BLACK PINK - Pretty Savage + Lovesick Girls [Show! Music Core Ep 697]


  1. dream high cloud

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  2. Mutiara 0712

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    Blackpink forever

  3. Mutiara 0712

    Mutiara 071215 時間 前

    I love you BLACKPINK




  5. Lois jeshua Romero Sánchez

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    I LOVE YOU LISA 🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️

  6. Madiha Salam

    Madiha Salam19 時間 前

    Happy birthday jenni from army 💜🥳

  7. resnay kiraian

    resnay kiraian23 時間 前

    can we talking about Rosé's voice? she sounds so emotional of coz it's unique voice

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  11. • Bell Football •

    • Bell Football •日 前

    Something makes me sad and when I watch blackpink makes my day everyday 🥺❤️

  12. Jordynn Fisher-Davis

    Jordynn Fisher-Davis日 前

    1:21 that jichuu smileee

  13. MɅRIИɅ

    MɅRIИɅ2 日 前

    No one: Not even the Pinks: The cameraman: I'ma try to make everyone seasick

  14. Suharti Mama

    Suharti Mama2 日 前

    😄😀 wow

  15. hoang luongminh

    hoang luongminh2 日 前

    Omg Jennie love you


    PINKBLACK2 日 前

    BLACKPINK! Jennie Jisoo Lisa Rosé BLINKS 4 Bundles of Joy ! !!!! !!!

  17. Junmar King Bacud

    Junmar King Bacud2 日 前

    Damn these girls. I can watch them everyday without a break.

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  19. KᗩᏞᏆᗩ ᗞᗴ ᏦᏆᗰ Ɱɑʀtiɳɛz EᏉɑɗʀɛ

    KᗩᏞᏆᗩ ᗞᗴ ᏦᏆᗰ Ɱɑʀtiɳɛz EᏉɑɗʀɛ2 日 前

    Y'all act Like Jisoo is just a Solo and not praising Lisa for her hard dancing and rapping y'all not praising Rosé For her looks and singing y'all not praising Jennie either

  20. hoi bun chan

    hoi bun chan3 日 前

    Rosé's vocal is far more stable than my grades😭💕

  21. Adindaa Rahma

    Adindaa Rahma3 日 前

    I see jisoo in the thumbnail, i click!😁

  22. Ashley Dawn

    Ashley Dawn3 日 前

    Look, I love BP but the stylists that put together that jean ensemble for the first performance needs to be fired. The only one who looked good was Jisoo. The second performance outfits were just as bad (only liked Rosé's outfit in the second one) and I don't see any excuse for it, honestly. I mean the members are stunning either way but geez.. who thought those outfits looked good, for real? YG did them so dirty 😔

  23. Anouska Borah

    Anouska Borah3 日 前

    I doubt that jisoo is from this galaxy 🤨

  24. Himhimi Ralte

    Himhimi Ralte3 日 前

    OMG JISOO look pretty gorgeous beautiful too.....i really like her outfit too😍😍😍😍

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  26. nesquik

    nesquik3 日 前

    Just how is Lisa so beautiful..

  27. nesquik

    nesquik3 日 前

    Their outfits aren't from this world.. sooo cool and they fit them so much

  28. howload kilau

    howload kilau4 日 前

    Rosé has a very beautiful voice .God gift💝 but why nobody talking about her ???????

  29. Kader Birgelen

    Kader Birgelen4 日 前

    Te amo blackpink

  30. prasad karan

    prasad karan4 日 前

    not a single dislike for any comments. The power of blankpink.

  31. Elena Hurtado de Espinoza

    Elena Hurtado de Espinoza4 日 前

    Jissoooo :)

  32. Malaika Zaidi

    Malaika Zaidi4 日 前

    Here The Queens look is on Another Level. Believe it or not. The Queens look so Savage here. (๑♡∀♡๑)

  33. Natalia Manopo

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  34. Bella

    Bella4 日 前

    Jisoo dancing is so good now❤️👰🏻‍♀️ that’s wifey material right there lol

  35. Thuy Truong

    Thuy Truong4 日 前

    Sis, you look so gorgeous. Each person has a distinct characteristic that I could not tell out who is the best. I am bleeding with your music

  36. Ankita Rath

    Ankita Rath4 日 前

    Give Jisoo a position in dance line pleaseeee

  37. Jessi x・ᴗ・

    Jessi x・ᴗ・4 日 前

    Jisoo isn't my bias for nothing...she is because she's just so fking amazing omfg-



    i love you jisoo

  39. Jordynn Fisher-Davis

    Jordynn Fisher-Davis5 日 前

    Their outfits were all unique and amazing, they're vocals were stunning, their makeup looks on point, hair and dancing skills are THE BOMB this was just a satisfying performance. I also love that blinks are showing love and appreciation to ALL of the members! Lets face it, the BLINK community is growing, not just in people but in positivity, and BLACKPINK themselves grow and are motivated from that too. We love you guys!!

