Brave Owner Serves Ramsay His Own Recipe | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Bryan Chow

    Bryan Chow4 分 前

    With this attitude Gordon will just leave him rotten but he knows that the wife and 3 children will suffer from the loss so he decided to not give up. What a champ

  2. TGamerking 76

    TGamerking 762 時間 前

    Otherwise hes fucked. - legendary

  3. Jessica McConnell

    Jessica McConnell6 時間 前

    The server reminds me of the big goofy kid from Inbetweeners

  4. N B

    N B6 時間 前

    God forbid he got a real job.

  5. zack aird

    zack aird12 時間 前

    this is a repost but its a goody.

  6. LT Smith Neko

    LT Smith Neko14 時間 前

    5:20 captions

  7. Summer Kenady

    Summer Kenady21 時間 前

    People will be eating the special flavor in that food, sweat, and more sweat dripping in the food. Mmm...

  8. Wallace Grommet

    Wallace Grommet日 前

    Success for a chef is cooking for multitudes.

  9. D-rex

    D-rex日 前

    Gordon: ok I've figured out why no one is showing up, seems the globe is on lockdown.

  10. After Burner

    After Burner日 前

    Gordans Intoxicated by their DUMBNESS. Thats y he lobes Work TIME to Get DRUNK or PISSED again At WORK on these IDIOTS DUMBNESS.

  11. GitHug

    GitHug日 前

    anyone know the BGM at 16:59?

  12. Heopful

    Heopful日 前

    16:35 Ramsay chucks down raw fish next to vegetables. Practice what you preach ya old cokehead

  13. Waqas Bashir

    Waqas Bashir日 前

    imagine you drive by a restaurant and you see sad Gordon Sitting on the transom....i'll probably pick him up and take him for a lunch awww.

  14. Extensive Enterprises

    Extensive Enterprises日 前

    Maggie's really isn't that great of a name.... if it is spoken quickly it can sound like maggots. Aaaaand that's not a great first impression if someone is hearing it the first time.

  15. Pozzaa90

    Pozzaa90日 前

    30:14 Gordon realises he's around children XD

  16. Bella Driver

    Bella Driver2 日 前

    The only wife and kids Gordon cares for is his. The only reason he is productive to these restaurant owners is the cameras, is free and worldwide advertising. Every owner should take of advantage of that but Gordon working in a kitchen means nothing he is not curing cancer. He changed the industry now culinary chefs who work this way DONT have a job but McDonalds cooks, thanks Gordon where is Hell’s Kitchen now? When owners had really lost their businesses not over their food but government Chinese flu. Gordon had fired tons of his own staff who is coming to his Kitchen nightmare

  17. Bella Driver

    Bella Driver2 日 前

    15:30 Gordon is so drugged up the difference between these two man is massive. Gordon’s rage is drugs not over food but money and his success, all drug addicts don’t care for nobody but their money for their drugs

  18. Andrew Stewart

    Andrew Stewart2 日 前

    Great work Gordon and Nick!

  19. Brandon Escalon

    Brandon Escalon2 日 前

    Mags woulda been cool for a name.

  20. Brandon Escalon

    Brandon Escalon2 日 前

    Love that he always says WE, he’s more committed than most these chefs and owners and it’s not even his business.

  21. Zechy's Channel

    Zechy's Channel2 日 前

    Amazing transformation...

  22. Maggie Bown

    Maggie Bown2 日 前

    I got offended when he said he hates the name Maggie's lmao

  23. Mr Jack3d

    Mr Jack3d2 日 前

    They look like tadpoles on viagra 😂

  24. NJ Hawksworth

    NJ Hawksworth2 日 前

    I'll never understand why someone struggling won't accept the advice of someone with success and experience. Just try Gordon's method for six months, if it doesn't bring you success you can always go back to what bankrupted you in the first place.

  25. Stephen Palyo

    Stephen Palyo2 日 前

    I think i watched a whole episode in between all these ads.... Gordon, your a rich man, chill with all the ads, ib think you can live comfortably without an ad every 5 minutes...

  26. Alain Quartermaine

    Alain Quartermaine2 日 前

    Gordon has the sexiest voice

  27. Adem Bolat

    Adem Bolat2 日 前

    Man..... 2006. 14 years ago now. I was 10 years old



    Sad that the place had to shut down and Nick and his wife at that moment split up.

