Brilliant GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions On Britain's Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global


  1. Grace Shiroy

    Grace Shiroy11 時間 前

    Doesn't the tap that Simon give to you after the golden buzzer,,to congratulate you hurt??just curious that's all

  2. Rainbow Socks

    Rainbow Socks日 前

    When the boy started dancing I could not 😂😂

  3. すずきさん

    すずきさん日 前


  4. Canary Cuteness!

    Canary Cuteness!2 日 前

    I really do love the little child in the bin stuck!

  5. ikke_sant ?

    ikke_sant ?2 日 前

    The first guy was such an amazing teacher, why didn't I have a teacher like that? Bruh my teacher back in like 1st grade used to slap all the left handed kids on a daily basis and tie their dominant hands behind their backs to force them to be right handed. Like wth is life

  6. Mileykade Mileykade1234

    Mileykade Mileykade12342 日 前

    No wonder these are the best xxxxxxxxxx

  7. krishna labalobich

    krishna labalobich2 日 前

    no entiendo pueden poner subtítulos porfavor

  8. Julie D

    Julie D2 日 前

    I'm selling the cute boys' amazing song at 28:00. The cost? One like :)

  9. john lawrence

    john lawrence2 日 前

    Kojo, funnier than all the so called comedians on the BBC.

  10. Valerie DiPaula

    Valerie DiPaula3 日 前

    I love dancy guy

  11. VIMAGO

    VIMAGO3 日 前

    Man's not hot

  12. anon sangsri

    anon sangsri3 日 前

    At the first on the great teacher absolutely. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Stacey Orr

    Stacey Orr3 日 前

    Anyone else like to guess who’s gonna press the gold during each performance

  14. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith3 日 前

    I'm over weezing cause im crying so much over this one dude getting the golden buzzer and a pizza ad shows up. Despicible

  15. Allan Metiam

    Allan Metiam3 日 前

    I like it when Ant and Dec pushes the Golden Buzzer and when Simon smiles its Golden and the first part I was in shock seeing David crying Britain's Got talent is SPECIAL this show made contestants dreams come true and the Champion and the other contestants are special The Judges Simon,David,Alesha and Amanda made the people that got a Golden Buzzer they made their lives change forever the GOLDEN BUZZER is the HEART of Britain's Got Talent.

  16. Rahaf Jaradat

    Rahaf Jaradat4 日 前

    Imagine if one of the balls that they threw hit the Golden buzzer 😂😂😂

  17. Snohey

    Snohey4 日 前

    Oh wat, this was uploaded on my birthday

  18. • JellyBeanz Is a Weeb •

    • JellyBeanz Is a Weeb •4 日 前

    I’m so confused why was everyone crying in the first one-

  19. himesh gurung

    himesh gurung5 日 前


  20. Halima Ahmed

    Halima Ahmed5 日 前

    Amanda is evil, proof=3.17

  21. Naman Singla

    Naman Singla5 日 前

    They all got gold when Amanda was wearing gold

  22. Ratan katiyar

    Ratan katiyar6 日 前

    Last act soo worth it

  23. ZACH -29gameing and stuff

    ZACH -29gameing and stuff6 日 前

    The first one made me cry it was so buatiful

  24. Aicha Toumi

    Aicha Toumi7 日 前


  25. Aicha Toumi

    Aicha Toumi7 日 前

    يعيوا !!!

  26. Cameron X

    Cameron X7 日 前

    The Janitor who has to clean the gold confetti: Damn good acts Getting the gold buzzer

  27. Dorothy Flores Sigao

    Dorothy Flores Sigao7 日 前

    These Golden Buzzers are not about being good and perfect but its how it touched the judges, its about the impact and the message♥️

  28. Dragon Gamer

    Dragon Gamer7 日 前

    I feel like if I ever got to go in America’s got talent I would not get a golden buzzer

  29. Sarah Magar

    Sarah Magar7 日 前

    Kids are better than me! Kids starts singing Me: wow let me have a go Me starts singing My mum: where the awful song coming from?

