BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL


  1. Hatice KADO

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    Almost 1.1 million likes! :)

  3. hobaby

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    they kiiled it

  4. cypher44

    cypher44時間 前

    I've watched this performance so many times. Absolutely love it.

  5. LaurenCali Macias

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    I love seeing Jin letting go and enjoying himself. These guys are amazing performers.

  6. Carole M

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    Dang, this song is really addicting. Love, love, love it !!

  7. จารุพร สุทธิประภา

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    Bts ❤️

  8. Hưởng Đoàn

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    Giọng m.n hình như k đc khỏe lắm hay sao nhỉ.

  9. Kih Yeh Zah

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    No cantan ni Mierda y a esta basura le dicen superior a Queen o The Beatles ? Por dios que cagadas son las fans de estos chinos payasos 🤡 pintados y maquillados al extremo. Asco

  10. Kih Yeh Zah

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    🤮💩🤮 Extreme makeup

  11. Baby Kookie

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    BTS 💜 ARMY

  12. Sofronio Catanyag

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    wtf... jimin just killed me coz of his sexy and hot looks omgggg what the... i think i cant look at him omgggg ughh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. I am Sneha

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    "Let us all wear white shoes and not tell jimin" just popped this thing in my But jimin's performance was😍😍😍

  14. Skychen A.

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    This is a playlist for everyone who is interested to watch another music videos of BTS since their debut 💜

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  16. Sarika Sharma

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  17. help I can't chose a bias maybe Rapmonster

    help I can't chose a bias maybe Rapmonster2 時間 前

    Oml my aunt and grandma AND TEACHER seen this

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  19. Aušrinė Vilimaityte

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    What about it? They had been 100% live, it sounds nothing like a record and the voice was shaky during some dance parts. Not to mention random shouts and adlibs and the fact that SNL and their band confirmed that they performed live.

  20. Glaiza Barba

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    P jnn ku

  21. luan trieu

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    The singing is tops knots, too bad the equipment sucks

  22. Orchid 75

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    I think live performance is better than MV!!! amazing!!!

  23. Joeren Deanon

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    I love you bts jong kook

  24. uwu totheblackeu

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    I dont know, but i find the first few seconds of this video funny

  25. Chloe Brooke

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    Suga looks so happy I love this

  26. SY P

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    Wow this boy group from South Korea slayed it

  27. 하루만니방의침대가되고싶어

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    진짜 너무 멋있다

  28. 주연 이

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    조회수 1500만 넘은거실화냐...😂😆❤👍

  29. Babita Chhetri

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    Why jimin is giving tony montana vibes here😏....they are so fine😎

  30. good luck kwon

    good luck kwon3 時間 前

    Jimin You're my angel 😍

  31. Knoodles

    Knoodles3 時間 前

    now the real question is why are their pants legs different sizes?

  32. Jessica Santos

    Jessica Santos3 時間 前

    Me: stop at 0:50 after listening to moans imagine this choreo-- I'm pregnant ~~

  33. mariza garcia

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    Lpm otro nivel

  34. VimR Кондратюк

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  35. Janet Lamont

    Janet Lamont3 時間 前

    Saw these guys in concert in 2017 with my daughter! They are so talented and gorgeous. They also love and appreciate their fans! Always will be an ARMY mom!

  36. 정선수

    정선수3 時間 前

    snl 라이브의 전설이 되었네요. 축하~~

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  38. Zan Huawei erafone

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    오늘도 난 보지^^* 에스엔엘에서 너무 방탄을 카메라에 잘 담아줘서 너무 좋다~~~!!!! 계속 보게되^^ 목소리도 선명하게 들려서 좋아!!!! Thank you!! SNL!!💜🐰

  40. Sun Set

    Sun Set3 時間 前

    Jhope caught my eyes!!!! Man I like you moves specially that body rolling.

  41. Dana Marin

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  42. Hosea Mendoza

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    SUB to Sub If you like This Kpo Group of Bts

  43. 방탄뷔

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    Taehyung ~so charming

  44. JerivderS

    JerivderS3 時間 前

    1 : 10 .. sipoo ooooo :v

  45. Daniel Cooke

    Daniel Cooke3 時間 前

    Anyone know what shirt Jin is wearing in the performance?

  46. dung nguyễn

    dung nguyễn3 時間 前

    love bts

  47. angga bayu

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    Bencong semua asuuu

  48. sofiamd1

    sofiamd14 時間 前

    Blue hair dude is a bad singer

  49. Aušrinė Vilimaityte

    Aušrinė Vilimaityte2 時間 前

    Check singularity (a slow r&b track he performed (even if you don't like the song every bts video is an art form✌)), his voice is actually astonishing. I also had the same impression when i first became a fan, but that's just his real voice, he has a low unique tone, which actually grew on me really well.

