Boyfriend Makeup Battle


  1. OhMyVixen

    OhMyVixen7 時間 前

    I'm living for those bold colors, though.

  2. OhMyVixen

    OhMyVixen7 時間 前

    The editing on this video...everything.

  3. Evie Brabant

    Evie Brabant19 時間 前

    morgan looks gorgeous omg wow

  4. Shriya Mehta

    Shriya Mehta日 前

    I think in terms of who did the best: 1.Morgan 2. Queen Shane 3. Sister Ryland Sorry Ryland but I still love ya

  5. MegChic

    MegChic日 前

    okay but Morgan did her makeup 10x better than the hoes at Ulta who did her makeup in the Texas trip series

  6. Tammy Macpherson

    Tammy Macpherson日 前

    Morgans look was best !! Lol

  7. Tammy Macpherson

    Tammy Macpherson日 前

    🤣🤣🤣 Ryland you are killing me lol

  8. Tiffany Daniels

    Tiffany Daniels2 日 前

    Proud momma moment ruined! Although, it did make me laugh.

  9. ニアピートゥングケルシ—

    ニアピートゥングケルシ—2 日 前

    Ryland I love you okay, I fucking love youuuuuuu but watching you put on makeup is literally the most stressful thing ever 😓

  10. GachaVirus

    GachaVirus3 日 前

    Brow pincel? U mean pencil

  11. Bill Valdez

    Bill Valdez3 日 前

    Ryland I would blame SHANE if I were you !! Love you Shane but u messed up your boyfriend !! LOL !! I love both of you guys anyway !! Lisa Valdez from albquerque !!

  12. RicoSuav

    RicoSuav3 日 前

    Morgan is honestly the prettiest one there like Shane and Ryland are cute and all but Morgan is drop dead gorgeous

  13. caitlyn who r u

    caitlyn who r u3 日 前


  14. Zahra Khalifa

    Zahra Khalifa3 日 前

    ryland looks like the walmart version of james charles

  15. Amelie Villasenor

    Amelie Villasenor4 日 前

    When Ryland’s a better makeup artist than I am

  16. grcebrnstn

    grcebrnstn4 日 前

    anyone know what lip gloss ryland used? :')



    shanes coming for jeffree's brannnd

  18. Waves dust

    Waves dust4 日 前

    Okay so Shane is shaded for using too much, but there are people who also use the amount AND MORE, and they get congratulated for expressing themselves. Shane is doing the same and can put however much makeup he wants on. Rant over peace.

  19. Corey Stepp

    Corey Stepp5 日 前

    I think everyone did a great job with their makeup

  20. Charli Christian

    Charli Christian6 日 前

    Morgan is stunning!

  21. kimayadoesthings Oof

    kimayadoesthings Oof6 日 前

    Morgan is glam Ryland is everyday look Shanes is mua

  22. Lil Muffin

    Lil Muffin7 日 前

    I have those same cactus brushes from tarte

  23. Elizabeth Samora

    Elizabeth Samora7 日 前


  24. charlotte reynaldo

    charlotte reynaldo7 日 前

    Morgan and Shane did the best ryland was just trying to hard and that tongue pop was gross

  25. Connie Nix

    Connie Nix8 日 前

    shane looks the best, Ryland did a good job for his first time

  26. Jessica Lakin

    Jessica Lakin8 日 前

    I loved Shane’s look🤗

  27. Frankie Lovesmakeup

    Frankie Lovesmakeup8 日 前

    Why did I now only find this?

  28. Gustav Høgh Smidt

    Gustav Høgh Smidt9 日 前

    Shane look so pretty❤️

  29. Magdalena Wojtyla

    Magdalena Wojtyla9 日 前

    F***k the haters

  30. hideous moonlight

    hideous moonlight9 日 前

    1- ryland actually did really well for his first time doing actual makeup 2- morgan looked so fucking gorgeous 3- shane seems off but his makeup look was awesome

  31. Peyton Hinman

    Peyton Hinman10 日 前

    Morgan’s like actually so pretty like wtf bitch she so slept on.

  32. Mick Hardison

    Mick Hardison11 日 前

    Ok to rate it to 1 to 3 it would be 1 shane 2 morgan and 3 ryland. All of your looks were good

  33. Julie Pitts-Hart

    Julie Pitts-Hart11 日 前

    I loved Morgan's look💖

  34. Nicole Venesi

    Nicole Venesi11 日 前

    “I look sickening now “ you mean before the nose contouring 🤣💀💀

  35. Jennifer Jaimes

    Jennifer Jaimes12 日 前

    Seeing your and Shane’s videos just bring me joy even in my saddest moments so thank you and continue on what y’all are doing !!!

  36. Abby Rain

    Abby Rain13 日 前

    I’m waiting for all of your tutorials....

  37. tRiNiTy Dragneel

    tRiNiTy Dragneel14 日 前

    shane is HILARIOUS

  38. annatikitiki

    annatikitiki14 日 前

    WOW Morgan !

  39. Julissa Martinez

    Julissa Martinez15 日 前

    This is how many times Ryland showed his ring.. 👇🏼

  40. Missie YouTube Journey Success VLog

    Missie YouTube Journey Success VLog15 日 前

    Morgan is very pretty.

