Bisexual Is Beautiful. My Coming Out - Salice Rose


  1. rosedits 2009

    rosedits 200912 時間 前

    Same here in bisexual too and I’ll stay true to my self and everyone😅 but when my mom found out I was bi they said I’m not and it’s just a thing that I’m going through and I actually am bisexual

  2. Danielle Henry

    Danielle Henry17 時間 前

    I mean didn't everybody already know?!??!😏🤷‍♀️

  3. Luigi Luihi

    Luigi Luihi日 前

    Stfu! Y u screaming? We hear you enpugh bitch

  4. Anything that will entertain kids, Didn’t post yet

    Anything that will entertain kids, Didn’t post yet日 前

    I was thinking about suicide but not anymore thank you I love you so much you always make me happy so you save me thank you I love you ❤️ 💕 😘 🤟🏻

  5. elizabeth fee

    elizabeth fee日 前

    im so happy for you to come out at the time you think is right. you inspire so many people including to be who we want to be and im very proud of you that you found yourself. you inspire me so much that you helped me be the person i am today. anytime when im feeling down and i watch your videos you always make me laugh and smile even when im going through tough times and when your other that arent exactly funny but more life meaning im always like oh i hope shes ok and i just wanted to tell you that you are a very strong woman and you inspire me and thousands of other people to be who we are today. we love you so much Salice Rose.

  6. Savanna Montiel

    Savanna Montiel日 前

    I love you Salice 💜💜

  7. Katelyn Layne

    Katelyn Layne日 前

    Thank you so much I love you so much you sade my frum myself thank you ❤💛💚💙💜😍😙

  8. Anita Masih

    Anita Masih日 前

    Beautiful soul you are ❤️

  9. Vera Gadomskk

    Vera Gadomskk日 前

    I love you

  10. Emily Quihuis

    Emily Quihuis2 日 前

    I BOUGHT UR MERCH I SAW IT AND WAS LIKE I NEED IT and I bought it I'm so excited I love u so much good luck

  11. Bianca Tompkins

    Bianca Tompkins2 日 前

    That Self-harm part hit me hard and why it hit me hard is because I cut and im trying to stop but I can't but I don't do it every day and in Grade 6 I tried to end my life because of bullying. And stuff and I still get bullied to this day. But look on the bright side I'm starting to stick up for myself more and be who I am. Salice I've been a fan of you since 2015 and you have gotten me through tough times. So I just want to say Thank you and I love you so very much

  12. Bianca Tompkins

    Bianca Tompkins2 日 前

    I knew I was Bisexual when I was 9 and a half yes that's young but I keep it from my friends for 4 years but my family still don't know

  13. Danielle Burke

    Danielle Burke2 日 前

    This really touched my heart hard. This brought tears to my eyes (in a good way of course) but I just wanna say thank you for this video, it brought light. I shouldn’t be afraid of who I am. I am gay but this made me realize I shouldn’t care what people think. I have mad respect for you! And I love you! And there is nothing wrong with being who you are! Love is love! ❤️

  14. Jorge Aguilera Sanchez

    Jorge Aguilera Sanchez3 日 前

    Love and support being sent your way 🥰

  15. Sanaiya Jones

    Sanaiya Jones3 日 前

    You be whatever makes YOU happy and if other ppl can't handle it they don't need to be around you they don't deserve to be around you. We like you for you, your personality, the person that you are not your sexuality and you are so brave for doing something like this and we are truly wholeheartedly proud of you and know that we'll grow with you and support you through whatever you do ♥️ love you mama biscuit

  16. Eel Playz

    Eel Playz3 日 前

    I love you. And I cried the whole video cause I’m 12 and I was going to kill my self a couple months ago. I told one of my friends and they told the principal my mom works at my school so she just went down and they told her. She didn’t tell me she knew, for two days. She kept asking me are u okay? And I would say yes I’m fine. I wanted to kill myself cause I didn’t have friends. Nobody ever talked to me. I tried talking to them but they would ignore me and say go away we don’t like you. And even when I would be nice they would be mean to me.

  17. Joemily Salas

    Joemily Salas5 日 前

    im meant PanBi is Pansexual and Bisexual idc what i am. My school Saved some Sexualities and genders and the straights. My 3 best friends are Lesbian, GayBisexual, and Bisexual. I love it.

  18. Joemily Salas

    Joemily Salas5 日 前

    mY Boyfriend is Pansexual, my girl is Bi

  19. Nicole Corrigan

    Nicole Corrigan5 日 前

    You are beautiful in every aspect of your life.

  20. Gwyn Isabella

    Gwyn Isabella6 日 前

    I felt this.

