Browns vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs


  1. Poker Joker

    Poker Joker12 時間 前

    I now wished it was the Browns vs. Bucs in the Super Bowl. At least the Browns would win the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

  2. ilikecows44

    ilikecows44日 前

    11:14 Step up and to the left, Baker. Scramble front-left; you have a lot of real estate and time for your receivers to make something happen. Mannnn we got a pick with 6 min left in the fourth. Could have orchestrated a drive to win the game and ice the clock... It still hurts.

  3. diegootter

    diegootter2 日 前

    all they needed to do was to complete their comeback. Good game chiefs. At least you did bad in the big game.

  4. Mark Kang

    Mark Kang5 時間 前

    Lol, good to see you show good sportsmanship 😂

  5. TheDevildog1991

    TheDevildog19913 日 前

    That obvious missed helmet-to-helmet call is why I don't care if the refs screwed the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. They shouldn't have even been there in the first place.

  6. Warren Triplett

    Warren Triplett4 日 前

    Let’s go browns

  7. MrSacra916King

    MrSacra916King5 日 前

    The Chief's were one touchback away from missing their 2nd SB in a row.

  8. Guts

    Guts6 日 前

    This game sucked.

  9. Jalen Gregory

    Jalen Gregory7 日 前

    Can't lie you have to get credit to the Browns keeping the game close this is a tough team to play

  10. coffee and cigarettes

    coffee and cigarettes8 日 前

    5:43 i am not a big fan of todays rules . however i've seen several angles of this play . the chiefs tackler did "spear" : that is kc tackler initiated contact with his helmet on the browns receiver(after catching and running) trying to reach out the football over the goal line. that hit i believe shook the ball lose from his hand which ended up going out of bounds in the end zone for chiefs to get the ball back on a touchback . i never heard of a touchback being called in this situation but that's maybe my lack of knowledge. but i do know the chiefs tackler did hit the browns runner with his helmet first to the browns runner's helmet . imho , according to todays rules it should have been a personal foul and the browns ball where the personal foul occurred, around the 2 yards line and first down .

  11. Greg Edwards

    Greg Edwards8 日 前

    The Browns had a shot to win this game but blew it. I think id rather have seen the browns advance and shake things up than to watch the chiefs score zero touchdowns in the superbowl. If not for that improbable scramble by Henne on third and long and the Browns may have actually won. Always next year for the dynasty...go chiefs

  12. Luis Ontiveros

    Luis Ontiveros10 日 前

    The Browns have a bright future

  13. mike ogan

    mike ogan12 日 前

    The head to head contact no call cost brown's the game

  14. Mark Kang

    Mark Kang5 時間 前

    At most it would’ve been a higher scoring game, that is saying that Patrick mahomes didn’t get hurt in that time line, if he did still get hurt then yea, browns run away with that.

  15. Jason Peters

    Jason Peters14 日 前

    Goddammit...Wish we could've completed task for Henne. Meaning winning SBLV. Henne was so clutch vs Clev. He WON that game. I think his late +20yd pass to Kelce was his most crucial play, other than 13yd scramble. Hopefully he sticks around 1 more season. Chiefs will win SB in Feb 2022

  16. Mark Kang

    Mark Kang5 時間 前

    I’m sure he will, he had some time to shine in this game, got the SB last year.

  17. Miranda Rodriguez

    Miranda Rodriguez15 日 前

    I like the Chiefs and the ravens

  18. BlaZe27RaZ

    BlaZe27RaZ16 日 前

    Browns defense is so BAD! I wish we had a better defense we probably would've won with a competent team

  19. T South

    T South12 日 前

    Still will need points

  20. BlaZe27RaZ

    BlaZe27RaZ16 日 前

    Defense not team sorry

  21. jacob rippy

    jacob rippy19 日 前

    rewatching. im a neutral party as a vikings fan. but good job to the browns. 0-16 three years ago and now a loss by 4 to the cheifs this season. browns got a lot going for them. they'll be back.

