Brawl Stars Animation: Barley's Last Call!


  1. Imran Ali

    Imran Ali18 分 前

    1:00 when you see teaming in showdown

  2. Jorge Romero Martinez

    Jorge Romero Martinez19 分 前

    He visto su tu secreto Supergirl bueno he cuándo termina la animación de Barbie un peca en

  3. Ismael El mahfoudi

    Ismael El mahfoudi20 分 前

    Me gustaría que hubiera una caja lejendaria para que la caja legendaria hubiera siempre un brawler legendario

  4. beklan gençer

    beklan gençer39 分 前

    Supercell Gıcıklık yapma

  5. GAMER gh2

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  6. Ryan Wagner

    Ryan Wagner43 分 前

    I wonder what that purple drink would taste like?

  7. Drow Archer

    Drow Archer時間 前

    He can serve food. He can serve drinks. He comes with the ability to dispense forks and napkins right at his fingerprints. He can take serving requests. And he can see if everybody is happy. But most importantly, he can get rid of all the Karen's in a restraunt if they make him angry. These were the design choices we were curious about Mr. Supercdul. (For y'all who don't get the reference it's from fnaf SL)

  8. Ekpin Dias

    Ekpin Dias時間 前

    1:02 это я когда слил 50кубков

  9. Campo YT BS

    Campo YT BS2 時間 前

    SUPERCELL me perdoem eu fiz uma coisa errada no jogo prometo que não vou mais fazer isso. Me perdoem peço desculpas por isso. Obg pela atenção

  10. 5 casacos poderosos

    5 casacos poderosos2 時間 前

    If you make barley mad well you bet pls dont make him mad

  11. podpischicov don't video

    podpischicov don't video2 時間 前

    Против него все кроме поко

  12. Диас Аскерияулы

    Диас Аскерияулы2 時間 前

    Good but piper butter

  13. Norte Papas Polo eGames Team

    Norte Papas Polo eGames Team2 時間 前

    0:25 Nita empieza a liarla xd

  14. stas game

    stas game2 時間 前


  15. Даниил Кручинин

    Даниил Кручинин3 時間 前

    Пожайлуста забаньте Марию про

  16. Slippery Crisp

    Slippery Crisp3 時間 前

    What Was El Primo And Barley Drinking

  17. Slippery Crisp

    Slippery Crisp3 時間 前

    Mike Loves Dynamite But Why Would He Eat It And Have His Head Explode

  18. ayse zorlu

    ayse zorlu3 時間 前

    Bu videoya bayıldım harika olan üstü

  19. Beyzanur Uslu

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  20. xtreme 67

    xtreme 673 時間 前

    0:20 mortis died..... again

  21. Brawl star Sama

    Brawl star Sama4 時間 前

    Ja dor brawl star

  22. Brawl star Sama

    Brawl star Sama4 時間 前

    Brawl star soso space a voler une vidéo a votre chène JPreporter

  23. Polina Fox

    Polina Fox4 時間 前

    Какие волосы у Макс?

  24. Vova Hunko

    Vova Hunko4 時間 前

    Logic: How the smoke can go from his "ears", if they are screwed?

  25. Salih- BS

    Salih- BS4 時間 前

    Barley Hous LİNG King

  26. Anya

    Anya4 時間 前

    Я которая не могу найти ни одного русского комма🗿👍

  27. Елена Борисенко

    Елена Борисенко4 時間 前

    Здесь хоть кто нибудь русский есть?

  28. vip

    vip4 時間 前

    Что такое аид

  29. Mari90 Yaneva

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  30. Saida Bagirbekova

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  31. Uk Plays

    Uk Plays5 時間 前

    at the ending there is something pink and that is... *Pipers umbrella*

  32. Буква 《Б》

    Буква 《Б》5 時間 前

    1:09 Cool! The glass survived!

  33. Kill san

    Kill san5 時間 前


  34. сундук Бориса

    сундук Бориса5 時間 前


  35. Seigneur Mayonnaise

    Seigneur Mayonnaise5 時間 前

    Warning ! If you slow down the video to 0:36, when Barley's card spins, you can see a brawl star with happy emoji like the crowns hidden in all maps

  36. meta knightmare

    meta knightmare5 時間 前

    Imagine this with real people and its even funnier

  37. Леон

    Леон5 時間 前

    Русские есть?

  38. UwU

    UwU5 時間 前

    0:09 pause and look at mortis its a reference to a spongebob meme

  39. Andrew2cool

    Andrew2cool5 時間 前

    Wow I can't believe you're got that from a constant creator

  40. Music 200 Volume

    Music 200 Volume5 時間 前

    Hun van a legendarym, hol van a victoryt

  41. Nurhat D

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  42. György Tegzes

    György Tegzes6 時間 前

    What was the music name?

  43. Andrew2cool

    Andrew2cool5 時間 前

    I love the music at the add it's so cool but there is no name

  44. Mar Marr

    Mar Marr6 時間 前

    Nita is about to pay for hurting Jessie

  45. Анастасия Данилова

    Анастасия Данилова6 時間 前

    Разробочики вы клас!!! Зделайте крутое обновление

  46. William Crist

    William Crist6 時間 前

    Out of all the characters in these animations, Piper has to be my favorite, but Barley is pretty high up there as well.

