BTS (방탄소년단) 'Black Swan' Art Film performed by MN Dance Company


  1. ராதிகா சௌந்தரராஜன்

    ராதிகா சௌந்தரராஜன்8 分 前


  2. Kichi吉 AMV

    Kichi吉 AMV時間 前

    Cuando estoy desanimada y me quiero lanzar por la ventana por los momentos difíciles por lo que mi único consuelo lo encuentro en este video tan bellísimo :''''c me da fuerzas para continuar con mi vida

  3. Milund M.

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    #Jimin take me with you beloved. Mimi Mathieu

  4. Phạm Thảo Linh

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    Thien nga den

  5. khuang96

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    Really appreciate MN Dance Company for pouring their hearts and souls into this!! and a huge shoutout and round of applause for the production crew as well 💜💜💜

  6. 10 giờ đêm đừng ngủ

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  7. Leticia Costa

    Leticia Costa3 時間 前

    Vai ser 2050 e eu ainda não vou superar essa versão, é simplesmente sensacional

  8. Mary Beth

    Mary Beth3 時間 前

    Feels sad becoz this only have 30m views. MN dance did a great job while dancing to the song.

  9. J OV

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  10. Sheryl L

    Sheryl L3 時間 前

    Still gives me chills to date. These dance company is filled with amazing and talented people

  11. Karla Vanesa Martínez Mendoza

    Karla Vanesa Martínez Mendoza4 時間 前

    Soy la única que escucha a Jimin dise al principio cállate cállate mi niña muestrate muestrate

  12. tradeschool junkie

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  13. Kang Taehyun

    Kang Taehyun5 時間 前

    Belíssimo 😍👏💜💖

  14. Winter Bear

    Winter Bear5 時間 前

    Definitivamente esta versión de BS merece más vistas. El sonido melancólico de los violines, sus armonías, las voces de bangtan, el significado tan profundo que tiene y para completar el baile y las tomas del mv. Es una verdadera obra de arte! transmite tantas emociones que es imposible escuchar la canción y no sentirse movilizado. Amo las 2 versiones, pero esta me moviliza por completo ♡

  15. Liyana Shaharuddin

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  16. Adriano Reyes

    Adriano Reyes5 時間 前

    Que freas cansiounes

  17. ki ki

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    Si BTS es el cisne negro yo soy el patito feo kkkkkkk

  18. ki ki

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    BTS...............BTS BTS........... .........BTS

  19. nancy jarquin

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  20. Yesica Layme Soto

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    ❤ LOS AMO

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  23. Sha Hd

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    بي تي اس

  24. Sha Hd

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    جين جونغكوك

  25. Sha Hd

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    كيم تاهيونغ

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    بارك جيمين

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    جونغ هوسوك

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    مين يونغي

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    كيم سوكجين

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    كيم نامجون

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  32. Sha Hd

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    اسمعوا بيق شيت ترى حترمتكم كثير صار لي من 2014 ارمي و كل يوم أرسل بل ويفرس و بكل مكان المطلوب أعطوني كوك بليز

  33. عاشقه BTS ارمي خرموزه

    عاشقه BTS ارمي خرموزه7 時間 前

    ARMY ARAB LOVE YOU SO MUCH BTS نعشقكممممممممممممممممم أيها الملؤؤؤؤؤؤؤك السبعه اتمنى أن تروا تعليقي وتاتون إلى البلاد العربيه ARMY ARIQ يحبكممممممم جدااااااا ارميززززززززز لاززززززم نوصل لهدفنه قبل العوده اتمنه تكثرون من الستريمات مالتكم ونوصل لأكثر عدد ممكن من المشاهدات لأجل أفراح ملؤؤؤكنا السبعه فايتينغغغغغغغغغغغغغ ارميزززززز سارنغهييييييي اسفه على الاطاله

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    ارمي عرب هل انتم هنا

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    بجعة السوداء

  38. Sha Hd

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    احبك كوكي

  39. Sha Hd

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    ارمي عراقية

  40. Sha Hd

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  41. Syeda Buraira

    Syeda Buraira7 時間 前

    The tune is so poignant and melancholic. As if they are Mourning the Death of Passion.