  22. Shad Plays

    Shad Plays20 日 前

    Who’s here after we got smoked by the Bucs 😭😭

  23. Joe Flores

    Joe Flores20 日 前

    Wish Cleveland won

  24. Buckeye Nuts

    Buckeye Nuts23 日 前

    Helmet to helmet on higgins,if it gets called we beat the chiefs just saying, dawg pound nation!!!!!

  25. Pablo Jaramillo

    Pablo Jaramillo24 日 前

    5:45 it still hurts:((

  26. Max Kanaloš

    Max Kanaloš26 日 前

    Wouuu I'm love Super Bowl

  27. Burnt Poet

    Burnt Poet26 日 前

    How do you miss including the key play where Mahomes is injured and replaced by Henne???

  28. Rob Courtnall

    Rob Courtnall27 日 前

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No surprise! Then I told him, somehow, some way, the Browns would get F**KED out of a scoring play! A blatant, now calling, "launching", meaning, firing yourself head first, using your helmet as a weapon, causing a fumble, it goes into the end zone, resulting in a touchback and no officials saw that, when millions, if not billions saw the play? You have to be F**KING kidding me? It used to be called, "spearing". Worse! This was forgotten, but the Vikings, won a challenge, against the browns, challenging a reception, clearly caught, but offensive interference was seen and it was over turned? What? NFL teams have suggested 7 rule changes in May, , to penalty booth reviews, by review, in booth officials, but, there is a provision, that if a player was deemed, defenceless, causing a turnover, that turnover could be overturned. It is an option now, but will become mandatory, but it had to have been seen and ignored! ** What is extra F'D up! 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  29. PSG Productions

    PSG Productions27 日 前

    Im sooo much more confident in the bucs this sunday! Lets go Tom, lead on.

  30. crow wing

    crow wing27 日 前

    Everybody knows team State Farm. We got...

  31. mrprojoe1

    mrprojoe129 日 前

    when Andy did that play action to Hill that was F*CKING amazing and made me sit on the edge of my seat

  32. Liam Patterson

    Liam Patterson29 日 前


  33. Chris Volkert

    Chris Volkertヶ月 前

    Yes nothing to be ashamed of good season and had chiefs in that. Game!! It was browns defense and taking there time outs in 4th quarter where they couldn't stop clock. Good season though!! Let's go to Superbowl next year!!

  34. The Camera eye

    The Camera eyeヶ月 前

    It almost seemed as though the NFL didn't want the Browns in the Superbowl. I guess the matchup between Brady and Mahomes was irresistible.

  35. ryanexsus

    ryanexsusヶ月 前

    The rematch of the insane Oklahoma vs Texas Tech game where both teams had 834 yards.

  36. Collin Fox

    Collin Foxヶ月 前

    Call me crazy but 5:45 was a touchdown. Browns should've won

  37. []

    []ヶ月 前

    Mahomes: I beat the madden cover curse. Also Mahomes: gets a concussion.

  38. Simply Capricorn

    Simply Capricornヶ月 前

    I don’t really believe in curses. I’m a basketball fan and people are saying there is a cover curse for 2k, well that didn’t happen because Anthony Davis won the finals.

  39. keyon bastani

    keyon bastaniヶ月 前

    Browns got robbed

  40. Joey Lafko

    Joey Lafkoヶ月 前

    browns vs refs

  41. Imagine Baggins

    Imagine Bagginsヶ月 前

    I’m still disappointed by how little people talked about that save by Sorenson. That was the most clutch play of the entire game, we likely would have lost if he hadn’t caused the Touchback

  42. Dustman319

    Dustman319ヶ月 前

    They are talking about, but they think Sorensen should have been called for a helmet to helmet hit on that play.

