BROKE 20-year-old to SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur (5 steps I took)


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    Side passion is true. If you don't love what you, there's no way you gonna be successful.

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    Can someone tell me what he meant about copywriting ?

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    I hate it when people who play games are seen as broke like in the thumbnail. But the video is good.

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    It ain’t that hard to buy an Audi 😂😂

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    My takeaway: Implement SMART goals.


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    So this man earls shit load of money but can't afford a car wash !!

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    The caricature of a broke 20 year old being a dude sitting on the couch playing video games has aged badly, because nowadays gamers are millionaires from streaming and e-sports lol

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    That's not true , because your talking about just of that people,but there are millions of gamers out there who sit in their home every day and play hours and hours without making smth useful for their life.

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    'I know a lot of influencers are telling you that you need to find a side hustle, but in my opinion you need to find a side passion' - thanks, that was huge...

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