Britain's Got Talent 2019 10 Year Old Singer Giorgia Borg Wows The Audience Full Audition S13E04


  1. Samantha Gabrelle Arboleda

    Samantha Gabrelle Arboleda4 時間 前

    Bruh she wroted dis :0 Wheres the diamond buzzer?

  2. R3H r3h

    R3H r3h4 時間 前

    Wow ....just amazing voice

  3. Karen Paje

    Karen Paje15 時間 前

    Giorgia at ten years old:sings like a angel from the sky. Me at ten years old:sounds like a dying goat.(-_-)

  4. Lil Tee

    Lil Tee18 時間 前

    Hello everyone, She literally made a music video on her yt channel! It was made a mouth ago. Go check it out!😃😁😁😁✨💯💯💯🔥

  5. Jessica Teran

    Jessica Teran20 時間 前

    :her at ten sings so beautifully :me at ten sings like duck

  6. Faithy J

    Faithy J21 時間 前

    I can sing really good like demi Lovato but dang , I'm 12 , not like this

  7. Molly Metcalfe

    Molly Metcalfe23 時間 前

    Me: before whatching this.... I'm probably going to be better than her....then whatching her 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😕😕 what the heck 😂😂😂😂😂 love her voice xxxxx

  8. Lucy Williamson

    Lucy Williamson日 前

    She good me at ten singing I'll prob just start singing lost boy

  9. Katiejo Johnson

    Katiejo Johnson日 前

    Wow what an amazing fantastic voice

  10. Asha Muhumed

    Asha Muhumed日 前

    Nice cool 😘😘

  11. The Uzumakikay

    The Uzumakikay2 日 前

    Am I the only one who wants to see her perform “Fall in Line” by Christina Augilera and Demi Levato

  12. stranger 2

    stranger 22 日 前

    can we talk about her adorable moms they kept smiling the whole addition

  13. Billie Eilish4life

    Billie Eilish4life3 日 前

    I DEFINITELY didnt make a whole playlist for this.......

  14. Gardy Reglas

    Gardy Reglas3 日 前

    Oh I am bawling again! 10 years old with those pipes, can sing, and great lyrics too! Keep it up young lady.

  15. Ilias Benaz

    Ilias Benaz3 日 前

    When I speak Do you even hear a word I say Or does it not matter in that way Cause I'm ten Or just because I'm young It doesn't mean I don't mean what I say It hurts when you look the other way Hear my roar, hear my thunder Heart is beating louder, louder Louder Are you hearing me I want you to hear me, I need you to see me You look at me but see right through me Will you ever need, will you ever see me I just wanna be, I just wanna be ten When I cry Do you even feel my pain inside Or doesn't that even seem to try Cause I'm a child Hear my roar, hear my thunder Heart is beating louder, louder Louder Are you hearing me I want you to hear me, I need you to see me You look at me but see right through me Will you ever need, will you ever see me I just wanna be, I just wanna be ten See, woah, I'm only ten I still need you to feel me I need you to protect me I need you to guide me home You look at me but see right through me Will you ever need, will you ever see me I just wanna be, I just wanna be ten

  16. alexhdravs

    alexhdravs4 日 前

    I just got this girl in mind and searched for it after a while

  17. Sarjo Drammeh

    Sarjo Drammeh4 日 前


  18. justinthatsav

    justinthatsav4 日 前

    That so cute

  19. Fernando Manrique

    Fernando Manrique5 日 前

    Esta niña pone los pelos de punta .una voz muy buena .mi enorabuena


    THE QUEEN5 日 前

    Can someone plz tell me why does she has two moms😕

  21. Nobody

    Nobody3 日 前

    what’s hard to understand, her parents are a lesbian couple from what i can see.

  22. Lily

    Lily5 日 前

    Her- she needs to remember the lyrics. Me - singing it as she sings

  23. claire graham

    claire graham5 日 前

    she is amzeing !!!

  24. safiya qaleesya

    safiya qaleesya6 日 前

    I need lyrics✨

  25. anthony edwards

    anthony edwards6 日 前


  26. Emersyn A

    Emersyn A6 日 前

    Her at ten: singing like a freakin Queen Me at ten: playing with Polly pockets thinking they were real and jamming out to the gummy bear song

  27. Khadija Ibrar

    Khadija Ibrar6 日 前

    Cleaners - Here we go again😂🤣😂

  28. guess again

    guess again7 日 前

    amanda needs to leave her face alone

  29. Katherine Menjivar

    Katherine Menjivar7 日 前

    So much goosebumps

  30. Chloe Weller

    Chloe Weller7 日 前

    Everyone’s talking about how well she is singing, but can we talk about those lyrics

  31. Chloe Weller

    Chloe Weller7 日 前

    Everyone’s talking about how well she can sing, but can we talk about how precious she is?!?

