1. Drago Galaxy

    Drago Galaxyヶ月 前

    The Final Battle of the Brands is here! ALL Hasbro's TURBO SLINGSHOCK BEYS vs ALL Takara's CHO-Z original Beys with METAL on the LAYER. So guys who will win? Speed or weight? BTW please guys check out my latest hasbro battles , they are epic, I worked working for hours on the so a bit of support would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. DiegoRiser 3857

    DiegoRiser 3857日 前

    @tchiko, ?

  3. tchiko

    tchiko日 前

    @DiegoRiser 3857 valtriek vs savonne

  4. JH The Beyblade Burst FAN 1500

    JH The Beyblade Burst FAN 15007 日 前

    Drago Galaxy I hope it's the final battle and quit JPreporter because you're a jerk to zankye

  5. Fazli nawi Fazliey

    Fazli nawi Fazliey8 日 前

    Nk bey tt




  7. phoenixciber gaming

    phoenixciber gaming4 分 前

    0:14 that hasbro z achilles driver look like takara tomy

  8. Maik Mika

    Maik Mika6 時間 前

    Takara tomy win...

  9. Manuel Marrinez Parada

    Manuel Marrinez Parada19 時間 前

    That is fake they don't launch good the Hasbro bey

  10. Daniel Kelati

    Daniel Kelati21 時間 前


  11. Ас Тукуш

    Ас Тукуш日 前

    Я за Такара Томи кто русский ставте лайк👍👍👍🇷🇺

  12. Diana Natasha

    Diana Natasha日 前

    Aku I

  13. putra gaming umar

    putra gaming umar日 前


  14. Sledgehammer sonic

    Sledgehammer sonic日 前

    Takara Tomy are frauds they just make their beys better

  15. Superior 9

    Superior 9日 前

    Go takara tomy!!!!!!!!

  16. Mina Yousufzai

    Mina Yousufzai日 前

    You bloody bench you've let it bang challenge

  17. Zhi Hin Foo

    Zhi Hin Foo日 前

    Takara is better

  18. Prabhakar Palanisamy

    Prabhakar Palanisamy日 前

    Lesson to learn : Always buy from TAKARA TOMY !

  19. IceBear 2000332

    IceBear 2000332日 前

    Well, the hasbros in the god/evolution series had equil or better performence than the TTs.

  20. Rubina Rynna

    Rubina Rynna2 日 前

    Takara Tomy is the best than Hashbro

  21. Youcef Agab

    Youcef Agab2 日 前

    tro nul hasbro

  22. ruben cañas

    ruben cañas2 日 前


  23. ruben cañas

    ruben cañas2 日 前

    where do you buy takara tomy blades

  24. dviessdelufwa Luvwa

    dviessdelufwa Luvwa2 日 前

    2:17 one hit only!!go luinor & takara tomy !....hehehe

  25. shahmiy studio beyblade shahmiy

    shahmiy studio beyblade shahmiy3 日 前

    Yess takara tomy not bitch hasbro

  26. shahmiy studio beyblade shahmiy

    shahmiy studio beyblade shahmiy3 日 前

    I mean hasbro bitchh suckkk

  27. dark precisilio

    dark precisilio4 日 前

    Hana trép sultan Acèh bah

  28. RyoshiKen

    RyoshiKen5 日 前


  29. Emma L

    Emma L5 日 前

    I Love trakara tomy

  30. 엄경은

    엄경은6 日 前


  31. 엄경은

    엄경은6 日 前


  32. 엄경은

    엄경은6 日 前


  33. Карине Осян

    Карине Осян6 日 前

    Кто русский хасбро опозорились жёстко

  34. Sarimah Musa

    Sarimah Musa7 日 前

    Hasbro SUCK!!!!

