Bruno Mars' Best Dance Breaks


  1. Luciana Portilho

    Luciana Portilho2 秒 前

    Amuuuu ♥️Bruno

  2. Rich Man

    Rich Man23 時間 前

    미국도 한국의 나가수 같은 프로그램이 나오면 1번째 브루노 댄스 같은 더욱더 높은 퀄리티의 무대가 많이 나올것같다는 생각이

  3. Michael Acosta

    Michael Acosta23 時間 前

    7:21 her almost fell on her ass😂🤣

  4. Michael Acosta

    Michael Acosta23 時間 前

    Smooth dancer

  5. Maria Lazarou

    Maria Lazarou日 前

    They are ALL awesome.

  6. Joey Diaz

    Joey Diaz日 前

    0:16 when u find out ur Chrush likes you back

  7. Random Person

    Random Person日 前

    The next Michael Jordan

  8. chuck cawthon

    chuck cawthon日 前

    Bruno Mars is the finest total package Entertainer there is- Period.

  9. SKE

    SKE2 日 前

    I just like to watch him dance. he's cool.

  10. Robin Wright

    Robin Wright2 日 前

    Please don’t watch this and pretend his dancing and sound aren’t inspired by MJJ (who was inspired my James Brown, Jackie Wilson, break dancers, etc.)... BM is extremely talented, yes. But please stop devaluing his predecessors from the 50’s-90’s. It’s disrespectful and ignorant. 😒

  11. Elisangela Mara

    Elisangela Mara2 日 前


  12. Mary J

    Mary J2 日 前

    An old soul in a modern generation.

  13. Horsepower House

    Horsepower House5 日 前

    8:12 who else had those Nikes when they first came out in the late 70's - early 80's. (And don't you be lyin' either.)

  14. Horsepower House

    Horsepower House5 日 前

    It's called James Brown - not no dang Michael Jackson (he stole from JB too). Y'all need to get it straight.

  15. Oles Mih

    Oles Mih5 日 前

    Ничего особенного, не удивило и не потрясло. Так себе шоу, слабенькое.....

  16. DAN M.

    DAN M.6 日 前

    Needs updating, but nice.

  17. Ju Kelly

    Ju Kelly7 日 前


  18. Cris M

    Cris M7 日 前


  19. Sally Merrison

    Sally Merrison7 日 前

    We need Bruno at the 2021 Super Bowl halftime. Thumbs down for J Lo and Shakira. Butler, PA Sun., Feb. 9, 2020

  20. Sandra Ramos

    Sandra Ramos8 日 前

    Bruno Needs to do the Superbowl yesssssssss wepaaaaa

  21. Vicki Hunt

    Vicki Hunt8 日 前

    So great.

  22. ta ta

    ta ta8 日 前

    Daich is better than them.

  23. Donna Guilbeaux

    Donna Guilbeaux8 日 前

    The best super bowl. Ever

  24. Donna Guilbeaux

    Donna Guilbeaux8 日 前

    You have to dance.

  25. Donna Guilbeaux

    Donna Guilbeaux8 日 前

    God I love them. Bruno is great.

  26. Donna Guilbeaux

    Donna Guilbeaux8 日 前

    I love them.

  27. ATOM YT

    ATOM YT9 日 前

    Anyone watching in 2020????

  28. ざきしま

    ざきしま9 日 前


  29. Aaron Stansberry

    Aaron Stansberry9 日 前

    Make it official,that bruno will be the permanent halftime show of the superbowl. MJ halftime show was the best ever,Bruno second...thank you!

  30. Micah Santos

    Micah Santos10 日 前

    everytime he hit the high notes its really amaziiiing 😮😮😮😮



    bruno mars is so talented he should be performing on the superbowl every year, this guy is amazing

  32. Kei Ker

    Kei Ker12 日 前

    As far as I know, The only man to survive a dance-off against Beyonce lol

  33. jkeyz -

    jkeyz -12 日 前

    Bruno is a certified Monster 💪🏾👊🏾✊🏾🔥🔥🔥

  34. Roni Lim

    Roni Lim13 日 前

    cant wait for Bruno to endorse Andrew Yang

  35. Shannon Evans

    Shannon Evans13 日 前

    The best part of Bruno Mars and his entire band is that you can tell each and every time that they have the best time performing

  36. normansyah kolopaking

    normansyah kolopaking13 日 前

    He looks like soneta group



    He can dance, sing, play instrument, they were showered by talent while me... I just know how to sleep on the couch not falling.

  38. Latonya Barnes

    Latonya Barnes14 日 前

    2:36 starts the groove Super Bowl I miss

  39. Maria Ignacio

    Maria Ignacio14 日 前

    This guy is anew Michael Jackson!!!!!! Bruno mars we love you from italy

  40. Erika Malache

    Erika Malache15 日 前

    Me gusta 🎶👍✨

  41. sophia acosta

    sophia acosta15 日 前

    Proud pinoy....

  42. Linda Tkachova

    Linda Tkachova15 日 前

    Ti sladkij!

  43. Linda Tkachova

    Linda Tkachova15 日 前

    Ti takoj sladkij

  44. Linda Tkachova

    Linda Tkachova15 日 前

    Moj ļjubimčik! Bruno! Priezžaj k gorodu u morja! Priezžaj v Latviju gorod Liepaja u Baltijskogo morja. Mi tebja hotim!

  45. Rosalie Salas

    Rosalie Salas16 日 前

    That 2016 superbowl performance was one of THE BEST!!



    Watching this in 2020 and it's still awesome!

  47. Corazon Policarpio

    Corazon Policarpio18 日 前

    Amazing dancer and can sing at the same time.They are both good!!!!!!

  48. amari cr

    amari cr19 日 前 michael jackson😘

  49. Collette Froggatt

    Collette Froggatt20 日 前

    No to shabby looking either😘

  50. robert flor

    robert flor22 日 前

    he is Fil-Am but i think he didnt even yet there in philippines..thats why he is not so close to the filipinos like Fil-Am apple de app...he is very closed to the hearts of all filipinos.

  51. Delores Busher-Miller

    Delores Busher-Miller22 日 前

    Bruno better than Beyonce

  52. Bella’s Life

    Bella’s Life22 日 前

    So we’re going to ignore when he performs “Perm”??

  53. Elaine Passos

    Elaine Passos22 日 前


  54. Cory . Love

    Cory . Love22 日 前

    Absolute Gold. This guy is so underrated. Every cell in his body is full of Raw Talent

  55. Juan Ferdinand Blardony

    Juan Ferdinand Blardony23 日 前

    This man really got swag like Jabba!

  56. Edinaldo Beserra da Silva

    Edinaldo Beserra da Silva25 日 前

    Ediblack 😎 aí que tudo amei agora cá prá nós silêncio mistério eu amo vocês meus tudo bjs 💋 fui

  57. Claudia Castro

    Claudia Castro25 日 前

    T amo bruno bailas genial

  58. Maria Espudiya

    Maria Espudiya25 日 前


  59. Dora Alaniz

    Dora Alaniz26 日 前


  60. Pusang Gala

    Pusang Gala27 日 前

    sori i unliked this, until he change his voice to a real man, feminie mars