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  1. PunkdRebel

    PunkdRebel4 分 前

    Someone clearly glued down her answers a lot more than any others that have been on here too. She had a hard time with them, if you check literally anyone before or after her they all remove super easy and hassle free.

  2. selalanurag

    selalanurag26 分 前

    What is common between Rdj and Larson? People like them a lot. Larson of course to punch equality right to her throat (Central intelligence style)

  3. Ryan Wagner

    Ryan Wagner31 分 前

    Do I like Captain Marvel? Yes Do I like Brie Larson? No

  4. Ryan Wagner

    Ryan Wagner35 分 前

    I feel like she didn’t want to be interviewed... they didn’t want to interview her... and that marvel is regretting their decision of casting her as Captain Marvel

  5. Jim Ben

    Jim Ben38 分 前

    extremely narcissistic, passive-aggressive and overly sensitive. I got 2 mins and had to bail, the cringe was too strong.

  6. Not So Pro Gamer

    Not So Pro Gamer57 分 前

    Is brie larson an idiot?

  7. Abz Farooq

    Abz Farooq57 分 前

    Why's this got so many dislikes, wow

  8. Tiago Ribeiro Valente Marques

    Tiago Ribeiro Valente Marques59 分 前

    Weak guest sorry bro

  9. thesalanian

    thesalanian時間 前

    Brie Larson: *exists* Comments: Wow so unlikeable

  10. thesalanian

    thesalanian時間 前

    nvm she is sort of unlikeable

  11. ryan 123

    ryan 123時間 前

    Brie Larson: I do my own stunts Also Brie Larson: I have two stunt doubles and a butt double

  12. Kailop Jones

    Kailop Jones時間 前

    How is there not a meme for this yet?

  13. sussy minion

    sussy minion時間 前

    wHY aRe YOU GOogLinG mE?

  14. sussy minion

    sussy minion時間 前

    Wow that guy who made that really epic comment is the best person ever.rIGht?

  15. Anthony Quigley

    Anthony Quigley時間 前

    "I didn't go to College because i was lucky that i was VERY beautiful and got picked up by media industries so i didn't have to, i i LITERALLY didn't earn a SINGLE thing in my life that didn't revolve around just what i look like" Probably the most priviledged person on earth, a beautiful, famous white western woman. and she's STILL f*cking complaining. She has EVERYTING she has in life LITERALLY ONLY because of her looks, if she didn't look like that, she wouldn't be famous. same for 90% of all orther beautiful actresses under 40, so F*CK OFF. Brie you c*nt.

  16. Numb Skull

    Numb Skull時間 前

    Must be the trolls doing all the dislikes, surprised im allowed to comment here at all.

  17. Ashley Reddy

    Ashley Reddy時間 前

    please leave the marvel world, kill her off in the next movie pleaassseeeee

  18. Easton Gallegos

    Easton Gallegos2 時間 前

    Her personality is so non-existant.

  19. Dovahkiin Bruh

    Dovahkiin Bruh2 時間 前

    Who else is rooting for her to die in end game? I sure am.

  20. Main Man

    Main Man2 時間 前

    I really do want to like her, but her constant overanalyzing and oversensitivity is just exhausting.

  21. T Lamb

    T Lamb2 時間 前

    First she says she didn’t go to college then she says she did then dropped out. She lies a lot. I’m so confused.

  22. ANONYMOUS 324

    ANONYMOUS 3242 時間 前


  23. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith2 時間 前

    And Brie Larson takes the award for... the most disliked WIRED autocomplete interview

  24. Eldaron

    Eldaron2 時間 前

    She thinks she's captain marvel

  25. lizzietupman

    lizzietupman2 時間 前

    By far the most annoying person in the whole marvel universe, all the other actors seem so cool and she’s just rude

  26. Ralf Cambodia

    Ralf Cambodia2 時間 前


  27. Gol.d Skies

    Gol.d Skies2 時間 前


  28. Noir Films

    Noir Films2 時間 前

    I do my own stunts Other interview: I have 2 stunt doubles

  29. E72

    E723 時間 前

    I actually hate Brie Larson. worst mistake marvel/disney ever made

  30. Do You Know De Wae

    Do You Know De Wae3 時間 前


  31. Suzanna Antonia's

    Suzanna Antonia's3 時間 前

    I was kinda angry at people for bashing her before the movie came out. I mean I get it , when you love Marvel and it’s been in your life for a decade you want every knew movie to be amazing and I felt like people weren’t even giving her a chance. But now I get it , I watched a bunch of her interviews and everything makes sense now. I am actually going be sad for MCU if the majority of OGs are going to leave and we will be stuck with Brie.

  32. kanna san

    kanna san3 時間 前

    I am a simple person I see Brie I click to give her a beautiful dislike ☻

  33. Nat Cruz

    Nat Cruz3 時間 前

    She has dry humor lmao, I like her ❤️

  34. Banscotty DP

    Banscotty DP3 時間 前

    You are absolutely pathetic Brie.

