Taylor日 前

    New series? Nah just a video on an aircraft carrier

  31. Srg Semmy

    Srg Semmy日 前

    Ah sh*t, I did not get to see you guys on the ship

  32. Chris Lopez

    Chris Lopez日 前

    Nimitz is the most expensive ship it is about 3 billion dollars

  33. Fakez

    Fakez日 前

    After 1 years, why is this now on everyone's recommended page?

  34. Preston Gonzalez

    Preston Gonzalez日 前

    Stop clowning you bot

  35. Batu Mutiş

    Batu Mutiş日 前

    İ wish i could

  36. Noob Slayer_321

    Noob Slayer_321日 前

    Da only bad thing in this video is the ship number is 68 and not 69:(

  37. Shivam Chauhan

    Shivam Chauhan日 前

    Dude perfect In 2040: we are gonna have tour in AREA 51 uwu😂😂😂😂

  38. Marasinghge Dulanjali

    Marasinghge Dulanjali日 前

    GILS BATES: can i build the ship

  39. pixl

    pixl日 前

    but can it hold an HULK? and where is Maverick to beat Corona!

  40. SP33DY BOIZ

    SP33DY BOIZ2 日 前

    I like the fake jet sounds on the rc plane 😂🤣🤣🤣

  41. Insert_Skin_Here

    Insert_Skin_Here2 日 前

    Did anyone see the USS Hornet?

  42. Qysej

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  43. AviationTime

    AviationTime2 日 前

    airport for the next bucket list and penguins arent in the north pole

  44. its_ 0liver

    its_ 0liver2 日 前

    "The dab is never dead" 2021 no one does it

  45. Sempre Omertà

    Sempre Omertà2 日 前

    Can we ban the “ding” sound effect from JPreporter ?

  46. Prince Psychic

    Prince Psychic2 日 前

    Dude Perfect: We got the green light from Viacom, we're going to Nickelodeon Animation Studio!

  47. Shawn Corbin

    Shawn Corbin2 日 前

    An Aircraft Carrier was my home for 4 years. This was wonderful to watch and i would have loved to have been able to fish off of the fantail. Wish i could have seen more of the ship. Thanks for sharing this video!

  48. Daglar Ugurlu

    Daglar Ugurlu2 日 前

    izlemeye gelmişiz...

  49. Nameless Price

    Nameless Price2 日 前

    Am i the only one thinking they could have sky dived from a jet back to the main land, that would have been cool.

  50. Shaye Brooks

    Shaye Brooks2 日 前

    F1 Racing Or NASCAR or Red Arrows

  51. Hannah Duerksen

    Hannah Duerksen2 日 前

    It’s been a whole year can you upload another bucket list. Please. I really like it.

  52. Ta_ Gorenjsk_man_123

    Ta_ Gorenjsk_man_1232 日 前

    Wow this Is so cool

  53. Owen Fyfe

    Owen Fyfe2 日 前

    Is no one gonna talk about how much Cody puked

  54. Jennifer Marsanis

    Jennifer Marsanis2 日 前

    That's so cool

  55. Michael Nguyen

    Michael Nguyen2 日 前

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  56. Chad Dickinson

    Chad Dickinson2 日 前

    this is why the US military is cool

  57. Akshay Sureshkumar

    Akshay Sureshkumar2 日 前

    Claim your 2022 ticket here! 👀

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    claim urr 1 year 2 months late ticket by liking the ideo

  59. XGaxes

    XGaxes3 日 前

    me:realises im not subbed me again;get ready mouse

  60. Just Chillin Out

    Just Chillin Out3 日 前

    a sports channel getting a comment by the us military, *your normal youtube channel*

  61. wan zurina nik abdul majid

    wan zurina nik abdul majid3 日 前

    Zero G

  62. Courtney Robertson

    Courtney Robertson3 日 前


  63. Shawn Backup Twitter

    Shawn Backup Twitter3 日 前

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  64. 415stone

    415stone3 日 前

    oof the number on the ship is 68 SO CLOSE

  65. Mug

    Mug3 日 前

    they should really put masks on... very dangerous and unsafe

  66. Wetsock 72

    Wetsock 723 日 前

    Take a trip to foreign countries

  67. Angelito Domingo

    Angelito Domingo3 日 前

    so many add

  68. LogPlayz

    LogPlayz3 日 前

    Uniform colors:green launcher.Yellow:Singles.Blue:Taxi.That’s all I know

  69. Central Intelligence Agency

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  70. Tommy Telgenhoff

    Tommy Telgenhoff3 日 前

    Can’t wait to see the next bucket list episode when you do it

  71. Joshuaplayzgames

    Joshuaplayzgames3 日 前

    Why no episode 2

  72. Ahmed Al Shidhani

    Ahmed Al Shidhani3 日 前

    I have watched this video a couple dozen times already and I gotta say these guys have the most wonderful job anybody wishes to have.

