Brad Makes Charred Tomato Toast | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  1. Mike McCormack

    Mike McCormack3 時間 前

    this guy is a terrible presenter

  2. M

    M日 前

    the way he got excited at the end when Molly asked him to bring it over

  3. M

    M日 前

    Brad Leone is truly one of the most interesting people on the planet. What's not to love?!!!

  4. romy dearest

    romy dearest4 日 前

    Brad...i looked you up because of your fermented garlic-ginger paste, and now you're my new obsession.

  5. Ann Yin

    Ann Yin4 日 前

    Man he talks a lot lol

  6. Roman Pitts

    Roman Pitts5 日 前

    Does Brad know I *will* die for him??

  7. eviloatmeal

    eviloatmeal5 日 前

    I wish Brad would crash *my* stand-ups with delicious toasties...

  8. eviloatmeal

    eviloatmeal5 日 前

    Intro: "This is It's Alive, right...?" Outro: "I'm dead on the inside."

  9. Yael Ozair

    Yael Ozair6 日 前

    Heart of Glass by Blondie???

  10. Laura J.

    Laura J.7 日 前

    I couldn't agree more on keeping tomatoes simple. The good ones are just sooo good. And Blondie's "Heart of Glass" was immediately recognizable.

  11. Lisa13245

    Lisa132458 日 前

    *pushes salt * "Beat it"

  12. Clover .S

    Clover .S8 日 前

    I love this guy. He has such a clear heart. Precious ❤

  13. Ava Rose

    Ava Rose9 日 前

    I crave this toast with my entire being

  14. Ava Rose

    Ava Rose9 日 前

    God I love the editors

  15. R T

    R T10 日 前

    Brad, You Rock!

  16. Isychia

    Isychia11 日 前

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="642">10:42</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="660">11:00</a> we have Gandpapi Brad lol

  17. Badaró

    Badaró11 日 前

    "Is it focusing? Or it's a little froggy?" It's froggy, because of the ollie oil

  18. BURN-E

    BURN-E11 日 前

    The delaney spice sniff throwback is real...

  19. The_Doctors_Tardis

    The_Doctors_Tardis11 日 前

    My costco had these Flavor Bombs. They are BONKERS. I've never had tomato this tomato-y

  20. J Lee

    J Lee11 日 前

    Cooking novice here! I have heard that you are not supposed to put tomato in cast iron, is that cast iron pan special?

  21. Ben Kopf

    Ben Kopf12 日 前

    Brad <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="413">6:53</a> “that’s what I’m talkin about bud” golden

  22. Jackie Smith

    Jackie Smith12 日 前

    lmao he said what's that word game and then said sudoku. I cant stop crying

  23. Tina Fox

    Tina Fox12 日 前

    Heart of Glass by Blondie.

  24. kit magot

    kit magot13 日 前

    This is just beautiful :D

  25. Simon Hallin

    Simon Hallin13 日 前

    I would be a lucky man if I ate tomatoes cut by Brad

  26. Mr.Marhi

    Mr.Marhi13 日 前

    Is that a jojo reference emerald splash???

  27. Epoxyforexample

    Epoxyforexample14 日 前

    Oh man, the bee cameo- "Buzz, Professional Pollinator".

  28. Wicked Samurai

    Wicked Samurai15 日 前

    Brad is the best

  29. Alexander Feder

    Alexander Feder15 日 前

    Brad, I’m not sure you will see this but I just made it and it was great. Thank you.

  30. Queen Senpai

    Queen Senpai15 日 前

    I think the song he was humming was heart of glass by blondie?

  31. Tonya Thompson

    Tonya Thompson15 日 前

    Brad just has this child like giddiness about him that makes stuff like the little trip so great to watch

  32. The dude whose head is missing

    The dude whose head is missing16 日 前

    Brad: "Everyone has a different stove, saying medium heat and such doesn't help. Here, look at this flame." Me: _looks at my electric stove_

  33. Alison Cline

    Alison Cline16 日 前

    little ollie oil on the lens, that's what i'm tawlkin bout

  34. ichigo_dango

    ichigo_dango16 日 前

    Sohla making gravy "just for fun" is my idol.

  35. latenight cashews

    latenight cashews16 日 前

    shout out to paul's tomato tee

  36. Gio T

    Gio T16 日 前

    I don’t know why the fact that Hunzi was also born in 92 makes me happy 😂😂😂

  37. Dennis0486

    Dennis048616 日 前

    🎵‘Once I had a love and it was a gas, Soon turned out had a heart of glass’🎵 Blondie - Heart of Glass

  38. psychocolate

    psychocolate16 日 前

    Brad Leone is the Micheal Scott of the BA test kitchen

  39. psychocolate

    psychocolate16 日 前

    I got a tomato ad in the middle of the recipe and I’ve never felt so exposed in my life

  40. dylan oliver

    dylan oliver16 日 前

    did anyone else get a tomato bomb ad at the end of this? that's so cute

  41. Sam Mammoth

    Sam Mammoth17 日 前

    He said “it’s beeeen a whiiiile” 😭

  42. Giorgio Moscioni

    Giorgio Moscioni17 日 前

    Dio cane tutte ste manfrine per una bruschetta con la ricotta (si scherza). Comunque sembra una bomba.

