Boris Johnson: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. opo

    opo13 時間 前

    Hit by a Goose. Brilliant.

  2. Bardo

    Bardo16 時間 前

    Fun fact for all Americans, the word Trump in Britain is another word for fart. Do with that as you will

  3. thou ist

    thou ist22 時間 前

    please don't allow the only thing Americans know about my county being foxes mating

  4. Nicolas Flamel

    Nicolas Flamel日 前

    it’s time to pay for your arrogance and your lies. you lied to the British people about brexit and the coronvirus. you considered that the elderly should be sacrificed. now it is you who is infected and who is part of the people at risk . God strikes you and strikes us all with this slack. Now thousands of people will die because of you! the Asholes

  5. Michael Jarvis

    Michael Jarvis日 前

    My opinion of Boris has changed since the coronavirus. I thought he was a bumbling idiot before but now I have serious genuine respect for the man. He’s taken the right advice and worked hard during this time. Hope he gets well soon.

  6. Eddie L

    Eddie L日 前

    Well this closing monologue didn’t age well... he’s done all the things this joker said were impossible 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Whiteman

    Whiteman日 前

    It's Corona time

  8. Hellkite1999

    Hellkite1999日 前

    Boris has COVID-19

  9. Max Rockatansky

    Max Rockatansky日 前

    JPreporter is like, since Boris is infected by covid-19, let's recommend this video.

  10. OLe3446

    OLe3446日 前


  11. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun日 前

    Boris Johnson is a cringeworthy turd of a prime minister.

  12. Rival Sports

    Rival Sports日 前

    And now Boris has the Coronavirus

  13. Colin Johnston

    Colin Johnston日 前

    And here we are after brexit and Boris is going strong. Wu flu aside Britain will be fine.

  14. Gareth Thomas

    Gareth Thomas日 前

    You can see that a lot of work goes into these segments, but damn, he isn't funny at all. I remember when he was on mock the week, and was rubbish, and, well, nothing has changed really.

  15. BrokeredHeart

    BrokeredHeart日 前

    Had to come back and re-watch this segment after Mr. "Herd Immunity" tested positive for Covid-19. I hope that every poor decision he ever makes comes back to bite him on the ass, as he so rightfully deserves. It's just unfortunate that his poor decision-making will wind up hurting millions of people in the process, including my uncle, my aunt, my two cousins, and their kids. Please keep my uncle in particular in your thoughts - he just emerged from a very serious surgery to remove a malignant tumour, and while he was at the hospital under surveillance, he contracted Covid-19 on top of that. We are very worried, and have no way of going in to see him. I'm angry and frustrated and exhausted by the whole thing.

  16. Thatdude 1777

    Thatdude 1777日 前

    Ey Boris Johnson got coronavirus

  17. Ralph

    Ralph日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="825">13:45</a> Are you insane? You are actually defending the burka?

  18. Natquik

    Natquik日 前

    Ralph what’s wrong with it? It’s a way Muslim woman display modesty

  19. Ralph

    Ralph日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="803">13:23</a> Well that's a demonstrably true fact

  20. Ralph

    Ralph日 前

    @Natquik I know it to be true for a fact seeing as I work at an agency that deals with that sort of thing.

  21. Natquik

    Natquik日 前

    Ralph bigot alert

  22. Eshaan Mani

    Eshaan Mani日 前

    aaandd... now he has corona

  23. Alvaro Sarria

    Alvaro Sarria日 前

    Is really Boris with COVID-19 right now?

  24. awesome boy

    awesome boy日 前

    He now has coronavirus

  25. Trish Jean-Louis

    Trish Jean-Louis日 前

    Sociology and psychology at its worst...Trump and Johnson both rely on using manipulative tactics on oblivious, uninformed people.

  26. Salad Snake

    Salad Snake日 前

    umm but they do look like fucking letterboxes..

  27. Danny Anderson

    Danny Anderson2 日 前

    I'm not the only one who came back to watch this video after he got the Coronavirus?

  28. Natalia Dunnyak

    Natalia Dunnyak7 時間 前

    Danny Anderson nope

  29. chinchillacat

    chinchillacat2 日 前

    What’s wrong with this guy? Doesn’t like prawn cocktail crisps? This guy could only make a career in the US. Not funny at all. Also there’s nothing wrong with what he said about burkas, for one it’s true, other than that it’s a disgusting practice and absolutely incompatible with our culture.

  30. Conor Mcgurk

    Conor Mcgurk2 日 前

    FUCK YOU JOHN OLIVER Prawn Cocktail is by far the best Walkers flavour

  31. Art Vandelay

    Art Vandelay2 日 前

    Better than commie corbyn

  32. AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew

    AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew2 日 前

    an update on Boris Johnson he now has the Coronavirus

  33. Naomi Thaler

    Naomi Thaler2 日 前

    Boris Johnson: living proof that a British accent doesn't always make someone sexier

  34. Callie Johnston

    Callie Johnston2 日 前


  35. Genuine Polyester

    Genuine Polyester2 日 前

    As an American I can confirm that walker's prawn cocktail chips do intact exist and they are exquisite. So are cheese and onion chips.

