1. FrostyFilms.J

    FrostyFilms.J6 時間 前

    As soon as she said that it was 5 am it changed five am for me

  2. Dowka 29

    Dowka 297 時間 前

    *you could take a bath with no bubbles with a bathing suit on so its like your in a pool*

  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous8 時間 前

    *A Filipino dude who likes animal crossing as much as I do with an interesting life* Me : are we related

  4. pretzel jawbreaker

    pretzel jawbreaker10 時間 前

    one of my favorite books is medal of honor and i now love world war 2 because i got it at my scholastic bookfair

  5. UniqueSewshy

    UniqueSewshy11 時間 前

    I would never do homework if I was never bored

  6. Jesse Furse

    Jesse Furse13 時間 前

    Alex says thanks

  7. Yash Kundu

    Yash Kundu14 時間 前

    "You wanna Fight" :)

  8. Sometimes I dream about c h e e s e

    Sometimes I dream about c h e e s e16 時間 前

    5:45 we all just not gonna ambush this man with “Is that a jojo reference” and completely and utterly destroy his comment section? *o k*

  9. Yihan He

    Yihan He16 時間 前

    3 things that motivate humanity, boredom, laziness, and emotions

  10. KHarvick Fan1

    KHarvick Fan117 時間 前

    I am no longer bored cuz i have been using my left hand to Read my bible.

  11. Giddy Vids

    Giddy Vids18 時間 前


  12. That Happy Kid UwU

    That Happy Kid UwU20 時間 前

    When I get so bored I start crying

  13. Jairus Madria

    Jairus Madria21 時間 前

    at least I'm not the only one who lines up the song in animal crossing when it goes buddabudabaaaa

  14. David Sohn

    David Sohn21 時間 前

    "League of Pain" couldn't have said it any better

  15. Сэйрас Авалон

    Сэйрас Авалон23 時間 前

    Canadian here, have to VPN to the US to watch Arrow. lol

  16. ronondex2009

    ronondex2009日 前

    6:50 * stanley parable starts playing *

  17. DynoMyte

    DynoMyte日 前

    Others: Bored ME: Yahhh I can make youtube videos 24/7!

  18. Mi Corito-san

    Mi Corito-san日 前


  19. CanDull

    CanDull日 前

    When you study hard but your parents still restrict your hobbies coz they can't afford it.

  20. So mais um

    So mais um日 前

    gosh ai loved final space

  21. Hansi_Priyatha

    Hansi_Priyatha日 前

    Why does this remind me of furry and bright version of undertale

  22. Gouthaman Skylar

    Gouthaman Skylar日 前

    is that a Jojo reference?? hahaha

  23. Helix Jump main

    Helix Jump main日 前

    iS tHaT A JOJo reFeRencE

  24. spadeturtle

    spadeturtle日 前

    11th of May 2020 was a Monday

  25. IceBay01695

    IceBay01695日 前

    Thanks for the JoJo reference

  26. That one kid billy

    That one kid billy日 前


  27. 77legocreator

    77legocreator日 前

    Wait, what? You grew up on Gamecube as a kid too? But I'm a third year college student now and I thought you graduated college like a while ago. I'm so confused.

  28. 乇几尺ㄚㄩ

    乇几尺ㄚㄩ日 前

    Being able to do ground flips and break dancing feels good, but watching a JPreporterr who can relate to those things feels even better.

  29. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml日 前

    When I get bored I just eat wich is one reason I'm so THICC!!!

  30. Zartition Pion [GD]

    Zartition Pion [GD]日 前

    1:28 I think Domics is stalking me, *wait, how can he be in America?*

  31. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml日 前

    instead you could have also used the term "a hermit's gotta leave it's shell." just a suggestion.

  32. Raichu_The_Maniac27

    Raichu_The_Maniac27日 前

    5:45 obligatory jojo reference

  33. Gizze_Misse

    Gizze_Misse日 前

    As a wise Doggo once Said:If you enjoyed the time you wasted. It’s not wasted time

  34. Angel_ Lost girl

    Angel_ Lost girl日 前

    You could improve or change content YT. I don't want you to leave .

  35. A Lion

    A Lion日 前

    _"You could put on lip balm. Yeah, I see crusty lips."_ Sir, I feel personally attacked by this. I will not have my lips be insulted. I have sensitive skin, man.

  36. Suga Stan 101

    Suga Stan 101日 前

    Domics : it's 5 am Me : huzzah! It's *4* am!

  37. Casey Crowley

    Casey Crowley日 前

    I was bored before watching this

  38. pluto

    pluto日 前

    Me painting cause im bored:... 👁👄👁

  39. SlayerDoesStuff YT

    SlayerDoesStuff YT日 前

    When Domics said he could see my crusty lips... *I freaked out*

  40. max seals

    max seals日 前

    I get really expensive when I’m bored 🥰

  41. Raeanne Leaton

    Raeanne Leaton日 前

    Can we please talk about the folder on his desktop that says "secret things" next to "league of pain" instead of "league of legends"

  42. Fidget Master

    Fidget Master日 前


  43. farzana ruby

    farzana ruby日 前

    But, I applied my lip balm just now!