  50. kyra zamis

    kyra zamis4 時間 前

    sayang call biy..jagan laa maen youtube jer..

  51. sofiamd1

    sofiamd14 時間 前

    What's name of the one with like light brown shirt, white shoes, brown hair

  52. Love Nochu Kookie

    Love Nochu Kookie3 時間 前

    +sofiamd1 you need to watch it

  53. sofiamd1

    sofiamd13 時間 前

    +Love Nochu Kookie thanks he's the best dancer out of all of them

  54. Love Nochu Kookie

    Love Nochu Kookie3 時間 前

    His name is J-Hope, he is rapper and lead dancer in group. He also released 'Hope World' mixtape last year, please check it 😄

  55. sofiamd1

    sofiamd14 時間 前

    What's the name of the one with pink hair

  56. Love Nochu Kookie

    Love Nochu Kookie3 時間 前

    His name is Jimin, please listen to 'Lie'- his solo song. U will love him more

  57. 채정훈

    채정훈4 時間 前

    미국 본토 snl에 kpop 아이돌이 나오다니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 국뽕에 취하고 있습니다

  58. Dinesh Sharma

    Dinesh Sharma4 時間 前

    tae tae never fails to give me GOOSEBUMPS 😁😘

  59. AmaranthMuse

    AmaranthMuse4 時間 前

    I prefer this version. The one with the girl is a bit annoying.

  60. cielo&bts army

    cielo&bts army4 時間 前

    En este canal el talento se esta desbordando .... Mil felicitaciones 😍

  61. It's Nasya

    It's Nasya4 時間 前

    Im not a new Army.. but everytime i watch them, they never fail to impress me again and again! Like it is first time i see talented artist.

  62. Betta Ds

    Betta Ds4 時間 前

    still trending#19 in Indonesia \\😝//

  63. taauffqq aimannn

    taauffqq aimannn4 時間 前

    pale buto

  64. DA LeeRu

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  65. jisoo and jiyeon in your area

    jisoo and jiyeon in your area4 時間 前

    Hát không hay

  66. Leon

    Leon4 時間 前

    All I can say is "WOW".Can't take off my eyes on the dude with a necktie

  67. pratiksha love bts

    pratiksha love bts2 時間 前

    He is the youngest member of tge group Jeon Jungkook. He is the lead vocalist , charismatic dancer and a very talented person .❤

  68. ann marie

    ann marie4 時間 前

    Did anyone noticed that the three younger ones are wearing black shoes and others are white.....

  69. Rodolfo Sanares

    Rodolfo Sanares4 時間 前

    one diretion plss come back

  70. ann marie

    ann marie4 時間 前

    Suga and j hope 0:53😁😁

  71. loy

    loy4 時間 前

    This song is addictive. They have choreographed it so well

  72. Sonali Rao

    Sonali Rao4 時間 前

    I love you bts

  73. Siti Siti

    Siti Siti4 時間 前

    Best song ever

  74. J J

    J J4 時間 前

    일주일 전이라니...ㅠ

  75. 문선영

    문선영4 時間 前

    I am a Korean. There are lots of boy groups in Korea. But BTS is special, so special.

  76. Junior PS

    Junior PS4 時間 前

    Bts , me encanta como los disfrutan en el momento de bailar y hacer duos , se sonrien y eso no se compara con otro grupo , sin duda el mejor bts 🙌🙌🤩🤩🤞🤞❤❤

  77. Maria Regiane

    Maria Regiane4 時間 前

    AMO BTS 💟💟

  78. ShineyRubi

    ShineyRubi4 時間 前

    To those new to BTS and wonder more about why they're so great, they're truly a Cinderella story. Despite there being HUGE kpop music companies in Korea, BTS came from a small production company, Bighit the verge of bankruptcy in 2007. BTS was their production company's last chance and producing a successful musical act. The Group was originally structured to be a hip hop group.RM (Blonde hair member) is the leader and was there from the beginning. His family did not support him and from what I hear, his mom tried to destroy his musician stuff so he could focus on music. Suga and Jhope were next added. Suga (Grey/lavender hair red shirt) didn't have alot of money growing up, in fact he had to chose between a bus ticket and food. Suga was always writing music and would try to sell his songs to companies just to he could make enough money to eat. Sometimes he'd get cheated out of a song. The next four member were added. Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and Taehyung. Taehyung (Blue hair) came from a family of farmers. Jimin (Pink Hair is classically trained in contemporary dance. When the group started as a hip hop group, their production company had little money for props, and even used the director's own car for a scene in an early video. And when they debut...guys they received so much hate because they didn't fit into the standard of typical boy band. From calling Jimin overweight, and RM unattractive, to other Korean rappers ridiculing the Rappers of group for "selling out" for being in a pop group, not solely rap, when BTS started evolving more into pop/hip-hop/r&b. They have alot of creative control over their own music, and write many of their own songs The also received alot of criticism because the choose to focus on topics, like mental health, depression, anxiety in their music, which was really taboo to do at the time. Th really push the barriers, and despite going against the grain, the climbed their way up to the top in spite of their circumstances. Guys I have been a fan of BTS for two years now, and I truly glad I got to know this group, they have brought to much joy to my life. (If I missed anything let me now)

  79. Alexi's

    Alexi's4 時間 前

    To be honest I love this live band version more than their live performance in Korea. 💜

  80. Mariibelle

    Mariibelle4 時間 前

    They did that ^_^.