  36. Jefferson Osorio

    Jefferson Osorio2 日 前

    Love this guy😂

  37. Enriadero

    Enriadero2 日 前

    Oh that last Brexit negotiation bit hasn't aged well at all...

  38. S

    S2 日 前

    How dare you come after prawn cocktail crisps. They are the best flavour. Rude.

  39. Ike Theneek

    Ike Theneek3 日 前

    BDG and John Oliver are onto something here "The gaffs are planned!!"

  40. Ferdinand Ries

    Ferdinand Ries3 日 前

    Boris Johnson always talks wiff-waff.

  41. sam jones

    sam jones3 日 前

    I normally agree with everything you say but i cannot stand by your campaign of hate against the prawn cocktail crisp - There fantastic

  42. Average Awesome

    Average Awesome3 日 前

    One of my worst days as an international student in the uk was when I grabbed a jumbo six pack of walkers crisps thinking it was the far superior smoky bacon flavour but it was the prawn cocktail that first taste soured my whole day, a whole day mourning my 1 pound 50. I couldn’t even give it to someone else cause that’s almost a crime

  43. Carla MSM

    Carla MSM3 日 前

    That ping pong anecdote is hilariously asinine.

  44. aroura skeatch

    aroura skeatch3 日 前

    Our leader, everybody...

  45. Kenneth Welch

    Kenneth Welch3 日 前

    o how the times have changed

  46. Marc Fantasti

    Marc Fantasti3 日 前

    you darn britface

  47. Miska Tähtinen

    Miska Tähtinen4 日 前

    Well this didn't age well xd

  48. Rajdeep Tokhi

    Rajdeep Tokhi4 日 前

    Holy shit Boris' sister is fucking hot, all the aesthetics genes passed to her lol Also Boris calling burqa clad ladies letterboxes is hilarious!!!

  49. Griffin

    Griffin4 日 前

    This motherfucker is stupidly likeable. It’s sickening knowing his motives

  50. Kasper

    Kasper4 日 前

    Yo, man...I'd be kinda nice to have a leader who just goes 🤷‍♂️ like an asshole. In the US, you'd have to listen to forty-seven minutes of how Trump knew 5b before it was cool, and how 5b is a good friend - some people say the best - and then you'd have to listen to an additional eighteen minutes about how 5c is fake news. It's just fuckin'...

  51. Kasper

    Kasper4 日 前

    Something tells me ol' Mr. Oliver is somehow heavily invested in the mating foxes of Kent.

  52. Kasper

    Kasper4 日 前

    BRITFACE! **hides**

  53. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person4 日 前

    What benefit does Johnson have to gain to get Britain out of the EU? I'm an American and am not in touch with EU politics.

  54. Smilley MLK

    Smilley MLK2 日 前

    About the same as Trump's border wall. There are/were a lot of foreign workers in Britain and blind xenophobia paired with a misinformation campaign goes a long way. For instance, he forgot to mention that these foreigners either a) do jobs that no British person would be caught doing: dishwashers, caretakers for the elderly, garbage disposal, etc., or b) have qualifications that they have a shortage of, like surgeons. Other than that, Johnson and some other idiots convinced the UK that the "membership fee" the government has to pay is not vastly surpassed by the benefits in trade. And to Johnson's huge benefit, the EU has agreed to suspend the most problematic aspects of Brexit - the Irish border and customs on trade goods - for another year, mostly because they didn't want IRA riots and trade grinding to an effin' halt. There were estimates that if it took customs officers one minute to inspect each cargo container heading to and from Britain, it would generate a truck traffic jam of several miles within a day.

  55. Maxyshadow

    Maxyshadow4 日 前

    And he managed it. Though I consider the EU to be that last political force for good in this world.

  56. Jake Jones

    Jake Jones4 日 前

    prawn cocktail is incredible tho leave it alone

  57. Wesley

    Wesley4 日 前

    Guess who's PM at this moment

  58. J. H.

    J. H.5 日 前

    God bless everyone that makes this show happen.

  59. Kofi Annan

    Kofi Annan5 日 前


  60. Muel 1989

    Muel 19896 日 前

    Ah, Boris Johnson, the commie bastard who instituted a universal basic income in Britain. These are strange times we live in.

  61. drfloyd 03

    drfloyd 036 日 前

    He twatted a japanese kid

  62. Mark

    Mark6 日 前

    That is fuckin hilarious. Great Hugh Grant impression. A+

  63. John Olson

    John Olson6 日 前

    Still was elected so there’s that!!!

  64. fexbio

    fexbio6 日 前

    How weird. This one knows how to play dumb. Unlike Trump, who does play dumb, but he really IS dumb, so it not only shows, but he's misleading towards another type of dumb, which is dumb in itself.

  65. Roland Villena

    Roland Villena6 日 前

    Well he did Whiffwhaff his way out.

  66. preciousinfinity

    preciousinfinity6 日 前

    Watching this on 22nd of March, 2020, the hashtag Johnsonisnegligent is trending. I'd say we in the UK shot ourselves in the foot, but that would imply an accident, and this is more like we took the gun, took a good careful aim at our foot, pulled the trigger, then were surprised when we lost our toes.

