Bright Idea With a Drill !


  1. Ricardo Rattes

    Ricardo Rattes日 前

    Sinceramente falando...Tanto trabalho para fazer uma serra tico-tico. Resumo: Muito melhor comprar uma semi profissional, que é muito melhor que esta engenhoca, sem contar que umas de boa marca que existem nas facilidades na hora da troca de lâmina, na iluminação que algumas tem e na ergometria que todas têm, que é na empunhadura para segurar e manusear a ferramenta.

  2. Flavio Aurelio

    Flavio Aurelio4 日 前

    10 minutos jogados fora !

  3. Paige Marie

    Paige Marie4 日 前


  4. Bud Weiser

    Bud Weiser4 日 前

    WTH ! What a waste of time !

  5. T.A. Music

    T.A. Music6 日 前

    Awful bloody background music

  6. Gustavo Federico

    Gustavo Federico6 日 前

    Time is money. My shop rate is $65/hr. This looks like a $650 saw + material. I think harbor freight has one for $8 on black friday.

  7. Joao Carlos Gomes

    Joao Carlos Gomes10 日 前

    Criatividade é a que vale muito criticam mais é só pôr não ter criatividade....

  8. steven stout

    steven stout11 日 前

    Freakin hilarious 😂 😂

  9. Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe

    Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe11 日 前

    Dude thanks for wasting 10 mins of my life that I'll never get back. You have entirely way to much MoFo'ing free time and junk on your hands. If you got yourself a job you could afford to BUY a much safer and more accurate and efficient REAL jigsaw after working ONLY one or two hours at that job.

  10. Cory Sturgis

    Cory Sturgis13 日 前

    Awesome subscribed. Don't listen to the Craft less d bags. Keep up the great work. I

  11. Eduardo Sànchez

    Eduardo Sànchez15 日 前

    Mejor compro una sierra eléctrica por 200 pmn

  12. Norberto Aguilar

    Norberto Aguilar16 日 前

    No chingues

  13. ronildo Santos

    ronildo Santos16 日 前

    Prefiro comprar logo uma tico tico.cansei só de olhar.😕😕😕

  14. 2wheelpiracy

    2wheelpiracy17 日 前 a 13 dollar jig saw

  15. leon hammond

    leon hammond17 日 前

    7mins and 39secs there is a jigsaw laying on the floor, why would you even do this?????

  16. Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe

    Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe11 日 前

    🤣🤣😂😂😂 A relatively brand new one no less! 🤣🤣😂😂😂 He bought THAT one to take it apart in order to figure out how to make his crappy dangerous hillbilly deluxe OSHA nightmare one. 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  17. Marcos Busatto

    Marcos Busatto17 日 前

    Uma grande forma de perder 10 minutos vendo o vídeo ou uns 3 dias fazendo essa gambiarra

  18. Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe

    Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe11 日 前


  19. Adam Wade

    Adam Wade17 日 前

    Damn people. So negative. It was just a neat idea. A fun project. There is clearly a jig saw in the background around 7 minutes ish. You people saying "go buy one."are boring, unoriginal and slaves to consumerism. Like damn, it's a build video. Just a video. Calm down and take a deep breath. Stuff was dull, welding was... Just enjoy or leave. We all know a jig is like 20 bucks, you are informing no one

  20. Asael Aguilar

    Asael Aguilar17 日 前

    If one day the world runs out of jigsaws, this is the guy we need.

  21. Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe

    Kelly Ann Flanagan Smythe11 日 前


  22. Shane OD

    Shane OD18 日 前

    Smart bloke, but half way through watching this video an ad appeared advertising a deadly little battery powered mini chainsaw 🤷🏼‍♂️ JPreporter just fucked u over pal!!

  23. Psicologia Sem frescura

    Psicologia Sem frescura18 日 前

    Tanto trabalho para isso????seria mais fácil comprar uma tico tico...isso que é o tal de não ter o que fazer ...pqp.

  24. Sándor Simonyi

    Sándor Simonyi19 日 前

    Aus Scheisse Schloss bauen

  25. Chris Hetterich

    Chris Hetterich20 日 前

    Holy shit that was a waste of time. Creative but waste of time sorry.

  26. Rui Waldete

    Rui Waldete20 日 前


  27. Tarif Ali

    Tarif Ali22 日 前


  28. Goran Kunovic

    Goran Kunovic25 日 前

    What bulshit... waist of time and internet..

  29. Stan West

    Stan West25 日 前

    the bit I liked in this video was the banjo music the rest of it was just a waste of time

  30. Masquedebe

    Masquedebe29 日 前


  31. Tony Fleming

    Tony Flemingヶ月 前

    Obviously this is a hobby for the guy. He already has a jigsaw at 7:39 . Did anyone here actually watch this expecting to learn how to make a jigsaw out of a drill? Lighten up folks, and enjoy the creativity.

  32. dgja55

    dgja55ヶ月 前

    Из говна и палок набрал больше 4х милионов просмотров 👍

  33. Alex Cd

    Alex Cdヶ月 前

    O homem de sem estrutura consegue fazer isso imagina se tivesse recurso que ele faria

  34. Русский Человек

    Русский Человекヶ月 前

    идиот,в магазине пилу лень купить... всякое говно придумывают, потом то пальцы отрежет , то в башку дурную металлическую болванку ловит... полудурок одним словом.....

  35. Bendude

    Bendudeヶ月 前

    It’s a good creative idea but I do agree with the comments that a jigsaw is very cheap to buy these days anyway.

  36. bobby bird

    bobby birdヶ月 前

    What a bellend. I bet that falls apart in two seconds. Click bate shit

  37. Carleno Fernandes

    Carleno Fernandesヶ月 前

    Muita enrolação para uma coisa bem simples!

  38. noone cares

    noone caresヶ月 前

    Yea #1 is stupid

  39. Brandon Fincher

    Brandon Fincherヶ月 前

    The only thing bright about this idea was making a video that JPreporter paid you $2.25 for.

  40. bighairynuts4u

    bighairynuts4uヶ月 前

    What can possibly go wrong with this

  41. Galen Marek

    Galen Marekヶ月 前

    A jigsaw would have been handy to cut the slots in the tube at 6:15.

  42. Bible Truth!

    Bible Truth!ヶ月 前

    You got to admit this guy is Smart!

  43. Peter Putenschnitzel

    Peter Putenschnitzelヶ月 前

    Bible Truth! Sorry, but he‘s just wasting time ...

  44. Buck Vengence

    Buck Vengenceヶ月 前

    What a fucking loser