  43. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiヶ月 前

    Damn, I’m not even a browns fan but that one hurt 😖

  44. Cheryl Roberts

    Cheryl Robertsヶ月 前

    I would not say the fumble was the difference I would say the kicker for the. chiefs missing field goals and mahomes getting hurt

  45. Silent Reviews

    Silent Reviewsヶ月 前


  46. Hakeem Sd70M

    Hakeem Sd70Mヶ月 前

    Just like the Packers

  47. M Bick1mon

    M Bick1monヶ月 前

    They should have shown the blown no call for targeting that caused the fumble at the goal line. Major game changing highlight. They didn't miss the call in the Saint's Bucs game though.

  48. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiヶ月 前

    How did they not show Mahomes getting hurt?

  49. Calvin Hell

    Calvin Hellヶ月 前

    everyone talking about how "painful" this game was for browns fans yet this is the most wins this team has had in a season for literally my entire life

  50. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyヶ月 前

    “Did you do it?” “Yes” “What did it cost?” “Everything”

  51. Ritchie Vernon

    Ritchie Vernonヶ月 前

    Cleveland team won't take a back seat to anyone! I hope they get the chiefs in a revenge game in 2021 and make a statement out of it! That guy for Kansas City who did the helmet to helmet at the one yard line should have been tossed out of the game! And Baker Mayfield is as good as any quarterback today he's got the right stuff in the right team to do it with if Beckham comes back that will be a plus!

  52. Ritchie Vernon

    Ritchie Vernonヶ月 前

    I can't stand Aaron Rodgers with a passion so I'm glad he's not in it this year! I liked his discount double check commercials and that was it! Everything else to me it's boring to watch him! now it's Brady against Mahomes! This could be a close game or a blowout game in Kansas city's favor!

  53. Ritchie Vernon

    Ritchie Vernonヶ月 前

    That's the whole point it shouldn't have been a touchback it should have been Cleveland's ball first and ten at the one yard line after the helmet to helmet and the player who did it should have been tossed out of the game and fined! Referees need to be investigated on that to see if they were paid off or not? I'm serious man that was about its crooked a play as you can get against Cleveland their next play they probably would have drove it into the end zone at the end of the day we would have been talking about the Cleveland browns upsetting the Kansas City chiefs!

  54. Ritchie Vernon

    Ritchie Vernonヶ月 前

    I hope Cleveland has a revenge game in mind in 2021 with Kansas City as its Target!


    BOSS NASS29 日 前

    If Cleveland only gets two quarters of Mahomes again they might have a chance

  56. BJK

    BJKヶ月 前

    The AFC West plays AFC North in 2021. My prediction...KC wins all 4 games. ;-)

  57. Ritchie Vernon

    Ritchie Vernonヶ月 前

    The browns were robbed of this game when the idiot officials you know the ones they called referees, totally missed a helmet to helmet on the one yard line where Cleveland should have had a first down and then they would have drove into the end zone and scored! What did the idiot ref do? When the ball got loose from helmet to helmet hit he said it's now Kansas city's ball first and 10 at their 25! This one play needs to be investigated and these reps really need to get a clue how to ref the game!

  58. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyヶ月 前

    He didn’t get the first down his knee was down before than

  59. J Jeezy

    J Jeezyヶ月 前

    If only Baker could catch his own passes, they would of won. He carried this team, never once throwing a INT or a wild pass all season, such a shame this team is holding him back. Greatest QB in the league and possibly ever born, look at his stats. The browns have nothing to be ashamed of either, they proved everyone wrong and should be happy about that. Even though theyve been saying for the past 3 seasons that they’re going to the super bowl , it doesn’t matter. They won a play-off game, that’s all that matters and almost beat the Mahomes, it doesn’t matter that he went out either cause the Mahomes was still on the sideline. They also made the playoffs, who cares that they extended the play offs this year to more teams for more money, all that matters is BAKER carried them there. It’s a true underdog story, where a team goes out and gets a bunch of Pro-bowlers, finally make the playoffs, and doesn’t win the super bowl But it doesn’t matter cause they proved everyone wrong...even though you’re not sure what they proved everyone wrong about...BUT it isn’t important because in the sequels they can keep selling the same idea so Browns fans can convince themselves that Baker is their Messiah and he will win them a Ring. What a beautiful story

  60. Christopher Hamilton

    Christopher Hamiltonヶ月 前

    Why do the Browns act like they held their own against the Chiefs. Had it not been for a horse-collar take down of Mahomes, the game would have been a slaughter.