  67. Marcel Gardner

    Marcel Gardner7 日 前

    Where are those foxes from again? This Boris guy seems like a caricature of English person.

  68. David T

    David T7 日 前

    Were not gonna ring up why there’s a rule that he can’t repeat what the queen says?

  69. Rita Marie Kelley

    Rita Marie Kelley7 日 前

    Boris & Donald = evil twins, Boris slightly more intelligent, both bloviating buffoons.

  70. Quin Reves

    Quin Reves7 日 前


  71. Fjdjcg Ghfkj

    Fjdjcg Ghfkj8 日 前

    WHAT!!?? Prawn cockatail is THE BEST

  72. Vathek

    Vathek8 日 前

    Why is John Oliver pretending that prawn cocktail crisps taste bad?

  73. Ellena Valeria Krauss Di Nova

    Ellena Valeria Krauss Di Nova8 日 前

    Fearless mating foxes of Kent 😂 made my day, for ten straight minutes. Is that me, or the confinement, or the 🦊 🦊 ?

  74. Ravi Shastri

    Ravi Shastri8 日 前


  75. TrueAmerican Native

    TrueAmerican Native8 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a> / This was how we'd get away with being high in high school... By always looking like you were high, they'd just assume that you weren't.

  76. J.A. Bristol

    J.A. Bristol8 日 前

    Wow, how very original. Another leftist attempt at character assasination of a conservative through factual inaccuracies, circumstantial inuendo and childish insults. I'm seriously at a loss for how your ratings are so far down the drain.

  77. J.A. Bristol

    J.A. Bristol7 日 前

    @AverageArts I never said the video promoted leftist ideas, I said the strategy of character assasination was leftist. Which is true for the most part, you don't see the right or even centrist parties employing the method of character assasination to gain an edge over a political opponent. The right most often attack the ideas of a person, you don't see that at all with the left wing media outlets mainly because the ideas they push are so sh*tty they don't hold any water when put under scrutiny in a direct debate. So, instead of defending their ideas which hold no merit, they attack the persons character with the hopes that people will make a mental equivalence in their head that "oh, all these conservatives and/or centrists are bnumbling idiots, their beliefs must be equally idiotic. I'm going to vote the exact opposite of that." Of course it's the left, people like John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, who've proven themselves to be the idiots because even though time has proven that this strategy doesn't work - that attacking someone's character with childish insults and acting smug and superior to anyone who disagrees doesn't woe people to your side - they nonetheless continue to capitulate this same elitist attitude because they're just so self centered and so imalleable in their beliefs that they'd rather see their ratings drop through the floor and their audience base disintegrate into oblivion than to adapt their own strategies or beliefs to keep up with the times. Or, better yet, don't get into any politics on your show. Don't inject your personal beliefs at all and don't act as a strategic arm of any political organization.

  78. AverageArts

    AverageArts7 日 前

    What "leftist" ideas are voiced in the video?

  79. doa189

    doa1898 日 前

    I wonder if they will do an update now that brexit has happened and the labor party was delivered their largest defeat in decades.

  80. Mitch Keller

    Mitch Keller8 日 前

    His persona doesn’t travel well????? Wellll that sentence sure aged pooooorly. 🤣 I love the guy. Letterboxes. Fucking smashing.

  81. noah

    noah8 日 前

    Boris is a great PM. His One Nation conservative government is bringing the country together. The UK is lucky

  82. AverageArts

    AverageArts7 日 前

    No, the tories are fucking up the NHS like no one has before, even that Thatcher cunt didn't defund it as much as the tories of today.

  83. 2019inuyasha

    2019inuyasha8 日 前

    Boris is charming, and brilliant, the fact that there is no good Brexit plan was a problem no matter who was in office. foreign leaders will want to come and see him gaffe. this is actually a chance for other politicians near him to strike a deal of some sort...

  84. Gail Taylor

    Gail Taylor8 日 前

    so trump

  85. Mariano Hoyer

    Mariano Hoyer8 日 前

    this seems even funnier NOW (20.03.2020)!!

  86. Mariano Hoyer

    Mariano Hoyer8 日 前

    07:35 lol

  87. Mariano Hoyer

    Mariano Hoyer8 日 前

    ... or sadder

  88. Mina Tran

    Mina Tran8 日 前

    It’s the hair man THE HAIR I SAY

  89. Riste Kostadinov

    Riste Kostadinov9 日 前

    You miss Andy Murray in the olympics winners photo

  90. El Poncho Zoido Giaccometti

    El Poncho Zoido Giaccometti9 日 前

    Here seven months later and we have a brexit deal. We haven’t found his limit yet

  91. El Poncho Zoido Giaccometti

    El Poncho Zoido Giaccometti4 日 前

    @Walter Rudich You're right - I'm canadian

  92. Walter Rudich

    Walter Rudich6 日 前

    No - you haven´t got any deal ready. You haven´t even started to negotiate.

  93. Matthew Eagles

    Matthew Eagles6 日 前

    We have the reheated May Withdrawal Agreement (but with Northern Ireland weirdly disadvantaged), still no deal to cover what happens after the transition period and the clock is ticking.