Britain's Got Talent 2017 Tokio Myers Amazing Artist Leaves Judges Speechless Full Audition S11E03


  1. lowcountry Woods

    lowcountry Woods17 時間 前

    I'm Tokyo from Britain in America

  2. Anurag Kumar

    Anurag Kumar18 時間 前

    I am speachless , simply speachless.

  3. Someone Random

    Someone Random22 時間 前

    Chills. I literally have chills.

  4. shashank rao

    shashank rao日 前

    Intro Started with Clair de lune

  5. Aleksandr Ivanov

    Aleksandr Ivanov日 前

    Такси 5 перезагрузка

  6. Copi Kenzie

    Copi Kenzie日 前

    I even dont know how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  7. Psychic Truth!

    Psychic Truth!日 前

    Tokio Aries King of rods Moses rod! Power on earth.

  8. MaTt 420

    MaTt 4202 日 前

    Sounds more like a story then a song. Sounds Like going through struggle then coming out on top in the long run💯👌

  9. Nani Nono

    Nani Nono2 日 前

    مقطع خيالي كأنه ساحر اقشعر بدني منه

  10. Ella Kad

    Ella Kad3 日 前

    Go for it boy u did it

  11. Максим Мащенко

    Максим Мащенко3 日 前

    Красиво исполнил!

  12. kun sasuke

    kun sasuke3 日 前

    Camre just caught that two guys talk.. And can hear their voice from far.. Using only cmre... How good world right now...

  13. Tranbergg

    Tranbergg23 時間 前

    kun sasuke they’re people Tokio knows so they put mics on them to here their reaction

  14. Alpy Wendwesan

    Alpy Wendwesan3 日 前

    What if you wanted to be a ghetto but god said piano

  15. Jayvee Aurea

    Jayvee Aurea3 日 前

    Claire De Lune ❤️

  16. Anne Adams

    Anne Adams4 日 前

    WOWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I don't Know

    I don't Know4 日 前

    Always will be on of my favourite auditions. Chills

  18. Robert G

    Robert G4 日 前

    Damn! So much better than crappy Rap.

  19. Backspace scroll

    Backspace scroll4 日 前

    Is that unexpected for you also???

  20. Sanjieev P

    Sanjieev P4 日 前

    Tokyo is from London.

  21. Sweet Talker

    Sweet Talker4 日 前


  22. Shooter15

    Shooter154 日 前

    The smooth transition into Bloodstream was indescribable

  23. Dayana Nunes

    Dayana Nunes5 日 前

    Brasileira aqui. Amo esses videos.

  24. Violette bdn

    Violette bdn5 日 前


  25. Brendon Jacobs

    Brendon Jacobs5 日 前

    Have yall notice that the camera always seem to fall on two people in the crowd having a conversation bout how nervous the person look

  26. Lucas Pazin

    Lucas Pazin5 日 前

    O Ronaldinho garai

  27. Local Buddy

    Local Buddy5 日 前

    What is the background song

  28. سجاد القيسي

    سجاد القيسي5 日 前

    الموفقيه ان شا الله

  29. The Blueeagle09

    The Blueeagle095 日 前

    Just thought of a joke Me:so now we are going onto a political joke Audience:ohhhhhhh Me:so we all know a politicians knowledge and it is ............... alright next joke

  30. Mariejoy Isidro

    Mariejoy Isidro5 日 前

    He didn’t get golden buzzer but he won the show at the end ! 😍

  31. Senad Ekinci

    Senad Ekinci5 日 前

    He look like x

  32. Mike Diavalo

    Mike Diavalo6 日 前

    God he is so cute❤️❤️💯💯

  33. Ben Norris

    Ben Norris6 日 前

    Soooooo much easier than original. I can tell u lot that from playing it

  34. F.Y.V.P

    F.Y.V.P6 日 前

    Whilst I definitely agree this was good and he is very talented but I personally don't think it's as great as half of the comments are saying.

  35. Let's Play

    Let's Play6 日 前

    He looks like a super skinny trippie red, right?

  36. Max Merki

    Max Merki7 日 前

    Bravo! What a talent?

