Broken Girls - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)


  1. Gabbie Hanna

    Gabbie Hanna20 日 前

    go grab this song and check out the FULL EP!

  2. Sophie Evans

    Sophie Evans6 日 前

    If you watch the video in full, then go straight from the end to Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez, it's uncannily similar.. it's a shame because the crew clearly worked very hard on this :( I know Dollhouse is a few years old now, and I don't know if your fanbase would necessarily be massively aware of Melanie, but it seems like more than just a coincidence :(

  3. Cassidy Mj

    Cassidy Mj6 日 前

    No thank you LOL

  4. Hip Hop

    Hip Hop6 日 前

    no thanks you a frog in tons of makeup

  5. Nam Namjesus

    Nam Namjesus7 日 前

    I love you Gabbi you sing so amazing dont listen to people hating on you they should learn how to keep their damn mouth shut...LOVE YOU again

  6. bruh

    bruh7 日 前

    Alondra Rodriguez didn’t*

  7. Taylor Fowler

    Taylor Fowler2 時間 前

    I love your videos❤️❤️🙌

  8. Elizabeth P.

    Elizabeth P.3 時間 前

    Don’t worry Gabbie tooth gem will live forever in this song 😂

  9. Slurp

    Slurp4 時間 前

    Why does this song have so many dislikes.... not even that bad

  10. Hedvig Telhammar

    Hedvig Telhammar4 時間 前


  11. Joannah Orsatti

    Joannah Orsatti5 時間 前

    when you steal the concept of “dollhouse” by melanie martinez

  12. Rachel O

    Rachel O5 時間 前

    honestly it's even more impressive watching it again after seeing the behind the scenes

  13. Steven Maffetone

    Steven Maffetone11 時間 前

    I legit do not understand any of the "tea" that is going on with Gabbie. Can the people that actually like her music and content, like me, just like her and and not get shit for it? Honestly, just like the message of this song... We are all a little broken, none of us are perfect. So.. How about we all get our heads out of asses and just for once not berate her for anything. Gabbie has struggled enough through life, and long time watchers, like myself, have grown with her through it. To see where she is today is a true feet of determination. Most youtubers give up when they get a little bit of hate. Almost every comment section of her videos is filled with hate or memes about how she did something wrong. So what? People say they have "proof" that she is the one to blame for so many bad things that have happened to her, but in reality, she didn't ask for these situations to hit her in the face. Now she makes music and even more content to show her fans that even through all this hate, and through every bad situation, SHE IS STILL THRIVING! She hasn't given up and she will keep going. Also, haters... If you don't like her don't watch her! You clicked on the video, viewed it, just so you can post rude comments for attention. Legit... Smh. Let the people that love her actually love her and stop all this drama just because you feel like making a scene for attention. That has been my ted talk *mic drop* Goodnight.

  14. Leah Allen

    Leah Allen7 時間 前

    She literally hung out with her ex best friend’s r*pist then said "his friends didn’t r*pe you." Gabbie is not the victim here.

  15. Mediocre Max

    Mediocre Max16 時間 前

    I'm sorry that most comments are people bashing the video and the song keep up the good work Gabbie but also take this as an opportunity to show people you're learning and growing and trying to fix these parts of you that have hurt others. I love you Gabbie congrats on this amazing video

  16. Charles Mighells

    Charles Mighells17 時間 前

    Do you think she Nose that this actually sounds pretty awfu😂reminds me of a young Rosie O’Donnell😂

  17. Incandescent Flame

    Incandescent Flame20 時間 前

    What the actual F**k is wrong with everyone in the comments?! Gabbie is incredibly talented and works so hard to produce jaw-dropping talent for us, yet people come here to hate on something she put a lot of time and effort into. If you don’t like her, fine, we can’t please everyone, but just leave. Don’t be rude and hateful because you think you look cool. That’s just sickening. Thank you, Gabbie, for this fantastic video!! You rock, girl. ❤️

  18. Calithetil

    Calithetil21 時間 前

    I prefer the style of Pillowcase and Butterflies. It suits Gabbie better. This is so off putting and uncomfortable. What's been going on with the controversy recently doesn't help either.

