1. Drago Galaxy

    Drago Galaxy9 ヶ月 前

    The Final Battle of the Brands is here! ALL Hasbro's TURBO SLINGSHOCK BEYS vs ALL Takara's CHO-Z original Beys with METAL on the LAYER. So guys who will win? Speed or weight? BTW please guys check out my latest hasbro battles , they are epic, I worked working for hours on the so a bit of support would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Oussama Torhza

    Oussama Torhza5 日 前

    All of your videos are great

  3. Wilhelm Friedel

    Wilhelm Friedel19 日 前


  4. Wilhelm Friedel

    Wilhelm Friedel19 日 前

    @DiegoRiser 3857 cxdssse

  5. Wilhelm Friedel

    Wilhelm Friedel19 日 前


  6. drewsmic

    drewsmic21 日 前

    If you don’t know who I am I’m your first subscriber

  7. Maria Varela

    Maria Varela10 時間 前

    hasbro this is sthrong

  8. Sekwi Choi

    Sekwi Choi10 時間 前

    Hasbro is so fake takara Tomy is better subscribe to his channel if you agree

  9. Sekwi Choi

    Sekwi Choi10 時間 前

    How do you have all the beyblades that I like😊

  10. Delta Akane

    Delta Akane21 時間 前

    Tomy has more designs

  11. Leo John Espinosa

    Leo John Espinosa日 前

    Hasbro is worst beyblade

  12. Visor Squad

    Visor Squad日 前

    who watch this vid on 2020? like

  13. Xeral Studio

    Xeral Studio日 前

    Takara need start on Europe

  14. RobloxianYTGaming

    RobloxianYTGaming2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="176">2:56</a> lol hasbro's roktavor just self-destructed itself

  15. Seb CP

    Seb CP日 前


  16. Julie Mallory

    Julie Mallory4 日 前

    Hasbro you disappointed me

  17. valt blader

    valt blader4 日 前

    Os bays da da hasbro quase n tem detalhes. A takara tem todos os detalhes e são mais fortes mas a hasbro tambem e boa. laik

  18. Jaden Gobourne

    Jaden Gobourne5 日 前


  19. Z Rise HADES

    Z Rise HADES5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> Somebody call for Mr. Jumper?!

  20. Oussama Torhza

    Oussama Torhza5 日 前

    Isn't it obvious TT beys are the best it doesn't matter what happen To be honest hasbro's beys aren't that good the only good system at hasbro is HS system

  21. Villa Mama

    Villa Mama6 日 前

    1 like =1 pray for hasbro

  22. Villa Mama

    Villa Mama6 日 前

    Hasbro:aw man i lose the Beyblade compettion:( Takara tomy:yay we win the Beyblade compettion you loser hasbro^__^

  23. Villa Mama

    Villa Mama6 日 前

    H vs tt Me:hasbro going better next time ^__^

  24. Villa Mama

    Villa Mama6 日 前

    2 reason i don like hasbro 1:the driver just more like plastic 2:the beyblade just more like plastic But takara tomy just not like plastic .The driver just not like plastic

  25. Shayla Leslie

    Shayla Leslie6 日 前

    Because the Hasbro beys are fake

  26. Villa Mama

    Villa Mama6 日 前

    Takara tomy has more traditinal more than hasbro

  27. Shayla Leslie

    Shayla Leslie6 日 前

    Takara beys are better than Hasbro beys

  28. Warrior of God

    Warrior of God7 日 前

    How much does it cost to make a custom made beyblade

  29. mark pago

    mark pago7 日 前

    Hasbros orb egis is attack type

  30. りんりん

    りんりん8 日 前


  31. ブルーレット

    ブルーレット9 日 前


  32. mark pago

    mark pago9 日 前

    Hasbro is made of wood

  33. Lyn Maglalang

    Lyn Maglalang9 日 前

    Go hasbro like

  34. Maria Lima

    Maria Lima9 日 前


  35. Khalil Gnighid

    Khalil Gnighid9 日 前


  36. Andi Chen

    Andi Chen9 日 前

    What music u used ? Name

  37. Amin Commenda

    Amin Commenda9 日 前

    Why do you bring the hasbro beys after the takara beys in the arena?

  38. Beybroboys Tv

    Beybroboys Tv10 日 前

    ,to be honest Takara tomy beyblades are kinda cheats of the original

  39. SanQuiSau

    SanQuiSau10 日 前

    Virgin hasbro: Toys No metal Easy to burst (yikes!) Cheap materials Lack of decoration Colors don’t even match Chad takara tommy: Majestic design Expensive Great materials Treasures Matching colors Spin fast Slap hard Durable

  40. Jefferson Cupertino

    Jefferson Cupertino10 日 前



    ON HYDROUS11 日 前

    Takara Tomy is better and better in designing

  42. Alan Moreno

    Alan Moreno12 日 前

    Me regalas uno😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  43. Hilsel Baldes

    Hilsel Baldes13 日 前


  44. Andrei gaming

    Andrei gaming13 日 前

    For me takara is the best

  45. Lego Beyblade Productions

    Lego Beyblade Productions14 日 前

    The Hasbro wonder Valkyrie is faster than the takara tomy

  46. ismail erramy

    ismail erramy14 日 前


  47. Карим Шафеев

    Карим Шафеев14 日 前

    Takara takara

  48. beyblade and gameplay

    beyblade and gameplay14 日 前

    Many people say hasbros trash but no hasbrk works hard for there products

  49. 거노TV

    거노TV15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> 노래하고 타이밍이 맞는데...????