  21. IVAN Tovar

    IVAN Tovar6 日 前

    Salice I 🥰 your Snaps

  22. ProllyStonedTbh

    ProllyStonedTbh6 日 前

    Its 2020, this shit ain't a big deal anymore lol

  23. Ebbony Beale

    Ebbony Beale6 日 前

    Omg I love you Thankyou so much ur such a beautiful soul and such a great person

  24. D Batic

    D Batic7 日 前

    For me personally this is way too cringe

  25. erica rodriguez

    erica rodriguez7 日 前

    people who they are and you can't make funny or make people feel bad about them self being a big part of the lgbt we are a family and we can trust and you are you and no one can't tell you that you can be you and that it

  26. carlota ackerman

    carlota ackerman7 日 前

    deja tus show

  27. Vero Mendoza

    Vero Mendoza8 日 前

    Vero Mendoza I’ve been a fan of you guys since day 1 since 1,000 followers on IG and I came across this I thought I’d share on your comments for people who want to help this couple that is unfortunate to hear a mom losing her life by bringing a beautiful soul in this world and leaving her children and husband. God bless you guys and keep inspiring others to be better be positive and move forward in life regardless of the haters and criticism because you guys are living life doing you and making other happy 🤍

  28. Zay 6991

    Zay 69918 日 前

    She's hella hot bro😦

  29. colleen quick

    colleen quick8 日 前

    I love your videos and I'm here for u

  30. Pamela Miller

    Pamela Miller9 日 前

    I came out as bi but turned pansexual

  31. Sydney Powell

    Sydney Powell9 日 前

    Why does sexuality have to be defined in this society? Just go with the flow and discover yourself over time. You don’t have to know who you are, nor does anyone else.

  32. Learleana Trimmer

    Learleana Trimmer9 日 前

    Wow, I Thank You For This Video, There's Literally So Many Times I Thought About Ending My Own Life, Im 18 years old, I graduate in 4 months, I've been dealing with bullying since I was 16, I was only a sophomore then, that was 2 years ago, it's crazy, and I keep hearing the same bullshit over and over and over and over again, Lord knows I try to be happy, but I'm not happy, and it hurts more than anyone will ever know, I'm bisexual myself, I came out a 1 year ago, I never looked at myself any differently until that happened, I never thought in a million years something like that would ever happen to me, but it did, I always find it funny how some people sit around talking mad shit about you like that know who you are, when they dont, its a fucked up world we live how, its always about how you need to fit in, I never believed in that bullshit and never will, and there's nobody that will be able to change my mind about it 💪💪💪💪

  33. Richelle GANG

    Richelle GANG9 日 前

    U saved me thank u

  34. rupy brar

    rupy brar10 日 前

    Salice, if ur reading this I just wanna say that I am so so so so so so so proud of u for coming out as bisexual ♥️♥️♥️

  35. Luz B

    Luz B11 日 前

    I love 💕 bi and gay and lesbian people there the same way as straight people there’s nothing wrong with being who you . You are strong and confident and you are really pretty you deserve everything I mad e rainbow 🌈 paintings for my moms friend and my cousins . You be your self you want to be lesbian I understand you are enough you are the most amazing person in JPreporter your trying to make a point I under stand and I’m under 15 and I still know you should be your self know matter how much people bully or are mean you except yourself know matter what anyone said lots of people watching this are coming out and you are a wonderful woman🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥰😍🤩🤩

  36. elchikilinmixn

    elchikilinmixn11 日 前

    At the end of the video She all like yeaaahhh i eat pussy peace out guys lol

  37. elchikilinmixn

    elchikilinmixn11 日 前

    I think she copy her sister and hop on clout cause theirs more open doors beign bisexual women and gay guys can over power men

  38. General Construction

    General Construction11 日 前

    You are great❤❤❤ Make a part two of going into your haunted house's attic

  39. Renee Ramon

    Renee Ramon11 日 前

    Wow this is such an amazing story! you had me in tears Salice! I am so proud that you decided to not take that route that would not allow you to still shine to the rest of us! I absolutely love your channel, love your personality, and you really give people the strength they don't always have. #lifetimefan

  40. Kensley Johnson

    Kensley Johnson11 日 前

    you helped me soooooooo much # be yourself you taught me that is ok to be you

  41. Roar Keven

    Roar Keven13 日 前

    For the merch, can you do a “Latino Pride” one for the males por favor?! Or a “Latinx Pride”? 😄 would love to support as a male viewer, thank you!

  42. Gabriela Reyes

    Gabriela Reyes13 日 前

    Is she not with her recent girlfriend

  43. Jeser David

    Jeser David13 日 前

    Ruby rose shit.

  44. serena vasquez

    serena vasquez14 日 前

    Congratulations Salice I’m very proud of you you have came along way🌹💗 i’ve always loved you from the beginning you’ve help me when I was in the most depressed moods and wanted to commit suicide just watching your videos in the way you were so real💗💕🦋💯 when you decide to date and find that one she is the most luckiest woman in the world because you are beyond gorgeous and deserve the best in life because I can tell you have the most beautiful and purest 💜

  45. Cindy Leu

    Cindy Leu14 日 前

    Real ass bitch I love you so much ❤

  46. Crag B

    Crag B14 日 前

    'Attention seeking disorder' . It's a new condition. It's a shame but am sure she'll make it through these hard hard times. 😢 Oh and I'm sure she'll tell everyone all about it. Let's hope it doesn't turn to full blown 'fuckwit disorder'. '

  47. Captivated Lunt

    Captivated Lunt14 日 前

    How about people not label things anymore because it seems as if sexuality is fluid and it changes almost all the time just don’t even label yourself as lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 you can if you want but like you’d say you’re one thing then say you’re the next which will confuse a lot of people and I’m talking about in general not just referring to this video ..

