Brendan Schaub - The Biggest Fight of His Life - This Is Not Happening


  1. Comedy Central Stand-Up

    Comedy Central Stand-Up3 ヶ月 前

    Ready to rumble? Check out the craziest fight stories from This Is Not Happening here:

  2. Wes Betts

    Wes Betts日 前

    Fucking lame

  3. Me You

    Me You日 前

    Aitn that The Punisher?

  4. K D

    K D日 前

    He's alright, gj brendy!

  5. Devin Watkins

    Devin Watkins日 前

    Why do all of the opening “titles” have negative connotation? Rage, despair, failure like damn

  6. joe winkler

    joe winkler2 日 前

    The absolute worst comedian I have ever seen in my life 90% of his act can be verified as lies

  7. b t

    b t2 日 前

    Buzz buzz baby.

  8. Selrahc Eipoop

    Selrahc Eipoop4 日 前

    Its disappointing to see how many people actually thought this was good. He made up almost all of this story and his delivery was shaky and nervous. If people think that's good, then people have really lowered their standards

  9. Alex Killmonger

    Alex Killmonger4 日 前

    The fight was at the Mandalay Bay not the MGM

  10. players whelm

    players whelm4 日 前

    Funnier then I thought

  11. Robert

    Robert4 日 前

    I've heard people say he sucks. But the guy definitely got some comedy timing and knows how keep people engaged. I don't think he's hilarious but he did good

  12. ethnicAlbert

    ethnicAlbert5 日 前

    this is pretty poor but hey he might get better

  13. smuthole

    smuthole5 日 前

    People love to hate on Schaub. Atleast hes out there doing what he loves to do. All the haters does is 9-5 or welfare minimum wages.

  14. Ramón Aguilar

    Ramón Aguilar5 時間 前

    Venus Omega it’s not that deep u weirdo lmao

  15. Venus Omega

    Venus Omega2 日 前

    Are you so sycophantic that you'll look down on working-class people who are far more necessary to society's functioning than Brendan Schaub?

  16. Chicano Enforcer Gaming

    Chicano Enforcer Gaming7 日 前

    Hit hurts to watch

  17. David Mathes

    David Mathes7 日 前

    Schaub is legit funny, great story teller! Its crazy I used to be UFC crazy back when he fought, I knew all the fighters, and ranks.

  18. R Conn

    R Conn7 日 前

    8:28-8:31 his voice goes straaannnge...

  19. fujilor107

    fujilor1078 日 前

    whats the fight called?

  20. Jordan R

    Jordan R9 日 前

    This man is so goddamn beautiful, Jesus Christ

  21. soul Hills

    soul Hills9 日 前


  22. soul Hills

    soul Hills9 日 前


  23. genital herpes

    genital herpes6 日 前

    If you don't like it then click on the next video, Fred fucking Durst

  24. Lature Bogdan

    Lature Bogdan9 日 前

    Better performance than the fight

  25. John Denver

    John Denver9 日 前

    Was it speaking English correctly?

  26. Alec Huddleston

    Alec Huddleston10 日 前

    Brendan Schaub is the biggest douche bag. I used to like him but damn, Beige Frequencys video is eye opening.

  27. el pethò

    el pethò11 日 前

    This was actually a moving story. Well said

  28. Durand Peavley

    Durand Peavley5 日 前

    Too bad alot of it isn't even true

  29. mica davis

    mica davis12 日 前

    That intro was hilarious. "what the hell is wrong with y'all? When did you have time to learn this?" they need to make that into a feature length musical where he keeps getting mad at people who keep dancing at inappropriate times.

  30. sickhater380

    sickhater38012 日 前

    Does he actually have fans. I would not accept tickets to his show as a gift.

  31. sickhater380

    sickhater38012 日 前

    If you just started doing comedy you shouldn't be on tv.

  32. Ernest Clark

    Ernest Clark12 日 前

    Hes a former ufc fighter and he just started doing comedy. I think he will get better over time

  33. Jazz It Up A Lil Bit

    Jazz It Up A Lil Bit13 日 前

    He’s so hot 🤤

  34. Matt Keenan

    Matt Keenan13 日 前

    Oh Brandon why

  35. J. GARCIA 222

    J. GARCIA 22213 日 前

    When i heard people talking about how bad his stand up was i just had to check it out and u know what? It really wasnt that bad infact it was actually pretty funny

  36. little git

    little git13 日 前

    not a drawl!

  37. Coleman Korb

    Coleman Korb14 日 前

    This didnt play like a standup routine, it played like a guy explaining why he gave up on his dream

  38. Brandon Tayor

    Brandon Tayor15 日 前


  39. Ben Asslick

    Ben Asslick15 日 前

    This ain't bad at all y'all are trippin

  40. tezzo55

    tezzo5515 日 前

    Brendan Schaub -This is not Happening. Well at least it's an honest assessment.

  41. Darian Willis

    Darian Willis15 日 前

    The old uppercut huh? -Bryan Callen

  42. Jack MeHoff

    Jack MeHoff16 日 前

    Your cauliflower ears are amazing. I hear they make head gear, even for a head shaped like yours. Maybe all that hair gel can save you next time.

  43. Credo-Ape-Thor

    Credo-Ape-Thor16 日 前

    Amazing how this story has changed.

  44. Credo-Ape-Thor

    Credo-Ape-Thor16 日 前

    *This is not funny* 👈🏻 more accurate

  45. Daniel Coldbeck

    Daniel Coldbeck16 日 前

    This feels more like a shitty TedTalk than a comedy act

  46. Eyakem DENNISA

    Eyakem DENNISA17 日 前

    He sucks 💯 no comments