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  1. SuperSm1th

    SuperSm1th51 秒 前

    Is Brie Larson the Toxic Avenger?



    beautiful ever brie larson



    I dont get how people hate her..? I mean I like her mainly because she's a meme herself

  4. Booga04 Minecraft

    Booga04 Minecraft5 時間 前

    2:06 wth

  5. Michael KOSTIC

    Michael KOSTIC5 時間 前

    *iS tHaT a PeRsOnAl aTtAcK oR sOmEtHiNg?*

  6. Bshzjxjxhfbdbdbshs Mark

    Bshzjxjxhfbdbdbshs Mark6 時間 前

    At this point I feel like everyone is born hating her lol

  7. Violent2aShadow

    Violent2aShadow6 時間 前

    I asked Google "Is Brie Larson insufferable?" and it started playing this video.

  8. Iggy

    Iggy7 時間 前

    U really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really suck

  9. Hey Jones

    Hey Jones8 時間 前

    4:48 What blast are you referring to? Because the one I'm thinking about might not be the right one.

  10. Hey Jones

    Hey Jones8 時間 前

    Does Brie Larson do squats?

  11. Rodrigo Dorweiler

    Rodrigo Dorweiler18 時間 前

    Almost there, smash that dislike button.

  12. thebluespaceman

    thebluespaceman18 時間 前

    feminism in a nutshell

  13. Alcdawg

    Alcdawg21 時間 前

    She has major ocd DOG

  14. Kirby Lol ELMO

    Kirby Lol ELMO22 時間 前

    Maybe she just a 1 year old soul on like an adult body

  15. Almighty Gekido

    Almighty Gekido日 前

    I honestly lost count on how many times Brie Larson didn't answer

  16. Jakard Valentine

    Jakard Valentine日 前

    Is why Noone likes her on top of the list?

  17. Cameron Behnke

    Cameron Behnke日 前

    I love watching animals in the zoo It’s like Captain Marvel can’t beat superman superman can benchpress the entire world

  18. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards日 前

    Captain Marvel is really Shazam!

  19. Nick Doxtater

    Nick Doxtater日 前

    And this is why DC will superior. Not funny, no personality and she's a bigot.

  20. ApeMasterZanz Mayo

    ApeMasterZanz Mayo日 前

    She is 29 and her hands looks like she is 80

  21. Souhib Bas

    Souhib Bas日 前

    I mean i luv brie larson as an actress.. But not as a personality.. She could do better leaving all this sjw bs 😅 i think she is really a nice person

  22. Joker Prosper

    Joker Prosper日 前

    Left handed people are evolutionarily more equipped for combat.

  23. Jalen Scott

    Jalen Scott日 前

    “Well that’s awkward”

  24. Two Twenty

    Two Twenty日 前

    I watched the video objectively without bias not knowing too much about Brie Larson and she would be someone I would avoid talking to because it would take a lot of emotional energy to do so. I would definitely feel uneasy asking her anything because I feel as if she would answer as if I had said something somewhat offensive. This has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman. One of my guy friends is the same way and we don't talk very much anymore. Overall I just don't want someone putting me down or making me feel insecure about how I present myself and I feel she would do that.

  25. Kiru Kiran

    Kiru Kiran日 前

    206k likes and 178k dislikes 😀😁😂😂😂

  26. Rock Brian

    Rock Brian日 前

    So much hate for this flower i've lost my faith in humanity

  27. Ultimate Troll

    Ultimate Troll2 日 前

    Spid3rman Interview : soo cute Emma Olsen: soo lovley Chris Evans : soo humorous Brie Larson: soo why would anyone..

  28. carmant2

    carmant2日 前

    Chadwick Boseman: soo cool Michael B Jordan: soo handsome

  29. Ultimate Troll

    Ultimate Troll日 前

    @Martina Lopez Vangeli oof

  30. Martina Lopez Vangeli

    Martina Lopez Vangeli日 前

    Scarlett Johansson: sooo strong I'm not sorry

  31. Ultimate Troll

    Ultimate Troll2 日 前

    How was today? Brie Larson: Is ThAt A PeRsOnAl AtTacK oR SoMeTHiNg?

  32. Ultimate Troll

    Ultimate Troll2 日 前

    In supermarket: Do you need a plastic bag? Brie Larson: So you want me to hold them with my hands?

  33. Son of Darkness and the Lord of the Netherrealm

    Son of Darkness and the Lord of the Netherrealm日 前

    Person to Brie Larson: "So Brie how's your day been ?" Brie Larson: "Um you really need to ask me that ? Are you stupid or something ? Yea you're nothing but a moron, never talk to me again idiot !"

  34. Ultimate Troll

    Ultimate Troll2 日 前

    Hi there! Normal person : Oh hello! Brie Larson: What the.. why are you saying that.. why would anyone say Hello?

  35. Aná

    Aná2 日 前

    She said that she could beat Superman- 😂

  36. With great powers comes great responsibility

    With great powers comes great responsibility16 時間 前


  37. Angie ThunderStryke

    Angie ThunderStryke2 日 前

    I can understand why people think she’s mean, when she’s being sarcastic it doesn’t sound like she is. But other then that I think she’s nice.

  38. LunaticGaming12

    LunaticGaming122 日 前

    Omg shes acting so bitchy it makes me mad

  39. mayo biscuit johnson the 3rd

    mayo biscuit johnson the 3rd2 日 前

    The Internet: Lets raid area 51!! U.S. government: 2:06

  40. Gavin Ryan

    Gavin Ryan2 日 前

    I love u brie larson

  41. louise

    louise2 日 前

    3:13 “IS LADY GAGA TALKING ABOUT ME? she never mentioned me oh so idk :(“ lmaojssjaj

  42. Mir Mir

    Mir Mir2 日 前


  43. link PR

    link PR2 日 前

    Le di like pero siento q no se lo merece respondio algunas de manera inapropiada politicamente incorrecta pero respondio algunas preguntas buenas seria mejor que la gente buscara mas preguntas interesantes ella dice la verdad "pq buscan estas cosas" es obvio q es un sarcasmo de (pregunta estupida).

  44. Pizza n Sushi

    Pizza n Sushi2 日 前

    Why does this still have more likes than dislikes? She is easily one of the most dislikable people on the planet right now.

  45. Dank memes 420 bing bong

    Dank memes 420 bing bong2 日 前

    Brie Larson is hella femmy

  46. Zuzana Kmeťová

    Zuzana Kmeťová2 日 前

    She is just sarcastic and really good at it

  47. jordan chua

    jordan chua2 日 前

    01:34 That explains a lot.

  48. Khawaja Asadullah Saeed

    Khawaja Asadullah Saeed2 日 前

    disliked the video right away.

  49. kiho

    kiho2 日 前

    She reacts aggressively to every question.

  50. Asma

    Asma2 日 前

    She is queen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  51. Asma

    Asma2 日 前

    بري لارسون تاج راسكم

  52. Asma

    Asma2 日 前

    اللي يكرهها تحت نعالي

  53. Dan Man

    Dan Man2 日 前

    that was painful

  54. TheBlueNightFury

    TheBlueNightFury2 日 前

    Brie Larson is allergic to cats Goose

  55. RyanHardt

    RyanHardt2 日 前

    Women like her are the reason why people say women aren’t funny.