BTS (방탄소년단) MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 'Interlude : Shadow' Comeback Trailer


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    S💩 U💩 G💩 A 💩

  2. Eimee M.

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    Suga: I wanna be the King. Me: Aren't you, already?

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    kim PatRiz Army11 時間 前

    A song that has a great meaning from a great artist.... 😍thumbs up if agree...😘


    ARMY BTS ONE LOVE11 時間 前

    Кто Русский?

  5. Lile Endeladze

    Lile Endeladze11 時間 前

    This video in last part gets scare😍

  6. Eimee M.

    Eimee M.11 時間 前

    Me: C'mon self this is just a teaser! Also me: DO I REALLY NEED TO DIE THIS EARLY?! MIN YOONGIIII

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    8 days trending in Portugal

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    Bts ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❣👑

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    King Min Yoogi

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    Который раз пересматриваю... Жесть... Я с начала плакал, но потом мне захотелось убивать😂😂😂

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    Like rồi nhá Vân Ren Heri Chery kiki là chó áp chảo chào mào điên

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    Army depuis 2018

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    Hay 😍😍😍😍

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    Quando o yoongi expressa seus sentimentos com as músicas próprias e as partes com vocal= eu chorando

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    Kocham was sin wyjdź za mnie

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    He missed the golden chance of saying "Suga" before 2:18 get what i mean...?

  21. must protect yoongi

    must protect yoongi11 時間 前

    because this is yoongi talking

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    Kim taehyunggggg🔥💙

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    This is so deep,this really got me feeling the right way... ahhh I don’t know what to say! “Just let go”

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    *انته هنا*

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    T-armylere selam olsun BTS COME TURKEY!

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    1st Side of BTS = Shadow = Dark >< 2nd Side = Persona = Colorfull 🤔

  30. QUEEN BL¡ÑKarmy داعسه على اونياتك black

    QUEEN BL¡ÑKarmy داعسه على اونياتك black11 時間 前

    ARMY : RM PERSONA → 60M !?

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    Vocal amazing 💜 Love U SUGA

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    Здесь еть Ру Арми?((( 💜💜💜💜💜

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    It makes more and more sense each day 0_0

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    Who else came here after Black Swan (50M gogo)

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    oh my god very nice clip suga you're so sweet💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


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    Yoongi sing and rap😍😍

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    Sugaaa saranghae

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    I love you suga

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    Đz quá đi

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    Am I the only who thinks that some of the people in black are maybe some of the member's as well?

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    awesome 👍 love bts

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    100M guys before his birthday in march

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    Bts are come. Suga



    Suga : i want to be a rapstar😚 Me : i want to your wife😍

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    Я плачу)это слишком прекрасно

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    get this to 5m likes TODAY

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    My boy Suga 🔥😤

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    i liked this video when it came out and i am watching it again and my like has turned into a dislike...? what the heck

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    I love BTS

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    Yoongi In This Video: *HOT* Yoongi In Real Life: *Lil Meow Meow*

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    Yoongi king


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    Suga : I love ARMY ARMY : I love you too 🌈🌈🌈🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼

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    my love

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    Agust d is finally back y'all

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    Love you BTS

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    Hacer Ayyildiz me to🧸✨☕️

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