Black Metal Beauty Makeover - 10 Minute Power Hour


  1. Kory

    Kory20 時間 前

    Arin forever makin shit uncomfortable 😂😂

  2. Kory

    Kory20 時間 前

    that “oh my goooooood” was almost harmonized lol

  3. Bladimir Cruz

    Bladimir Cruz日 前

    Does Arin listen to Metal?

  4. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi日 前

    Btw the term for that is corpsepaint. You guys look totally ready to burn churches with Varg from Mayhem

  5. MissAshley42

    MissAshley42日 前

    I can feel Dan's discomfort from here three weeks in the future.

  6. LuukaRLie

    LuukaRLie2 日 前

    8:38 dan high key looks like a mexican girl on halloween

  7. Asher Andrews

    Asher Andrews2 日 前

    "YAY IM METAL" - Arnold Harrison 2019

  8. Ink King

    Ink King2 日 前

    They either look like Insane Clown Posse or KISS

  9. Anhel Rajikova

    Anhel Rajikova2 日 前

    Dan looks beautiful like that, no joking.

  10. corbin *

    corbin *3 日 前

    I hoped Danny sexbang would have 69 for eyes

  11. Kyle Trembly

    Kyle Trembly3 日 前

    Dan looks so good!!!

  12. Vampyire Gutz

    Vampyire Gutz3 日 前

    arin: panda dan: icp

  13. AnxietyYT

    AnxietyYT3 日 前

    This is so funny anyway. OH MY GOD

  14. Quinn Gonzales

    Quinn Gonzales3 日 前

    Can Dan and Arin make loom bracelets?

  15. Zane Phair

    Zane Phair3 日 前

    I am gonna fuck your dad

  16. Lele Bear

    Lele Bear4 日 前

    I love Dan in Pigtails

  17. SonsOfDarkness Productions

    SonsOfDarkness Productions4 日 前

    in the next power hour dan will stab his bandmate 23 times and burn churches

  18. Onni Leinonen

    Onni Leinonen4 日 前

    Billie Eilish be like 10:16

  19. French Horn User

    French Horn User5 日 前

    Aaron looks like a rejected kiss member

  20. Bloom Cicero

    Bloom Cicero5 日 前

    danny with a straight wig = larry johnson from sf

  21. Michelle Provencher

    Michelle Provencher5 日 前

    While Arin was applying the makeup on Dan's face, all I thought was "heavy metal dad"

  22. edge lord mcqueen

    edge lord mcqueen5 日 前

    Arin looks like metal captain Lou albano

  23. stefan Landshut

    stefan Landshut5 日 前

    Best episode ever

  24. Bluemilk92

    Bluemilk925 日 前

    4:41 Anyone else hear "I can *feel* the _shape_ of the D in the A" Sploosh amirite?

  25. Amanda

    Amanda5 日 前

    thanks for reminding me how much I fucking hate grease paint & that I won't ever touch that shit again

  26. GoldenGoddessGamer2

    GoldenGoddessGamer25 日 前

    I would like to hear harmonized screaming for the rest of my life

  27. Aaron Brown

    Aaron Brown5 日 前

    Arin looks like the lead singer for Powerwolf on the realest level

  28. Gengy 3

    Gengy 35 日 前

    When arin had the gross shit on his face he looked like anything4views

  29. Raemnant

    Raemnant5 日 前

    100% all of the props and kudos to Dan for being amazing enough to keep a straight face while I'm constantly tearing up at Arin

  30. SamusV4

    SamusV45 日 前

    As soon as I saw Dan start painting Arin's face I immediately thought of KISS, is... is that what he was going for?

  31. Tammy Altes

    Tammy Altes6 日 前

    Sweet bro and 8:00

  32. spacepixie

    spacepixie6 日 前

    i love that dan got the lace front but arin got the shitty halloween wig lmao

  33. Eric Tolman

    Eric Tolman7 日 前

    Do a rematch of Piloting Paper Airplanes. That would be great.

  34. Ur clapped bruv

    Ur clapped bruv8 日 前

    At the end had a very Eric Andre feelin

  35. Piper Jones

    Piper Jones8 日 前

    even his moustache is metal...

  36. Rhianna Redmond

    Rhianna Redmond8 日 前


  37. A-E

    A-E8 日 前

    arin kinda looks like thanos

  38. FeatureToxics

    FeatureToxics8 日 前

    8:30 For the people who want Arin's hair curled and Dan's straightened...