  42. Lulu Yuns

    Lulu Yuns7 時間 前

    i though that the dancers in black suit would be his wings at the end.

  43. Cookie !!!

    Cookie !!!8 時間 前

    If you look at the lyrics of the song and the definition, it tells us about how they feel like controlled by something. The first bit of the song saying "do your thang with me now" means for who or what is controlling them to do whatever they want to do to them as if they are objects. Another part of the song says "film it now, film it now" means every part of their life is being watched. Afterwards, they say "do you hear me yeah" which is kinda like a call from them, maybe a distress call or a call for help, that people do not really pay much attention to. If you look at the choreography of the song, it seems like the man is desperate to escape and the way he doesn't wear a shirt kinda links to the lyric "film it now" due to the meaning i have given to that particular lyric.

  44. Marisol Contreras G.

    Marisol Contreras G.8 時間 前

    Who's here?? México alguien??

  45. Farh Alaa

    Farh Alaa8 時間 前

    Really all BTS's songs are very cool and I love it very much, but this song is a Little different, as if they added a little of their love to their fans, we are the ones that they always do and they represent their feelings through their songs, but this song is Very special, I felt great harmony among, as if your voices are one, There is great harmony well, Really, the song is great from all sides. I loved it very, not the first time I was surprised by the splendor of my band because it always surprises us. Really, well done, I feel proud Be Army, I will always support you as you I love you all💜

  46. kim roqia シ

    kim roqia シ9 時間 前

    Amazing 🥺🥺💗

  47. Aicha D-H

    Aicha D-H9 時間 前

    Army algeria

  48. J Sánchez

    J Sánchez9 時間 前

    obra de arte.

  49. Army Jovem Adulta

    Army Jovem Adulta10 時間 前

    Obra de arte 😍💜

  50. Lourdes Urcera

    Lourdes Urcera10 時間 前

    Happy birthday J-hope🎊🎊♥️♥️

  51. NHKhanh

    NHKhanh11 時間 前

    me after knowing Black Swan classical didn't make it into the official tracklist, download to my pc , convert to .flac and put on my phone so i can listen whenever there's no internet.

  52. Erika Miranda

    Erika Miranda11 時間 前

    Beautiful art ❣😍

  53. Otaku princess

    Otaku princess12 時間 前

    ادمنت هذه الاغنية منذ نزولها

  54. mariechen _dd

    mariechen _dd12 時間 前

    Quiero esta versión en app de música

  55. si si

    si si5 時間 前

    Yo estoy esperando en spotify 😍

  56. gabriela quiroz cortes

    gabriela quiroz cortes12 時間 前

    esto es arte

  57. juan manuel

    juan manuel12 時間 前

    [Vine por la Mia Salis ♤]

  58. Alia Shahrin

    Alia Shahrin13 時間 前

    I totally can relate to this song and art, the melody, the violin sound and all of it mixing in an incredible way, that i can feel the emotions of drowning in the ocean when youre losing hope in something, you let your inner shadow to engulf you, making you vulnerable, and in the end of the part, you can feel how its like to let go your inner self, push yourself forward, fly up and up with your shadow while living with your persona and how its meant for the shadow to stay with you and you cannot run from it and its what makes all of us so strong for not giving up till today.

  59. Ajasta Matey

    Ajasta Matey13 時間 前

    I personally love the orchestral version more because it captures the essence of the song more. The dancers are incredible this is so good I love this song💜

  60. Ajasta Matey

    Ajasta Matey13 時間 前

    Black Swan is my top 5 best bts songs already I don't know what the hell is gonna happen when the album drops. This is their biggest release yet AMI IM NOT FUCKING READY 💜

  61. Souad Abdelli

    Souad Abdelli13 時間 前

    They are so Perfect