Britain's Got Talent 2017 Tokio Myers Amazing Artist Leaves Judges Speechless Full Audition S11E03


  1. Ali x Hussain

    Ali x Hussain31 分 前

    Still watching it today? Me too.

  2. Royce Loi

    Royce Loi5 時間 前

    New level of playing piano. He can be a DJ in a club haha

  3. B Prince

    B Prince12 時間 前

    Greatest Ed Sheeran Bloodstream cover ever, hands down

  4. Melody Clark

    Melody Clark15 時間 前

    Thank God for giving us gifts like this.

  5. Catherine Devlin

    Catherine Devlin19 時間 前


  6. Eris Gece

    Eris Gece23 時間 前


  7. Rodolfo CP

    Rodolfo CP日 前

    Até piano o bruxo toca haha

  8. 그토충

    그토충日 前


  9. Josi Alves

    Josi Alves日 前

    Ronaldinho Gaúcho? Kkk

  10. GoonerMan24

    GoonerMan24日 前

    Met him at my wife's friend's wedding reception... Turns out he was the groom's best mate!

  11. GoonerMan24

    GoonerMan24日 前

    @ishtiaq wise Yep!

  12. ishtiaq wise

    ishtiaq wise日 前

    Oh wow! Really???

  13. Saraphina Godlisten

    Saraphina Godlisten日 前

    Loving his performance always and here I am again in 2019.....can't get tired of him

  14. Mike Messiah

    Mike Messiah2 日 前

    CAN ANYONE TELL ME what was so special about this performance?? Go to any music school you find tonnes of people that can perform like him _(of course they may not look hip and have a touching backstory like him)_

  15. Raphiphi 1

    Raphiphi 12 日 前


  16. The Virus

    The Virus2 日 前

    What song it is? please....

  17. nanda kishore

    nanda kishore2 日 前

    It was just ordinary..




  19. Lovin Bala

    Lovin Bala2 日 前

    So, am i the only one thinking its a good song for a anime??

  20. phantom guardian

    phantom guardian19 分 前

    Nah bruh, this shit fits perfectly for one

  21. Suré De Beer

    Suré De Beer3 時間 前


  22. Drew Lebel

    Drew Lebel2 日 前

    So when does he whip and nae nae?? I'm so disappointed...

  23. Faisal Albazi

    Faisal Albazi2 日 前

    Omg clair du lune that's the first song I learned. He played it hellllllla weird tho

  24. MUCH Chamber Music

    MUCH Chamber Music2 日 前


  25. Krisztián Darvas

    Krisztián Darvas2 日 前

    My man's wearing maccies uniform at 4:55.

  26. ChewyLacey

    ChewyLacey3 日 前

    he looks like oscar from shark tale

  27. Jared Man

    Jared Man3 日 前

    i literally cant hear a beat or anything like he seems like hes just smashing the piano?? why every1 saying hes gr8

  28. Tristan Walhain

    Tristan Walhain2 日 前

    Um, try playing this. And there is a beat, listen closely.

  29. José Antonio Manzano

    José Antonio Manzano3 日 前

    Pedazo de artista, se ve el éxtasis de un verdadero artista. Ojalá no pierda este hombre su esencia, pues es hermosa

  30. Samyad Sdnbhd

    Samyad Sdnbhd3 日 前


  31. Рима Аскарова

    Рима Аскарова3 日 前


  32. คับ คับ

    คับ คับ3 日 前


  33. Milla Ne

    Milla Ne3 日 前


  34. Luis Mendoza

    Luis Mendoza3 日 前

    🥶 3:06 🥶

  35. Carolann  Winckel

    Carolann Winckel3 日 前

    His Dade made the best decision in his life with giving him a keyboard!! Such a talent 💓

  36. Michael Dude

    Michael Dude3 日 前

    2:10 to get to the actual performance if you don't care about the backstory.

  37. Savage WRLD

    Savage WRLD3 日 前

    what this guy is doing is actually so easy... you just need to start playing piano at the age of 4-5 and practice for more than 5 hours a day for like 10-15 years, never give up and voila... I can do that too. I just don't want to. I have better things to do. like, eating potato chips and comment on youtube videos...

  38. simon cantieni

    simon cantieni3 日 前


  39. Witold Łącz

    Witold Łącz3 日 前

    Nothing special for me. Good piano player and nothing more...

  40. noe_ wts

    noe_ wts3 日 前



    THÁNH ĐÀO4 日 前

    Qc đầu lôz gì lắm thế dkmm

  42. Fire Man Dan

    Fire Man Dan4 日 前

    The beginning of the song sounds oddly familiar to the piano music playing in the insane asylum in The Evil Within

  43. nour kallel

    nour kallel3 日 前

    Fire Man Dan it’s Clair de lune Claude Debussy

  44. A. S.

    A. S.4 日 前


  45. Piotrek ELO

    Piotrek ELO4 日 前

    nothing special...

  46. Hadjia Realist

    Hadjia Realist4 日 前

    Where the hell was the golden buzzer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. An Outlaw's Redemption

    An Outlaw's Redemption4 日 前

    They should only let Amanda talk

  48. Preety P.

    Preety P.4 日 前

    Tokyo's my favorite audition

  49. Eleazar L. Magariño

    Eleazar L. Magariño4 日 前

    Wow! Beautiful....

  50. Gunpla Sam

    Gunpla Sam5 日 前

    Twoset violin deserves to review this beautiful performance. Finally no more sacrilegious auditions

  51. Encep Chance Heaven

    Encep Chance Heaven5 日 前

    Salah satu komentar berbahasa Indonesia 😉

  52. K L

    K L5 日 前

    PURE TALENT!! This guy is amazing!!! He is a genius!!

  53. Badro Bouseba

    Badro Bouseba5 日 前

    future @Peter Bence

  54. christine maddy

    christine maddy5 日 前

    Nice Nice Nice he has done a good job...❤🙏

  55. gloooopo

    gloooopo5 日 前

    Imagine if his Dad hadn't brought him that keyboard home.....the smallest actions came create massive life changing experiences.

  56. the happiest person in the world

    the happiest person in the world5 日 前

    Hello I'm tokyo and I'm from Japan

  57. Living Well With TJ

    Living Well With TJ5 日 前

    He’s a decent pianist, but there’s nothing extraordinary about this. It takes so little to impress people these days.

  58. Jacob Lawney

    Jacob Lawney5 日 前

    The thing i'm most impressed about is that no one yawned during the performance. Incredible...

  59. Jude Molano

    Jude Molano日 前


  60. nanda kishore

    nanda kishore2 日 前


  61. Deborah Grysko

    Deborah Grysko5 日 前





  63. Move On

    Move On5 日 前


  64. Isabella Versetti

    Isabella Versetti6 日 前

    Anyone know which song he started to play?

  65. Magdalena

    Magdalena6 日 前


  66. secondgamerisdead

    secondgamerisdead6 日 前

    It's so dramatic

  67. Machiruda59

    Machiruda596 日 前

    I'd like to hear his music in some epic movie!!! It's soooo moving

  68. National Anti- Narcotics Unit

    National Anti- Narcotics Unit6 日 前

    𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜

  69. budi andi

    budi andi6 日 前

    09 09 2019 from Indonesia