Britain's Got Talent 2019 The Champions Mayyas Incredible Dance Routine 3rd Round Audition


  1. Venom Venom Venom

    Venom Venom Venom日 前

    All seeing eye and pyramids and baphomet

  2. Salik A7med

    Salik A7med日 前

    صعاليك مجوس من النساء الغجر ....

  3. kuldeep jain

    kuldeep jain日 前


  4. Elise Malone

    Elise Malone2 日 前

    WOW 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. Bicho Bicho

    Bicho Bicho2 日 前

    عدنا خاوتهم عرب سبحان الله

  6. نضال العطياني

    نضال العطياني2 日 前

    اجسام ترد الروح

  7. abdo allah

    abdo allah2 日 前

    as long as arabs go to europe thry denied automatically whst their own counties gave them

  8. Abdelmounaim ARIF

    Abdelmounaim ARIF3 日 前

    From Morocco 🇲🇦 Proud of youuuuuuuuuu!!

  9. Samouna Mouna

    Samouna Mouna4 日 前

    روووووووووعة 😍😍

  10. Jesus Christ is the only way

    Jesus Christ is the only way4 日 前

    From start to finish I saw so many symbolic occult stuff, it blew my mind. From the young girl with a Baphomet head, to the pyramid to the all seeing eye formation at the end blinking. It was pretty surreal from a perspective of anyone who can spot the hidden occult symbols displayed. I am sure the girls don't even know they were pushed to do this routine with this hidden agenda in mind.

  11. Mi Accomp

    Mi Accomp3 日 前

    Jesus Christ is the only way in Arab culture it’s the eye that protects from evil, these symbols are cultural, don’t be ignorant and stupid please do some research before you speak

  12. goofyp Ilm

    goofyp Ilm4 日 前

    Am I actually seeing people who still associate and bring Islam up in this comment section? 🤦‍♀️

  13. にっくじゃがー

    にっくじゃがー4 日 前

    ごめんなさい、仏教徒にとってはちょっと…な演技でした。 もし、マリア様がアラブのダンスをしたら?アフロディーテがインド舞踊を舞ったら? そういう感覚。

  14. Fofo Roro

    Fofo Roro5 日 前

    العرض عبارة عن ماسونية 😅😂😂

  15. حسنة ايوب

    حسنة ايوب5 日 前


  16. ylli krasta

    ylli krasta6 日 前

    this video need to finish on the time 3:55

  17. Aleksandar Velinovski

    Aleksandar Velinovski7 日 前

    Am I actually hearing Aurora's song here?

  18. HK Twin

    HK Twin7 日 前

    بتحس كأنك ملك في عهد الفراعنة و الراقصات أمامك 😂😂😂 (حريم السلطان ههه)

  19. isra israa

    isra israa7 日 前

    علاه معطولهمش الباز .؟؟ يستاهلو

  20. Marcus Aurel

    Marcus Aurel7 日 前

    I think I was abducted by aliens for a moment.

  21. Itz-Pixie Gacha

    Itz-Pixie Gacha7 日 前

    GOO LEBANON!!!! Like if your lebanese cz I am

  22. Ridwan wan

    Ridwan wan7 日 前


  23. Stella Luna

    Stella Luna8 日 前

    الديكور على شكل هرم وهوما شكلو بايديهم عين في وسط الهرم هاذا ماهوش من رموز الماسونية 🤔

  24. Yp Vlog

    Yp Vlog8 日 前

    Best dance ever

  25. Mjay Richany

    Mjay Richany9 日 前

    All the love 🇱🇧

  26. Gill Garcia

    Gill Garcia9 日 前

    I just love it....i bet they work hard ...practicing

  27. joudy Alan

    joudy Alan9 日 前

    رقصهم حلو ما اختلفناش.. بس يعني كأنهم بيقولو احنا ماسونيين علني و في وشنا كده... و العرب بيسقفلهم في الكومنتات 👏👏👏

  28. Joey Q

    Joey Q6 日 前

    @joudy Alan مش مشكلتنا ان الماسونيين استخدموه....بالنهاية العالم كله استخدم شعارات خرجت من منطقتنا....كل شي اصله يرجع لنا أوروبا كلها مسيحيه المسيح جاء من عندنا و الأهرام من عندنا و العين اللي تحمي من الحسد من عندنا....موسى اللي بيؤمن فيه اليهود من عندنا....احنا اصل كل شي....اللي يحب يستخدم شعار من شعاراتنا هو حر....بس احنا مش حنتبرى منها و ننسبها لهم

  29. joudy Alan

    joudy Alan6 日 前

    @Joey Q مش عارفة ليه الماسونين اختاروا الهرم كشعار ليهم بس اللي اعرفه ان شعار الماسونية هرم بداخله عين اللي هي العين الثالثة او عين الدجال ، و ده بالظبط الشكل اللي كان في الرقصة ، بالأضافة للقناع اللي لابساه البنت ده قناع إله في الماسونية

  30. Joey Q

    Joey Q6 日 前

    ليش الأهرام ماسونيه

  31. zargo Alasat Zargo Lasat

    zargo Alasat Zargo Lasat8 日 前

    انا تاني فكرت هك

  32. joudy Alan

    joudy Alan9 日 前

    Ok..they talented but I didn't like how they used the eye , pyramid and baphomet that didn't feel good . You know what I mean?

  33. Joey Q

    Joey Q6 日 前

    @joudy Alan pyramid are in Egypt...pyramids are pyramids how they are different....and the eye are the symbol of protection from hatred and jealousy in Arab culture.... and dont believe the Masonic proud of your heritage

  34. joudy Alan

    joudy Alan6 日 前

    @Joey Q I'm Arabic(EGYPTIAN) and I can tell you that thoes symbols are similar to the the Arabic but it's not Arabic they are masonic .

