Boyfriend DRAMA At The Football Game!


  1. Nightcore Vision

    Nightcore Vision4 時間 前

    Me and my bf in a nutshell, the whole "not talking to each other" that was before we went on several dates XD

  2. LionessAri !!

    LionessAri !!7 時間 前

    Wait why was this me lol except the kiss stuff

  3. MDR Challenges

    MDR Challenges20 時間 前

    Desperate for love. Bro you can’t fake love

  4. Anthony Santellana

    Anthony Santellana日 前

    So the girl is just stupid end of story

  5. Angel Gomez Andrade

    Angel Gomez Andrade日 前

    1 millionth viewer yes!

  6. Gustavo Gatica

    Gustavo Gatica2 日 前

    Haha ugly

  7. spill the tea sis

    spill the tea sis2 日 前

    2:35 I swear I’m in tears 😭😂😂

  8. Allison Thomas

    Allison Thomas3 日 前


  9. Lauren Guzman

    Lauren Guzman3 日 前


  10. Holl.y

    Holl.y3 日 前

    That was the shittiest story on this channel sorry but wtf. WHAT DRAMA HAPPENED BRO?! Tell this girl to stop saying OK like we get it GOSH

  11. David Szeliga

    David Szeliga3 日 前

    Girls: Do you want to kiss? Nobody:... COMMENTS:... Boys: Do You Want SEEEMEEEEENNN :)




  13. LizGacha Animal

    LizGacha Animal5 日 前

    Animation: •~Scared bcz watching IT~• Me: •~Legit laughing at Pennywise~•

  14. Lizbeth

    Lizbeth5 日 前


  15. Gwen Young Bear

    Gwen Young Bear5 日 前


  16. Irulan Smith

    Irulan Smith5 日 前

    ThAts big tuff

  17. Night Wolf

    Night Wolf5 日 前

    This is why you don’t date someone bc you think it will make them happy.

  18. Amaira Seth

    Amaira Seth5 日 前

    Story booth: Actual stories Other channels: I married my younger brother who was actually my dad and then we had a baby

  19. roastbang

    roastbang2 日 前

    These are getting old

  20. Double J

    Double J6 日 前

    He looks like the kid from the chuck e cheese commercials

  21. Dixie Sedgwick

    Dixie Sedgwick6 日 前

    Love it

  22. ρєтєя - яαує 可愛い

    ρєтєя - яαує 可愛い6 日 前


  23. Meghan DeVore

    Meghan DeVore6 日 前

    She sounds like a 12 year old

  24. CB

    CB6 日 前

    Tf why do they look like Kim possible and Ron

  25. Linh Ngọc Nguyễn

    Linh Ngọc Nguyễn6 日 前

    Why she says so many the word “and” ???

  26. Flor Tejada

    Flor Tejada7 日 前

    It’s okay don’t worry 😉

  27. Survival

    Survival7 日 前

    wait, How is this dramatic?

  28. Disliked Channel

    Disliked Channel7 日 前

    Me in a fake world: asks crush out Crush: yes Me: what does it mean

  29. Disliked Channel

    Disliked Channel7 日 前

    Ok Karen

  30. Menacing Spiderdude

    Menacing Spiderdude8 日 前

    Dating in middle school is a waste of time that will go no where change my mind

  31. Logan Andrade

    Logan Andrade8 日 前

    Why do all the characters have chop stick legs

  32. Ennabel Dim

    Ennabel Dim8 日 前

    Everyone my bf for valentines is… FOOD

  33. Calico •

    Calico •8 日 前

    Even worse: you kissed him without asking

  34. EA Fans

    EA Fans8 日 前

    It's the Redskins vs the Rams

  35. Claire Demerlier

    Claire Demerlier8 日 前


  36. { • Cl0ver3 • }

    { • Cl0ver3 • }8 日 前

    Not even a week ago my friend got a "girlfriend" and she's already on about them getting married and being together forever-

  37. Gacha Pris

    Gacha Pris9 日 前

    What did you expect who ask their first boyfriend do you want to kiss 😑

  38. Born- Goated

    Born- Goated9 日 前

    This was a bad story no cap 🧢

  39. •Artistic Donutie•

    •Artistic Donutie•9 日 前

    storybooth is like the only accurate animated story channel like "I was born by 3 moms" FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  40. Solarpanda Tetris

    Solarpanda Tetris9 日 前


  41. Marshmellow :3

    Marshmellow :39 日 前

    Ok I'm not the ONLY one who came from tik tok

  42. Ickywolf876932 :p

    Ickywolf876932 :p9 日 前

    My friend told me to date a guy I didn’t know also I guy I don’t think is attractive but I i still expect them to kiss me when I ask. That is your fucking logic

  43. AryKrish Sharma

    AryKrish Sharma9 日 前

    She sound like she ten

  44. Nostalgic Nemrac

    Nostalgic Nemrac9 日 前

    This girl is dumb

  45. JJ teen

    JJ teen9 日 前

    1:55-2:05 that’s facts they do the same thing to me but I was wanting a gf

  46. Drew Sharma

    Drew Sharma9 日 前

    Ouch, I feel genuinely sympathetic for this poor girl

  47. Zachyboi

    Zachyboi10 日 前

    This is kinda cringe

  48. Juan Barron

    Juan Barron10 日 前

    Awwww man why Didn’t they kiss

  49. PM_gustavo 17

    PM_gustavo 1711 日 前

    CEO of saying AND

  50. BeGabTDG

    BeGabTDG11 日 前

    Lesson: If you have an awkward momment with someone then try not to do something more awkward

  51. GoldyTheBearYT

    GoldyTheBearYT11 日 前

    I felt awkward when i watched this


    DJMIKEZ11 日 前


  53. Tarantula Tower

    Tarantula Tower11 日 前

    Who else wanted porn

  54. Vaughan Bussard

    Vaughan Bussard12 日 前


  55. Wolf Shrine

    Wolf Shrine12 日 前

    This is actually the real story telling thing on JPreporter

  56. Home Alone Phone

    Home Alone Phone12 日 前

    O wow

  57. Miriam Gonzalez

    Miriam Gonzalez12 日 前

    Right as she said wanna kiss I was like smh🤦🏻‍♀

  58. Kaela Mait's

    Kaela Mait's12 日 前

    Story booth: Real and original stories Other story channels: I found my boyfriends, ex’s, sisters, husbands dog on tinder

  59. Gojira 2000

    Gojira 200012 日 前

    No Homo

  60. rekinokot vids

    rekinokot vids13 日 前

    Not trying to be rude but its not the end of the world just because he rejected u like bruh ur like 13?and at the end u were like "and we broke up" acting like he's ur husband or something but u know that's just my an 11 year olds opinion and it probs doesn't matter to anyone anyway so what's the point of writing this what's the point of everything actually because the universe is so big that it wouldn't have any impact if u got out of bed or if u killed ur self it wouldn't matter in the perspective of the universe and life is basically meaningless considering this could all just be fake and its just a sick dream of horror misery sadness but sometimes u can find sweet spots but some people live amazing lives right?and nothing goes wrong right?wrong every body is sad and miserable inside have a good day that's the end of my rambling bye

  61. YourGirl Violet

    YourGirl Violet13 日 前

    Who’s from TikTok?