Brighten Your Day With These Uplifting Auditions And Funny Acts! - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Delta FOX Gaming

    Delta FOX Gaming2 日 前

    Every like is a golden buzzer for the first contestant Joseph Allen.

  2. Muhammad Eizzad

    Muhammad Eizzad4 日 前


  3. Marquise Henderson

    Marquise Henderson7 日 前

    Joseph you are so sweet and funny mannn you are so sweet and funny I love the way you think and how you followed your dream 😍❤️💪💯😁👌😱

  4. zadn 11

    zadn 118 日 前


  5. Rixie

    Rixie9 日 前

    THE FIRST ONE Aajwjajams

  6. samson lei

    samson lei9 日 前

    The third guy looked like a blonde hitler

  7. Sanjog Clasher

    Sanjog Clasher11 日 前

    Nepalese people here !

  8. Lia Portalatin

    Lia Portalatin11 日 前

    Love the first one!!!

  9. Esmeral Bunn'

    Esmeral Bunn'13 日 前

    Awww, when he cried.😭

  10. Joud Ahmed

    Joud Ahmed15 日 前

    The judges were so mean to the giraffe and I think it was good

  11. Shoel Santacruz

    Shoel Santacruz18 日 前

    Podrian taducir la cancion de josse

  12. Simon Grönlund

    Simon Grönlund18 日 前

    The 1:st act and the 2:nd act were both brilliant but the 3:rd guy? Did you want to humiliate him even further? How cruel of you!!! As I said, the first 2 guys are brilliant. My blessings.

  13. Mob Barley

    Mob Barley20 日 前

    I thought that beer magician was drunk not me.

  14. ubair zafar12

    ubair zafar1220 日 前

    what happend with the last one?

  15. mimi

    mimi20 日 前


  16. Ethan Dworak-Carrasco

    Ethan Dworak-Carrasco20 日 前

    The third one looks like Crayator

  17. Diyar Koku

    Diyar Koku20 日 前

    How fake was the beerr magician though?

  18. Joakim San Juan

    Joakim San Juan20 日 前


  19. John Robert Mendoza Villanueva

    John Robert Mendoza Villanueva21 日 前

    What a talent 😊


    TEKNO BBX22 日 前

    Joseph allen this guy is amazing before he start to go to stage he said that if i got the golden buzzer u gonna go out there and hold me dammmm and he did😭

  21. Austin Cavallari

    Austin Cavallari23 日 前

    8:33 he looks like he hungry

  22. Cory Snapple

    Cory Snapple23 日 前

    Anybody wanna buy this song

  23. WaZiR STuDio

    WaZiR STuDio23 日 前

    I have big talent I need someone who can help me to go there Please I need chance to show the world my big talent 🙏

  24. yeehaw my guy

    yeehaw my guy25 日 前

    4:17 that was so smooth bruh

  25. Lateefah Quarles

    Lateefah Quarles25 日 前

    The first one was good this my 5 time watching this

  26. international space station

    international space station25 日 前

    The first one did not have a sad story still won the golden buzzer😺

  27. Tsm DAEQUAN

    Tsm DAEQUAN25 日 前

    1st guy : awesome Golden buzzer: am I a joke to you

  28. Legendary Gamer

    Legendary Gamer25 日 前

    That is so amazing👍😎🔥❤

  29. Hollie Lane

    Hollie Lane25 日 前

    We need more people in this world like the first guy 😭❤

  30. Maryam Elhachemi

    Maryam Elhachemi11 日 前

    hollie lane that is true i agree 🖒😌

  31. cloudy sky

    cloudy sky22 日 前

    Agree 💯

  32. SKOL Vikings

    SKOL Vikings25 日 前

    13:56 there are literally shoes under the table 🤣

  33. SKOL Vikings

    SKOL Vikings25 日 前

    And there is a hole on the top of the table 🤣

  34. Kuthozo Nyekha

    Kuthozo Nyekha26 日 前

    That first audition "DOPE MAN DOPE" killed it!!!

  35. KangaWallaFoxx

    KangaWallaFoxx26 日 前

    Love the shoey, only way to end from an Australian.

  36. Veamoniti Lautaha

    Veamoniti Lautaha26 日 前

    supposed to make me feel better Me: i feel untalented


    GILLY - BIKE LIFE26 日 前

    Keep coming back to this video gives you goose bumps so talented

  38. dfaefa Martinez

    dfaefa Martinez26 日 前

    calm down the first one, you are just singing

  39. Serpent SlayerxX

    Serpent SlayerxX27 日 前

    Sethward came back, oh geez

  40. Spen Obanan

    Spen Obanan27 日 前

    Watching from the Philippines:)

  41. Deltaa

    Deltaa27 日 前

    new eminem

  42. GrimBoardypie

    GrimBoardypie27 日 前

    Sethwards moustache was almost as good as crayators stache

  43. Jp Slim

    Jp Slim27 日 前

    What in the living hell was Sethward?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