  44. GhostlyWolf

    GhostlyWolf日 前

    Wow! Youre like the first average person that I watch who plays hollow knight, NOICE :3

  45. RaihanHA

    RaihanHA12 時間 前

    I wanna watch him do a playthrough now

  46. Avram Fox

    Avram Fox日 前

    I want silksong to come out too☹️

  47. Mileva Narvaez

    Mileva Narvaez日 前

    instead you could have also used the term "a hermit's gotta leave it's shell." just a suggestion.

  48. Cruz Stratton

    Cruz Stratton2 日 前

    When I get bored I just eat wich is one reason I'm so THICC!!!

  49. Ella Mai Smith

    Ella Mai Smith2 日 前

    No joke but that me at home at the moment

  50. Penth

    Penth2 日 前

    3:50 I expected an "Are ya winning, sis?"

  51. Ro bro Gaming

    Ro bro Gaming2 日 前

    Dom: Canadian Netflix is better. Me: It really is.

  52. Yura Pawluk

    Yura Pawluk2 日 前

    I guess every lazy person starts something amazing out of boredom- High five..?

  53. Jaro Jaric

    Jaro Jaric2 日 前

    My last school project this year was to made a web page,and I made it on this topic,but its on completley different language,so I'm not sure if you'd have any use from it...

  54. Michael Ng

    Michael Ng2 日 前

    IT’S 5AM.

  55. Hamm

    Hamm2 日 前

    i guess all those blm ppl are just bored

  56. Etomic Venture

    Etomic Venture2 日 前

    Use BoredVPN, the best VPN tou can use for your daily needs like if your ever nord Waiy why are you still here...

  57. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi2 日 前

    Me: (Spining around in a office chair) Windows XP: Hey so do you want to "Virus" me? Me: ..... HECK YEA

  58. Symmetry

    Symmetry7 時間 前


  59. Satu Garret

    Satu Garret2 日 前

    Yes! Hollow Knight Silksong!!!!!

  60. Omishie

    Omishie2 日 前

    I just play smash or dbd when i'm bored (and someday Silksong)

  61. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi2 日 前

    Dom: please come out sooner shows silksong Me: I feel your pain brother

  62. let's play

    let's play2 日 前


  63. family manalo

    family manalo2 日 前

    Like i tell myself "being bored can kill you" :/

  64. Stupid Stories

    Stupid Stories2 日 前

    That's his gf?

  65. Af-iq

    Af-iq2 日 前

    I was bored so I watched this ._.

  66. Stupid Stories

    Stupid Stories2 日 前

    What's subharashi

  67. SF Plasma

    SF Plasma2 日 前

    Sometimes I get bored of gaming all day Luckily for me I can’t game all day

  68. KaiFinn

    KaiFinn2 日 前

    I get bored a lot too. Well this is only the second video I have watched from you and I already felt the need to subscribe because of what great content you make, so I subscribed and will like this video. Have fun with what you are doing! Thanks for making these videos! I myself am a 10 year old animator and I am looking for other animators’ videos to help me with my ideas (promise I won’t steal anything) and help me understand how to do it well. And you seem to be one of those animators that will help me. Thanks!

  69. Brotato Squad

    Brotato Squad2 日 前

    1:15 "You can go outside, and attempt to backflip." *jump* *whoosh* *thud* *AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  70. Nicholas Williams

    Nicholas Williams2 日 前

    Is it just me, or does the art style of Dom at the beginning look like The Midnight Gospel?

  71. Joshua Bernal

    Joshua Bernal2 日 前

    mans should play league with me

  72. l No Hobo l

    l No Hobo l2 日 前

    How did he get the keyboard to balance on the other side of the door when it was closed

  73. blinks 888

    blinks 8882 日 前

    I have no wifi so deal with it jk

  74. keybladexiorra

    keybladexiorra2 日 前

    Oi I’m tryna watch jojo where do I start?

  75. Kalvin Garcia

    Kalvin Garcia2 日 前

    since when did strawberries grow on trees 1:20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  76. I like Naruto!

    I like Naruto!2 日 前

    Me: I’m bored My parents: go post on ur JPreporter cha- Me: oh look! Anime on Netflix *completly ignores them*

  77. Silver Sun

    Silver Sun2 日 前

    Dom: please come out sooner *shows silksong* Me: I feel your pain brother

  78. i'm not scared

    i'm not scared2 日 前

    5:44 is this a JoJo reference

  79. DJViking

    DJViking2 日 前

    the diagram you showd was a tortoise...

  80. Joey Vanbuskirk

    Joey Vanbuskirk2 日 前

    Why the f are my lips dry now



    Ngl that jojo part got me

  82. Procatplayz

    Procatplayz2 日 前


  83. Galaxy HUSK

    Galaxy HUSK2 日 前

    I'm watching this because I'm bored

  84. Kiki Candy Cat

    Kiki Candy Cat2 日 前

    "But I'm too bored to sleep!" "it's 5:00 am" *This is my life*

  85. Dee Mayday

    Dee Mayday2 日 前

    I had no idea Canada had a better Netflix. Thank you, Dom!