  39. FeatureToxics

    FeatureToxics8 日 前

    6:49 he's so metal he's disobeying

  40. Erin Jones

    Erin Jones8 日 前

    I’ve had to use that makeup for a post-apocalyptic production of Macbeth I was in and I had to smear that exact black grease makeup over my eyes and mouth And I can indeed confirm that it is the fucking worse

  41. coming down with a case of sleepy bitch disease

    coming down with a case of sleepy bitch disease8 日 前

    8:39 this is what that emo skaterboi you had in highschool that was a year or two older than you that acted super deep that you found really hot looks like..

  42. moldorm

    moldorm9 日 前

    Arin talking dirty to dan was him talking to his piggy girlfrirnd in bed

  43. RoachDoggJR

    RoachDoggJR9 日 前

    Anyone going to tell them they look like juggalos?

  44. candy cain

    candy cain9 日 前

    put dans hair in space buns.

  45. TheAncientOmega

    TheAncientOmega9 日 前

    5:45 "TURN YOUR FUCKIN HEAD, YOU... SLIME!" kills me every time.

  46. Maxwell Gonzalez

    Maxwell Gonzalez9 日 前

    Me at the start before watching: Wow! I didn't know the Game Grumps knew what Black Metal was! Me during and after: well.. they know what metal is sort of

  47. Dusty OMG

    Dusty OMG10 日 前

    Its more kiss than behemoth

  48. Mikayla Murphy

    Mikayla Murphy10 日 前

    I feel like the way Dan puts up with Arin he'd be a great dad

  49. French Falcon

    French Falcon10 日 前

    All I want is to see more straight haired wigs on dan, because not only is that gorgeous but so is original curly hair Dan Avidan

  50. TheIronAntelope

    TheIronAntelope10 日 前

    Arin looks like a panda

  51. Rockycnall

    Rockycnall10 日 前


  52. Anzo Pineda

    Anzo Pineda10 日 前


  53. Lilith Strider

    Lilith Strider10 日 前

    Dan with long straight hair ... something I never knew I needed.

  54. L. Equilibrium

    L. Equilibrium10 日 前

    Ahahahahhaahhahahahahhahaahha this is sooooooooo farvann 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  55. Varryance Preez

    Varryance Preez10 日 前

    is that aly? She's so beautiful :3 totally matches how awesome she is! Also... did danny really need a wig to be metal AF? no...but that one was perfect!

  56. Varryance Preez

    Varryance Preez4 日 前

    @Tashapotamus ! Oh awesome! Dream daddy was so charming! She totally nailed it! Thanks for the info!!!

  57. Tashapotamus !

    Tashapotamus !4 日 前

    That's Leighton Gray. Co-creator of Dream Daddy. She was in the episode where they made balloon animals.

  58. StalkingLeopard

    StalkingLeopard11 日 前

    I swear you guys never fail to crack me up. Dan looked like some kind of humanoid Dalmation dog. I love this shit lol

  59. TJ

    TJ11 日 前

    Somebody please tell me where I’m gonna fuck your dad is from thank you

  60. Floating Sunfish

    Floating Sunfish11 日 前

    This episode made me 50 Shades of Uncomfortable.

  61. 물건

    물건11 日 前

    I DEMAND Danny to wear that straight black wig from time to time.

  62. Ariadna Zambelli

    Ariadna Zambelli11 日 前

    You look gorgeous 😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. XxAngeliniaxX

    XxAngeliniaxX11 日 前

    They look like mimes and now all I can think about are mimes miming in the mosh pit

  64. Bappo Jujubes

    Bappo Jujubes11 日 前

    Arin with his wig misaligned looks like racist Pennywise.

