BTS (방탄소년단) 'Black Swan' Art Film performed by MN Dance Company


  1. winter bear

    winter bear時間 前





  3. ajd

    ajd6 時間 前

    it’s just perfect. it’s been months but i’m here crying at the lyrics and vocals and thinking about how it must have felt to write and record these words.

  4. Hanna Taehyung

    Hanna Taehyung9 時間 前

    i love this so much

  5. Yeon Tannie

    Yeon Tannie10 時間 前

    bản này nghe hay dã man ý

  6. Shravya Madhyastha

    Shravya Madhyastha11 時間 前

    This is an absolute masterpiece. And I'm still mad we don't have this version on Spotify...

  7. Hai Hoang Thi

    Hai Hoang Thi17 時間 前


  8. Rosi Perez

    Rosi Perez18 時間 前

    Sigo preguntándome, porque este obra de arte no tiene muchas vista, este video aunque no estén los chicos tiene un gran mensaje y además los bailarines transmiten muy bien el mensaje que quiere dar esta hermosa canción

  9. Louder than bombs

    Louder than bombs18 時間 前

    el baile es muy significativo

  10. Beth Lehem

    Beth Lehem18 時間 前

    Esta versión tiene que usarla en los premios de fin de año, por favor. Black Swan es arte en todos los sentidos.

  11. shanluvskookies2

    shanluvskookies219 時間 前

    Listened to this masterpiece again today and my heart felt the same way as the first time I heard it. This is still one of the best things BTS has ever done, istg Black Swan deserves a Grammy

  12. chvrrose kim

    chvrrose kim21 時間 前

    I'm still thinking it was released a year ago but it was months ago and HOLY FREAKK I CAN'T BELIEVED THIS IS THE SAME ERA AS DYNAMITEEEE😱

  13. Wendie Gregory

    Wendie Gregory23 時間 前

    Still in awe of this performance.

  14. Candii Rabbit

    Candii Rabbit23 時間 前

    I will never shut up about this version of Black Swan.

  15. Lovely Army16

    Lovely Army16日 前

    Omg why this is so amazing ? , every time I watch this I feel like I want to cry

  16. ARMY BTS

    ARMY BTS日 前

    Amazing Amazing

  17. Guus Schijns

    Guus Schijns日 前

    OMG how come I JUST found out this existed...have I been living under a rock or something???????

  18. Only Army

    Only Army日 前

    Tão linda essa versão, pena que não colocaram no spotify.. :(



    no me canso de decir que Black Swan tuvo que tener la misma publicidad que Dynamite, es que es un temazo

  20. Nikonikolay Zi

    Nikonikolay Zi日 前

    Imagine BTS performing Black Swan live with a whole orchestra

  21. Wendlyn G

    Wendlyn G22 時間 前

    Nikonikolay Zi nothing is impossible with them just wait for their award show this year hope they do something grand with black swan performance

  22. Only Army

    Only Army日 前

    Meu sonho, seria perfeito demais

  23. Aline Souza Santos

    Aline Souza Santos日 前

    merecia mais

  24. Owl House

    Owl House日 前

    Wow I’m always knocked out by this exquisite version - truly artistic and breathtakingly beautiful.

  25. Victoria Harb

    Victoria Harb日 前

    The Best Music Video of 2020.

  26. Asethete 's

    Asethete 's日 前

    I always get goosebumps when i come back to this video.

  27. L. A.

    L. A.日 前

    Just wanted to appreciate the MN Dance Company - this was beautifully executed. The main dancer's arms are so long and he moves like a swan!

  28. GörkemBts Bangtan

    GörkemBts Bangtan日 前

    I am here love this song 🙇🏻‍♀️

  29. • bαdbye

    • bαdbye日 前

    aaa essa versão 😔

  30. Only Army

    Only Army日 前


  31. Morgan Mendel

    Morgan Mendel日 前

    Masterpiece ♡♡♡

  32. Sophie Lewis’ TRAVELS and Things

    Sophie Lewis’ TRAVELS and Things日 前

    this deserve at least 100M views

  33. Sophie Lewis’ TRAVELS and Things

    Sophie Lewis’ TRAVELS and Things日 前

    this is my most fave out of all the latest album and more than dynamite, deserves #1 hot 100 plus a grammy award as top song.

  34. cche16

    cche16日 前

    still pissed this version wasn't on the album... it should replace on ft s** tbh. this is a masterpiece.