  29. Adele Dazeem

    Adele Dazeem3 日 前

    "2006" Holy fuck............ WE GETTING OLD GUYS.... 14 YEARS AGO.......... I could have sworn this would have only been within last 10 years

  30. JUST Memes

    JUST Memes3 日 前

    Gordon rocking the shoulder pads

  31. Zoe Green

    Zoe Green3 日 前

    “You ready to stab me yet?” -_- I think he is

  32. justin henkemeyer

    justin henkemeyer3 日 前

    I wish he would check back in like 10 years later to see if he refused to evolve all over again.

  33. Dj Boney

    Dj Boney4 日 前


  34. Justin Hicks

    Justin Hicks4 日 前

    This guy reminds me of SamTheCookingGuy but bigger

  35. Lou

    Lou4 日 前

    18:02 wtf? So in 98% of the show he is critiquing the things that don't matter? So so

  36. Lou

    Lou4 日 前

    14:08 that is very true. Gordon is very wasteful, emotionally/socially speaking.

  37. Lou

    Lou4 日 前

    12:37 the point for Gordon to become a chef in the first place was beating people?.. Makes sense with his anger problems.

  38. Ingrid J

    Ingrid J5 日 前

    When he locked Gordon outside I was like - O.O

  39. Ingrid J

    Ingrid J5 日 前

    Anybody else watch Hell's Kitchen and then kitchen's like 2 different moods...calm and almost collected ( besides the insults comebacks and swearing )....and then someone about to lose his sh*t Bruh this dude kills me 😂😂

  40. BurnedByADragon

    BurnedByADragon5 日 前

    Them talking on the beach felt like something from the duncan trussel podcast

  41. N.A.T.O Ball

    N.A.T.O Ball5 日 前

    this is how gordon ramsay swears. press like

  42. N.A.T.O Ball

    N.A.T.O Ball5 日 前

    this is how gordon ramsay swears. press like

  43. The Great Momba

    The Great Momba5 日 前

    Its so much better watching the english version of this show and not the american one. There isn't a stinger effect or screech with any small mishap lmao. No unnecessary drums. Just drama.

  44. X Xx

    X Xx5 日 前

    Why Gordon just chilling with my mans bih like he the step dad at the park

  45. elfudge35

    elfudge356 日 前

    why would they repost a video for a restaurant that failed, this is a theme for these shows

  46. sdquest

    sdquest6 日 前

    Gordan....Why swear so much....annoying..

  47. Andrew

    Andrew6 日 前

    43:59 had to think and scratch nose before answering probably didn't think the flavors were nice xD

  48. Whitley Hodges

    Whitley Hodges7 日 前

    Wow he's so much kinder to his own

  49. Jonathan Sherman

    Jonathan Sherman7 日 前

    Dude looks like Coraline’s dad lol

  50. Genevieve Barnes

    Genevieve Barnes7 日 前

    deadass thought he was suggesting they name it Maggots

  51. Corvx

    Corvx7 日 前

    2006... wow

  52. Katie Kat

    Katie Kat7 日 前

    I read that his shows are staged, is that true?

  53. CodyOsteen5

    CodyOsteen57 日 前

    Why do these people always think there food is good? If you don’t have business, there’s a 99% chance your food sucks. The other 1% would be poor service.

  54. stephen refrew

    stephen refrew7 日 前

    She looks like a man

  55. Kit Coffey

    Kit Coffey7 日 前

    "Presentation lasts 30 seconds... it's the *flavor* that makes the memory..." If only more restaurants lived by this...

  56. Mike Elek

    Mike Elek7 日 前

    It can be very difficult to remake yourself. Add a bit of success in the past, and then you must overcome your own ego. It's not surprising that so many of these restaurant fail because when it hits the fan and things get rough, the easiest path is to revert to what you've been doing - even if it no longer works.

  57. jason chillman

    jason chillman8 日 前

    more adds then show this is not tv damn

  58. Lelynn Miller

    Lelynn Miller8 日 前

    👃 22:40 mins in .. EWWWWWWW!! 😲 💧 a drip of sweat just fell from the cooks nose, WHILE working on a plate of food... 🤢 .......... 🤔 i wonder what it dripped on.... 💧💧💧

  59. Terrel McHenry

    Terrel McHenry8 日 前


  60. Terrel McHenry

    Terrel McHenry8 日 前


  61. Cody Cunningham

    Cody Cunningham9 日 前

    The poor owner. He seems like a really nice guy. I hope he picked things up and is doing well.