  81. Băng Hàn Nguyễn Thiên

    Băng Hàn Nguyễn Thiên4 時間 前


  82. 너울

    너울4 時間 前

    3:32 jimin ㅠㅜ

  83. oyumo joy

    oyumo joy4 時間 前

    Great BTS!

  84. Michael Liu

    Michael Liu4 時間 前

    Jungkook's voice !! WOOOOOOOOOOOW

  85. 승횬이ᄋᄊ;;

    승횬이ᄋᄊ;;4 時間 前

    앞에 레이즈엔전뜰맨~비튀에스 할때 개깐쥥 ?

  86. Ember Brown

    Ember Brown4 時間 前


  87. JW

    JW4 時間 前

    Better than MV - This ihas real voices & a nice band, Better than Korean live performance - Too much camera movements & background noise there. This is the best version so far.

  88. TheAFdude

    TheAFdude5 時間 前

    1:09 when sing while dancing and u're out of breath

  89. fatima poma

    fatima poma5 時間 前

    jungkook adlibs is amazing 😊😊

  90. TheAFdude

    TheAFdude5 時間 前

    The blue haired guy

  91. pratiksha love bts

    pratiksha love bts2 時間 前

    He is kim taehyung . A vocalist and amazimg dancer ,a very talented guy❤

  92. noort5

    noort55 時間 前

    ياحلوكم والله

  93. fajr naser

    fajr naser5 時間 前

    At 2:49 woooooooow

  94. Lizy Moran

    Lizy Moran5 時間 前

    Cada vez que veo este video . Me hace admirarlos más. Les amo

  95. Pitchcliff

    Pitchcliff5 時間 前

    Succ my PP

  96. •Adriana Mayli•

    •Adriana Mayli•5 時間 前

    Tae 😍😍😘❤❤❤❤❤💜❤

  97. Candela Jordi

    Candela Jordi5 時間 前

    Whats the name of the guy with white shirt and mostly red tie? He sang a lot

  98. KooKoo

    KooKoo5 時間 前

    Candela Jordi Jeon Jungkook or Jungkook (stage name) or Jungkookie or simply Kookie (nick names) 😂 He is also known Golden Maknae. Maknae means the youngest one. He’s 21. He’s regarded as baby of BTS and army. Though the maknae line wearing black shoes and the hung line (older brother ones) wear sneakers here. Maknae are vocalists. Older ones except Seok Jin are rappers. More of Jungkook as a center. He has the most stable voice during jumping or dancing. He is main vocalist when Jimin is lead vocalist. Jin and V are sub vocalists.

  99. •Adriana Mayli•

    •Adriana Mayli•5 時間 前

    #39 Tendencia en Perú !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Virna Aryanita

    Virna Aryanita5 時間 前

    I like this one better than the actual MV 🙈

  101. Jimin's laugh is life altering

    Jimin's laugh is life altering5 時間 前

    I see so many comments about "how could they sing live while dancing", Folks, I've been to their concerts, this choreo is actually lightweight for them. The choreo for "FIRE", "NOT TODAY", "MIC DROP" and others are so rough, I worry about them. Check out this performance of IDOL

  102. renz Bautista

    renz Bautista5 時間 前

    I hate youuu haha sucker

  103. 김은순

    김은순5 時間 前

    안녕하세요~~^'^공연재미있습니다 🤟🛎셋트선물했습니다~저도🤟🛎셋트꾹눌러주세요💖💖💖🎁

  104. nerdy bird

    nerdy bird5 時間 前

    they have such a charismatic heart-fluttering presence on stage its INSANE and also AMAZING

  105. thelotteronmylotter

    thelotteronmylotter5 時間 前

    Jimin 😍😘😍😘😍😘

  106. 오수

    오수5 時間 前

    good live

  107. King Namjoon Is legend

    King Namjoon Is legend5 時間 前

    I still come back here to appreciate their beautiful vocals & rap💜💜

  108. nobodydoes itbetter

    nobodydoes itbetter5 時間 前

    Jungkook literally sings stably while dancing and even jumping! His live performance always satisfies me

  109. Ai NEØN

    Ai NEØN6 時間 前

    Omg jungkooks voice is killing me uwu