  50. Liliana Solís

    Liliana Solís16 日 前

    Muy mal video por la rason que ponen Alós hasbro de otro color paraque los novatos piensen que son basura o piratas 😠

  51. ItzClixxy

    ItzClixxy16 日 前

    Yes, but hasbro can be found easily in more stores.

  52. CK Stewart

    CK Stewart14 日 前

    Yeah you know how cause hasbro fu%ked me they gave me a fake spryzen and Phoenix so I destroyed Phoenix but spryzen was pretty useful

  53. demon boy

    demon boy18 日 前

    Hey Drago who do you vote for to win ??

  54. Suree Pansomboon

    Suree Pansomboon18 日 前


  55. Xiao Dryo

    Xiao Dryo19 日 前

    "Twice in eyes" title is better

  56. Kaidenz Beyblade And Pokemon and roblox channel

    Kaidenz Beyblade And Pokemon and roblox channel19 日 前

    Well hasbro is better

  57. Monghe Esports

    Monghe Esports19 日 前

    I hate hasbro

  58. Daniel Igunma

    Daniel Igunma20 日 前

    dang so cool

  59. rocio juarez hernandez

    rocio juarez hernandez20 日 前

    Tengo a Harizar Kerveus

  60. Zachary Butt

    Zachary Butt20 日 前

    You make the worst videos I've ever seen

  61. Jordan And Jayden

    Jordan And Jayden20 日 前

    Takara tomy is better

  62. R3MUX

    R3MUX20 日 前

    What’s the difference of gyro and takara

  63. fuilanwong

    fuilanwong20 日 前

    I like the takara tomy version

  64. VINO GAMING 2112

    VINO GAMING 211220 日 前

    Hello aim from Indonesia

  65. Zakmikalhalamahai Jr

    Zakmikalhalamahai Jr21 日 前

    So much for direct counterpart thats so annoying having to get a beyblade offa eBay is worse than going to the store

  66. TFN Gamer

    TFN Gamer21 日 前

    TT ez win

  67. Adler's

    Adler's21 日 前


  68. Telip Anoclase

    Telip Anoclase21 日 前

    They should ban hasbro there beyblade is tooooòooooooòòoooooooooooo weeeeeeèeeeeeeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  69. Ñīkkī Ãblīdãs

    Ñīkkī Ãblīdãs22 日 前

    hasbro vs takara tomy rise vs Gt

  70. Maksimon Lime

    Maksimon Lime22 日 前

    Интересно!!! Здесь есть русские

  71. Skull Studios

    Skull Studios23 日 前

    Before: No! Crash Ragnarok sucks! After: Yay :D

  72. eduardo varxia

    eduardo varxia24 日 前

    Tavira Tomi vs Hasbro Evolución

  73. OuroborosInsanity

    OuroborosInsanity25 日 前


  74. Danila Dsch

    Danila Dsch25 日 前

    SB vs Takara Tomi

  75. карен овсоян

    карен овсоян25 日 前

    music niviro-flares



    Bro takara tomy beys are better than Hasbro beys

  77. lookper- maniac

    lookper- maniac28 日 前

    Hasbro bey is the worst thing

  78. Dr. Williams

    Dr. Williams29 日 前

    You giving TT more points

  79. RoX Wt

    RoX Wt29 日 前


  80. Sandra Schmidt

    Sandra Schmidt29 日 前

    Thematisch witch leopart was not a Win for hasbro


    AFIF CHANNEL29 日 前

    Hasbro:👎nooob Takara Tomy:👍pro

  82. AJ Tan

    AJ Tanヶ月 前

    This video is to show Takara Tomy is WAY better than hAsbRo.

  83. Matai Mageo

    Matai Mageoヶ月 前

    I love it make more

  84. Claudio Nei

    Claudio Neiヶ月 前

    muito legal

  85. Victor Hernandez

    Victor Hernandezヶ月 前

    I like Takara better it’s more powerful and hasbro has not made all of the Takara beyblades and plus a they can make the beyblades with more deatail they don’t put much hard work into it

  86. Mega- Wolf1

    Mega- Wolf1ヶ月 前


  87. Hasni Ikhsan

    Hasni Ikhsanヶ月 前

    hebat Cara mengatasi hebat