  35. Joey Q

    Joey Q6 日 前

    It's all Arabic symbols from thousands years ago

  36. Emily Graumann

    Emily Graumann9 日 前

    #Showakrobatik Face schaut vorbei wir machen ähnliches

  37. Gopal Chaladi

    Gopal Chaladi9 日 前

    Wowww Wowww Wowwww Love from India

  38. chaotic quips

    chaotic quips9 日 前

    Totally not satanic. Smh.

  39. freedom bitch

    freedom bitch10 日 前

    You girls are awesome! Flawless performance!

  40. irmalair1

    irmalair110 日 前

    Omggg loved the eye at the end

  41. irmalair1

    irmalair110 日 前

    What do you mean by "The fact we're all women is a big thing especially since we're from the Middle East" ??? Oriental dance is obviously performed by women... Especially in the Middle East ...

  42. Rock Star Galaxy

    Rock Star Galaxy11 日 前

    It's is alluminiti dance.. I hate it..

  43. naveen keshav

    naveen keshav11 日 前

    You copied our Indian art .....from's not original's a copy of adubambey adubambey from Assam ...india

  44. dardan zeqiri

    dardan zeqiri11 日 前

    Serbians reactions after seeing the Kosovo-Albanian nacionalist symbol 😂👐🏾 , love from Kosovo 🇽🇰🇦🇱

  45. DoReMi FASOULI

    DoReMi FASOULI13 日 前

    a glaring illustration of the baphomet, the eye and the pyramid ... eastern freemasonry in all its splendor ... ey how not to win ?! 😈😈😈

  46. Learn With Biraj

    Learn With Biraj13 日 前

    Incredible Performance, Love from #Bangladesh

  47. Lisa or Lena

    Lisa or Lena14 日 前

    Hope everyone comes and visits lebenon 🇱🇧 ♥

  48. Clementine Iwowari

    Clementine Iwowari14 日 前

    They were great from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  49. Ali Haider

    Ali Haider14 日 前

    What's the song in mayyas introductory clip

  50. Mi Accomp

    Mi Accomp3 日 前

    Ali Haider by the legendary singer umm kaltom

  51. عوالم ميم

    عوالم ميم14 日 前

    Oh just WOW


    ᏕᎪᏞᏙᎪᎠᎧR •YT14 日 前

    تتحدثون عن الابداع الم تلاحضوا الماعز والقرنين والعين التي ترى كل شيء انها الماسونية.

  53. lyxx36

    lyxx3614 日 前


  54. hanan hanan

    hanan hanan14 日 前

    مش هاي ليا ... بفيديوهات yalla feeds

  55. MideaMusic

    MideaMusic14 日 前

    This performance is so demonic, how is it that people don't see it??? Main girl (with horns) is playing Baphomet (Satan) and also goddess Kali (with all those hands behind her), there is illuminaty pyramid behind and hell fire in front of her. Then the performance finishes with all girls forming a blinking all-seeing eye (eye of Lucifer). How is it that people don't see it or are they just not aware about what's happening in the west...?

  56. MAX studio

    MAX studio15 日 前


  57. MAX studio

    MAX studio15 日 前


  58. Aidoud Morad

    Aidoud Morad15 日 前

    والله اندهشت شاهدتم رموز الشيطان المباشره الهرم القرون فوق رؤوسهم وفي الاخير شكلو العين لتكتمل معهم لي لاحظ يعمل لايك

  59. Gh Anfel

    Gh Anfel15 日 前

    المهم موهبيين

  60. Olthy 33

    Olthy 3315 日 前

    Wow wow wow! It's really wonderful! Just WOW!

  61. Mario Rizkallah

    Mario Rizkallah15 日 前


  62. lam pee

    lam pee16 日 前

    WOW IS AMAZING !! from Philippines..🇵🇭

  63. Kero gamal

    Kero gamal16 日 前

    As an Arabic, I'm really proud of those ladies they truly represented on of the very deep Arabic culture in a fresh innovative artistic way. So amazed. Oh, and every one of them is so gorgeous ❤🤩🤩

  64. MideaMusic

    MideaMusic14 日 前

    Is this a joke?? They represent Baphomet, all seeing eye of Lucifer, hell fire and illuminaty pyramid... what is it that you , people , don't see?

  65. jojl kimo

    jojl kimo17 日 前

    مثلث و عين الماسونية

  66. Oumaima El hannaoui

    Oumaima El hannaoui17 日 前

    Omg i love them best performance ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Affan Tariq

    Affan Tariq17 日 前

    Wow! Track name?

  68. Mai el-wakil

    Mai el-wakil15 日 前

    Enta Omri

  69. Abstraction _

    Abstraction _17 日 前

    Absolutely stunning. Just... stunning.

  70. Leen hemachandra

    Leen hemachandra18 日 前

    Very very beautiful.creative. absolutly of best team effort. Tx

  71. adil almashani

    adil almashani18 日 前

    عين الماسونية 👁🔼

  72. adil almashani

    adil almashani14 日 前

    مش كفاية الهرم والعين وقرون البنت هههه

  73. لمى الشهراني

    لمى الشهراني16 日 前

    اي واضح حتى الهرم

  74. Mohamed Tarek

    Mohamed Tarek16 日 前

    ممكن عين حورس!! او عين الحسود مثلا ..

  75. linda bleta

    linda bleta18 日 前

    Super! Incredible performance! This is power of women’s! Bravo!