Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Official Music Video)


  1. royal Phoenix

    royal Phoenix3 分 前


  2. Bunny girl 2222 Faithful

    Bunny girl 2222 Faithful52 分 前

    I love this songs

  3. Kyle Paratene

    Kyle Paratene2 時間 前


  4. Emonica Mcgriff

    Emonica Mcgriff5 時間 前

    They do it on Tiktok

  5. Briareos Hino

    Briareos Hino5 時間 前

    God damn !!!

  6. Natuio

    Natuio8 時間 前


  7. Ashley Johnson

    Ashley Johnson10 時間 前

    Hey this ship blew up on Tik-Tok though everybody out on Tik Tok doing this s*** even the police

  8. Bree Moore

    Bree Moore11 時間 前

    Are daddy

  9. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones12 時間 前

    That was not so bad, that was not so bad ...... ooh, hoo-hoo!!

  10. Cailean Walker

    Cailean Walker16 時間 前


  11. Pamela Meyer

    Pamela Meyer18 時間 前


  12. Passawayla

    Passawayla18 時間 前

    Definitely did not expect this guy to be the singer when I first heard it

  13. GA CPT

    GA CPT18 時間 前

    Found this song while on the air midst South Africa - Qatar and I was in love with this song, it had burned my anxiety from the bumpy cloud and whatever was in it

  14. Callista Cailliau

    Callista Cailliau20 時間 前

    Blanco Brown: *Releases song* Tik Tok: HiPpItY hoPpEtY ThIs SoNg Is NoW mY pRoPerTy

  15. Ayden Reaume

    Ayden Reaume20 時間 前

    listen at 2x speed LOL

  16. Andrew Udry

    Andrew Udry22 時間 前

    This my favorite song

  17. Hemerson Santos

    Hemerson Santos22 時間 前

    Best world ..., ,🇧🇷🇪🇸❤️❤️❤️

  18. 和田淳江

    和田淳江22 時間 前

    sogood! kamaboko🍲

  19. 和田淳江

    和田淳江22 時間 前


  20. Daniel Cash

    Daniel Cash23 時間 前

    Its catchy

  21. CJ Mendoza

    CJ Mendoza日 前

    Listening to this in Compton definitely earned me some street creds!

  22. Straight Anarchy

    Straight Anarchy日 前

    Yes I am proud to call myself a Southerner

  23. houses4rent8240

    houses4rent8240日 前

    Absolutely love this. You can see the genuine love he has for everyone and bringing everyone together ❤. Having fun happy and at peace with one another. This is life as it should be. ❤

  24. robbie gusman

    robbie gusman日 前

    I love this song!!😍😍😍

  25. Kendria Richards

    Kendria Richards日 前

    Like this song and it rocks 😎

  26. Tina Gerena

    Tina Gerena日 前

    I live in the country so this is perfect talk!!!🐔🐔🐣🐣🐥

  27. Robert Gutzman

    Robert Gutzman日 前

    Lirycs going to the dowhday in cow boy boges

  28. Renee Conway

    Renee Conway日 前

    When you are having a bad day, a great pick me up and fun song!

  29. Lolo Gold tv

    Lolo Gold tv日 前

    I love this song 🕺💃

  30. Brad Benjamin

    Brad Benjamin日 前

    Talk about a song that brings people together.

  31. Felicia Holmes

    Felicia Holmes日 前

    I love YOU!!!

  32. Airon Arenas

    Airon Arenas2 日 前

    cool song bro

  33. Ray Sharradh

    Ray Sharradh2 日 前

    Wish the video had shown more steady shots of the dancing than the constantly changing shots.

  34. SDASDAD anus

    SDASDAD anus日 前

    There is a video about the dance

  35. Kizzy Reese

    Kizzy Reese2 日 前

    My mom loves your song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. TheOGLachieDachie

    TheOGLachieDachie2 日 前

    The original purpose of this song: to make people feel happy and a cool little dance Tiktocers: NO ITS NOT

  37. CallMeSnowyy

    CallMeSnowyy2 日 前

    do you guy's remember when we all tryed to do this back in 2019 also 2020 anybody?