  62. jo mob

    jo mob9 日 前

    Woah... honestly I feel pretty bad for that server. He was really friendly and seemed professional enough. I've seen lots of servers on this show wait around after serving him because he gives his feedback so I think that's why he stayed. Poor guy. I agree with Gordon many times, but at other times he can just be a straight up asshole, going further than necessary. I mean, he is a rich and well known chef with his own tv show, so maybe in his mind he doesn't think he has to appeal to anyone. I get that he cares and that's why he gets so angry sometimes, but that time was ehhhhh....

  63. trev p

    trev p9 日 前

    Thats the 1st time i have seen Gordon swear at a server😂😂😂😂. 2006 makes feel so old man wtf

  64. canadian_gamerzs lol

    canadian_gamerzs lol9 日 前

    i wish gordon came to canada would love to see what he thinks of patty's pub in kentville nova scotia pub

  65. canadian_gamerzs lol

    canadian_gamerzs lol9 日 前

    gordon is truly a awsome person a true one of a kimd guy msny people go so out of there way to help others the way he does ..we see in the shows what he does to help think of what we dont see.....god bless ya gordon from one scotish fella to another you are the best............

  66. Jennifer Neeley

    Jennifer Neeley9 日 前

    I remember watching this for the first time and worrying that owner Nick was quite seriously depressed, and wondered if Gordon Ramsay’s approach may not have been good for his mental health. I have seen other shows refer to the change in the ‘angry chef’ approach in restaurants (at least in the UK) since and wonder if this apparent communication culture clash is emblematic of a shift in approach that was underway at the time. I believe Ramsay was also doing shows in both the US and UK at the time-he seemed grumpier in this one. His interaction with the waiter/server is an example of that. I remember wondering if Ramsay was just a bit tired...

  67. Adam Edward

    Adam Edward10 日 前

    Clearly Gordon felt he was a threat and tried to sneak diss him with this

  68. Dude Man

    Dude Man10 日 前

    If you want to hear Gordon Ramsey saying the punchline to a dirty joke... here it is... What do porn actresses and street prostitutes say after every business transaction is complete ?? Gordon will give you the answer at 23:53

  69. Dan dan

    Dan dan10 日 前


  70. ramgut86

    ramgut8610 日 前

    Beginning of insults Im a grown man. Im not some 20 year old thats going to ball up and cry 20 minutes later... He locks Ramsay out and balls up and cries

  71. Trap Cityggg

    Trap Cityggg10 日 前

    Fuck I thought this would be like 8 mins

  72. Kayla Hopper

    Kayla Hopper11 日 前

    First one I’ve seen that he didn’t have anything to stay about the food storage

  73. Carl Barlow

    Carl Barlow11 日 前

    Tadpoles on viagra😂

  74. Rhonda Walters

    Rhonda Walters11 日 前

    Ramsey is also a seasoned and highly schooled chef...unlike these restaurant owners he goes to. He is a pretentious asshole!! No need to beat people down on camera!!!

  75. Jameka Davis

    Jameka Davis11 日 前

    He’s said “smart ass”

  76. Curtis Btyant

    Curtis Btyant11 日 前

    New drinking game just take a shot every time Gordon swears

  77. Rosalia Torres

    Rosalia Torres11 日 前

    😂😂😂😂 Ramsey: your like a hemmoriod in my ass. I love this awesome cheff Ramsey you freaking rock bloody hell Cheff Ramsey: The winner isss none of you !!! 😅😅 I just love the way he expresses every word he saids I bloody love it

  78. Toki52

    Toki5211 日 前

    @33:37 Liar gets called out in front of her friends.

  79. Sachin S

    Sachin S11 日 前

    I think Gordon is pretty hypocritical when he talks about prices. Most of the dishes at his restaurant are like $50-$60 but he complains about a $25 dish.

  80. Kathleen Steadman

    Kathleen Steadman11 日 前

    Tadpoles on viagra 😂😅 seriously laughed to myself Gordon's insults are brilliant