Boogie - Rainy Days ft. Eminem


  1. Дмитрий Евстропов

    Дмитрий Евстропов時間 前

    Rumor has it that Nick Connon, having heard Eminem's new album, crap.

  2. 2 Slick

    2 Slick17 時間 前

    "Like a Shepherd having sex with a Sheep, fuck what you HERD." BIG BRAIN BARS.

  3. Jonas Flores

    Jonas Flores17 時間 前

    “I got an idea, like the clerk when you wanna buy beer” tha shit was hard asf 🔥

  4. John Sanchez

    John Sanchez日 前

    2:18 beast mode activates

  5. P M

    P M2 日 前

    No one as many times you hear it can catch everything and pun. They hella play with this song

  6. phillip Mcewen

    phillip Mcewen2 日 前

    You makin me mad asf you need to drop some more shit man i fucks with it

  7. Anonymous//L8K3

    Anonymous//L8K32 日 前

    Can I say anything but holy fuck after 2:34

  8. Alex Canfield

    Alex Canfield2 日 前

    Em is 2 smart 4 his own good

  9. Detroit Diz

    Detroit Diz3 日 前

    Em the Goat!! Check me out if y'all have a min. Just getting started trying to build my subs!!!

  10. KevinTheVillian

    KevinTheVillian3 日 前

    As soon as i hear "“Like a shepherd having sex with his sheep, fuck what you heard" i change the song. That one line maxes out my allowable corniness meter for the day

  11. Rekety Rek

    Rekety Rek3 日 前

    “Dre said rock the boat and the doc is my pier”

  12. 2 Slick

    2 Slick17 時間 前

    "Like a Shepherd having sex with a Sheep, fuck what you herd" Can't forget that one... BIG BRAIN

  13. Blake Hite

    Blake Hite2 日 前

    This line will never get the credit it deserves.



    thanks to this song i found out what ive been doing wrong in my raps and how to make em good

  15. TheShady

    TheShady3 日 前

    Song starts 1:58

  16. とげお。

    とげお。3 日 前 vfrfkl'dxbttsvtonnorrcShjGrzeh

  17. Nathanking99

    Nathanking993 日 前

    I'm a big fan of Eminem but he kind of ruined this song, I liked how the song started slow and chill, and than Eminem ruined it with his fast rapping, It had great vibe at the beginning.

  18. RIVI Younger

    RIVI Younger4 日 前

    Check out my new ep several... holding it down for the westside of cleveland

  19. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways17 時間 前

    @RIVI Younger nobody listening to that bullshit so we will never know what number 2 is😂

  20. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways17 時間 前

    @RIVI Younger yup they do why do you think you got no subs?😂😂hoe ass actually grind don't just spam that bullshit everywhere

  21. RIVI Younger

    RIVI Younger17 時間 前

    @Foolish Ways 😂😂 number 2 on my album is dedicated to you! #fuckem

  22. RIVI Younger

    RIVI Younger17 時間 前

    @Foolish Ways oh shit the whole world let's you speak for them? That's crazy!

  23. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways17 時間 前

    Yup the world

  24. Dxstxrb

    Dxstxrb4 日 前

    "I came from a place where shit can get shady" with shady in the song, this song full of bars!

  25. Cringe Department

    Cringe Department2 日 前

    "My chances were SLIM"

  26. Juan Masday

    Juan Masday4 日 前

    Who's the boss?? Huh?? Em all day!!

  27. AddictRecordsTV

    AddictRecordsTV5 日 前

    To witness a prayer be given and answered all in one swoop ...priceless

  28. Villian197

    Villian1975 日 前

    If u disliked go back to f**ken Jazz

  29. Jack Chang

    Jack Chang5 日 前

    Boogie doesn't get the credit he deserves



    “I gotta idea/ like the clerk when u tryna buy beer”

  31. Shakina Frink

    Shakina Frink5 日 前


  32. Barbara Duncan

    Barbara Duncan5 日 前

    So true

  33. aktive

    aktive5 日 前

    bLaaa by (HazardGangProductions/Bully gang)

  34. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways4 日 前

    Why are you promoting garbage on channels?

  35. Daniel Roberts

    Daniel Roberts5 日 前

    Woooooo Em said 'I'd have to be Dracula's side kick to be down for the count"

  36. CANAdiANGAmeCAster

    CANAdiANGAmeCAster5 日 前

    Go for 30 Mils. Cya. Lovly sound

  37. chris forbes

    chris forbes6 日 前

    "Shout out to my homies in jail wrestling Ls that's that Hell in a Cell". Whoa!

  38. Muhd Haqymie

    Muhd Haqymie6 日 前

    Boogie is mumble rap

  39. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways4 日 前

    Not really

  40. Dylan Stone

    Dylan Stone6 日 前

    I let my legacy hurt f****** absurd.....PTSD..... Drought..... Famine... War........ No jobs to go around no money to be made...... Collapse of economies ......and a s*** ton of refugees.... And I'm sorry to say it .... Rich people are going to get attacked one's going to care that you're the greatest rapper in the world if their child is starving ..... That also means sadly they will not care about you or yours and you have a lot of money which means you're going to be a pretty big Target and anyone who's associated with you is going to be a Target as well......if you get lucky and America's economy does not fail in the great disaster then there will be a lot of people coming here a lot more robberies in a lot more people fighting the government for supplies that they would need to survive you think thousands of people are just going to watch their families starve.......but if you're really part of the Illuminati or just super rich you could have a bunker built somewhere so you guys could go there and not be attacked....... Or move to Mars ✌️

  41. Dylan Stone

    Dylan Stone4 日 前

    @Foolish Ways oh okay....... But could it be a play on words where he's adjusting his legacy .... Like the kids he has and Hip-Hop maybe it's a play on words

  42. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways4 日 前

    @Dylan Stone you are talking about money and that has nothing to do with his legacy nobody can take what he did in hip hop

  43. Dylan Stone

    Dylan Stone4 日 前

    I like Eminem but he's wrong ..... His legacy will hurt or suffer in global warming or they definitely won't have as much as they could have had which means they will suffer in some way.....

