Boogie - Rainy Days ft. Eminem


  1. Ryan Delaney

    Ryan Delaney20 時間 前

    Ahhhhhhh I love em but I feel like he used boogie to get himself back up there, em is the goat but boogie had them bars ems was sub par compared at best.. ems were great but damn they were almost cannabis.

  2. Wade Kerslake

    Wade Kerslake日 前

    when the new kid befriends the popular kid at school

  3. TheDeNyFan

    TheDeNyFan日 前

    2:17 🔥🌩🌩🌩🔥

  4. Shivam Ware

    Shivam Ware日 前

    Man that Eminem intro⚡⚡⚡is fucking lit

  5. One call

    One call日 前


  6. DeroPlayz

    DeroPlayz日 前

    Then posing is how I feel

  7. DeroPlayz

    DeroPlayz日 前

    They went the fuck _OFF!_

  8. Leroy Beasley

    Leroy Beasley2 日 前

    Wtf can’t folks get their own name, do your homework guess you never heard of Boogie- Shocked out of Tennessee ??mid 90s hip hop, don’t matter y’all don’t know $#!t anyway , props to Eminem

  9. Ninga Gamer

    Ninga Gamer2 日 前

    Extremely underrated song Love it tho So dope Oh an rip macmiller Mostdope fo life..

  10. Vaibhav Ransing

    Vaibhav Ransing2 日 前

    Anyone from "Yes Theory" ?

  11. Doper than Dope sackz

    Doper than Dope sackz2 日 前

    Eh needed a Kendrick verse instead of em

  12. Aniruddha Mishra

    Aniruddha Mishra3 日 前

    Still Firee

  13. Sailing Through English

    Sailing Through English3 日 前

    Eminem is on payback mode man...

  14. ryu conners

    ryu conners5 日 前

    Boogie we Thursty for some more hip hop H20

  15. Samo Nice

    Samo Nice5 日 前

    Boogie didn’t need eminem on this track, this shit was dope until he came on 😂😂

  16. 8-D Sound

    8-D Sound5 日 前

    hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai hai Eminem stole the show fr

  17. Billy Salter

    Billy Salter5 日 前

    U just can't compete with eminem

  18. Treasure Samuel

    Treasure Samuel5 日 前

    "I come from a place where the shit could get shady, my chances were slim"....kinda like my chances were Slim as in Slim was the way to success...

  19. Storm

    Storm5 日 前

    Is it just me or anyone did slow down the video to see Eminem's skeleton?

  20. zahara khan

    zahara khan5 日 前

    This song is a great fit for the monsoon weather that we have these days

  21. PlatinumTroll 24

    PlatinumTroll 245 日 前

    That man lisp be thick af

  22. Jackson Neyens

    Jackson Neyens6 日 前

    I love Em, but that verse was ass! What he said was intelligent, but it’s just not something you can ENJOY listening to.

  23. antj2k1

    antj2k16 日 前

    Middle of Em’s verse was fire!

  24. William Beard

    William Beard6 日 前

    Dre said rock the boat and the DOC is my peir

  25. Karan Singh

    Karan Singh6 日 前

    Another part of the visual that yall didnt pick up on Em's verse, the switches from Em in a blueish/darkish background and Em in a reddish background. Everytime it's red, it's something that has to do with slim shady/something negative/something while he was on drugs. Everytime it's a blueish/dark background, it's woke Em that's still constructing bars like a motherfucking wordssmith


    ESMORZO LAW7 日 前

    Es normal que no la deje de escuchar .?🔥🔥💯💯🇲🇽👑

  27. krazycool12

    krazycool127 日 前

    "i come from a place where sh** can get shady my chances were slim" bars!