  32. Adel Fawzy

    Adel Fawzy10 日 前

    3:40 everyone when Simon hit his first golden buzzer

  33. Kassie Olague

    Kassie Olague10 日 前

    She amazing

  34. Cresentia Burrows. geueyjgza

    Cresentia Burrows. geueyjgza10 日 前

    Very good little princess

  35. Agreement Mathonsi

    Agreement Mathonsi11 日 前

    I only love her high notes or else her voice is too creepy for me

  36. Don't Ask Animations

    Don't Ask Animations11 日 前

    I'm not gonna say anything like, her: 10 years old and singing perfectly Me at 10: balances the light switch Bcuz I'm like good at everything lol

  37. Rick Jones

    Rick Jones11 日 前

    I love the lyrics

  38. Tapani Larsson

    Tapani Larsson11 日 前

    ou vau...

  39. obsidian sister

    obsidian sister12 日 前

    I love you

  40. The Girl

    The Girl12 日 前

    Here 2:51,start the music :) 💜

  41. Sasha Mckee

    Sasha Mckee12 日 前

    This girls notes are higher than my engelish test grade



    *Her High note is Higher that my Height.*

  43. Mya Anderson

    Mya Anderson13 日 前

    Why are here high notes Higher than my IQ

  44. Sven

    Sven13 日 前

    My reaction is at 3:40

  45. luninha jana

    luninha jana14 日 前

    I am the only one who is obcessed with this music I Love her

  46. Butterfly Dream

    Butterfly Dream14 日 前

    She is just a belter she has no talent no voice it seems like the judges think everyone is great and she was not good

  47. SIMAZ uuu

    SIMAZ uuu14 日 前


  48. Paulina Siuda

    Paulina Siuda15 日 前

    wow she is amazing

  49. angela hill

    angela hill15 日 前

    She is a wonderful singer I can't believe she is ten

  50. Tanacie Pinkney

    Tanacie Pinkney16 日 前

    SHES ONLY TEN!!!!!!

  51. Anghel Chuc mo

    Anghel Chuc mo16 日 前

    How si the song ? I need the mame song please

  52. L KF

    L KF16 日 前

    The song's name is 10

  53. Rhys J

    Rhys J17 日 前

    The only purpose of that song was to put as many big notes as possible. May as well just cane out and done big notes why write a song xD

  54. Amy Plays

    Amy Plays17 日 前

    Me watching this again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and

  55. Frizzle Fuzzle

    Frizzle Fuzzle17 日 前

    Omg she's talent.

  56. Nini Akhalaia

    Nini Akhalaia17 日 前

    I am from GEORGIA too 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  57. Alexa pelichet

    Alexa pelichet17 日 前

    No one: Not even a single soul: Not even Simon: Me:HoW dO tHeY rEsEt ThE gOlDeN bUtToN??

  58. Fayqah Manzur

    Fayqah Manzur18 日 前

    wait she has two moms?????

  59. Mr. God

    Mr. God15 日 前


  60. Kiwi 22

    Kiwi 2218 日 前

    7:03 that girl forgot give back the earing to the orquestra

  61. Good life

    Good life18 日 前

    Me at 10: tries to balance the light switch.

  62. David Der

    David Der19 日 前


  63. kathy guinto

    kathy guinto19 日 前

    I just absolutely love this girls voice,I can't get enough of it,she's that good,I could listen to it over and over again,what a great voice,what a great talent,this girl's got it in the bag she has a promising future in the music business,she's just fantastic!.John M Guinto

  64. Chey Poss

    Chey Poss19 日 前

    Oh my God that girl is so good she sings really beautiful

  65. AAA Amazingly AWESOME Abby!

    AAA Amazingly AWESOME Abby!19 日 前

    Her mom gave birth to an amaizing kid

  66. Bree Slaven

    Bree Slaven19 日 前

    Her at 10: getting a golden buzzer Me at 10: watching My Little Pony

  67. kathy guinto

    kathy guinto19 日 前

    Wow!,for a 10 year old,Georgia Borg has one hell of a strong voice,God bless her soul,that voice of hers is a gift!.She has a real future ahead of her,God love her! She's great!!!!. John M Guinto

  68. Sonia Burckhalter

    Sonia Burckhalter20 日 前

    Okay in my opinion when she like bend a little bit like she was throwing it back but it looks cringy to me

  69. Crip Walk

    Crip Walk21 日 前

    One of the best auditions I've ever seen 🙌 God bless her.