  44. Dylan Stone

    Dylan Stone4 日 前

    @Foolish Ways why ?

  45. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways4 日 前

    Go see a doctor

  46. 420BOY EGO69

    420BOY EGO696 日 前

    Can we all just appreciate the Eminem ad-libs🤯🔥

  47. Time 2work

    Time 2work6 日 前


  48. Patrice Alaka

    Patrice Alaka6 日 前

    I ain’t gonna lie, I might need subtitles on Em verse 😅😅

  49. Aaron Hageman

    Aaron Hageman6 日 前

    Great another talented artist that Eminem sings gets on the song little advertisement and then drops off the f****** planet Earth

  50. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways4 日 前

    Not really

  51. kiUSA _

    kiUSA _6 日 前

    I wish em featuring with travis scott

  52. bigg smizzoke

    bigg smizzoke7 日 前

    Ems verse is shit

  53. Foolish Ways

    Foolish Ways4 日 前

    Not really

  54. Jayden Willson

    Jayden Willson7 日 前

    If Eminem wasn’t in this song t would be complete garbage

  55. Kory Green

    Kory Green7 日 前

    "Like Dracula's sidekick, I'm down for the Count."... Eminem is back... smh

  56. Papa Grounds

    Papa Grounds7 日 前

    I hope that Boogie uses his rap money to fix that speaking starts to sound through in every song: "theshe rainy daysh". Fking annoyning. Great lyricists but you have one job: sound good.

  57. Wolfbat 10

    Wolfbat 107 日 前

    I only clicked on this because it said ft Eminem




  59. darcy barker

    darcy barker7 日 前

    Marshall came to my house for a BBQ during that time i sat down when I peed

  60. Glitch in the game

    Glitch in the game7 日 前

    Boogie joins server Subtitles joins Em joins Subtitles deletes the app and breaks its phone

  61. Ronan Taneja

    Ronan Taneja7 日 前

    And people who like this song go and watch the behind the scenes it gets funny😂


    RATBAT BOMB5 日 前

    Already seen it and ur write 😅

  63. Bartgc Bartgc

    Bartgc Bartgc8 日 前


  64. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom8 日 前

    Eminem needs to promote boogie over than shit artists like Joyner and Logic as boogie actually raps about real shit and isn’t a total cornball

  65. Unknown Boi

    Unknown Boi8 日 前

    That line about the Shepard was so fire I actually got stunned

  66. Unknown Boi

    Unknown Boi5 日 前

    JK BEAST True shirt

  67. JK BEAST

    JK BEAST6 日 前

    yeah that wordplay

  68. sukhjeet Aujla

    sukhjeet Aujla8 日 前

    Overrated shit.

  69. Moussa moussa

    Moussa moussa8 日 前

    Its wonderful but Never like 2pack



    Oh Em why u did that?😫

  71. Wassabi Masab

    Wassabi Masab9 日 前

    who else was shocked about this collab

  72. slim shady

    slim shady9 日 前

    1:59 starts your part

  73. Tae B

    Tae B9 日 前

    They both killed it can't be trash doing a song with em

  74. Virginia Cobble and Hardscape

    Virginia Cobble and Hardscape9 日 前

    The Doc is my peer🔥🔥🔥


    RATBAT BOMB9 日 前


  76. Lil Day

    Lil Day9 日 前

    Thought it was a boogie

  77. Tommy Cooper

    Tommy Cooper9 日 前

    Disliked this cos the nigga at the start is fuckin awful, but em changed it. Talk about gettin a good feature

  78. Death Is coming

    Death Is coming9 日 前

    Me : say S Boogie: ath Me : say it again 😂😂

  79. Delilah Loves Eminem

    Delilah Loves Eminem10 日 前

    I love you my man

  80. pancake awm

    pancake awm11 日 前

    Imagine if em pulled a j cole and just killed everyone on their own song

  81. style bender

    style bender5 日 前

    @Derrick Cooper Homicide,majesty,roman's revenge

  82. Luc ter Bogt

    Luc ter Bogt6 日 前

    @Aiwa yes he did

  83. Aiwa

    Aiwa8 日 前

    @Derrick Cooper Uhm...He didn't do that on Fuck the World

  84. Derrick Cooper

    Derrick Cooper8 日 前

    Eminem always kills everyone on their own songs. He always has. Renegade he killed Jay Z.... All she wrote he killed TI.... Forever he killed Drake, Yeezy n Wayne. I can go on n on. There's a reason nobody raps after Eminem on a track. Because they know they can't top what he's about to do

  85. Aiwa

    Aiwa8 日 前

    Cole is not even the best at doing that