Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy ( Extreme Long Version)


  1. burgi kevin

    burgi kevin17 時間 前

    C'est de la bonbe bonbe atomique!!!!!

  2. Lee Richard

    Lee Richard日 前

    i think the song Smalltown Boy gave alot of gay people hope iin the midwest that they were not alone. For me the song really did save my life.

  3. Almir Rodrigues

    Almir Rodrigues3 日 前

    24 de Julho de 2020... Conheci um cara e fomos ficar e durante a noite enquanto nós ficávamos essa música tocou no follow do JPreporter, ja tinha ouvido ela outras vezes... Mas ela se encaixou tão perfeitamente na situação que marcou e está marcando a relação...

  4. Erik Uppenberg

    Erik Uppenberg4 日 前

    Great! But -- as others have commented -- the picture is of the Communards, not Bronski Beat.

  5. Edilson Souza Pinheiro

    Edilson Souza Pinheiro4 日 前

    Marcou minha triste adolescência

  6. mabrouk belghiti Fouad

    mabrouk belghiti Fouad5 日 前

    How are Jimmy summerville I keep great reminders of my rich settlement in Aberdeen Scotland...being in New castle upon tine ..glasgow edinbourg Perth hollyhead Dublin Belfast...david bowie met me in edingbourg summer 1986.........sir fouad (JELLY) smw producer founder 00212-674123640

  7. Jonrick

    Jonrick5 日 前

    GTA V

  8. Marcel Strömer

    Marcel Strömer5 日 前


  9. Richard Heijnen

    Richard Heijnen6 日 前


  10. Neil Stevens

    Neil Stevens7 日 前

    Christ, as if the normal length version wasn't horrendous enough!

  11. Neil Ladd

    Neil Ladd7 日 前

    Great after breakfast music.

  12. Massoud Mdar

    Massoud Mdar8 日 前

    I love extreme long things! 3>

  13. DJ Ronald Padilla

    DJ Ronald Padilla9 日 前

    my god the nerve....god this is the worse intro ever that shit sucked

  14. Oleg Bobrov

    Oleg Bobrov9 日 前


  15. Tony Bastarache

    Tony Bastarache11 日 前

    Why in the hell would you edit out part of that beautiful heartbreaking intro? Also, that edit at 5:24 was a complete trainwreck. Will listen to the original 12" mix to cleanse my brain of this foolishness.

  16. DJ id

    DJ id8 日 前

    If I w`as that DJ I would cut my own hands off to stop me doing it again.

  17. tonyttt31

    tonyttt318 日 前

    I wasn't expecting the edit at 5:24 to be so bad. Wow.

  18. Boomtown Rats

    Boomtown Rats12 日 前

    Finalement ce remix n'est pas si terrible ! J'adore cette chanson !!! La vraie version longue est bien meilleure !

  19. Pablo Carrión ARG

    Pablo Carrión ARG12 日 前

    Lyrics - Letra To your soul Cry You leave in the morning with everything you own in a little black case Alone on a platform, the wind and the rain on a sad and lonely face Mother will never understand why you had to leave But the answers you seek will never be found at home The love that you need will never be found at home Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away Pushed around and kicked around, always a lonely boy You were the one that they'd talk about around town as they put you down And as hard as they would try they'd hurt to make you cry But you never cried to them, just to your soul No, you never cried to them, just to your soul Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away (crying to your soul) Cry, boy, cry You leave in the morning with everything you own in a little black case Alone on a platform, the wind and the rain on a sad and lonely face Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away

  20. Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin12 日 前

    Absolutely love Jimmy Sommerville's voice!

  21. Renato de Almeida

    Renato de Almeida12 日 前

    Essa música foi sampleada em Cry For You da September, certo?

  22. eric blanc

    eric blanc13 日 前


  23. Mick Swagger

    Mick Swagger14 日 前

    This song is fucking terrible that woman's voice was fucking terrible it was like Yoko Ono like fucking die 15 minutes shit I was in the shower and I just wanted to jump out

  24. Luke Chandra

    Luke Chandra14 日 前

    the 2 guys in the photo look like they're a bit bent

  25. Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin12 日 前


  26. Kojiro

    Kojiro14 日 前

    Brzada na area!