  40. كيان الشمري

    كيان الشمري5 日 前

    لدي طلب ممكن تحطون ترجمه باللغه العربيه اذا مكنن💓

  41. Arshiya Kalra 5-C

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  42. poppy plays today

    poppy plays today5 日 前

    Aight I'm dying in jisoo's beauty

  43. Sampada Suwal

    Sampada Suwal5 日 前

    Jisoo is recieving love,finally💖😊I am very happy😊💖😊💖💗😍

  44. Rakha Restu

    Rakha Restu5 日 前

    Only "brrrrr" that i know 😂

  45. Amna Moghees

    Amna Moghees5 日 前

    Why is no one talking abt lisa😢😭 She look gorgeous 👀❤️and swagy


    СТРАШНЫЕ ПЕРЕПИСКИ Kherison5 日 前

    I LOVE JISOO💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘

  47. Suhani Jain

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  48. Vijaya Lakshmi

    Vijaya Lakshmi5 日 前

    No doctors can help when we jensick

  49. Anushka Lakra moli

    Anushka Lakra moli5 日 前

    I think so Rosé is the most beautiful member in black pink

  50. Edgar Hinoctan

    Edgar Hinoctan5 日 前

    and her sister

  51. Edgar Hinoctan

    Edgar Hinoctan5 日 前

    My dauther relly loves black Pink

  52. Kamiah Mirasol

    Kamiah Mirasol5 日 前

    all people think bout jisoo: jisoo is ghwtfsagbjwhedafsyuyuefqsgdhefszdghxesfzdsgx me: *sips tea* no shes bootiful though

  53. Only_ JİSOO

    Only_ JİSOO6 日 前

    Kim JİSOO 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  54. Sampada Suwal

    Sampada Suwal6 日 前

    I really love Jisooooooo. She is the queen 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💖💖💖💖💖love you 💖💖💖💕💕😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

  55. Hilda Didot

    Hilda Didot6 日 前

    I don't know people who called Jisoo ugly what is wrong with their brain?

  56. Linda N

    Linda N6 日 前

    Lisa owns Pretty Savage! Hip hip is her genre

  57. Astronomy Spacefield

    Astronomy Spacefield6 日 前

    Sad that we didn't see them perform these songs on end of the year award shows.

  58. C C

    C C6 日 前

    I love Jennie's outfit here😍

  59. Trinity YT

    Trinity YT6 日 前

    1:40 BLACK - Lisa's hair PINK - Rosé's hair Genius.

  60. Diya Shah

    Diya Shah6 日 前

    blackpink in your area!

  61. Cami Star UwU :3

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  62. Naz kalp

    Naz kalp6 日 前

    Blackpink in your area

  63. Visual Q

    Visual Q6 日 前

    3:34 GODDESS. Ugh I still can't get over(everytime)! Of your beauty.😭

  64. Katalina Valderrama

    Katalina Valderrama6 日 前

    Extraño a blackpink

  65. Basoz Araz

    Basoz Araz7 日 前

    They cut the curses😂

  66. Kantot Sana

    Kantot Sana7 日 前

    not y'all ignoring the prettiest and most talented rosé lmfaoo this fandom sucks.

  67. Trinity YT

    Trinity YT6 日 前

    Pake mo ba? Pwede bang maging happy ka nalang kasi napapapansin na ngayon si Jisoo after 4 years of being ignored! She's now finally getting what she deserves. Tapos sasabihin mo this fandom sucks? lol. You suck! Pangalan mo palang... Maging happy ka nalang boi, alam ko solo stan ka pero wala kang pakialam kung gusto nila purihin si jisoo dadamay mo pa buong fandom. Ikaw lang yung nagsa suck!

