Blanco Brown - The Git Up (Official Music Video)


  1. Dane Ellis

    Dane Ellis時間 前

    in 2019 with everything goin on in the world... i just forgot everything and felt really happy for a few minutes. thanks for that blanco brown and all the ppl in the video

  2. Gail Gober

    Gail Gober時間 前

    Love your voice...keep it up!! Would love to hear more!! Thank you for posting❤💜💙

  3. Hadzalic Alen

    Hadzalic Alen2 時間 前


  4. Scottsdaildude

    Scottsdaildude3 時間 前

    The song sounded way better when I pictured that fella in cowboy boots

  5. Summer Happy

    Summer Happy4 時間 前

    omg i love the harry potter part xD

  6. Skeeziii

    Skeeziii4 時間 前

    Tiktok : ima end this man’s career

  7. Katelyn Sinkovec

    Katelyn Sinkovec4 時間 前

    My trends class learned this song and it 12:00 and it’s stuck in my head I need help

  8. reggie bruggeman

    reggie bruggeman5 時間 前

    Wtf didn't realize it was a black person who sings this so thought it was some white country hick

  9. The Stos Man

    The Stos Man5 時間 前

    Lol this Friday my middle school is dancing to this song. Apparently my home room teacher will dance if we do too. Im going to challenge him to a dance off lol.

  10. Jordan Sky

    Jordan Sky5 時間 前

    So much positive energy in this video i can’t stop smiling

  11. Tammy Orozco- Castillo

    Tammy Orozco- Castillo5 時間 前

    My son's middle school is doing this. I love it!! They were challenged by an elementary school lol.

  12. Abbyya lm

    Abbyya lm6 時間 前

    My school dance unit is doing this rn and it’s my homework to learn some of the steps

  13. Galaxy lynx

    Galaxy lynx6 時間 前

    It's tight that he got the kid from Tik Tok. I bet the Principal that suspended him looking STUCK 😂🤣🤯

  14. Vada Watkins

    Vada Watkins6 時間 前

    It's funny that he's watching tiktok videos in his music videos lol awesome

  15. Samantha Lantz

    Samantha Lantz7 時間 前

    this video and song is just !!!!

  16. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson7 時間 前

    This song makes me think about when I went to the Rocky Mountains it was playing on the radio the whole way there and it makes me think when I was at the foothills and seeing. The mountains in the distance thank you for making this a memory that I will remember for years

  17. Deb Ramey

    Deb Ramey7 時間 前

    2:47 the best part

  18. Nugget LeafYT

    Nugget LeafYT7 時間 前

    Who agrees that WHO THINKS Harvey Bass looks like Harry Potter 😅😯

  19. Carl-Heinz Schubje

    Carl-Heinz Schubje7 時間 前

    I love the album and your way of combining two music styles !


    AJGOTGAMES7 時間 前

    I got this from my aunt

  21. Teresa Price

    Teresa Price7 時間 前

    Use your most popular video is get up I'm not surprised because I have 15 million views nun videos have 15 million views beside git up

  22. Caleb

    Caleb8 時間 前

    Despacito for Americans

  23. TheGamer Kid9000

    TheGamer Kid90008 時間 前

    Does anyone else see tik tokers in the grass oh wait they all are

  24. Jesus Morales

    Jesus Morales9 時間 前

    make this the modt like comment or u donr love god

  25. Naleigh Thompson

    Naleigh Thompson9 時間 前

    i love this song so much i watched it so many times i wish i could show you how good i am i love this song (GIT UP AND DANCE LIKE CRAZY)

  26. حسين H9

    حسين H99 時間 前


  27. Kyt tv

    Kyt tv9 時間 前

    It saddens me to say it's black people who can unify the mutherfucking world.

  28. killer lama

    killer lama10 時間 前

    I love thes song

  29. shantanu pawar

    shantanu pawar10 時間 前

    This song is so dope 😍😍😍

  30. sabla4life

    sabla4life10 時間 前

    This feels like a black comedian making fun of CMT.

  31. Owen Daly

    Owen Daly10 時間 前

    Who’s still watching in 2037.✋🏻

  32. Abigail Riedel

    Abigail Riedel11 時間 前

    Imagine getting a DM from this dude saying like: "Hey just saw your tik tok wanna be in my video" 😂

  33. fin

    fin11 時間 前

    i think the kid is is a school next to mine....

  34. Jeanine Rinard

    Jeanine Rinard12 時間 前

    My 6 year old granddaughter loves this song and practiced everyday till she learned the dance. And now she wants to have a dance off with her 23 year old Uncle. Video coming later . 😄

  35. Italo Llontop

    Italo Llontop12 時間 前

    Vengo desde tiktok 😍❤️

  36. David Goncharuk

    David Goncharuk12 時間 前

    Holy crap I have a Jaguar F-Pace sport, AKA the cool black suv in the video lol

  37. Brenda Jenkins

    Brenda Jenkins13 時間 前

    I love it! ❤️

  38. Sathya Mistry

    Sathya Mistry13 時間 前


  39. DyealeX 27

    DyealeX 2713 時間 前

    TiK tOk boi

  40. DyealeX 27

    DyealeX 2713 時間 前

    Lil Nas - I have the Best song of my country ! Blanco - Hold my lyrics ! I'm a youtuber trying to get 100 subs

  41. Amber Scott

    Amber Scott14 時間 前

    love this song

  42. FaZe Solo

    FaZe Solo14 時間 前

    My dad is a fireman soo this is what he does lol 1:09

  43. Krop . ka

    Krop . ka15 時間 前

    0:03 He has the same wallpaper! ;-;

  44. Pedro Bregantin Moura

    Pedro Bregantin Moura15 時間 前

    from Brazil listening to this cool song❤️

  45. Raven Overall

    Raven Overall16 時間 前

    Such a wholesome video

  46. Shi Luo Yizhuo

    Shi Luo Yizhuo17 時間 前

    Damn this kinda lit

  47. Pheonix Dead

    Pheonix Dead17 時間 前

    Wooooooooo this is my favorite song going on my playlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. 俺ナワ

    俺ナワ17 時間 前


  49. kerwin fischer

    kerwin fischer17 時間 前

    this song has generated more good will and fun than be easily measured. ive had soooo much fun watching different folks get up for this song! thank you Blanco! spreadin the good stuff!

  50. Jonathan Palmer

    Jonathan Palmer17 時間 前

    This should be for country falk's

  51. nath6400 nath6400

    nath6400 nath640018 時間 前


  52. cory4890 cory4890

    cory4890 cory489018 時間 前

    I love it

  53. Little HuskiesDragon

    Little HuskiesDragon18 時間 前

    My morning is starting good.

  54. Murray Bahadur

    Murray Bahadur18 時間 前

    Love this song. Got my friend granny say let me show you young guys how to do this one.

  55. November Starr

    November Starr19 時間 前


  56. Jeanene Gunn

    Jeanene Gunn19 時間 前

    I saw you at central church yesterday#❤Blanco Brown

  57. thomas denison

    thomas denison19 時間 前

    one of the best videos where get real fans in the video blanco brown when u coming to the uk

  58. laura82love

    laura82love20 時間 前

    Idk how you can hear this song and not smile



    Got a good version of this Check it out

  60. Katie Schumm

    Katie Schumm22 時間 前

    That little kid is sooo cute