  61. Ramy Bt

    Ramy Btヶ月 前

    what about that damn call on helmet to helmet that wasn't called, don't you think if it was called they would have scored that Td AND therefor chiefs do not score the field goal and then they have the ball in the second half ?????

  62. zzheyuh00

    zzheyuh00ヶ月 前

    Whats the matter? targeting 100% didnt call it ! thats bullshit! whats the matter someone going loose some money yeah! Sure the hell called Targeting in the Tampa Bay vs Green bay almost exact play and yeah called TARGETING!

  63. Aj Green

    Aj Greenヶ月 前

    5:48 that’s tough moments

  64. Sam Dilworth

    Sam Dilworthヶ月 前

    I didnt see a replay but that fumble in the endzone for a touchback was dam close to being a touchdown. The ball didn't break the plane while he had possession?

  65. DammitHopek

    DammitHopekヶ月 前

    I’m back after the refs called unnecessary roughness during the TB-GB game. I find it interesting that they very conveniently don’t show the replay of what should’ve been “unnecessary roughness” on the defender who speared Rashard Higgins & caused the touchback just before the half. The hits were almost the same. Isn’t interesting how they don’t call it fairly for the Browns but are more than happy to be the advocates of player safety for other teams? My point ISN’T “That’s why the Browns lost”, no, they lost because they didn’t play well enough (drops, penalties, & not stopping Chad Henne on 4th & long).

  66. Dustman319

    Dustman319ヶ月 前

    You mean not stopping Henne on 3rd & 14 and then on 4th and inches.

  67. doliio volay

    doliio volayヶ月 前

    Pittsburgh was actually our superbowl ;)

  68. John Powell

    John Powellヶ月 前

    So why are the chiefs still the chiefs but the Redskins had their name stripped away!???

  69. John Powell

    John Powellヶ月 前

    @Dustman319 actually that's not true. The cleveland Indians are also getting rid of the name Indians. I'm part american indian.

  70. Dustman319

    Dustman319ヶ月 前

    The answer is in the name Redskins.

  71. RexJacobus

    RexJacobusヶ月 前

    Screw JPreporter and the algorithm it rode in on. I live overseas and sign in to watch the highlights before I know the score. This time JPreporter decided that I should know the score beforehand.

  72. Kirin Greene

    Kirin Greeneヶ月 前

    How did they not show Mahomes getting hurt?

  73. deadpool

    deadpoolヶ月 前

    Just imagine if Cleveland would have upset Kansas City

  74. Kevin Hitzemann

    Kevin Hitzemannヶ月 前

    Do you want to be food by the immortals?

  75. doliio volay

    doliio volayヶ月 前

    Good job 👌👍

  76. Issac Cho

    Issac Choヶ月 前

    Claypool almost had a heart attack watching this 😂😂

  77. pida siouy

    pida siouyヶ月 前

    5:47 cost them the game

  78. Q•D Mafia

    Q•D Mafiaヶ月 前

    He didn’t get the first down his knee was down before than

  79. Frederick Johnson

    Frederick Johnsonヶ月 前


  80. Andy toronto

    Andy torontoヶ月 前

    bout Patrick.. T@Andy2toronto

  81. E P

    E Pヶ月 前

    no helmet to helmet call when he clearly lowered his head lol, chiefs always get a break even tho they dont deserve it

  82. pida siouy

    pida siouyヶ月 前

    You’re on trending! Yay!

