Blade Runner - Ambient for sleeping ASMR


  1. Music Sputnik

    Music Sputnik年 前

    Replicants are like any other machine...


    mrCUTNPASTE日 前

    I.E. Kanye, Chappelle, Jimmy Carter the list is long. AKA Organic Robotoids. Check out Dr Peter David Beter. You might not ever sleep again??? :>

  3. Dave Crupel

    Dave Crupel3 日 前

    Are they?

  4. Gary WAn

    Gary WAn4 日 前

    We are all piloting a bone mech with meat plating.

  5. Turbo Pokey

    Turbo Pokey6 日 前

    Built to annoy the crap outta me? I kinda think I could tell replicants to function properly and they'd listen and try, but yelling at the automated sinks and handdryers in bathrooms just get me funny looks from other patrons and the dang machines keep acting all squirrelly.

  6. algerd nazgul

    algerd nazgul2 ヶ月 前

    @x1983x of course

  7. facufilmmaker

    facufilmmaker8 分 前

    Hello everyone, I made my first beat chill on my channel, they would help me a lot if you listen, thanks

  8. vitaliy golub

    vitaliy golub6 時間 前

    Supermarket 24 ; TECSEN ; VARTA ; KOSS ; TAMOGOJI ; Panasonic ;

  9. David Ives

    David Ives8 時間 前

    WTF, is his name Deckard, or Beckard? Tells you how much I love dialogue, and forget to check names. Sorry...

  10. David Ives

    David Ives8 時間 前

    Rachel: May I ask you a personal question? Beckard: Sure. Rachel: Have you ever retired a human by mistake? Beckard: No. Rachel: But in your position, isn't that a risk?

  11. David Ives

    David Ives8 時間 前

    They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit it's not my problem. Keep the dialogue going, everyone... Thank you

  12. mark luttrell

    mark luttrell9 時間 前

    A comfortable seat, sound responsive screen & lights, then a strong hallucinogen. I'm prepared for the trip.

  13. SkarzRazr

    SkarzRazr11 時間 前

    Thanks for all the fish

  14. Dedgeo

    Dedgeo11 時間 前

    if only u could have seen what ive seen with these eyes

  15. Ger Leahy

    Ger Leahy13 時間 前

    Well done. This is a masterpiece.

  16. Summ Guy

    Summ Guy15 時間 前

    Q: May I ask you a personal question? A: Sure. Q: Have you ever clicked on a video by mistake? A: No. Q: But in your position that is a risk? Q2: Is this supposed to be funny? An intention to make others smile? The... subtle rise in the extremities of their lips? A: We call it Voight-Comments for short... 🔌🐑

  17. yamitanomura

    yamitanomura日 前

    Sounds exactly the same as when I open my window... How is it possible? maybe music is the soundtrack of my life... are you watching me?

  18. Wongzorzs

    Wongzorzs日 前

    SO much of this is so nice, but those last 3 hours are just the same horrible warble sound with no variance. and it is really aggravating to listen to and is completely disruptive to sleep :/

  19. Kimble Mo Jimble

    Kimble Mo Jimble日 前

    Best sleep ever. Woke up in the future.

  20. Sharek Gadd

    Sharek Gadd2 日 前

    I love this! I listen to the soundtrack to sleep as well as write.

  21. Jesus Mind

    Jesus Mind2 日 前

    God be damned, Sci Fi fans really are nerds who can't cook or fuck

  22. Erik Estess

    Erik Estess2 日 前

    6:29:00 is like driving a Tesla in 1984. Synthetic feels with a mixture of emotion like Taxi Driver in a Thunder Storm of Justice.

  23. Erik R.

    Erik R.2 日 前

    “...all those moments.. will be lost in time... like tears... in... the rain. Time to die....”

  24. David Lloyd

    David Lloyd2 日 前

    Woah... I'm going to sleep tonight!

  25. Oliver Lardner

    Oliver Lardner3 日 前

    Would always sleep to Blade Runner soundtrack, although "One more kiss, dear" would always wake me up so I had to disable it...

  26. Mark

    Mark3 日 前

    This blows away they're taking the hobbits to Isengard. Thanks!

  27. NicW

    NicW3 日 前

    think I enjoy listening to this music more than watching th movie! Not that great as movie, I thought- a bit dull'an'uninteresting..

  28. mandrake witchcraft

    mandrake witchcraft3 日 前

    Fantastic music perfect for painting to or any artistic endeavour's🇬🇧🖌️🎨

  29. Daisy Sanderson

    Daisy Sanderson3 日 前

    2:49 So cute!

  30. EmeqPL

    EmeqPL3 日 前

    I never knew I needed this in my life.... Its... its... Im fckn speechless

  31. ilichuu

    ilichuu3 日 前

    i want to exist in that world.

  32. Shiya Lee

    Shiya Lee4 日 前


  33. Nemo-Nova

    Nemo-Nova4 日 前

    Awesome. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this.

  34. Joel N Smith

    Joel N Smith4 日 前

    I'm sure it's a real hit with the ladies when 50% of your ambient music in the house in the middle of the night is borderline thriller/horror music.