  35. 보라아미

    보라아미3 時間 前

    I used to love her so much.

  36. Zurku

    Zurku3 時間 前

    Why Brie Larson is So Flat

  37. Docile Catfish

    Docile Catfish3 時間 前

    I felt that her response to whether or not she went to college really weird. Like elaborate why you didn’t, give a little anecdote. Even the interviewer asked why. Why’s she so sparse to give answers about herself in this interview to talk about herself? Like if you don’t want people to know you then why didn’t you just go to that buffet?

  38. SkiesAbove UnlimitedStargazer

    SkiesAbove UnlimitedStargazer4 時間 前

    Sitdown!! Be Humble!! Sitdown!! Be Humble!! Shutup!! Ala ala ala.. Be humble!!

  39. Carlo lapuz

    Carlo lapuz4 時間 前

    Omg shes so annoying and cringy. She tries to find smart and shes freaking not. She takes everything so literally and seriously.

  40. Dureza 10Mohs

    Dureza 10Mohs4 時間 前

    I love her

  41. n Guitges

    n Guitges4 時間 前

    *Daughter* : mom, my friends call me ugly *Brie* : duh *Daughter* : thank u mom, very cool

  42. EbberDeeMills

    EbberDeeMills4 時間 前

    Slow it down to 0.50x speed. #DrunkBrie

  43. n Guitges

    n Guitges4 時間 前

    This comment is _flooded_ by the *is that like some personal attack or sumting meme*

  44. Joeleon

    Joeleon4 時間 前


  45. basenji77

    basenji774 時間 前

    Isn’t Brie Larson technically cheese theft?

  46. Mech Engineer

    Mech Engineer3 時間 前

    I can't be the only one who caught this.

  47. Korra Black

    Korra Black4 時間 前

    Some of y'all just loved joining the bandwagon of hating her. Congrats you can't make opinions of your own. If it was someone else, they would have been described as quirky and sassy

  48. JAEKO

    JAEKO4 時間 前

    At this point the only thing that could save Endgame is if Captain Marvel dies.

  49. dylan

    dylan4 時間 前

    Lol she flat out says no she didn’t go to college, then later she lets it slip out she tried to take french in college. she’s so phony

  50. JAEKO

    JAEKO4 時間 前

    I honestly can’t believe they got somebody so unlikeable to become the “new face of the mcu”. Like wtf were they thinking???? Brie Larson has no charisma, no talent, and on top of that, is incredibly annoying.

  51. The Dogg House

    The Dogg House4 時間 前

    I dont like this woman for some reason. Maybe in person I'd feel different.

  52. Severely Sarcastic Organism

    Severely Sarcastic Organism4 時間 前

    Never has there been a more punchable face

  53. JJ T

    JJ T4 時間 前

    Brie: "This is something that is worth googling because it's a little complicated and confusing" Well sorry some "white-men" just puts "Brie larson dog" Google does the rest DUH

  54. mrlavabeast

    mrlavabeast4 時間 前

    Holy sheeeeiiiittt she's the new Paltrow. She just comes across as so unlikeable and self absorbed. How many times can she answer a question with another question with a roll of her eyes. "Why?" Exasperation face and another arrogant comment.

  55. TallyTheAlli

    TallyTheAlli4 時間 前

    Brie Larson did nothing wrong, you all are just dumbasses

  56. EL

    EL4 時間 前

    Is ugly hot a thing?

  57. Sam Samson

    Sam Samson4 時間 前

    *Brie, can you react to the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon? Season 2 is coming out on April 26.*

  58. Allan Skarstein

    Allan Skarstein4 時間 前

    brie is boring and should stop with everything. That includes breathing. Yes, that's a personal attack or something.

  59. Investing With Wesley

    Investing With Wesley4 時間 前

    Give us Gal Gadot!

  60. Investing With Wesley

    Investing With Wesley4 時間 前

    when keeping it real goes wrong

  61. Raghav Kumar

    Raghav Kumar4 時間 前

    This idiot has too much attitude!

  62. emilio arce

    emilio arce5 時間 前

    Sometimes i feel that she is a parody of herself.

  63. Matt Childress

    Matt Childress5 時間 前

    Is Brie Larson a demon. Come on guys rev up those search engines and lets make this the number one search

  64. Chris !!!

    Chris !!!5 時間 前

    She's allergic to cats!? WTF what about Goose??

  65. Simi Sanni

    Simi Sanni5 時間 前

    I honestly thought she was just trying to be funny. 😕

  66. potato chips

    potato chips3 時間 前

    Yes... it's actually not that deep but people always take things to the next level

  67. Dan Vanson

    Dan Vanson5 時間 前

    I don't think i've ever hated someone so quickly in my life.

  68. Rookie Gamer

    Rookie Gamer5 時間 前

    I liked the comments more than the actual video

  69. esoxlee12

    esoxlee125 時間 前

    JPreporter has come to the rescue of Brie again by disabling the like or dislike for comments and shadowing banning comments.

