Britain's Got Talent 2019 10 Year Old Singer Giorgia Borg Wows The Audience Full Audition S13E04


  1. Alex Pyzalski

    Alex Pyzalski2 時間 前

    JoJo Siwho??

  2. Games and episode stories

    Games and episode stories8 時間 前

    The people who disliked are just jealous of her amazing voice!! ❤️

  3. shahrzad jazaeri

    shahrzad jazaeri13 時間 前

    Her at 10: Amazing should singer Me at 10: spending hours on fort nite

  4. Rio Blake

    Rio Blake16 時間 前

    I got goose bumps

  5. Kaena F

    Kaena F20 時間 前

    Her at 10: sings so amazing and gets the golden buzzer Me at 10: making a sandwich out of carrots, skittles, bread and ranch dressing (true story)

  6. -El Gacha-

    -El Gacha-日 前

    i have goosebumps ☠️

  7. -El Gacha-

    -El Gacha-日 前

    thanks for posting this 2 days before my birthday now bye

  8. Madison Wichmann

    Madison Wichmann日 前

    Her at ten: sings like a literal angel Me at twelve: using every bone in my body not to pop the bubble wrap when were packing

  9. Funneh Fan чт

    Funneh Fan чт日 前

    Well now gurl, i cant stop watching you xD

  10. Julie Brown

    Julie Brown日 前

    2020 Not even a single soul Not a person Came on

  11. dahmar gutierrez

    dahmar gutierrez日 前

    Ok but is no one going to talk about how she wrote this song?????

  12. Misael Mojarro

    Misael Mojarro2 日 前

    What is the songs called

  13. Molly Clancy

    Molly Clancy2 日 前

    You are the best at singing

  14. John Bamouk

    John Bamouk2 日 前

    This is the best singing audition i have seen in my entire life..literally incredible..

  15. devon white

    devon white2 日 前

    wow just wow i have nothing to say im SHOOK

  16. Alysia Bartusek

    Alysia Bartusek3 日 前

    Judes: About to hit golden buzzer Janitor: here we go again

  17. Naz Anjum

    Naz Anjum3 日 前

    Gosh!! She is so good

  18. D a m a r '

    D a m a r '3 日 前

    am i the only one picturing the background music after the golden buzzer could be her singing that song better than the original

  19. Karl Jonsson

    Karl Jonsson3 日 前

    Giorgia: LOUDER!!! Are YOU HEARING ME!!!!!! Me 12-13: sing like her ish.

  20. Patricia Soil

    Patricia Soil3 日 前

    omg you go girl yasss

  21. Samantha Schmidt

    Samantha Schmidt4 日 前

    she is talented

  22. Jonathan Teter

    Jonathan Teter4 日 前

    Georgia at 10: Sings like she is the child of Jesus and Beyoncé Me at 10: Trying to close the fridge door to see if I can see the light turn off

  23. EJB !

    EJB !日 前


  24. makayla gibbs

    makayla gibbs5 日 前

    i love this girl cant stop listening too her WOW

  25. Billie Eyelash

    Billie Eyelash5 日 前

    4:28 same gurl, same.

  26. Sapkota Dancers

    Sapkota Dancers6 日 前

    Parents: Have brown hair Her: Has blonde hair Me: I-

  27. Koe

    Koe4 日 前

    @Sapkota Dancers She was most likely conceived with a sperm donor, surrogate, or adopted and that's how she most likely got blonde hair lol

  28. Joshua and Mika Garcia

    Joshua and Mika Garcia6 日 前

    Great singer

  29. ___Joey ___

    ___Joey ___6 日 前

    When does bgt start

  30. Kaitlin Hunt

    Kaitlin Hunt6 日 前

    Her at 10: amazing singer gets the golden buzzer Me at 13: closing and opening the fridge door trying to see the light inside turn off 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  31. its alicia

    its alicia6 日 前

    Geez when I was ten I was in 5th grade still learning shit like 25/2

  32. Angie Arrieta

    Angie Arrieta7 日 前

    AMAZING!!! She looks exactly like my youngest daughter Randee!!!!