  38. Jonny RedneckX1

    Jonny RedneckX12 日 前

    Blanc im so proud of u boy hellyeah brotha much love from michigan

  39. Lita H

    Lita H2 日 前

    I could easily see someone playing this at there wedding tbh

  40. Dante Creighton

    Dante Creighton2 日 前

    I love this song 😄😄😄😄😄

  41. sylvia love

    sylvia love2 日 前


  42. Harli

    Harli2 日 前

    I wonder how the high school kid’s school felt about this one.m

  43. Betty Gadd

    Betty Gadd2 日 前

    I no

  44. Nadin A.

    Nadin A.2 日 前

    Wer ist wegen den einen TT hir? 😂

  45. Kendra The Gamer Joyner

    Kendra The Gamer Joyner2 日 前


  46. The Twin sisters Madison

    The Twin sisters Madison2 日 前

    I got this ringtone for my mother I'm gonna prank her



    I love your song

  48. 350zboy h

    350zboy h2 日 前

    This song makes me smile

  49. Tiffanny McLaughlin

    Tiffanny McLaughlin2 日 前

    Love it

  50. vito hauser

    vito hauser2 日 前

    Omg thes is the best

  51. Kendredrea Chance

    Kendredrea Chance2 日 前

    I love this song it always make me smile

  52. celina_luise

    celina_luise2 日 前

    I love this song. It's so much fun

  53. Hasan Sahinbas

    Hasan Sahinbas2 日 前

    wer ist auch da weil ein tiktoker gesagt hat wähle ein tier und höre. den song

  54. Mervan Toku

    Mervan Toku2 日 前

    hahaha hab danach gesucht

  55. Katelynn Hi hi hi yt

    Katelynn Hi hi hi yt3 日 前

    The guy who was doing the dance he did it on TikTok and got suspended and I love this song I keep on doing it on TikTok

  56. Ethan Halsvik

    Ethan Halsvik3 日 前

    God if I owned youtube this would be on the front page no matter what. Best song. Awsome thing to do all ages and genders and even colours😃 FAVOURITE song

  57. Megan McLeod

    Megan McLeod3 日 前

    Thanks for this song 🎵

  58. Amenah Hashimi

    Amenah Hashimi3 日 前

    Das Lied verdient viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit 💖

  59. traffic cone

    traffic cone3 日 前

    I like to listen to this while playing rdr2

  60. Brayton Louthan

    Brayton Louthan3 日 前

    with how many views this has he should have more subs

  61. Alfonso Ramirez

    Alfonso Ramirez3 日 前

    Cool shit

  62. Makayla Berry

    Makayla Berry3 日 前

    I did these dance with a police officer at my school

  63. Koko Leyonna

    Koko Leyonna3 日 前

    Me love this song 😜☺️

  64. Stephen Humphrey

    Stephen Humphrey3 日 前

    0 why do you put Spurs on you shoes

  65. NB_RADA

    NB_RADA3 日 前

    I like how Harvey is wearing the same uniform he used in his tik tok

  66. Barbara Doughty

    Barbara Doughty3 日 前

    I love this song and I'm 56 😅

  67. London Chapman

    London Chapman3 日 前

    It funny to me because he is my dance teacher/teacher god brother

  68. Joseph Machado

    Joseph Machado3 日 前


  69. Joseph Machado

    Joseph Machado3 日 前

    This needs to be fortnite dance and with rhe muisc

  70. Stormie Brumbalow

    Stormie Brumbalow3 日 前

    Best song

  71. the cool gamer boii and Mr robot

    the cool gamer boii and Mr robot3 日 前

    Who misses 2019 summer

  72. N H

    N H3 日 前


  73. Sneaky_ Lyndow

    Sneaky_ Lyndow3 日 前

    Most positive song on YT for sure🙂

  74. Daniel Melo

    Daniel Melo3 日 前

    I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!

  75. Kelli McCoy

    Kelli McCoy3 日 前

    I love this song and he has the really kid ❤️

  76. Danielle Benton

    Danielle Benton3 日 前

    so much bass

  77. Holly Smith

    Holly Smith3 日 前


  78. Maxromeo Baah-Owusu

    Maxromeo Baah-Owusu3 日 前

    Hi Ellie

  79. Angela Goubeaux

    Angela Goubeaux4 日 前

    love,love,love this song.

  80. Tiffany Nunley

    Tiffany Nunley4 日 前

    Damn Blanco instead of getten up you getten down

  81. Valyn

    Valyn4 日 前

    El chico no es el de Tik Tok?

  82. Zach Mcmath

    Zach Mcmath4 日 前

    A plus