  70. Lucas Silva

    Lucas Silva5 時間 前

    Sua feminista vadia, tem que morre

  71. k pax

    k pax5 時間 前

    You seriously need therapy so you can talk and talk and talk in private, so that you can STFU in public. Enough already. You're a moron.

  72. Mech Engineer

    Mech Engineer5 時間 前

    So check any other celebrity's Google Answer video. Compare the likes and dislikes of those vids and how Brie presents herself here. Of course, feminists, shills and all that nastiness will say it's all the while males and haters weighing in, and nothing to do with her TOXIC personality.

  73. Arnold

    Arnold6 時間 前

    I love her sarcasm and sassiness.

  74. Harbinger

    Harbinger6 時間 前

    How can you have an acting profession with completely 0 carisma? Woah

  75. ctrlsoul

    ctrlsoul6 時間 前

    You guys missed the most important question. "Why is Brie Larson ruining MCU?"

  76. HallyuOtaku

    HallyuOtaku6 時間 前

    Why did she even agree to guest here if she dont want to answer some question? And why is she overracting like she's thinking that every question is trying to attack her or something

  77. kamal bhandari

    kamal bhandari6 時間 前

    Now, All eyes on Thanos. He was our last hope!!

  78. Adya Singh

    Adya Singh6 時間 前

    The more videos of hers i see, the more i like her...!😊

  79. Kennedy Krane

    Kennedy Krane6 時間 前

    Who's curious about the blank question lol

  80. Sagar Jadhav

    Sagar Jadhav7 時間 前

    She didn't answer any of those questions that needs to be answered

  81. Jaq

    Jaq7 時間 前

    She is hard to like tbh

  82. shongkhup wanbe

    shongkhup wanbe7 時間 前

    I just hate her.

  83. Pita Ariel

    Pita Ariel7 時間 前

    Yes, she is not interesting as a person and she doesn't have much personality or appealing. BUT she is a good actress, she did a good job in Captain Marvel. I saw the movie before I knew about the backlash she has recieved, I think most people just hated her before and as a result, they disliked her acting too. For the record, there is nothing wrong with disliking someone, but you people need to relax, she hasn't hurt anyone.

  84. fifabublz17

    fifabublz177 時間 前

    “Is that, like, a personal attack or something?” Lol

  85. icedone08

    icedone087 時間 前

    She hostile and defensive in virtually every interview she's in. Just not a likable person.

  86. Anto

    Anto7 時間 前

    People on the comments are so offended bc she says whatever she wants to say, and they don't like women with opinions. She wasn't rude at all in this interview or "narcissistic", she was being ironic and sarcastic which is something we all do like c'mon some of this google searches are really stupid why isn't she supposed to point that out and make fun of it? THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT of the autocomplete searches, you laugh at them or give really dumb answers to really dumb questions

  87. Glenn Bankson

    Glenn Bankson7 時間 前

    She's not even hot.

  88. Glenn Bankson

    Glenn Bankson7 時間 前

    She is just as racist as any KKK. She needs to be fired.

  89. Noel Conrad

    Noel Conrad7 時間 前

    doesn't make sense, just smart and pretty girl..

  90. Throw communists out of helicopters

    Throw communists out of helicopters7 時間 前

    Wow, it seems people aren't big fans of her.

  91. Dizzy

    Dizzy7 時間 前

    No, captain marvel could not beat super man. The original DC couldn’t, the original Mar-Vell (dude captain marvel) couldn’t, there’s no reason you should be able to

  92. Astray Adventurer

    Astray Adventurer7 時間 前

    What a salty person...

  93. mauve

    mauve7 時間 前

    I initially didnt like her cos I think blonde leads are mainstream but I ended up liking her bcos she's really sarcastic and blunt. Why does everyone hate her?

  94. Noel Conrad

    Noel Conrad7 時間 前

    mainstream domino effect, can't accept new thing

  95. Freezie Dwan

    Freezie Dwan7 時間 前

    Is Brie Larson die in the endgame?

  96. david chehab

    david chehab7 時間 前

    1:38 that explains a lot

  97. hillary clinton

    hillary clinton7 時間 前

    Not my captain

  98. shalini93 H

    shalini93 H8 時間 前

    Well most people who come across as arrogant and defensive are dealing with some insecurity or the other. But I can't understand what insecurities bother someone like Brie. She's gorgeous and super talented!

  99. ash

    ash8 時間 前

    why do i feel like she thinks all questions are offensive? 😂

  100. TheAphexTim

    TheAphexTim8 時間 前

    It's ironic how many people seem to feel attacked by this.

  101. chibimimi17

    chibimimi178 時間 前

    Thanos wiped out the wrong half.🙄

  102. Elias Parada

    Elias Parada8 時間 前

    captain marvel is shazam .

  103. Cody C

    Cody C8 時間 前

    God she is the worst

  104. Katie Utley

    Katie Utley8 時間 前

    This is the first thing I've ever seen her in (out of character), and I don't think I like her. Lol

  105. Ania Ziolkowski

    Ania Ziolkowski8 時間 前

    Love her, she doesn’t take any crap 🖤