  68. Just Me

    Just Me7 日 前

    Oké but rose deserves a better outfit

  69. Just Me

    Just Me7 日 前

    I love how everyone everyone is talking about jisoo This should they perform on a award show with the same clothes that they are now wearing from pretty savage

  70. Jisoo's foot

    Jisoo's foot7 日 前


  71. army_hope _

    army_hope _7 日 前

    Jisoo is stunning!!


    MOTA VABI7 日 前

    Jisoo look so hot

  73. D J

    D J7 日 前

    Jisoo and Rosé getting the recognition that they deserve in this era

  74. Sofa

    Sofa7 日 前

    3:12 im so gay

  75. LisaRose

    LisaRose8 日 前

    Love You Girls♥

  76. Göksu Keskin

    Göksu Keskin9 日 前

    My favorite outfits for sure and I feel like every member got equal (or close to equal) screen time which doesn't always happen unfortunately. I really like these stages and comeback here often 😅💗

  77. chun totrl

    chun totrl9 日 前

    Rosé gets a lot of singer 's attention because she has a unique voice in KPOP 💕

  78. dami jelky

    dami jelky9 日 前

    Rosé solo is coming, I am so excited cause I can hear her beautiful unique voice again

  79. Haaama Mara

    Haaama Mara9 日 前

    Jisoo will slay anything and I mean anything imagine having that power

  80. Mingwee 02

    Mingwee 029 日 前

    4 of them look sexy!!!!! Blackpink was amazing!!!!!

  81. Winda Serikandi

    Winda Serikandi9 日 前

    When i see Jisoo, i remember Jinwoo (TROS).. 🤣🤣

  82. Crystal BLINK

    Crystal BLINK9 日 前

    WHAT JISOO what happened to our Jichu-she looks HOT!!!

  83. Makeda Dereje

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  84. Lainwi Jamatia

    Lainwi Jamatia10 日 前

    Who else think that jisso voice is unique.. please like it down below👇

  85. Noviana Eka Rani

    Noviana Eka Rani10 日 前

    Rose ❤❤❤

  86. Rosario Rosal

    Rosario Rosal10 日 前

    The Black Pink is so very beautiful Jacob Rosal Ortiz Ferdinand Sarmiento Ramirez 🇵🇭🇵🇭

  87. Glitchy C.W

    Glitchy C.W10 日 前

    At 5:10 Ariana be like:👁👄👁

  88. Selene_ Playz 回

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  89. Andi Nugra

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  90. JTM

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  91. Bung Afi Buton

    Bung Afi Buton10 日 前

    Jisso, you really are beautifull in my eyes, we love jisoo,?😍😍😍

  92. W Linthoingambi Devi

    W Linthoingambi Devi10 日 前

    Tfb cycle ggvhc vgjcg curb

  93. W Linthoingambi Devi

    W Linthoingambi Devi10 日 前

    I ❤ u jisoo

  94. Yu Ko

    Yu Ko10 日 前

    What's wrong with lisa outfit 🤦‍♀️ Why the stylist always do this It's because i cant't understnd mode or the stylist hate lisa? Sorry for my comment. But i realy mad 🙏

  95. Aura Marina Romero Barreto

    Aura Marina Romero Barreto10 日 前

    He oufitt the Jennie is so so cute☆♡○°

  96. Jennierubyjane Official

    Jennierubyjane Official10 日 前

    perfect 👌

  97. Waynes Vlogs

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  98. Ubaidillah ubed

    Ubaidillah ubed10 日 前

    Jennie Amazing

  99. Ana karen Colorado Elias

    Ana karen Colorado Elias10 日 前

    Jisoo is beautiful ❤️💕

  100. danoon is a singer

    danoon is a singer10 日 前

    We can see why yg chose to jisso to be the main visual she's so gorgeous

  101. danoon is a singer

    danoon is a singer10 日 前

    Jisso looks so pretty her makeup is the whole thing

  102. It's Me

    It's Me11 日 前

    هاا روزييي ايثان جه بنفسه، فضحتينه ليش ماكلتي ل جيسو هاه؟؟؟

  103. It's Me

    It's Me10 日 前

    @أيَـثـان𖤐៹ اااا.. مم.. هممم.... شسمه...

  104. أيَـثـان𖤐៹

    أيَـثـان𖤐៹11 日 前