  35. Lea T

    Lea T日 前

    If BTS do get invited to the grammys, besides singing Dynamite or any other song, they NEED to perform THIS VERSION of Black Swan + Jimin dancing the intro just like he did at the MMA 2019 would be epic. Locals would be astonished at his contemporary dancing and ofc at the ot7 vocals, stage presence and choreo. *BIG HIT MAKE IT HAPPEN. WE STILL THINK THAT BLACK SWAN DESERVES BETTER*

  36. jenny garcia

    jenny garcia日 前

    I love so much this version.... Bighit you did a huge mistake not including this version on spotify

  37. marisa marroquin

    marisa marroquin日 前

    Wey me trae muchos recuerdos este mv fue mi primer dia de clases y el primer dia que me desvele , por ellos iba a entrar a la escuela pensando que iba a ser el mejor año de mi vida y resulto valiendo kaka , thank u coronavirus , pinche perro



    I'm not crying . We're all crying together. A master piece 😭🥺

  39. taizhu

    taizhu日 前

    This is still my favorite MV this year. Astounding!

  40. eli m.

    eli m.日 前

    i cannot believe people don't watch this version bc the boys aren't in the mv

  41. Owl House

    Owl House日 前

    eli m. Ikr? Their loss.

  42. E S

    E S2 日 前

    it's been 9 months but i still get goosebumps while watching this

  43. Hany S

    Hany S2 日 前

    I desperately want this version of Black Swan in Spotify. I really Loved it♡

  44. Ella Mae Oco

    Ella Mae Oco2 日 前


  45. Ella Mae Oco

    Ella Mae Oco2 日 前

    this masterpiece deserves better

  46. Tejaswini

    Tejaswini2 日 前

    Grammy u see this?

  47. Asya BEDEL

    Asya BEDEL2 日 前

    What happens if bts perform this version of black swan in MMA or MAMA in this year

  48. Duck bank

    Duck bank2 日 前

    The VIOLINS 🙌

  49. Sonia

    Sonia2 日 前

    You are a queen dont worry

  50. afranza zakira

    afranza zakira2 日 前

    37.835 220920 Black Swan (spl) 15:36 Selasa Afranza Update

  51. latifa:\

    latifa:\2 日 前

    this is beautiful, especially the violin (?) at the end

  52. Helen Mary

    Helen Mary2 日 前

    I'm in love with this song.

  53. Jazz

    Jazz2 日 前

    Black Swan fue de lo mejor que le paso al 2020 solo que no todos la aprecias como debería

  54. rahayu nanda

    rahayu nanda2 日 前

    do your thang

  55. Abigail Campos

    Abigail Campos2 日 前

    Hey Big Hit plis put this version on Spotify

  56. Tatiane Sueli

    Tatiane Sueli2 日 前

    LET'S HIT 50 M !!!

  57. lirius flower

    lirius flower2 日 前


  58. hannah Kirkpatrick

    hannah Kirkpatrick2 日 前

    Okay but them performing this would be amazing

  59. Alma Toukhy

    Alma Toukhy3 日 前

    i will never get over this.

  60. Larissa Magre

    Larissa Magre3 日 前

    de longe um dos meus mv favoritos

  61. tulip flower

    tulip flower3 日 前

    This is the best thing ever released this year

  62. Toh Stefernie

    Toh Stefernie3 日 前

    Elert 🤡

  63. Esraa Ali

    Esraa Ali3 日 前

    عدد الراقصين في ال 7mv هل ده ليه علاقه بحاجة

  64. Esraa Ali

    Esraa Ali3 日 前

    عدد الراقصين في ال 7mv

  65. Daniela Botelho

    Daniela Botelho3 日 前

    Eu vejo isso aqui todos os dias porque é satisfatório. Puro talento.

  66. Lakshmi Mohan

    Lakshmi Mohan3 日 前

    Can I just say it's a sin to call BTS kpop. The faster you realize, the better

  67. Kim Army #1 on Hot 100

    Kim Army #1 on Hot 1003 日 前

    this version is really underrated..

  68. Aika240

    Aika2403 日 前

    When I first saw this I was a baby army (like less than a month old) and I didn't fully understand how unique this is in the industry or what a masterpiece it is. I'm glad I'm better educated now 😅 Edit: And by "the industry" I mean kpop or pop music in general because we know bts doesn't fit in the bounds of kpop and hasn't for a while. The genre is BTS 🙂

  69. a. soujanya

    a. soujanya3 日 前

    iam getting goosebumbs ,i mean that dance moves are just amezing..........

  70. Mari Estrada

    Mari Estrada3 日 前

    Me encanta la vibra de esta versión.