  28. John Rodriguez

    John Rodriguez7 日 前



    RAB BUCLAY7 日 前

    cringe lvl 999999

  30. nigel temba

    nigel temba7 日 前

    Boogie said"I come from a place where shit could get SHADY,my chances where SLIM"

  31. lefthook southpaw

    lefthook southpaw7 日 前

    i just pray he never : collab with mumbles again

  32. Vishnu Siddharth

    Vishnu Siddharth9 日 前

    - The doc is my pier(peer - friend) - The doc(dock) is my pier(a structure projecting from the shore into a river, lake, or the sea) - The doc is my pier( solid pillar for support)

  33. David Davis

    David Davis9 日 前

    For all my ,,,,,, in jail wrestling LS, that's that hell in the cell

  34. Adrian dash

    Adrian dash9 日 前


  35. Adrian dash

    Adrian dash9 日 前

    This video was underated literally one of the best videos of the year

  36. Carnivorous Plant

    Carnivorous Plant10 日 前

    Eminem is the most recognizable guy ever

  37. ŊۼĞфRiłla OMEGA

    ŊۼĞфRiłla OMEGA11 日 前

    Can i get a feature ?

  38. Islam Shawky

    Islam Shawky11 日 前

    i watched this song cuz of eminem

  39. YRN. 123

    YRN. 12311 日 前

    Imagine you’re walking by a house and you see through the window that there’s a man dancing around his room with lighting inside and words written on walls

  40. Brandon Foreshew

    Brandon Foreshew12 日 前

    1:58 is what you're here for.

  41. Tylerondaxan fr

    Tylerondaxan fr11 日 前


  42. Inconceivable Jay

    Inconceivable Jay12 日 前

    Kinda mismatch to me but that's just my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️

  43. Beatriz Mp

    Beatriz Mp12 日 前


  44. eduard ivanovìc

    eduard ivanovìc12 日 前


  45. Angels Gaze

    Angels Gaze12 日 前

    This beat bangs yo! Check the system 👇🤘

  46. Jarius Smith

    Jarius Smith12 日 前

    Can't nobody rap better than Eminem not even kendrick lamar or j cole

  47. randy power

    randy power7 日 前

    @Jarius Smith I forgot he existed lol

  48. Jarius Smith

    Jarius Smith7 日 前

    @randy power more like biggie

  49. Maza canku mato

    Maza canku mato10 日 前

    powers techn9ne got a song with pac

  50. Maza canku mato

    Maza canku mato10 日 前

    power tech n9ne can 😂😂

  51. randy power

    randy power10 日 前

    Tupac is the only one who can compete with slim shady (Edit) Tupac,biggie, TECH N9ne

  52. Leemah Bean

    Leemah Bean14 日 前


  53. John Ayers

    John Ayers14 日 前

    E spit on this

  54. Nicholas Yebra

    Nicholas Yebra15 日 前

    Vic Mensa and boogie should colab

  55. Awad Kobani

    Awad Kobani15 日 前

    fuckin slim shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddy babyyyyy lyrical killer.....

  56. Justin Orion

    Justin Orion16 日 前

    "I have an idea.......ID ya

  57. anis nisou

    anis nisou16 日 前

    His fuckn beard is weirde

  58. Oldhead Deuce

    Oldhead Deuce17 日 前

    this gits rotation fuk that

  59. Father William

    Father William17 日 前

    "Word to the title so word to my idols and word to the goats, I aint sayin i like em', i kill all them n-words and wear em as coats" a shot at Em?

  60. Psycho Logical

    Psycho Logical19 日 前

    "But id have to be Draculas sidekick to be down for the count" lol Shady crazy

  61. Stephanie

    Stephanie20 日 前

    eminem is helping the real rappers and the actual talented ones. not mumble rappers. i fuck with it

  62. Arthur Lopes

    Arthur Lopes21 日 前


  63. Muhd Norman

    Muhd Norman21 日 前

    K-Clique Tenaga

  64. Gilly C Gaming

    Gilly C Gaming22 日 前

    Always having to take a minute to listen to Em's metaphors, fuck a heard? come on' Love it

  65. R G

    R G22 日 前

    Nice one Boogie!! Thanks for the colab Em!!

  66. StaxxxCmd

    StaxxxCmd23 日 前

    Right after he said kicked his ass back to michigan i knew he was going in harder