  27. Gonzalo Fernandez Concha

    Gonzalo Fernandez Concha15 日 前


  28. Wagner HolsbacK

    Wagner HolsbacK15 日 前


  29. Geshreeyeh

    Geshreeyeh16 日 前

    The joining of the two tracks was about as subtle as Boy George!

  30. Rob Taylor

    Rob Taylor13 日 前

    Lol 😂

  31. K Veneris

    K Veneris17 日 前

    feel sorry for gays

  32. Oliver Eales

    Oliver Eales17 日 前

    terrible mixing! I can do better.

  33. Grushdak

    Grushdak17 日 前

    very great song - but unclean mixed




  35. John Blaine

    John Blaine18 日 前

    my youth!



    I love it!




  38. maxwell smart

    maxwell smart20 日 前

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  39. maxwell smart

    maxwell smart20 日 前

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    maxwell smart20 日 前

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  41. Sta Pimienta

    Sta Pimienta20 日 前


  42. oliver matyo

    oliver matyo21 日 前

    Best Beat Merci

  43. Rupert Evans

    Rupert Evans21 日 前

    Great band but Sommerville was never gonna be a good ambassador for the gay community. He looked like someone's thumb!! PMSL!!! Besides Freddie Mercury and Boy George had already beaten him to it. Pop didn't need a gay martyr. Sommerville took himself, his music and the whole gay popstar thing way too seriously. Listen to the lyrics...... He's playing the victim. Watch the original video.... It's fucking depressing. Great tune. Great band. Crap politics.

  44. theugly32

    theugly3222 日 前

    The day white rich European and American elite decided to destroy civilization, they also killed music.

  45. Eduardo bracamonte alvarez

    Eduardo bracamonte alvarez22 日 前


  46. TIC INC

    TIC INC22 日 前

    Is that Niel Patrick Harris?

  47. Arnold Rimmer

    Arnold Rimmer22 日 前

    K why is the track so shambled?

  48. Dori Rios

    Dori Rios22 日 前

    Qué lindo tema!!!! Qué recuerdos!!!!! Gracias por compartir!!!!

  49. Connie O’Shea nee Nedeljkovic

    Connie O’Shea nee Nedeljkovic23 日 前

    Back when randoms would just shove a popper up your nose, and maybe a bump of blow if you were lucky 🍀

  50. Cherry Boba

    Cherry Boba17 日 前

    He had a voice damn what's with the likes shite

  51. Patrick Franke

    Patrick Franke25 日 前

    run away corona.

  52. Marcelo Ferreira

    Marcelo Ferreira25 日 前

    em 2020 ainda ouvindo! Ouvindo até quando não existir mais JPreporter! Musicasso!

  53. SuperElite27000000

    SuperElite2700000026 日 前

    This is gay bar music...

  54. GonzoFrogbottom

    GonzoFrogbottom26 日 前

    I like this. These guys have a future. Keeping my ears peeled :) *fukin great stuff

  55. sofknsad

    sofknsad26 日 前

    Gay but in the nicest possible way.

  56. Domenica Kuwait

    Domenica Kuwait26 日 前

    Discovered this gem today:)) Listened for two hours straight:)

  57. S Sil

    S Sil26 日 前

    Yes yes yes...!!! 🎶🎧💣 CLÁSICO 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  58. Jason

    Jason27 日 前


  59. uliajay siberia

    uliajay siberia27 日 前

    Jimmy Somerville looks like Barney stinson :d

  60. cleeton1989

    cleeton198926 日 前

    Fucks like him as well

  61. Ian James

    Ian James29 日 前

    Richard Coles. Why? Where's Steve Bronski and Larry Steinbachek(R. I. P.) in the photo? FUCKTARD.

  62. Marta Quidel

    Marta Quidel29 日 前

    La mùsica, es el ùnico aliento de vida !!!

  63. jonathan chadwick

    jonathan chadwickヶ月 前

    shit sorry WOW not heard this for ages awsome just awsome

  64. Alison O'Sullivan

    Alison O'Sullivanヶ月 前

    Not fussedah knows what anything to do with WhatsApp on with you exactly c doc good to go looksbabes tonight car haha pick me up haha is your place haha was we planar to go together again with you this time haha what

  65. marcin rychlewski

    marcin rychlewskiヶ月 前





  67. Bryan Sales

    Bryan Salesヶ月 前

    He looks LEGEN.... Wait for it... DARY!

  68. Niki Skoulika

    Niki Skoulikaヶ月 前