  65. Jeff K

    Jeff K11 日 前

    10:26 i cant wait to tell my pops! Hes been single for a while

  66. Ayira_ TheQueen

    Ayira_ TheQueen11 日 前

    Arin looks like a panda 😆😂🐼

  67. TheGaymer 9969

    TheGaymer 996912 日 前

    They need to do drag now. PLEASE LET THEM DO DRAG

  68. Jimmy Bob

    Jimmy Bob12 日 前

    I came only to see Arin's face when he does the rock sign with his hand. Funny as hell 9:58

  69. Abbzilla H

    Abbzilla H12 日 前


  70. FatBuddhaBabe420

    FatBuddhaBabe42012 日 前

    Dannys determines entrance and when they start singing is my favorite. I had to pause the video and hysterically laugh for 10 minutes straight😂😂

  71. Shaun Of The Sheep

    Shaun Of The Sheep12 日 前

    3:03 Goose Wayne lookin *ss

  72. Kiddo

    Kiddo13 日 前

    I love Dan with Pigtails omg

  73. Rebekah Pierce

    Rebekah Pierce13 日 前

    Somebody put clown music over the slow zoom on dans face

  74. Eilon Cohen

    Eilon Cohen13 日 前

    5:14 All I could think about was "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

  75. Cheddar kid

    Cheddar kid13 日 前

    Arin looks like fester adams

  76. CoffeeStars

    CoffeeStars13 日 前

    8:44 Arin looks like fcjijng beetlejuice oh y god

  77. CoffeeStars

    CoffeeStars13 日 前

    7:24 dan looks like a sad panda

  78. The Worst

    The Worst13 日 前

    Arin looks like metal thanos

  79. Corpse 037

    Corpse 03713 日 前

    Metal and game grumps two of my favorite things

  80. jay bennett

    jay bennett13 日 前

    Dan the crow

  81. Cloud25XD

    Cloud25XD13 日 前

    I love Leighton

  82. Jeffrey Layton

    Jeffrey Layton13 日 前

    WHOA ! did Arin lose Weight?

  83. Ali Priano

    Ali Priano13 日 前

    I legit squealed when I saw Dan’s pigtails ❤️❤️❤️ (also I think Arin looks handsome with his hair back just sayin’)

  84. Noah Losier

    Noah Losier13 日 前

    No one: Not a soul: The 7 billion people existing on earth: Game Grumps: i'M gOnNa F*Ck YoUr DaD!

  85. sunnie bear

    sunnie bear13 日 前

    "Enemy stand users will try to blend in." Enemy stand users:

  86. Itssunnii

    Itssunnii13 日 前

    I hoe you guys are really best friends because it would suck if you weren’t. Also Danny and Arin are a better duo then Arin and JonTron

  87. That one guy Paul

    That one guy Paul13 日 前

    Why does Dan look like the love of the crow and carrot top?

  88. MirzaEster

    MirzaEster13 日 前

    lemme just say i keep re watching this because the subtitles are gold!! thanks to the subtitlerr guy if there is one!

  89. NotNotAHuman

    NotNotAHuman13 日 前

    Is this the new Ninja Sex Party song leak?

  90. Just A Weirdo

    Just A Weirdo14 日 前

    Okay it's killing me I need to know, what does Dan use for his hair?! it's god damn goregous 💙🧡

  91. Oh its that shithead

    Oh its that shithead14 日 前

    TURN TOWARDS ME ! A L L T H E W A Y !! ...thankyou.. youre a good sport

  92. Captian Crazy

    Captian Crazy14 日 前

    7:11 from metal to icp real quick xD

  93. Noo dle

    Noo dle14 日 前

    I can smell the face paint through the screen

  94. Chubbz Makenzi

    Chubbz Makenzi14 日 前

    Arin looks like Gene Simmons, and Dan looks like Glenn Danzig. Wait a minute...Dan...? Danzig...? Glenn DANzig!! ...I'm stupid, lol

  95. witty fartface

    witty fartface14 日 前

    UUUuUuuuUH so metal

  96. Doonkey Korng

    Doonkey Korng14 日 前

    who the hell was that cutie at the end saying she’ll fuck my dad

  97. xcrypeach

    xcrypeach14 日 前

    That is the most metal mirror of all time 😂

  98. Alice Angel

    Alice Angel14 日 前

    ᵀᴴᴬᵀ'ˢ ᴿᴱᴬᴸᴸᵞ ᴹᴱᵀᴬᴸ ᴳᵁᵞˢ

  99. God, Your lord and savior

    God, Your lord and savior14 日 前

    Dan looks dead when the makeup is being applied

  100. _weird _ian

    _weird _ian14 日 前

    Should’ve just puts one streak of black on one of their foreheads and said “simba”

  101. Noroi The cursed

    Noroi The cursed14 日 前

    Metal-dan is the Most beautiful Thing ive ever Seen xd

  102. MiotaLee

    MiotaLee15 日 前

    Dan turned into Boyinaband