  33. Leila Paige

    Leila Paige7 日 前

    I really did not expect that her voice is amazing

  34. Esha Chaudhry

    Esha Chaudhry7 日 前

    I got chills

  35. Ugly Cow

    Ugly Cow7 日 前

    Me singing when I was ten: Mom: yea you sound so good just keep practicing Her: .-. No words

  36. Clarence Wood

    Clarence Wood7 日 前

    She is so so so goodddddddddddddddddd

  37. ItzCotton Candy

    ItzCotton Candy7 日 前

    Her at 10: makes an original song Me at 12: opens and closes the fridge to see if the light turns off

  38. kittygirl23o7

    kittygirl23o77 日 前

    Nobody: The comments: hEr aT tEn yEaRs oLd

  39. Scirlatte

    Scirlatte7 日 前

    we hear ya

  40. Ajith p k

    Ajith p k7 日 前

    Malayaaali undo ????

  41. Tia Taylor

    Tia Taylor7 日 前

    Her at ten : gets golden buzzer:) The cleaners be like :Whyyyy!!!!

  42. Elaine Lövkvist

    Elaine Lövkvist7 日 前

    Omg!!! She is sooo good!!!!!😱

  43. •Gacha Galaxy Leah•

    •Gacha Galaxy Leah•7 日 前

    Her at ten *sings like an angel goddess* Me: at 16 *Sings like a dying whale swallowing a dead screaming racoon and falling off table*

  44. Angela Quigley

    Angela Quigley7 日 前

    4:31~. SHE DID THAT! I'm impressed 💗

  45. D a m a r '

    D a m a r '3 日 前

    ikr, sounds like the contestant that simon really wanted to mentor her, i forgot her name, i think rita ora was one of the judges

  46. nourhan ali

    nourhan ali8 日 前

    I’m speechless 😶👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥺

  47. Fame Pablico

    Fame Pablico8 日 前

    Lol when you write songs but you literally forget the tone/tune of the song u made 5 minutes ago 😂😂😂 lol A. K. A ME that's why I can not make my own songs But I can do poems/spoken poetry

  48. itz_Vanessa Alison

    itz_Vanessa Alison8 日 前

    Her at ten:sings like a angel Me at ten:still plays barbies

  49. Dora Martinez

    Dora Martinez9 日 前

    OMG she is a very good songr

  50. Shenea Howell

    Shenea Howell10 日 前


  51. ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍs ?

    ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍs ?10 日 前

    Her at 10: writes original music and sings like an angel Me at 12: staring at my reflection to see if it moves

  52. Catherine’s Clown College

    Catherine’s Clown College10 日 前


  53. Chloe Cooper

    Chloe Cooper10 日 前

    She gave me sooo much goosebumps. 1 like=1 more vote for her to become famous

  54. Joanna Skrzypczak

    Joanna Skrzypczak10 日 前

    Nobody said in comments - wow two mothers its SICK ! Welcome in normal World... Just people from Poland know what I mean...

  55. Charlotte Dugmore

    Charlotte Dugmore10 日 前

    Everyone's faces look like that when she started and sang because they were like "wow she singing an original song amazingly and i cant even sing twinkle twinkle little satyr correctly..

  56. Kylie Nicole

    Kylie Nicole10 日 前

    Im from malta too, i love her already.

  57. Orea_Emerald

    Orea_Emerald11 日 前

    This Girl's Gonna Be The Next Pop Star In 2027 Or Some Shit I Guarantee It!

  58. Brendy Cruz-Rodriguez

    Brendy Cruz-Rodriguez11 日 前

    Giorgia:singing like a GODDESS Me:singing like a pig mixed with a donkey

  59. Caroline Sherriff

    Caroline Sherriff11 日 前

    Her singing great Me at 10 trying to balance the light switch

  60. Amy Magri

    Amy Magri11 日 前

    Bongo malta

  61. Rebecca Pauley

    Rebecca Pauley11 日 前

    Georgia should participate in the junior euro vision. She USA that good. Like wow😮😱😱

  62. _ bloxia _

    _ bloxia _12 日 前

    Y’all, stop saying that you were different when you were ten, I’m sure she used to balance the light switch and do things a kid would do. Just because she has an amazing voice doesn’t mean she didn’t have a childhood doing all these kinds of stuff. Talents don’t stop you from being a child, smh 🤦‍♀️

  63. the magic makers

    the magic makers12 日 前

    4:37 alishas face is priceless