  43. Maria Kim

    Maria Kim17 日 前

    Brad is adorable but i also want to meet the guy who edited this video XD

  44. Forgiveness

    Forgiveness17 日 前

    Why do I feel like Brad is also the one who adds the effects to these videos?

  45. Cameron NyShele

    Cameron NyShele17 日 前

    Gabby is funny asf

  46. Ropagrim

    Ropagrim17 日 前

    "and then look…” OM NOM NOM

  47. ミStephanie

    ミStephanie18 日 前

    The second "its been a while' cracked me up!

  48. Cesar Castro

    Cesar Castro18 日 前

    Omg brad is hilarious

  49. Shruti Saksena

    Shruti Saksena18 日 前

    WOW. this is incredible. the editing is immaculate. never tasted anything like this before. the way it just melts in your mouth is really exquisite. 10/10. will watch again.

  50. Annika Peterson

    Annika Peterson18 日 前

    This is like the perfect example of how to make sponsored content enjoyable

  51. leah renee

    leah renee18 日 前

    so uh all the ads on this video for me were for cherry tomatoes

  52. Anahi Wolfe

    Anahi Wolfe19 日 前

    Made it. Loved it. Amazing.

  53. rich5310

    rich531019 日 前

    What a dweeb

  54. Maeve Neiswanger

    Maeve Neiswanger19 日 前

    I can't tell if Molly was a plant for the tomato-ad portion of this video but either way I'm absolutely sold on the tomatoes lol

  55. Dylan Tommell

    Dylan Tommell19 日 前

    Brad ur thinkin if heart of glass by blondie I believe

  56. Dylan Tommell

    Dylan Tommell19 日 前

    Thinking of

  57. alixdapwner

    alixdapwner19 日 前

    Blondie- Heart of glass for any one wondering about the song at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1377">22:57</a>

  58. Brian Renko

    Brian Renko20 日 前

    Hats off my friend.

  59. Canteen Dave

    Canteen Dave21 日 前


  60. Lews Therin Talamon

    Lews Therin Talamon21 日 前

    I'm bingeing random cooking videos right now, but I'm subscribing to this channel not only because now I want to make this, but because there are Hamlet references

  61. Shelby Lynn

    Shelby Lynn22 日 前

    Is Brad an Aries? Just curious lol

  62. Cat Nolan

    Cat Nolan22 日 前

    i want to make this but i am lactose intolerant and allergic to tomatoes... so that's a maybe

  63. J. V.

    J. V.23 日 前

    This boy is gold. If you like Brad, you can simply click ANY clip with his name to it and it´s gonna be great. And editing and references - great as well. just checked Romeo & Juliets Act 1, Scene 5... and there it says: You are a Saucy boy... WOW

  64. Money Panda

    Money Panda23 日 前

    Hunzi’s editing is the best, I love it!

  65. Jeff William

    Jeff William23 日 前

    Brad singing Blondie at the end makes me love him even more, even if he's a little out of tune.

  66. Thomas Bolen

    Thomas Bolen23 日 前

    What kind of cheese?

  67. Marisa Moore

    Marisa Moore23 日 前

    "Hey guys and It's Alive"

  68. Gigina Giorgi

    Gigina Giorgi23 日 前

    What kind of salt is he using?

  69. Gigina Giorgi

    Gigina Giorgi23 日 前

    Tyler and Chelsea Scantlan thanks! 👍🙂

  70. Tyler and Chelsea Scantlan

    Tyler and Chelsea Scantlan23 日 前

    Gigina Giorgi Diamond Kosher Salt

  71. wuziq

    wuziq24 日 前

    ok it's blondie though, right?

  72. wuziq

    wuziq24 日 前

    buzz is so cute

  73. King.K

    King.K24 日 前

    I watch It's Alive so much I noticed the difference btw the editors of the effects LMAO Don't say this much but MORE IS MORE! Not enough chaos in this one 😂

  74. Christine Do

    Christine Do25 日 前

    whoever edits his videos, THEY NEED A RAISE IMMEDIATELY!!!

  75. Krist Dongelyan

    Krist Dongelyan25 日 前

    Editing - A+++

  76. Rosa Jajawie

    Rosa Jajawie26 日 前

    BRUH who edited this

  77. Olivia Gordon

    Olivia Gordon26 日 前

    heart of glass by blondie

  78. katelyn c

    katelyn c26 日 前

    *ollie oil*

  79. Iaian Farlee

    Iaian Farlee26 日 前

    Are not al all taking about the fact he put a cast iron in the sink and left it there? I've honestly lost roommates over this. Not the price, but the notion

  80. Kathleen McCauley

    Kathleen McCauley26 日 前

    A relaxing guided cooking situation would actually be super pleasant.

  81. Amy Jane Doe

    Amy Jane Doe27 日 前

    All that text in the description box and no recipe?

  82. Samantha MacLeod

    Samantha MacLeod27 日 前

    This was delicious! Made this for lunch today, added some goat cheese. Perfect!

  83. Sarah George

    Sarah George27 日 前

    Really wanted to know what that meeting was