  83. Two Seasons

    Two Seasonsヶ月 前

    Henne was doing his best Mahomes impression. That diving run for the 1st took guts, chance of an injury and still he went for it. Wooo! Nice finish!

  84. Mr Calvooo

    Mr Calvoooヶ月 前

  85. Manuel Polster

    Manuel Polsterヶ月 前

    Why do you not Play the 4th Attempt at 4 minutes of playing Time ans Punt the Ball, Why do you Stop the 4th Attempt ny the Chief thats Not bring the Victory. You Cold habe Won the Game by Playing the 4th Attempt in 4 minutes and Running down Field and Scoring a Touchdown

  86. Ramy Bt

    Ramy Btヶ月 前

    there is no reason to think that your defense won't be able to stop chad henne damn it and the ball was in their territory with 9 yards for the 1D and the chiefs defense was pressuring

  87. The Camera eye

    The Camera eyeヶ月 前

    I don't understand why the touchback wasn't a touchdown.

  88. Brian LaRoche

    Brian LaRocheヶ月 前

    I cant stand how the shity oficials favor the chiefs a rip off the Browns are better, the overrated cheifs loose next round

  89. GWS

    GWSヶ月 前

    Browns played well especially at the end. Browns play with heart but Chiefs right now are just a better more complete team.

  90. Dethmeister

    Dethmeisterヶ月 前

    3:42 Did they not show the play where the holding happened? On the play they showed just before that, 73 didn't hold anybody.

  91. Hulk Butter

    Hulk Butterヶ月 前

    Did they edit out the Mahomes injury?

  92. Marquel Davis

    Marquel Davisヶ月 前

    How did they not call the helmet to helmet

  93. Jora Music

    Jora Musicヶ月 前

    Everyone hyping this Henne guy when he lost a full game to the chargers and beat the browns by playing like a quarter or 2.

  94. Jora Music

    Jora Musicヶ月 前

    @Tyler Preston the guy he passed to was wideeee

  95. Tyler Preston

    Tyler Prestonヶ月 前

    That full game against the Chargers gave Henne some reps and was a meaningless game for the Chiefs. Henne's 3-14 run and dive, which would be incredibly risky for a starting QB to do put them in perfect position. Henne coming in clutch on the 4th and inches play secured the game for the Chiefs. No one is hyping him up like he's starting QB material, he just did his job when it mattered most.

  96. Jonathan Israel

    Jonathan Israelヶ月 前

    BAD DECISION! I decided to watch a Brown's game after tuning out for many years. Growing up in Cleveland as a Brown's fan took its toll but a playoff game with the Chief's seemed harmless enough to take a peak at my old hometown team. But when I saw the NFL allow a helmet spear take away a TD from the Browns, it all came flooding back as to how the NFL broke me. Their hard line officiating against a poor market like Cleveland is bad enough, but their easy going officiating against Brown's opponents all came rushing back tougher than Jim Brown TD run. I'm done with NFL 'games'.

  97. PrincessFlora42

    PrincessFlora42ヶ月 前

    *Sigh* Coming back to this game, I realize something: A questionable ref call and a missed call screwed the Browns over in this game. Any NFL Fan would probably remember what happened during the 2019 NFC Championship game.

  98. Natalie Sgro

    Natalie Sgroヶ月 前

    I’m a browns fan but I’m proud they got far this year😌🙂



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  100. king dre

    king dreヶ月 前

    Dh rye4 era s GT tree ree

  101. Ivalina Passe

    Ivalina Passeヶ月 前

    Hope the Browns Get Some Rings!!!! Especially Odell Beckham Jr. HE WORKED SI HARD AND GOT HURT AGAIN !!!! REALLY GOOD TEAM!!!