  70. Maylee Tipton

    Maylee Tipton21 日 前

    Wait she has two mums is it a gay marriage or is it her step mum??

  71. Omi A

    Omi A22 日 前

    I want singing lessons from her and her only she is awsome

  72. Omi A

    Omi A22 日 前

    She sings likes she’s an angle

  73. Lara Duff

    Lara Duff17 日 前

    You mean angel? Lol

  74. Liuxiu Mai

    Liuxiu Mai22 日 前

    Hi My name is Carmen And I live in New York ! And this girl is singing so good . OMG

  75. Zahraa Sakrani

    Zahraa Sakrani23 日 前

    Wow.... just wow

  76. Contemporary Spectrum& Operations Limited

    Contemporary Spectrum& Operations Limited23 日 前

    i just love alisha's in depth expressions they are so profound,she really has a great way of puting across euphoria in words.

  77. Асылхан Копбосынов

    Асылхан Копбосынов23 日 前


  78. all7spiritsRcoming

    all7spiritsRcoming23 日 前

    Superstar !!!!!!!

  79. Jake

    Jake24 日 前

    how is it possible to have two biological moms???????!!!!!!!!!!



    I can´t stop watching this.

  81. Starlight moon eclipse

    Starlight moon eclipse24 日 前

    I rlly wanna preform but im wayyyyy to shy for dis

  82. Liv Hunia

    Liv Hunia25 日 前

    I can't sing like that

  83. Dramione 11

    Dramione 1126 日 前

    Her 10: sing AMAZING Me at 10: still trying to sing twinkle twinkle little star without having a voice crack

  84. StORM -

    StORM -26 日 前

    Aleisha hits golden buzzer to shut David up

  85. krimson the loser

    krimson the loser26 日 前

    Why did I get a Mexican ad for "britain's" got talent wth

  86. Olga Shchepotkina

    Olga Shchepotkina26 日 前

    Why are all these 10 year olds on got talents so mature like if I was them I would probably be really cringey and annoying

  87. • Jxsean Lovely •

    • Jxsean Lovely •26 日 前

    David: i was barely out of nappies when i was ten years old Me: same here..

  88. Alessandra de jesus

    Alessandra de jesus26 日 前

    Enquanto isso as crianças no Brasil......

  89. Adnan Hassan

    Adnan Hassan27 日 前

    She recieved the impressed standing ovation of her role model. OMG! Look Alesha's eyes. Thats the evil eye. We, Muslims, say 'Maansha Allah' to our impressed subjects so that the unseen emissions of the evil eye doesn't afflict the impressed individual.

  90. rxsès

    rxsès27 日 前

    Where on Spotify is this???

  91. Giorgia Borg Official

    Giorgia Borg Official23 日 前

    Giorgia Borg 10

  92. evangeline v

    evangeline v27 日 前

    her at 10: singing better then beyoncé me when i was 10: *making music videos with littlest pet shop toys.*

  93. evangeline v

    evangeline v27 日 前


  94. laurence alderson

    laurence alderson29 日 前

    She is 10 very good

  95. William Cundiff

    William Cundiff29 日 前

    Over a year later, still can’t find my wig.... amazing voice.

  96. texassweetheart8807

    texassweetheart880729 日 前


  97. Delaney slone

    Delaney slone29 日 前


  98. Uniquely Me

    Uniquely Meヶ月 前

    “When I speak, do you even hear what I say?” “It hurts when you look the other way!” “Are you hearing me?” “Will you ever see? Will you ever see me?” Those lines...relatable. I get ignored a lot by my family and by my “friends”. It rlly does hurt, on top of me already being depressed, that just adds to it. But they always wonder why I hide my feelings, well it’s because when I do try to tell them, they ignore me. Like she said “It hurts when you look the other way” and it rlly does. I hope I’m not the only one.

  99. LqcvxPlays !

    LqcvxPlays !28 日 前

    Ayy 2020

  100. Uniquely Me

    Uniquely Meヶ月 前

    Her at 10: Sings perfectly Me at 13: “LiTtLe EiNsTiEnS”

  101. Lulu Lulu

    Lulu Luluヶ月 前

    Siapa orang indo

  102. very Lidia

    very Lidiaヶ月 前

    ten year old singing amazing coming soon : your like ninjas

  103. very Lidia

    very Lidiaヶ月 前

    i got goosebumps 😁

  104. wiltstay000

    wiltstay000ヶ月 前

    David’s face at 3:40 cracks me up lmao

  105. xXfnaf._.LuverXx

    xXfnaf._.LuverXxヶ月 前


  106. Cheryl gaming

    Cheryl gamingヶ月 前

    Her voice is more clear than my future