  30. Nina Dees

    Nina Dees8 日 前

    Although the first choir was super cute and well choreographed, it was exactly what it said it was. It was an elementary school choir with a higher production value with lots of gimmicks, pop culture references and props. The talent level really was mediocre and it made the performance itself an earache. And as heartwarming as it is to gift a large number of kids he fun memory of getting a golden buzzer, I don't think they deserved it compared to the other more practiced acts.

  31. Aliens do exist

    Aliens do exist8 日 前

    Simon hates those kids

  32. I’m in pain Don’t you realize?

    I’m in pain Don’t you realize?8 日 前

    16:18 he’s my favorite😂

  33. Riley Gibson

    Riley Gibson8 日 前

    Why has aleasha has a instrument in her ear ?

  34. Amritha Prajith

    Amritha Prajith8 日 前

    0:38 *Amanda* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. Wolf

    Wolf8 日 前

    Kojo is so FUNNY!! These jokes are literally brilliant and soo funny!!! I would watch this guy all day

  36. Wolf

    Wolf8 日 前

    The first audition was so funny and entertaining! I was looking everyone because I was seeing everything new popping up, that's what GT needs!

  37. star3090 star3090

    star3090 star30908 日 前

    32:23. That's all..

  38. Brigitte Veltmeyer

    Brigitte Veltmeyer8 日 前

    the first one made me into tears

  39. ManticPoleCat 26

    ManticPoleCat 269 日 前

    How I feel about the first one This is my country 😂😂 I love it

  40. Leslie September

    Leslie September9 日 前

    What does the golden buzzer mean?

  41. Ivy's LPS and moreYT

    Ivy's LPS and moreYT9 日 前

    The chior was super cringey and they ruined my favourite song and band!!!😒😝

  42. panda kid

    panda kid9 日 前

    22:37 that's girl hit a Zayn malik kind of high note impressive

  43. lZGamerzI

    lZGamerzI9 日 前

    I laughed way more then i should on excited Amanda in 19:00

  44. Adrianna Allen

    Adrianna Allen9 日 前

    omg when kojo started i died laughing

  45. Tonnyuu Cùn

    Tonnyuu Cùn9 日 前

    Love alesha

  46. 野原ひろし

    野原ひろし10 日 前

    27:24 めちゃくちゃカッコいいドラムなのにTシャツが渋谷スケートは笑う

  47. Shain Allaire

    Shain Allaire10 日 前

    If they all did a show together

  48. Shain Allaire

    Shain Allaire10 日 前

    Imagine Kevin heart kojo preacher Lawson and deliso if that's how you spell it

  49. Chiara's PlayDay

    Chiara's PlayDay10 日 前

    Is Simon the boss???

  50. Kirbzy

    Kirbzy10 日 前

    Kojo : "Do you like comedians?" Simon : "well no" *but actually yes*

  51. Hey There

    Hey There10 日 前


  52. The 4 Musketeers

    The 4 Musketeers11 日 前

    My grandma wants me to be on the show I asked want to be on the show but I have nothing good to do on the show

  53. iraneem6_

    iraneem6_11 日 前

    n u اعكسوها ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه

  54. Zcythe

    Zcythe11 日 前

    That first performance was really bad hate to break it too you

  55. Streamer 013

    Streamer 01311 日 前

    I feel so stupid, im like: I feel like there gonna get the golden buzzer then I look at the title again and im like: oh....

  56. Dorothy Flores Sigao

    Dorothy Flores Sigao7 日 前


  57. Pixie Darvill

    Pixie Darvill10 日 前


  58. Jana Blattner

    Jana Blattner11 日 前

    I‘m not crying, ur crying!

  59. kelly cruz

    kelly cruz11 日 前

    I cried every time a kid got the golden buzzer

  60. kelly cruz

    kelly cruz11 日 前

    I’m not gonna lie when Kojo got the golden buzzer I was crying because he was full of joy but I’m very happy for him


    MARVEL FANS11 日 前

    i cryed a lot

  62. Níamh McKeown

    Níamh McKeown12 日 前

    when the 4 boys came out my face w t like this😍😍😍