  71. Thyra 8

    Thyra 83 日 前

    Ko từ ngữ gì có thể diễn tả đc Black swan

  72. S H 9A

    S H 9A3 日 前

    Art in the form of black swan

  73. Ro Sim

    Ro Sim3 日 前

    Why make such a gesture 😩😑

  74. Rajshree Pardeshi

    Rajshree Pardeshi3 日 前

    I'm addicted to the song

  75. Caláctica

    Caláctica3 日 前

    por que este MV não é tão famoso? a dança destes dançarinos trazem tantas emoções! ;-;

  76. nahir Reinoso

    nahir Reinoso3 日 前

    Black swan versión orchestra es hermosa, es tan hermosa que hasta lloré de la emoción, estoy muy orgullosa de los chicos♡

  77. Celina Moyano

    Celina Moyano3 日 前

    Realmente este Art Film como la canción en general, merecen muchísimo más de lo que recibieron.

  78. valentina pereyra

    valentina pereyra4 日 前

    If this version is not presented at any awards ceremony by the end of the year or some festival I will be sad :(

  79. Francesca Mielke

    Francesca Mielke3 日 前

    same here

  80. hannah Kirkpatrick

    hannah Kirkpatrick4 日 前

    Petition for them to put this on the new album

  81. MissE :P

    MissE :P4 日 前

    I will never get over this version of Black Swan! I love the song but this version struck such a chord from the first moment I heard it and watched the mv. This song is a queen.

  82. daisi aguilar

    daisi aguilar4 日 前

    Simplemente me encanta esta versión..... la amooooo

  83. Houda Daaou

    Houda Daaou4 日 前

    it's the same set where a scene from teen wolf was filmed, I just realized that because I just started watching the series

  84. Fenu Time

    Fenu Time4 日 前

    This masterpiece deserves a Grammy that’s it

  85. K. R. King

    K. R. King4 日 前

    i love classic violin (i think) touch...they way it resonates

  86. Andikrasi Andiandi

    Andikrasi Andiandi4 日 前

    Yes, of course.! That's A Masterpiace. Of course it is from. BTS 💜

  87. Rishita

    Rishita4 日 前

    This is not just dance, this is an ART.

  88. linn xxi

    linn xxi4 日 前

    If BTS nominated in grammy this year, i hope they can consider this version to perform that night. Its so grammy worthy level performance

  89. linn xxi

    linn xxi4 日 前

    We should mass demand to bighit to put this version on spotify

  90. Lena p

    Lena p4 日 前


  91. ju lee

    ju lee4 日 前

    춤선 너무이뻐욤

  92. Raghad Army

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  93. Rokia Chan

    Rokia Chan4 日 前

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  94. Rokia Chan

    Rokia Chan4 日 前

    @Raghad Army تقول انو مرة كلمتها لما كانت مريم تعبانة مرة وحدة بس معرف اي مريم كلمت

  95. Raghad Army

    Raghad Army4 日 前

    Rokia Chan حنين تعرف مريم؟

  96. Rokia Chan

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    @Raghad Army شكرا احبك

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  100. Rokia Chan

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  101. Rokia Chan

    Rokia Chan4 日 前

    اقتلني الان

  102. Rokia Chan

    Rokia Chan4 日 前

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  103. Rokia Chan

    Rokia Chan4 日 前

    @Raghad Army فخمة

  104. Raghad Army

    Raghad Army4 日 前

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  105. Raghad Army

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  106. Raghad Army

    Raghad Army4 日 前

    Rokia Chan بانتا😂💙

  107. Rokia Chan

    Rokia Chan4 日 前


  108. Sparsha.R Rai

    Sparsha.R Rai4 日 前

    This still makes me cry. :( This video is a masterpiece

  109. Precious Carbonell

    Precious Carbonell4 日 前

    Put this on spotify. Please.

  110. taeized

    taeized4 日 前

    still waiting for them to put this version on spotify.. haha

  111. taeized

    taeized4 日 前

    i think about this everyday

  112. Hell O

    Hell O4 日 前

    I keep coming back to this masterpiece

  113. Chim Chimmy

    Chim Chimmy4 日 前

    It’s been 8 months but I’m still crying over the beauty of this song specifically this version. 💜 (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)💜

  114. Ana Ag

    Ana Ag4 日 前

    Son tan increíbles en serio

  115. Ana Ag

    Ana Ag4 日 前

    Esto definitivamente es una gran obra de arte.

  116. María Alejandra Moncayo Ojeda

    María Alejandra Moncayo Ojeda4 日 前

    This, here is the moment I decided to stan bts