  47. *************

    *************6 時間 前

    1:00 my mother

  48. 냥미코

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  49. соня лавки

    соня лавки6 時間 前

    Бедный барли

  50. A Little Foxy

    A Little Foxy7 時間 前

    And thats why i like barley

  51. Rosario Natoli

    Rosario Natoli7 時間 前


  52. Sufjen and misa aportme Baltic oliveira

    Sufjen and misa aportme Baltic oliveira7 時間 前

    Stupid animation

  53. Spike Brawl

    Spike Brawl7 時間 前

    The animation was nice!But one question.How did you do this animation?

  54. Inga Vegytė

    Inga Vegytė7 時間 前

    Thank you i got Max i love you brawl stars

  55. Владимир Егоров

    Владимир Егоров8 時間 前

    Супер сел А можна менять любым Бравлером Посиви и гаджеты🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳



    Да но в дружеской игре

  57. The Letter 6

    The Letter 68 時間 前

    This is what happens if you piss off the quiet kid

  58. Rayn2.0l моренец

    Rayn2.0l моренец8 時間 前

    Plz brawl talk

  59. Tongtong Huang

    Tongtong Huang8 時間 前

    i feel a bit sad for Barley's shop.

  60. August First

    August First8 時間 前


  61. Bang! Bang!

    Bang! Bang!9 時間 前

    1:31 listen closely it's probably mortis coughing

  62. • hace 20 años •

    • hace 20 años •2 時間 前

    Bang! Bang! I don’t have idea but probably

  63. Bang! Bang!

    Bang! Bang!9 時間 前

    The artists for this video are very talented shout-out for them.

  64. BrawlR Pro

    BrawlR Pro9 時間 前


  65. Lands End gaming!

    Lands End gaming!9 時間 前

    0:21 mortis just fainted and barley doesn’t care

  66. tanksalot

    tanksalot9 時間 前

    Can I buy the roster?

  67. No One YT - Brawl Stars

    No One YT - Brawl Stars10 時間 前

    Barley in Animation: So Powerful! Barley in game: snack for Mortis

  68. Simão blindão

    Simão blindão10 時間 前

    Nossa como fui perceber só agora a emz fica olhando para o poco no início depois eu acho que quando ele olha da direção em que a emz tá a emz fica fingindo que tava tirando foto kkk

  69. Fu ku mo to

    Fu ku mo to10 時間 前

    0:42 when today is monday Robot: >>>>>>::::dddddd 1:11 when today is friday Robot: 😊😁

  70. vip

    vip11 時間 前

    Мой ник прер можно мнебеспладногемов8888

  71. Hesen Haciyev

    Hesen Haciyev4 時間 前

    Еще они по нику не находят, а по айди

  72. Trinidad Alonso

    Trinidad Alonso11 時間 前

    Sign:*no brawling* Seriously Barley:*brawling like a psychopath

  73. Trinidad Alonso

    Trinidad Alonso35 分 前

    @Moh factsss

  74. Moh

    Moh時間 前

    Because it's his bar

  75. Manuel Rojas

    Manuel Rojas11 時間 前

    The animation is so clean always like😋

  76. levko

    levko12 時間 前

    Ахуинус нихуёк

  77. HerobrineTG 6X3

    HerobrineTG 6X313 時間 前

    0:31 poco is dead 0:42 poco is DEAD 1:16 POCO IS DEAD

  78. Ticko bat Crump

    Ticko bat Crump13 時間 前

    I would love voice acting with this

  79. Frankie hernandez

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  80. wili wili

    wili wili13 時間 前

    es bellisismo

  81. Francisco Moreira

    Francisco Moreira13 時間 前

    Super. Ceel. Meda. O. Leon


    NOUIOUSSES13 時間 前

    1:04 R.I.P Bibi

  83. Juanse Damario

    Juanse Damario13 時間 前

    Quiero masssssssssss me encanto lo veria mas de 10000000000 veseeesssssss


    ANGEL DUST BOOM13 時間 前

    Hola súper cell amo su juego BRAWL STARS mañana es mi cumple que me van a regalar

  85. Luis Melendez

    Luis Melendez13 時間 前

    That animación es cool 😎

  86. 2kscopes Gaming

    2kscopes Gaming13 時間 前

    Every good brawl stars player: man I wish barley could actually do that

  87. Janekennsam Chan

    Janekennsam Chan14 時間 前

    I've Been playing brawl stars and our club brawl kings is going well I'm the top 5 with the highest trophies 1223

  88. Jyson Tatum

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  89. Jyson Tatum

    Jyson Tatum14 時間 前

    Then you see the no siping policy

  90. Jyson Tatum

    Jyson Tatum14 時間 前

    When she doesn’t return with the milk 1:01

  91. Aaron Sonic 2.0

    Aaron Sonic 2.014 時間 前

    Bruh this makes wanna play the game

  92. Consuelo Harrison

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  93. nameless dork

    nameless dork14 時間 前

    I hope your happy because this what won me over to play this game.

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    Jesús Valentín Ponce15 時間 前

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    VETAL GOU15 時間 前

    Мге интересно есть хотчбы 10 каметариев на руском языке

  100. NanaTube

    NanaTube15 時間 前

    0:51 Piper like “MY ANIMATION IS BETTER!!!”

  101. Aqil Rashidi

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  102. قناة متنوعة

    قناة متنوعة16 時間 前

    Bravo 👌

  103. Luca Mayhem

    Luca Mayhem16 時間 前

    It looks like vynal figures brought to life

  104. Ricky Rosas

    Ricky Rosas17 時間 前

    We want angry barley

  105. Commander Peepers

    Commander Peepers17 時間 前

    These ads are actually entertaining and that is rare

  106. fan supercells

    fan supercells17 時間 前

    XD good video

  107. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou17 時間 前

    1:04 me when my frends delete our minecraft world

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