  37. Jeff Devries

    Jeff Devries7 日 前

    As a pianist from long ago, I must say how impressed I am with this man! Tokio, follow your dream and always remember to praise your father for being so positively influential in your life! GOD BLESS you!

  38. Neelay Desai

    Neelay Desai7 日 前

    As a classical musician he isn’t great but he’s okay

  39. Zennah Mari Quipanes

    Zennah Mari Quipanes3 日 前

    Just stick to classical bruh

  40. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr6 日 前

    Neelay Desai I don’t rlly care cos I don’t have a clu but what u don’t know can’t hurt ya

  41. Neelay Desai

    Neelay Desai6 日 前

    Mike Carr he even went off timing serveral times

  42. Neelay Desai

    Neelay Desai6 日 前

    Mike Carr no one, its just his playing is meh

  43. Mike Carr

    Mike Carr6 日 前

    who asked tho

  44. PEN GUIN

    PEN GUIN7 日 前


  45. PsychoWolf

    PsychoWolf7 日 前

    Don’t quit ur day job

  46. beaver fribente

    beaver fribente7 日 前

    this man tokio is such a cool player all the best

  47. Reeyes Gaming

    Reeyes Gaming7 日 前

    Audience and judges face and that guy awesome piano ... the sync was awesome

  48. soham s shirwalkar

    soham s shirwalkar7 日 前

    im listening this with my thousands of goosebumps!

  49. Jeissy

    Jeissy7 日 前

    I watched Your lie in April 2 days ago. And now.. He is playing this song ? What a strong feeling.

  50. ////RONCO//TURBO////Moto & Curiosidades

    ////RONCO//TURBO////Moto & Curiosidades7 日 前


  51. Omg It's ayaan

    Omg It's ayaan7 日 前

    Damn Ronaldinho speaks pretty good English.

  52. Lord Melonshmuck

    Lord Melonshmuck8 日 前

    I refuse to believe that this guy is 34

  53. when will madao bloom ?

    when will madao bloom ?6 日 前

    Yes he looks like 45+

  54. Alvici L

    Alvici L8 日 前

    Im here stil watching

  55. Rodney B

    Rodney B8 日 前

    What’s the name of that song he was playing?

  56. AWooshyWoosh

    AWooshyWoosh7 日 前

    Sampled a bit from bloodstream by Ed sheeran

  57. Itshoneydew

    Itshoneydew7 日 前

    The beginning is Clair de lune

  58. FriendlyNeighborhoodHacker Project

    FriendlyNeighborhoodHacker Project7 日 前

    he wrote it, you'd have to learn it by ear if you wanted to play it

  59. Lettuce For Lunch

    Lettuce For Lunch8 日 前

    leiblsleid. love it

  60. ChainGame 100

    ChainGame 1008 日 前

    Too classical

  61. Alinaver79

    Alinaver798 日 前

    Were you surprised that the African played or did you decide that this is very talented for your country? For Russian children, this is usually !!!! At the level of a 9 year old child studying in a music school. Вас удивило,что сыграл африканец или вы решили,что это для вашей страны очень талантливо? Для русских детей это обычно !!!! На уровне 9 летнего ребёнка, учащегося в музыкальной школе.

  62. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos8 日 前

    Fucking brilliant

  63. Lucas Dominichi

    Lucas Dominichi9 日 前

    Very humble kind looking guy

  64. Leo Nordmann

    Leo Nordmann9 日 前

    I personally wasn't as impressed as they made it out to be. It's a nice piece and he played it well, but that's about it.

  65. David Fanai

    David Fanai9 日 前

    5:06 That thing, noone can take that away from him. So real. I too can feel him. Just a classy

  66. Arasu Filvendor

    Arasu Filvendor10 日 前

    If Ronaldinho is a legend of Soccer, this guy is legend of Piano.. he got the face that everyone likes!

  67. Zens Rock

    Zens Rock10 日 前


  68. Wan

    Wan10 日 前

    What's name of this song..??

  69. Cleber Castro

    Cleber Castro10 日 前

    Tradução em português cade

  70. Joop in den Haak

    Joop in den Haak10 日 前