Black people will say anything while roasting


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  2. Julian Suarez

    Julian Suarez3 時間 前

    Wth 😂

  3. Random Videos

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    Tryna chase clout?

  4. meme

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    Bro love vids

  5. Ceylin Tuç

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    @Aaron Lyles izmirhava

  6. nuh shake

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    Check this

  7. Trustar_2010

    Trustar_20102 時間 前

    That's what makes it hilarious. My lil brother called me a bikini bottom, krusty krab, krabby patty and I've never been so offended in my life. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Marcos Navarro

    Marcos Navarro2 時間 前

    Grifffffyyy #2 on trending !

  9. Eric Diaz

    Eric Diaz2 時間 前

    Oh peanut head lookin ass

  10. Sidra Hayat

    Sidra Hayat2 時間 前

    Deceased ☠️


    SYTHEOPATH 12 時間 前

    Ol white stuff on a black shirt that just came out the washer lookin ass

  12. Antweezy

    Antweezy2 時間 前

    Mute Spittah

  13. Tyler Conger

    Tyler Conger2 時間 前

    “Ohh don’t let me get on yo.. 😯 looking ass !” Hahahaha

  14. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith2 時間 前

    Wait how tf did he get footage of my school?

  15. Ghost Phoenix

    Ghost Phoenix2 時間 前

    #2 on trending let’s gooo

  16. SheMoansJake TM

    SheMoansJake TM2 時間 前

    In my school we say "I'm bouta fye yo ass up"

  17. The loud house best of best XDD

    The loud house best of best XDD2 時間 前

    Bacon Chabada Ceasar Salad I wheezed

  18. Map of the Soul Persona

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    Bro trending number 2!

  19. c e

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    Aaaaayyyyy u trending #2

  20. NegativiTEA

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    **Cough Cough** FACE ASS

  21. Poyzonis

    Poyzonis2 時間 前

    ole babylonian battle beetle headass

  22. TotallyNotFrankIero

    TotallyNotFrankIero2 時間 前

    “Aight you going too far.” That got me good I was c r y i n g

  23. nothing nothing

    nothing nothing2 時間 前

  24. USPSLOVER123

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  25. Shy Hug

    Shy Hug2 時間 前

    When he coughed i died 😂

  26. Constance Connie

    Constance Connie2 時間 前

    Everyone knows we are the best roasters.

  27. A AND M

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  28. B-Train

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    The boy longbeach is trending!!!!!

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    Yooooo Griffey is number 2 on trending!

  30. Tremain Dzuimo

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    What's even worse is that I have a y=mx+c functions test tommorow

  31. spider

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    #2 on trending Let’s go

  32. SingForAbsolution 01

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    Industrial Revolution Great Depression Missouri Compromise Lookin’ ass

  33. narekoh

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  34. I am adopted

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    How is this second trending lol

  35. Flipaclip Animator

    Flipaclip Animator2 時間 前

    You’re the ugliest fat mammy I’ve ever seen

  36. Devan

    Devan2 時間 前

    *pEwEe HeRmAn lOokIn aSs*

  37. JaeDogg

    JaeDogg2 時間 前

    One time a black kid roasted me and said "whole foods eating cornbread buying crack head smoking ass"

  38. Carrot BoI

    Carrot BoI2 時間 前

    Lord he is finally trending 😭

  39. My dick is unbelievably small, but

    My dick is unbelievably small, but2 時間 前


  40. G -Reg

    G -Reg2 時間 前

    Niggas really be roastin like this bro be like” OL CHICKEN NUGGET BEAT THE BUCKET HEADASS BOY”😭😭

  41. Stafa

    Stafa2 時間 前

    Bruh this is how anyone online roasts

  42. misshay

    misshay2 時間 前

    U look like Michael Strahan damnit finally I got it lol

  43. DeMarcus Whaley

    DeMarcus Whaley2 時間 前

    #2 Trending Good job my guy

  44. Hassan Mohamed

    Hassan Mohamed2 時間 前

    "ight imma head out"

  45. Jason

    Jason2 時間 前

    This a fact

  46. Reid Bankert

    Reid Bankert2 時間 前

    It’s funny to me that the same people who complain about racism are the same people that categorize themselves. Instead of saying “black people” why not just say “people” if it bothers y’all so much.

  47. Jairus Swint

    Jairus Swint2 時間 前

    Yoooo this is too accurate

  48. Suspicious S.

    Suspicious S.2 時間 前

    #2 On Trending

  49. layla g

    layla g2 時間 前

    dont let me get on yo _____ LOOKIN ASS

  50. Juke

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    Aye #2 on trending

  51. CharlieBrown567

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    Pretty accurate😂

  52. Vianey Alvarado

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  53. Justplot浮世

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    Griffy *TRENDING*

  54. Lily Moen

    Lily Moen2 時間 前

    This has vine energy and I love it

  55. anti-priss wav

    anti-priss wav2 時間 前

    ᴴᴱᴸᴾ ᴹᴱ 4ᴷ ᴴᴼᵁᴿ ᵂᴬᵀᶜᴴᴵᴺᴳ, ᴵᴹ ᴸᴵᵀᴱᴿᴬᴸᴸᵞ ˢᴼ ᴾᴼᴼᴿ):

  56. Sean De La O

    Sean De La O2 時間 前

    No one gives a fuck you fuckboi

  57. KaFsey

    KaFsey2 時間 前

    Homie said the fucking formula to find a slope

  58. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha2 時間 前

    It sheds a tear in my eye to see griff trending

  59. Rayyan Muhammad

    Rayyan Muhammad2 時間 前

    Got the slope formula right😂💀

  60. Dayne Preston

    Dayne Preston3 時間 前

    Number 2 on trending tho!!!!!

  61. Kim Lee Ran

    Kim Lee Ran3 時間 前

    This is too funny. I'm gonna go and die now Byeeeee

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  63. Kareem Ortega

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    90s: I bet their will be flying cars in the future 2019:

  65. Akeem Killedit

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    😭😭😭 bruh