  41. Kim Namjams

    Kim Namjams16 日 前

    3:07 ryland be looking like a Tim Burton character

  42. Jackie Chi

    Jackie Chi16 日 前

    Shane is so sweet to Ryland 💜💜

  43. JessieCash742

    JessieCash74216 日 前

    Shane “ Wait what video is thisss?” He’s always like Wyd? Lmao! ❤️

  44. Grace Lipscomb

    Grace Lipscomb17 日 前

    Ryland had too much lip gloss lol😂

  45. ocean crocker

    ocean crocker17 日 前

    Ryland 60% video showing his ring and the other 40% using jeffeee’s sayings 🙄😂

  46. Itz Dead

    Itz Dead17 日 前

    He needs a makeup product

  47. Sam The Bunny

    Sam The Bunny18 日 前

    Shane: *puts make up on* Also Shane: *feels that he can't move any muscles in his face with make up on*

  48. Lily McCartney

    Lily McCartney18 日 前

    ily guys that’s it ❤️

  49. Olivia Stellar

    Olivia Stellar18 日 前

    Shane has gotten sooo good at makeup!! So proud of him! 😭💖 and Ryland did a really great job especially for his first proper try! But omg Morgan just looks all round stunnnningggggg! I love her so much and her makeup was everything! Xxxx

  50. Echo hicks

    Echo hicks19 日 前

    Morgan looks so beautiful 🥺🥺😻

  51. christie Wengert

    christie Wengert20 日 前

    Ryland. You look. great and you are the. One.

  52. christie Wengert

    christie Wengert20 日 前

    Your mom is 🔥 hot...go MOM.MORGANS. 👀 EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL......AND SHANE......ROCKED IT..

  53. Aaliyah

    Aaliyah21 日 前

    no hate tho

  54. Aaliyah

    Aaliyah21 日 前

    when he showing the ring why arent his finger straight

  55. brooke zoop

    brooke zoop21 日 前


  56. autumn x rose

    autumn x rose21 日 前

    Honestly your eyeshadow is SNATCHED

  57. Koolkidds

    Koolkidds22 日 前

    1 Shane 2 Morgan 3 Morgan’s mom 4 Ryland

  58. Sienna Anderson

    Sienna Anderson22 日 前

    Shane is pretty good with makeup! Dang

  59. hathats

    hathats22 日 前

    tbh....morgan 👀👀👀

  60. Cara Howell

    Cara Howell22 日 前

    You couple of vain fuckers!!😆😆 super good job. Laughing the turning of you're heads in different directions 100 million times!!💜❤💛💙💚

  61. Lora Fisher

    Lora Fisher23 日 前


  62. Victoria Tiger

    Victoria Tiger23 日 前

    Shane would have killed it with a pink lipstick and some highlighter 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Richard Strzalka

    Richard Strzalka23 日 前

    Shane sorry but shane and am I the only one that noticed shane sounds deppresed

  64. Rats of the Universe Unite

    Rats of the Universe Unite11 日 前

    Richard Strzalka I think he’s just focused, he probably is tired or wants to relax and not feel like he has to be super energetic

  65. Lonnie

    Lonnie23 日 前

    Aww you two are so cute together

  66. Lisa Reed-Walls

    Lisa Reed-Walls24 日 前

    You did great Ryland! Love you guys! ♥️

  67. Kiki D

    Kiki D24 日 前

    On a Ryland/Shane kick watching their old videos - no shade but Rylands makeup application gives me anxiety..."gurus" use concealer to HIGHLIGHT if you want to CONCEAL use a shade that matches your foundation...which should match your undertone. It might be too late and maybe you'll never see this but SHANE, please watch videos by real muas to learn correct makeup application to see the difference between that and JPreporter style makeup....pixiwoo, vintageortacky, Lisa eldridge, Sharon Farrell...there are so many! X

  68. Brittany Love

    Brittany Love24 日 前

    But what lipgloss did you use because hello I Stan

  69. fat piggy tea

    fat piggy tea26 日 前

    Morgan:shook to death Shane: sickening Ryland:sick

  70. princessjen99

    princessjen9926 日 前

    This is the best I’ve ever seen Morgan look...beautiful!

  71. _ .Alienated. _

    _ .Alienated. _26 日 前

    Ok 1. Ryland 2. Shane 3. Morgan I know Morgan did really well but Shane and Ryland were snatched

  72. Mark Angelo Valdejueza

    Mark Angelo Valdejueza26 日 前

    Morgan looks like the one Kardashan that I don't really care about.

  73. Katelyn Smith

    Katelyn Smith26 日 前

    I love how quiet shane was for no reason. It’s so cute 😂

  74. AIR Productions

    AIR Productions27 日 前

    Here it goes for me #1 for me is Shane #2 is Morgan #3 ryland

  75. Cara V

    Cara V27 日 前

    you guys are definitely getting better at applying make-up ! :D

  76. missoverdressed

    missoverdressed28 日 前

    i so wanna have a makeup party now :(

  77. Twisted Glam

    Twisted Glam29 日 前

    Super cute but the lipgloss is a no for me



    So beautiful💖💙💖💖

  79. Squirle Plays

    Squirle Playsヶ月 前

    I know this was your video ryland but honestly Morgan stole the show with her drop dead gorgeous look, but overall all of you did a wonderful job!

  80. Chloe Ella Aston

    Chloe Ella Astonヶ月 前

    Morgan looks amazing.... Love that rylan actually looks so good... Shane is making James charles quake.......

  81. jacob grogan

    jacob groganヶ月 前

    Rylands poses at the end are the most hilarious