  73. drewas rollerd

    drewas rollerd3 日 前

    The pricey parade only wash because board universally long off a foolish bacon. unwritten, left chive

  74. Nintendo Life

    Nintendo Life3 日 前

    Rip Cody’s lunch

  75. MC_Doodles_YT

    MC_Doodles_YT3 日 前

    Garret: this is the best burger place in the middle of the pacific The kraby patty: your a disgrace

  76. zohraniqbal222 gameing

    zohraniqbal222 gameing3 日 前

    2:23 spoiled

  77. Lawson and Lynnie music

    Lawson and Lynnie music3 日 前

    My bucket list is meeting you when you come to my city

  78. Bibin thomas

    Bibin thomas3 日 前

    She: he's probably cheating on me RN😭😭 Me and my bois: 9:11....(flying a toy jet in aircraft carrier)

  79. Clarissa White

    Clarissa White3 日 前

    The prickly richard selectively shade because libra microscopically cough without a waggish lightning. far-flung, mountainous taiwan

  80. debb connolly

    debb connolly3 日 前

    i wandor how the heck they got a aircraft carrier

  81. Teakashia Stewart

    Teakashia Stewart3 日 前

    u rich

  82. flying dutchman

    flying dutchman3 日 前

    The thing that is coming from the stern is actually called the wake

  83. Sue Townsend

    Sue Townsend3 日 前

    Old lady in New Zealand is jealous 👵

  84. GhanimPlays

    GhanimPlays4 日 前

    Garret: this has gotta be the best burger restaurant in the middle of the pacific Spongebob: allow me to introduce myself



    USS NIMITZ?!?!

  86. Christopher Jacob-Cade Allen

    Christopher Jacob-Cade Allen4 日 前


  87. Mimi Vids - Strange and Unique

    Mimi Vids - Strange and Unique4 日 前

    That look like real sized aircraft

  88. Chris McMillen

    Chris McMillen4 日 前

    The landing gear was down while he was flying......lol

  89. Mightyevan Mac

    Mightyevan Mac4 日 前

    You guys should go to space

  90. Martin Bros Gaming

    Martin Bros Gaming4 日 前

    Wish I cold Do that

  91. AP Z Ø R G Z

    AP Z Ø R G Z4 日 前

    Can we PLEASE get more bucket list PLEASE

  92. Eastbay Noor

    Eastbay Noor4 日 前

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  93. Uri Greenberg

    Uri Greenberg4 日 前

    Ayy I served on the nimiz

  94. Covid 19

    Covid 194 日 前

    Yo that blue angel tho and I love f-18 sencond number 6 died 🥺

  95. Eric Örnhag

    Eric Örnhag4 日 前

    USS Luxington 😵

  96. Abdullah

    Abdullah4 日 前

    Aliens on Mars: These guys are awesome. We should invite them. Elon: On my way to mars with this team.

  97. erinç demirci

    erinç demirci4 日 前

    my dream

  98. Cherala NithinGoud

    Cherala NithinGoud4 日 前

    Here we go the best JPreporter channel ever🖤and it's....

  99. Zackery

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    More bucket list where

  100. Kevin Phan

    Kevin Phan4 日 前

    they stopped it bc of covid

  101. rased rasel

    rased rasel4 日 前

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  102. TheGentleman

    TheGentleman4 日 前

    Thank you for not only showing us this but also you helped me understand everything honestly I’m 10 and didn’t know anything about an aircraft carrier but with coby as a voiceover i understood everything

  103. Ethan Moser

    Ethan Moser4 日 前

    i have seen the blue angels

  104. Kenney

    Kenney4 日 前

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  105. Malcolm Bunting

    Malcolm Bunting4 日 前

    do more

  106. IJN Yamato

    IJN Yamato5 日 前


  107. Nebrow James

    Nebrow James5 日 前

    Do area 51 next