  48. Elizabeth Leal

    Elizabeth Leal15 日 前

    It’s okay to be u and come out to ur family be happy help others just don’t be Suicidal

  49. Veronica Michel

    Veronica Michel15 日 前


  50. Veronica Michel

    Veronica Michel15 日 前

    I love u!!!!!!

  51. Bethany Miller

    Bethany Miller15 日 前

    My life is hard there is some stuff I want to do to myself but this is worth it thank you salice💙💙💙💜

  52. Bethany Miller

    Bethany Miller15 日 前

    I learned a lesson be your self

  53. yee yee

    yee yee16 日 前

    bro istg im 13 n bi like i came out to my friends n stuff but like my parents are christian n ill hear my mom saying stuf ab how gross she thinks lgbtq+ are n how am i supposed to tell her when she feels that way like dude this video meant a lot tho ily salice

  54. manny rivera

    manny rivera16 日 前

    There ain't no such thing as bi.....u either gay/lesbian or not......I gotta question for gay/lesbian ppl.....if a gay man or women are disgusted or dislike their opposite sex, why they talk, walk, and act like the opposite sex?? Why does a gay man, if hes disgusted with a woman why does he do everything like a woman, just be gay, why all the extra....same thing with a female, gay female does everything like a man but doesnt wanna be with one.. huh????

  55. Carolina Vazquez

    Carolina Vazquez17 日 前

    When I first discovered her I thought she was straight but then later on in her videos when she came out. I was shocked but not in a bad way, it was general shock I accepted her when she came out as gay & I still accept her for her being bisexual. I have always loved her for being herself & I truly support to the fullest.

  56. _Gach_Cookie _

    _Gach_Cookie _17 日 前

    I am not lesbian or bi but even if I was my parents would disapprove because there big conservatives and Catholics

  57. Pleasantflower23

    Pleasantflower2316 日 前

    _Gach_Cookie _ id be out on the streets if I said I was bi

  58. Antonio Rodriguez

    Antonio Rodriguez17 日 前

    Just be who you’re weather it’s Gay Straight Bisexual Lesbian Trans Nobody can tell you how to live your life

  59. Valentina Rivas

    Valentina Rivas18 日 前

    I love her and shit I am depressed and suicidal alot of the time I feel like being myself being bisexual is bad but it's not and I don't feel accepted and I love this video 💔🖤

  60. Andraya Goes wild

    Andraya Goes wild18 日 前

    This is a beautiful message! 100 %! People need to start being who they are.. no matter if they are in to women or men.. I have a message all well to everyone one who is suicidal... I am going to love you no matter what you are.. don’t be suicidal... it will get better I promise.. don’t feel ashamed about who or what you are and also do not feel bad cause you like girls.. everyone has there own opinion about what they like.. if you a woman and you like women.. that’s ok... that’s ok... and guess what.. everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter at all! And if they judge you.. let them judge cause the only ONE who can officially judge you... is god... and that’s that.. as long as you are happy with yourself, you will get through it.. if you tell your friend that you are gay or bi sexual.. and if they won’t support you and love you for who you are then they aren’t your friend! Be true to might be a sin that you are bi sexual in the Bible.. but if you feel a different way around that person.. then do you! I’m a Christian but I do believe that everyone has there own opinions in life and let them live their life the way they want to live it! I’m personally into men.. but that DOES NOT MEAN that I won’t love you just by if you are bi sexual.. I look for the good heart and the amazing personality a person has! :) ❤️❤️❤️ GOD BLESS YOU! GOD LOVES YOU! AND HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! 💖💖💖 Thank so much💝

  61. Roxanne D'or

    Roxanne D'or18 日 前

    You stop Maeken til too

  62. Lucia Martinez

    Lucia Martinez18 日 前

    Hey everyone LULU here would like for u to take the time to watch this video and Plz post for all those that support LGBTQ community cuz there is a lot of young kids out there that really go thru it with there families and that is the biggest fear having them disowne u just cuz ur different choices of life life is so hard for those that are trying to fit life when there is so much goin on in this world when everyone judges and criticizes for who they choose to LOVE 🌈 and yes there are a lot of kids that are scared to LOVE THAT WRONG SOMEONE because of the heart breaks of feeling alone ,unwanted ,out of place ,being different then others and it’s ok the be different cuz that’s what makes WHO YOU REALY ARE AND THATS WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND THATS ALL THAT MATTERS ♥️✌🏼💪🏼🌈💯♥️. Thank you LOVE ALWAYS LUCY aka LULU Thank you love saline rose and I’m so proud of u for what u do and thankful cuz I have a lot of ppl and kids come to me cuz they scared of being who they are I appreciate u for doin this video god bless 🙏🏼🌈♥️💯😘