  35. Iliya Zaharets

    Iliya Zaharets7 日 前

    Компанія hasbro жахлива

  36. arthur gamer

    arthur gamer8 日 前

    Takara 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  37. Alexander Flora

    Alexander Flora9 日 前

    13:15 Haahahahhaha lol dread Phoenix

  38. Fenix -_- Link

    Fenix -_- Link7 日 前

    It's true, Hasbro's name of Phoenix is Dread Phoenix

  39. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer9 日 前

    Hasbro is trash Takara Tomy is the best

  40. JH The Beyblade Burst FAN 1500

    JH The Beyblade Burst FAN 15009 日 前

    It's yore a jerk

  41. Adrian Guilherme da Silva Sá

    Adrian Guilherme da Silva Sá9 日 前

    Eu te amo muito porque eu gosto muito de Beyblade

  42. Adrian Guilherme da Silva Sá

    Adrian Guilherme da Silva Sá9 日 前

    Hasbro vs Takara tomy raso com diabo para vencer da catarata dormi tão bem com diabolos

  43. Adrian Guilherme da Silva Sá

    Adrian Guilherme da Silva Sá9 日 前

    Eu quero que você faça diab

  44. hero brain channels

    hero brain channels10 日 前

    emperor god

  45. hero brain channels

    hero brain channels10 日 前

    roktavor taifu

  46. Macocotickle Solves

    Macocotickle Solves10 日 前

    Hasbro is just stealing Takara designs and then making them without metal or rubber and then selling it. STOP BEING CHEAP

  47. Bill Dineen

    Bill Dineen8 日 前

    Hasbro isn't stealing, Takara Tomy has a partnership with Hasbro to manufacturer and distribute them. they've worked together in the past such as Transformers. they are basically on the same "team" if you will .

  48. Beyblade Universe

    Beyblade Universe10 日 前

    Hasbro leva surra da takara

  49. 10 日 前

    Regalen bebleys

  50. SkittlePunks! !

    SkittlePunks! !10 日 前

    The only reason why tt one is because Hasbro has no metal

  51. Hh Yy

    Hh Yy10 日 前

    Hasbro messed up this time

  52. Gurjit Kaur

    Gurjit Kaur11 日 前

    I got slash Valkry v5

  53. TriplestarX

    TriplestarX11 日 前

    Drago galaxy did you switch hasbeo beys to tt because z achilles in tt is. Hasbro tt is a rip off like for he switched hasbro beys to tt comment he didnt switch


    IM PERRER9 日 前

    Wtf are u talking

  55. Verna Austria

    Verna Austria12 日 前

    Hasbro Orb Egis is a Great dissapointment

  56. Pompilio Ortega

    Pompilio Ortega12 日 前

    Can I get lord spriggan my house is sunset Franklin 3

  57. Chibi Jotaro Kujo

    Chibi Jotaro Kujo12 日 前

    6:22 😂😂

  58. Chrissy lee

    Chrissy lee13 日 前

    It’s not fair bc Hasbro has plastic and TT has metal

  59. Kaysan Gaming Reviews

    Kaysan Gaming Reviews13 日 前

    The best turbo bey was turbo Achilles

  60. Haykal Yuhaisham

    Haykal Yuhaisham14 日 前

    I like takara tomy

  61. cintia maribel ulloa comicheo

    cintia maribel ulloa comicheo14 日 前

    Aganlo en pistas hasbro sino no giran bien los hasbro y los de takara tomy son imitaciones

  62. Raul Davila

    Raul Davila15 日 前

    Can I borrow the salamander tip

  63. Frank the dank 3000

    Frank the dank 300015 日 前


  64. Carlos Astudilo

    Carlos Astudilo15 日 前

    Amaterios a3 is beatiful

  65. Spixny

    Spixny15 日 前

    Hasbro beys have no metal so their weaker and u can also get a faulty bey sometimes, cough cough Fafnir F4

  66. Spixny

    Spixny15 日 前

    In my opinion u should have picked a better stadium, but other than that small factor amazing video keep up the good work

  67. GN I

    GN I16 日 前

    It's kinda not fair for hasbro bc (no rails)

  68. Keeshah Reeyan

    Keeshah Reeyan16 日 前


  69. Paul Ludwig

    Paul Ludwig17 日 前

    Kann ich die Beyblads bekommen

  70. coleen1216

    coleen121617 日 前

    2:59 Self-Destruction