  35. C S

    C S4 日 前

    Do NOT listen to this as you fall asleep - *YOU WILL WET THE BED!!*

  36. Pietro ewi

    Pietro ewi4 日 前

    my futuristic album:

  37. Clocktower Hill

    Clocktower Hill5 日 前

    Jump to 6:00:00

  38. Alan Texas

    Alan Texas5 日 前

    I always believed this movie represented the fact that humans do not have a specific end date. Most replicants were fortunate to know when they were going to die. However, was it really fortunate?

  39. Artur Galeev

    Artur Galeev5 日 前

    And blood-black nothingness began to spin A system of cells interlinked within Cells interlinked within cells interlinked Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct Against the dark, a tall white fountain played

  40. checky monkey

    checky monkey5 日 前

    I've never seen blade runner because as a child my mother always said never run with scissors and so she would never let me watch a movie about people running with scissors

  41. PAQ News

    PAQ News5 日 前

    Tripping, in a good way...KUDOS!

  42. Kenneth Price

    Kenneth Price5 日 前

    The"tears in the rain" scene was not in the script,Rutger Hauer asked director Ridley Scott if he could add humanity to the character of Roy Batty and he agreed,the night before filming this final scene between Batty and Deckard Rutger came up with this and didn't tell anyone then he did it in 1 take and Harrison Ford has said you here a pin drop on the set it was so perfect.

  43. Ray Wyman Jr

    Ray Wyman Jr6 日 前

    Ahh... YOU get it. You can't get true ambience with just white noise loops. There have to be differences, phases, small changes threaded into the loops. One of the best I've found so far. THANK YOU.

  44. Aaron R

    Aaron R6 日 前

    Brilliant movie, sound track

  45. Bob G

    Bob G6 日 前

    Some of the higher pitched bell-like sounds made me surface from sleep a few times at first because i thought I heard a phone alert or something, then my brain decided it's just the soundtrack and so worked the noise into my dreams so I didn't wake up again! Weird.

  46. M Fin

    M Fin6 日 前

    Great mix, much thank

  47. Bill tsikismpoympis

    Bill tsikismpoympis7 日 前

    Thank you Papathanasiou Vangelis for this fantastic music

  48. xoen6

    xoen67 日 前

    All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to sleep.

  49. Eye Tea

    Eye Tea8 日 前

    I shall delight on such pleasures before an EMP attack happens.

  50. Scott Allsebrooke

    Scott Allsebrooke8 日 前

    'Let me tell you about my mother.'

  51. danieljliversLXXXIX

    danieljliversLXXXIX9 日 前

    Life is just a series of memories that we live until we remember the darkness.

  52. Amalia Grassi

    Amalia Grassi11 日 前

    My god. I have just found gold. But will I be able to sleep to it though or will my mind be wanting to stay awake to go on a trip with every single note leading me?

  53. Amalia Grassi

    Amalia Grassi19 時間 前

    @Matthew Burke I hear you. I'm still playing it. I have others I play to but I return to the same ones again and again and this is now one of them. A major one of them too! Dream well.

  54. Matthew Burke

    Matthew Burke日 前

    @Amalia Grassi Right? When I can, I play it each night and usually have the deepest sleep.

  55. Amalia Grassi

    Amalia Grassi9 日 前

    I can confirm that this lulled me into a sleep where I escaped everything of this world. I can't imagine ever listening to anything other than this again. 💙

  56. Kreemkrackered

    Kreemkrackered11 日 前

    How do you get these to continue playing when the phone goes to sleep?

  57. Amalia Grassi

    Amalia Grassi11 日 前

    My phone just keeps playing stuff. It doesn't sleep. I wonder if it's a setting or something. Maybe you have an old model?

  58. iago

    iago12 日 前

    Is there one of Deckard's apartment? I remember it having these funny "oooOOOoomm" sounds, similar to the place where Luke fights Vader in TESB.

  59. Mark Smullen

    Mark Smullen12 日 前

    Would you consider creating an Alexa skill version of this?

  60. Sylester Jones

    Sylester Jones13 日 前

    Great idea... Reminds me of the city there, like the market place. people moving about in their own world. So disconnected like the one listening.... drifting away...

  61. Craig Lee

    Craig Lee13 日 前

    All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.

  62. X

    X16 日 前

    "Chew, if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes."

  63. SiliconOnSapphire

    SiliconOnSapphire16 日 前

    Theres the rain drops. . .

  64. Kurt D.

    Kurt D.16 日 前

    I make friends. They're toys. My friends are toys. I make them.

  65. Виктор Ярцев

    Виктор Ярцев16 日 前

    ни о чём. Жаль, бывает и такое. всё 0-.

  66. MrDschiesus

    MrDschiesus17 日 前

    wtf? just listen to the original Vangelis score!

  67. vallejo ca

    vallejo ca17 日 前

    Mom papa brother I will never forget you guys love you ALL. I'm leaving this message for my family in the future

  68. J Kincaid

    J Kincaid17 日 前

    Existing on the face of time, breath once more and think back on our lives. Who we lost, who we gained. Participating full of life as youths do, we begin to see another side of life. As if four dimensions were unfolding unto yet another we hadn't seen before, but was there all along. Spectators at a game in our days of late.., youth is wasted on the young they say, perhaps. But if I could never see what I do now, than what am I living for?

  69. Serdar Yegulalp

    Serdar Yegulalp17 日 前

    Time enough.