  102. wrxsubaru02

    wrxsubaru02ヶ月 前

    Helen Keller

  103. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前

    Helen Keller

  104. Dax_Megathor

    Dax_Megathorヶ月 前

    so the star player getting injured out doesn’t even make the game highlights? who ever put this together didn’t think that was important? what a joke

  105. Dax_Megathor

    Dax_Megathorヶ月 前

    @Josue Huerta i get that they don’t wanna glamorize the injuries but, aside from the outcome, that was the most important event of the game.

  106. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前

    @Dax_Megathor oh yeah you right

  107. Dax_Megathor

    Dax_Megathorヶ月 前

    @Josue Huerta mahomes

  108. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前

    Who was the star player?

  109. Ike James

    Ike Jamesヶ月 前

    I respect every browns fan who stayed loyal since day 1. Y'all have a hell of a football team and good years to come.

  110. Richard Edwards

    Richard Edwardsヶ月 前

    I don't think possession should change on fumble out of the end zone, should go to who last possessed it and mark ball where he fumbled it. chiefs never recovered ball why let them have it

  111. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前

    Because the ball went out in the end zone you can’t mark the ball there hence it’s a touchback and the ball changes possession

  112. Ashley Chavez

    Ashley Chavezヶ月 前

    The browns lost I cannot believe it

  113. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniヶ月 前


  114. Cuckmaster Flex

    Cuckmaster Flexヶ月 前

    Referees won this one.

  115. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前

    @Cuckmaster Flex damn someone’s salty

  116. Cuckmaster Flex

    Cuckmaster Flexヶ月 前

    @Josue Huerta K ansas City Cheats

  117. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前


  118. Quinn Ellis

    Quinn Ellisヶ月 前

    I swear I heard Mahomes say hellen Keller

  119. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huertaヶ月 前

    Im pretty sure he did

  120. Anonymous User

    Anonymous Userヶ月 前

    Browns future: A. They have a losing season again and go back to irrelevance B. They are in for years of heartbreak and playoff futility

  121. Anonymous User

    Anonymous Userヶ月 前

    @bilinas mini nope

  122. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniヶ月 前

    Seriously may be my favorite ever.

  123. Hobs

    Hobsヶ月 前

    Did Baker change his QB cadence halfway through the first quarter?

  124. Twickzys

    Twickzysヶ月 前

    as a chiefs fan I gotta give it to the browns they played really good

  125. MrTitanSword

    MrTitanSwordヶ月 前

    Crazy to see the Browns in the playoffs lol🧡: the Chiefs are definitely THE team to beat right now!!

  126. abucelato

    abucelatoヶ月 前

    i was cheering so hard for a Bills vs Browns AFC Championship game... Great season Browns, nothing to shake a stick at... GO BILLS

  127. Jude Pittas

    Jude Pittasヶ月 前

    the browns are god bat thay lost

  128. Heather Mowitz

    Heather Mowitzヶ月 前

    My wife is going out to dinner tonight and I will be home with her and I will be home with her and I will be home with her and I will be home with her and r I have to date

  129. Jennifer Noto

    Jennifer Notoヶ月 前

    Patrick Mahomes is the best

  130. JayMoney Maker365

    JayMoney Maker365ヶ月 前

    One year I would like to see Cleveland take home a Super Bowl ring. So hold ya heads up Cleveland. Spectacular game. Cleveland should have used more ground-and-pound i think, but that touchback did it, but good job 2 both teams. Kansas City earned that win. I take nothing from them, wonderful game.

  131. Ker Loz

    Ker Lozヶ月 前

    The craven squid geometrically interest because act yearly hurry beneath a amuck nose. profuse, capable adult

  132. Rick Charlotte

    Rick Charlotteヶ月 前

    Should have gotten the ball to Kareem Hunt more. Screen pass or running back. He had something to prove to the Chiefs for letting him go. That to me could have been the difference maker in outcome of the game

  133. Danny Studios

    Danny Studiosヶ月 前

    I wish Browns won

  134. Tymel McQueen

    Tymel McQueenヶ月 前


  135. Tymel McQueen

    Tymel McQueenヶ月 前