  19. Positive Pastel Vibes

    Positive Pastel Vibes22 時間 前

    I loved the pink pastel outfit honestly

  20. TayJay Pro

    TayJay Pro23 時間 前

    Put together boys are no fun at all. Tell me where I’m wrong and make me feel small. Lacking empathy, but not sociopathic. They’re favorite line is “You’re being dramatic.” The broken boys are my cup of tea. They genuinely listen and relate to me. They’ve got their flaws, but at least they know it. Imperfectly perfect and unafraid to show it.

  21. Bee Sonia

    Bee Sonia日 前

    This feels like a song I would like if anyone else sang it.

  22. Addison Bottorff

    Addison Bottorff日 前

    I don't know what just happened.

  23. Domino Derval

    Domino Derval日 前


  24. blademaid

    blademaid日 前

    When is she gonna learn no one trust her or likes her anymore

  25. Christelle W

    Christelle W日 前

    Yeesh. People get one general idea in their head and completely label people/things with it. Viewers see dolls in the video, and even though it's a completely original song, and literally doesn't even resemble Melanie, bam! Suddenly she's a copy cat.

  26. Tasha Hutley

    Tasha Hutley日 前

    Gabbie, you're 100% my girl crush.

  27. xJesssicax

    xJesssicax日 前

    can we also talk about how unoriginal this theme is? it just puts you in the long line of edgy pop girls who’ve beat the dead horse of “creepy Barbie doll”

  28. Emma Schapiro

    Emma Schapiro日 前

    I honestly dont care what she did wrong or right. Cool song 👌

  29. Niki Houngmany

    Niki Houngmany日 前

    This is the most boring song/music video

  30. Hana Doyle

    Hana Doyle日 前

    It breaks my heart that all these comments are about this drama. Her music career is bigger than youtube drama, a beautiful song and a beautiful music video is ruined by the comment section and now what should've been a happy memory of somethinh gabbie is proud of is now ruined, well done, does putting her down make you feel better?

  31. Ruari Mcdonald

    Ruari Mcdonald日 前

    people really need to stop hating on gabbie ahe doesn't deserve the hate all the tea being spilled is some girl desperate for attention

  32. Taibah Mahmood

    Taibah Mahmood日 前

    Girl someone needs to tell you, you can’t sing

  33. Rosemary May

    Rosemary May日 前

    Gabbie Hanna doing the robot for 3 minutes and 57 seconds

  34. Mel Vee

    Mel Vee日 前

    You are youtube trash make tana look like an angel ..cant wait until your channel dies

  35. Roxandra Velouette

    Roxandra Velouette日 前

    don’t even subscribing, so just subscribe and then unsubscribe, then disliking 😂 sorry not sorry

  36. Georgette Nicole Alabanza

    Georgette Nicole Alabanza日 前

    The dislikes. Lmao

  37. Roinuj Junie

    Roinuj Junie日 前

    This concept is just 👏! Dr. Smile was there! (Also, I don't exactly know how, but I slept on this. Sorry!)

  38. fat lasanga

    fat lasanga日 前

    *I'll be your diarrhea won't repeat it*

  39. 2heart3 AJ

    2heart3 AJ日 前

    I wonder why there’s so much auto tune..maybe cause she actually can’t sing. It kinda just seems like she’s trying tell us she has a second job...

  40. Liv Collis

    Liv Collis日 前

    Why does this music video remind me of Melanie Martinez any one else?

  41. Tyson DeMan

    Tyson DeMan2 日 前

    this song and you suck. another perfect example of a bad person being in the spotlight

  42. Matthew Taur

    Matthew Taur2 日 前

    Paused and read the comments

  43. Lucas Meeks

    Lucas Meeks2 日 前

    Love your song gabbie

  44. Blake Rose

    Blake Rose2 日 前

    Alright, despite all the drama, this song is still a fucking bop

  45. Zachary Unferth

    Zachary Unferth2 日 前

    She’s the chick that made vines how weird

  46. brittanynotbritney

    brittanynotbritney2 日 前

    What kind of music is this? She sounds like a really bad rookie drag queen.